Nintendo's New Youtube Policies Paint a Brighter Future


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  • Zethron710
    Zethron710 Hour ago

    I wonder how that puppet works because I know it's your real hands inside of the gloves when you show your hands but how about when you're talking and your hands are moving

  • Franklin Colon
    Franklin Colon Hour ago

    Is arlo a Cookie Monster

  • Andrew Linares
    Andrew Linares Hour ago

    Arlo needs to meet the muppets.

  • TheBearWithButtons

    Arlo you were in radical soda's new video!

  • The OnlyKing
    The OnlyKing 3 hours ago

    I came from RADICALsoda

  • ValseMusic
    ValseMusic 5 hours ago

    Is the little image at 4:52 of Arlo as Brendan from Home Movies a real thing? Because I need Arlo Brendan Small in my life.

  • TheCopperhound84
    TheCopperhound84 7 hours ago

    Possibly A New Nintendo Switch Coming :D I'll Be The First To Buy It I Gaurantee

  • Playworthy
    Playworthy 8 hours ago

    Thank you for clearing this up.

  • hr59ggh /\
    hr59ggh /\ 23 hours ago

    I hear screams
    I smell burning flesh
    I feel something going in my asshole
    I taste melting children
    I see the road to auschwitz

  • Pulsar Productions

    That ending got me LAUGHING!! XD

  • roienn777
    roienn777 Day ago

    I'm going to watch every darn video of yours to make sure you miss no mentions of Kirby. Every. One.

  • Coolmanone
    Coolmanone Day ago

    hoping the 3 phase system goes for pokemon go as well

  • Marcar9 Marcar9
    Marcar9 Marcar9 Day ago

    When Nintendo is more progressive than USclip

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White Day ago

    Or you could stop sucking Nintendo's dick and cover something other than Nintendo.

  • Ert M.
    Ert M. Day ago

    Hey Arlo, do you believe the data miners when they say that they have evidence that could point to classic editions of the n64 and GameCube and/or snes, n64 and GameCube games on Nintendo switch online? I’m really hoping for the latter and I want the opinion of someone who has known Nintendo for a really long time. Thanks!

  • gundamzerostrike

    New? I'm pretty sure it's been months since they did that.

  • Itzlollyfox
    Itzlollyfox Day ago

    Now I don't have to worry even if I don't make any money.

  • LinkThg
    LinkThg Day ago

    nononononononono, kirby star all fries

  • Lewis Clark
    Lewis Clark Day ago

    Fair point about the manual flagging system, and that you might be flagged by a Nintendo employee at any time if your channel became big enough for them to notice. But seeing as Nintendo has sent you copies of games to review in the recent past, surely they already know all about Arlostuff, and are cool with it?

    • Lewis Clark
      Lewis Clark Day ago

      And I should add - regardless of this, I'm glad that you can move forward with this channel with more confidence. I watch every episode, and I don't even have a Switch!

  • Amber  Schwader
    Amber Schwader Day ago

    I must know about this goose game. And that's thanks to youtube. I think this very much proves your point.

  • LinkIsHere
    LinkIsHere Day ago

    Man of culture I see

  • zMrCrazy Panda
    zMrCrazy Panda Day ago

    Y did I randomly get a notification for this video it's 3 days old

  • Jay Ross
    Jay Ross Day ago

    I went looking for the Arlo TV show and couldn't find it

  • Jennifer Griel
    Jennifer Griel Day ago

    Imagine a new Paper Mario where all the partners are the new races introduced in Odyssey.

  • Emo Elmo !
    Emo Elmo ! Day ago

    USclip has gotten a tiny bit thanks to Arlo

  • Jennifer Griel
    Jennifer Griel Day ago

    Arlo. Just a note. If a game doesn’t have Nintendo’s name in their copyright info, it’s not a 1st or 2nd party. Daemon x Machina, Travis Strikes Again, And Bayonetta 3 are all 3rd party games. Bayonetta is in a unique situation sense Nintendo funds it, but it’s still a 3rd party exclusive. Look at bathe copyright at the end of the Bayo 3 teaser. Only SEGA. No More Heroes. Grasshopper Manufacturers. Daemon x Machina. Marvelous. No Nintendo anywhere in sight.

