Nintendo's New Youtube Policies Paint a Brighter Future

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Nintendo has officially changed their stance on USclip! Here's why that's a great big deal for basically everyone.

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    TWOOTER: @ArloStuff
    Additional footage provided by ZackScottGames, Game Grumps, and Zelda Master!
    "Reloaded Installer #11" by LHS.
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  • Ryan
    Ryan 12 days ago

    When he was listing off the games for 2019 I really felt the pain of Animal Crossing..... and Bayonetta 3...... and Metroid Prime 4

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 12 days ago

    pokemon gen 8 turned out to be a bust.

    • OmegaChase1002
      OmegaChase1002 12 days ago

      @Ryan it does for a lot of people.
      have you seen the dislikes on the trailer?

    • Ryan
      Ryan 12 days ago

      OmegaChase1002 Ya but it's not a bust, it doesn't completely ruin the game, at least for me

    • OmegaChase1002
      OmegaChase1002 12 days ago

      @Ryan i dont think you understand just how important having all your past pokemon is.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 12 days ago

      OmegaChase1002 How... besides the dumb national dex thing the game looks amazing

  • gnomie78
    gnomie78 19 days ago

    You sure did tell Kirby who’s boss!

  • Joseph Greene
    Joseph Greene 21 day ago

    "If I'm gonna complain on the internet, I wanna do it 40+ hours a week." - Arlo, 2019

  • jotaroxtreme
    jotaroxtreme 26 days ago

    1:56 I personally think the idea to ditch Miiverse all together was bad. They should have kept it and integrated it better into the Switch but also allowed people to upload to Facebook, Twitter, and USclip directly, the way the activity feeds on XB1, PS4, and Steam work. Because Miiverse is gone and there's no wall like service and because other online features that we had on Wii U are MIA as well as they still haven't embraced online features that people are asking for that other XB1, PS4, and Steam all have, Switches online feels way too barebones to actually ask people to pay for even at the price that it is.

  • vineheart01
    vineheart01 2 months ago

    "If i am gonna complain on the internet i wanna do it 40+ hours a week" i legitimately lost it at that. Im dying. That was hilarious Arlo...

  • josh ThisIsStupid
    josh ThisIsStupid 3 months ago +1

    I think when MM2 comes out it'll really help Nintendo's online service. I think it'll be the beginning of great things.

  • Kdog12
    Kdog12 3 months ago

    USclip Rewind 2018 would be great if Arlo was in it. He controls all the burrittos and sandwichs

  • AdManOfChaos
    AdManOfChaos 3 months ago

    "If I'm going to complain on the internet, I want to do it 40 plus hours a week" I laughed harder than I expected at that

  • Raistlin Page
    Raistlin Page 3 months ago

    I like that Nintendo made it easier for you and other youtubers to make these awesome videos thanks for your thought

  • Kendolah
    Kendolah 4 months ago

    4:51 that there is a reference to Home Movies (look it up).

  • Anon YMouse
    Anon YMouse 4 months ago


  • Datsuke
    Datsuke 4 months ago

    My wish to Nintendo is that they add dedicated servers to Online games like Smash uwu

  • PugsInHats
    PugsInHats 4 months ago


  • Tuffdude 77
    Tuffdude 77 4 months ago

    I am glad Nintendo finally is embracing USclip. It really is good for them. I wouldn't have even got a Wii U if I didn't see Super Mario Maker on youtube.

  • Aleplayer’s Domain
    Aleplayer’s Domain 4 months ago

    Hey man! Love your puppet persona! Great idea for someone worried about revealing himself to the terrifying stampede of roaring fangirls! This is my first video I watched of you and am instantly hooked!-Alex.

  • Someguy 42
    Someguy 42 4 months ago

    Who else tried to find the arlo tv show?

  • Cael McLeish
    Cael McLeish 4 months ago

    I really want to know what Megadeth song it was flagging, and which battle theme it was flagging it from

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Why does YT think this is Splatoon 1

  • Wobble
    Wobble 4 months ago +1

    Let me play untitled goose game

  • fawfulthegreat64
    fawfulthegreat64 4 months ago

    12:44 "We are not currently looking at bringing back [characters other than from the main series]" -Tanabe, after the release of Color Splash.
    I'm not getting my hopes up

  • The Stationery Draw
    The Stationery Draw 4 months ago


  • Everytendo
    Everytendo 4 months ago +1

    1:11 *_Or so he thought..._*

  • Maiq The Liar VII
    Maiq The Liar VII 4 months ago

    I legit didn’t know the Wii U and smash 4 was a thing until smash ultimate was announced.
    No fucking wonder

  • Max The Random Lepurchaun

    I don’t know if i can sense this thing he talks about.

  • instantnoob
    instantnoob 5 months ago

    This excited me to watch but that last little quip at the end about a "phase 3" paper mario, and acutaul spiritual squeal to pm:ttyd and spm, filled me with the childlike magic the likes of believing in Santa Clause.

  • Zavier Syed
    Zavier Syed 5 months ago

    So, when are we getting that Arlo TV Show?

    • lord of Ink games
      lord of Ink games 4 months ago

      season 1 will begin in july i think. But i have shady sources

  • SstarLit56
    SstarLit56 5 months ago

    making the youtube's system more lenient and mostly based on votes by people who see it, and not a bot could help. if someone is known to upload a lot of illegal stuff, yeah, scan those, but if a channel has millions of fans, it wouldn't be hard to watch a timestamp submitted with the flag and sniff around then, if anything comes up, you should be able to get racked revenue, ads play for a week more, and if you admit or don't respond, that money is thrown to who knows where, but if you can appeal, you can just get that money, maybe even half and the other half as tax or something, youtube needs to give their creators time to explain and not instantly turn to their big companies.

  • BladeBisharp
    BladeBisharp 5 months ago +2

    RIP Metroid Prime 4

  • Kelsey Steinman
    Kelsey Steinman 5 months ago

    What song is the end credits(?) music?

  • Operator0G
    Operator0G 5 months ago

    at the least we can now upload actual nintendo stuff with no risk though.

  • Damian Luna
    Damian Luna 5 months