  • CodecronoX
    CodecronoX Day ago

    I'm glad that the changes are happening with Nintendo. I'm a Nintendo Content creator myself, even though I do other games on my channel, but having Nintendo no longer content ID my Nintendo stuff is wonderful. And a start of a new thing for me to think about now. New Year Revolution. Mostly working on myself, and channel. This was a really good video.

  • Al & Al
    Al & Al Day ago

    And yet I still got a Nintendo switch online advertisement on this.

  • SuperGamerRob
    SuperGamerRob Day ago

    I've seen this be heralded as huge news across the board. So many youtubers CHEERING at this. Thank god nintendo FINALLY took their heads out of their asses!
    ...As for Paper Mario, I hope it's more of "Wow, that phase two called Sticker Star and Color Splash didn't work AT ALL. Let's go back to Phase 1 (PM n64, PMTTYD). TTYD was truly the best game in the series (not overwhelmingling better than the original- it was great too!). Then Super PM took a SHARP turn. It was a good game, but it wasn't a good PAPER MARIO game. It was something... different. Seperate. Then Sticker Star came in and... ruined... everything. Truly the WORST game in the series. They tried to stick to a similar formula while correcting their mistakes, and they did so with Color Splash. It lacked some of the more grievous gameplay issues, but was still by far inferior to TTYD. I would like nothing more than to see Nintendo announce a new Paper Mario title, back in original style (RPG Exploration-Based, rather than level-by-level like, I don't know, the MAIN MARIO SERIES? Paper Mario was different FOR A REASON!)

  • USHistoryFinal2009

    Thank you for the reference to Home Movies. I really appreciated it

  • X Ry
    X Ry Day ago

    Arlo Stage 1 - constantly rips on kirby star allies
    Arlo Stage 2 - plays kirby super star ultra
    Arlo Stage 3 - doesn't rip on kirby star allies

  • Abdega
    Abdega Day ago

    I wonder if now might Be the time for me to make those Pokémon videos I’ve been thinking about…

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey Day ago

    Arlo TV Show when?

  • Raheem The Dream
    Raheem The Dream 2 days ago

    My New Year's Resolution is to never lose your precious magical dreams to finally comes true in your own livelihood lifetime's sakes! #GODWILLS #NeverGiveUp #RaheemTheDream #BelieveInYourDreams #GoodLuck

  • ZGuy0fSci
    ZGuy0fSci 2 days ago

    Speaking of, Does Nintendo have an Official Facebook (and others) Page where what we do from in games and from on the console gets shared / linked? Something in function akin to what Miiverse was using Social Media?
    As for the "Online App" thing........ _PC Support When Ninten? PC Support When..?_ XD

    But really, they shot their foot off big by making it a PHONE app thing rather than or also firstly an Online PC computer app that was _also_ on phones with cross-compatibility.
    Like seriously, how'd they mess that up? _>_>_ (rip)

  • Caleb B
    Caleb B 2 days ago +1

    Remember when people used to do USclip for free as a hobby? It's always a complete lie to me when someone says "I need money to keep this channel running". Ok, so support yourself like the rest of us?

  • Braku Notch
    Braku Notch 2 days ago

    Apparently I'm not the only one wanting a new paper Mario. Hopefully they do get it back on track.

  • Im gonna say the n word

    >doesn't mention smt5
    ...that was announced like 2 years ago

  • Will Link
    Will Link 2 days ago

    I would watch the Arlo TV show

  • max corrice
    max corrice 2 days ago

    I wish they’d figure out how to update their games based on feedback, like fixing the control issues in let’s go Pokémon, or the content issues in let’s go Pokémon, or the weird decision to make yellow toad the cover toad in new super Mario bros U deluxe, or allowing multiple saves on breath of the wild, or splatoon 2, just update games to fix things people criticize them on.

  • Kori Kalafer
    Kori Kalafer 2 days ago

    Where Pikmin 4

  • super goat gamer
    super goat gamer 2 days ago

    yes, I can finally make Nintendo vids instead of Roblox!

  • iiBluB_HuB
    iiBluB_HuB 2 days ago


    *f l a r p*

  • Angry virgin Gay nigger

    For some reason I heard people saying this was a bad thing but we can all agree snake eater is the best one

  • Clogmonger
    Clogmonger 2 days ago

    If only USclip's new USclip policies painted a brighter future.

  • Jelmer van Riet
    Jelmer van Riet 2 days ago

    My only hope for 2019 is that the untitled goose game is actually called "untitled goose game"

  • thekid20x6
    thekid20x6 2 days ago

    Untitled goose game is best game

  • Aidan Sedelnick
    Aidan Sedelnick 2 days ago


  • Drewsefer89
    Drewsefer89 2 days ago +2

    I miss MiiVerse 😥

  • Boomstick Mick
    Boomstick Mick 2 days ago

    Take back what you said about Kirby Star Allies, you little blue jerk. >:(

  • CVRipley
    CVRipley 2 days ago

    A long time ago in many games there was a clause in the TOS that prohibited public performance of the game. So where that would be a civil breach of contract and not a copyright crime. However I don't believe they have the right to claim copyright on a public performance on a game because if i recorded myself playing a tabletop game and displayed the board artwork and pieces and the text of the game while playing there would be no merit in court. If a case ever went to court I doubt that Nintendo would win if presented well. Nintendo has lost many times in the past and if enough UScliprs were to band together against Nintendo for loss of revenue in a class action suit that there could be substantial reimbursement. However then do you want to bite the hand that feeds you? They could retaliate with HDCP with future consoles.

  • Switch Weekly
    Switch Weekly 2 days ago

    Really hope this is a turn in the road, I'm just starting out with regular uploads (never to late right!?) so this bodes well.

  • Desk of Colbalt
    Desk of Colbalt 2 days ago

    Please don’t make fun of my young pink boy, you’ll hurt his feelings.

  • Tailz A
    Tailz A 2 days ago

    Hey Arlo how long do you think Nintendo will let the 3ds survive before they stop supporting it? Especially since the switch is a console and handheld all in one and, unless there gonna surprise us, the only 2, non shovel ware like, game announced so far and are both ports. Bowsers inside story and bowser jr. And the port of Kirby's epic yarn.

  • Nobu Massiah
    Nobu Massiah 2 days ago

    nothing like a muppet copy explaining extremely boring copyright law

  • Jumpinglemurgaming
    Jumpinglemurgaming 2 days ago +1

    “Sniff” smells like burnt toast

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson 2 days ago

    Great video, Arlo. However, I hope you're joking about the 'make fun of Star Allies in every video' statement. Not just because it's not that level of bad or disappointing, but also because I feel it would get old pretty quickly.

  • minecat10904 the gamer

    TBH I want to see a youtuber who plays LM3 and screams the whole time.

  • Casey64
    Casey64 2 days ago

    That's cool, I'm happy for Arlo.

  • Nerika Cutie 2
    Nerika Cutie 2 2 days ago

    thank goodness, im about to upload a smash video

  • Hyperstar96
    Hyperstar96 2 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if that Star Allies thing wasn't a joke...

  • Sliver the Cardboard


  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 2 days ago

    Kirby Star Allies? More like Kirby Star All Lies!

  • Axel
    Axel 2 days ago

    New year's resolution ?
    1280 x 720

  • BroMan
    BroMan 3 days ago


  • Supreme Melon
    Supreme Melon 3 days ago

    Now if only USclip would fix it's self

  • WolfPack64
    WolfPack64 3 days ago

    Although I love the heck out of Kirby star allies, I'm willing to accept you riping on it as a new meme on this channel. It really is a game only fans of the series can truly love and was not meant to be an entry title in any way.

  • Michael Gillespie
    Michael Gillespie 3 days ago

    Arlo. Kirby got an update. Kirb is now in the game.

  • Lil' Rad Lotad
    Lil' Rad Lotad 3 days ago

    I absolutely love Nintendo as a whole.
    Even with it's issues, the company's really showing it will take great lengths to please their fans and bring them ever closer together.
    ... Unlike a certain $100 plastic bottle selling company.

  • Char
    Char 3 days ago

    Arlo, just wanted to say I'm absurdly excited for this year, too. I finally got my switch about a week and a half ago, in no small part because you helped really sell me on one (that and they re-released Hyrule Warriors like I really wanted, so) and BotW, so thank you man, you're great. Here's to a new year!

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 3 days ago


  • Adam Reed
    Adam Reed 3 days ago

    I want you to know I really, REALLY appreciate Arlo Smalls talking to Coach McGuirk. That's all.

  • The Turtle King
    The Turtle King 3 days ago +1

    Imagine worrying about the state of your Favorite Mario RPG because it doesn’t have the record of not having a single bad game.
    This post was made by the Mario and Luigi game.

  • Psycho Magalor
    Psycho Magalor 3 days ago

    13:00 Arlo man, ya really gotta play the other Kirby games, you won't be disappointed.

  • Tjommi 2478
    Tjommi 2478 3 days ago

    Phew, I misread the title as "aint" instead of "paint"

  • Michael Dougherty
    Michael Dougherty 3 days ago

    No more Nintendo State TV, huh? Well, this will make Angry Joe happy. He can finally stop crying and get back to professionally bitching about Nintendo.

  • XXXEmpoleon
    XXXEmpoleon 3 days ago +1

    I've been wondering this for a very long time... What's the outro? Want more of it...

  • Dayala Singh
    Dayala Singh 3 days ago +2

    My question is why does know one use the video editing software in smash ultimate. It's really cool with the camera angles.

  • Mr Boom 87
    Mr Boom 87 3 days ago

    please nintendo pleaaasse make the next paper mario game and please make it good with its original battle formula
    and i want a paper mario ttyd remake for 3ds and switch

  • Grantendo
    Grantendo 3 days ago

    Super nice! Now many of my vids are monetized again! Thnx Nintendo! :-D

  • domdon950
    domdon950 3 days ago

    7:52 Phase Ad

  • Scott Pilgrim vs Za Warudo

    Maybe now we can work on getting AM2R back

  • Dr. FouFou
    Dr. FouFou 3 days ago


  • Toxic - P
    Toxic - P 3 days ago +2

    I'm glad Nintendo isn't afraid of USclip anymore. Also, you should try to check out the updates they made to games like Kirby Star Allies and such. Specifically, KSA is now (it took awhile) worth your money, especially if you are a long running fan of the series.

  • Joel Cilomba
    Joel Cilomba 3 days ago

    Try the Kirby star allies DLC you'll gasp at how challenging it is.

  • Brandon Cheever
    Brandon Cheever 3 days ago +2

    New Year’s Resolution: Super Mario Galaxy 3

  • Buttercupkat Productions

    I'm so glad! I was really scared one of the Mario animation channels I liked would be taken down because of the same Sprite or something!

  • MagGunDO17
    MagGunDO17 3 days ago

    mister arlo i will never forgive you for showing me that shrek fanart

  • Zack 113
    Zack 113 3 days ago

    “Why can't we play this online?”
    I can still say this to NSMBU Deluxe.
    Seriously. NSMB Wii and NSMBU are best enjoyed when there are multiple person playing, and the addition of online would definitely make more people on board with this otherwise average port.

  • Sen Carryr
    Sen Carryr 3 days ago

    Huzzah for progress
    My news years resolution is health

  • Leo Baker
    Leo Baker 3 days ago

    i don't think you know the reasons that kirby star allies isn't a bad game duo to the fact its the most lore inducing kirby game aand brings Back Dark Matter/Zero

  • Slick Frame
    Slick Frame 3 days ago

    Phew! Dont have to worry about my Nintendo comic videos being removed! 😄🌠😎

  • animalface
    animalface 3 days ago

    Arlo, have you heard of Knuckle Sandwich?

  • Royal Goobs
    Royal Goobs 3 days ago

    👑Seeing how we're trying to get monetization for the Nintendo videos on our channel, this is VERY good news 😄

  • trav v
    trav v 3 days ago +1


  • pk !!
    pk !! 3 days ago

    cookie monstorn

  • Student Freeman Morgan

    Fnaf just seems outdated today, the games really need a renovation and possibly an expansion

  • Jackson the Meme Warrior

    In terms of online, sega dose what Nintendont... OVER 20 YEARS AGO!

    “Cough cough” DREAMCAST “cough cough”

  • Angry Dunkey
    Angry Dunkey 3 days ago

    Can't wait to get a Switch. Just 10 more months untill I will buy it. ;(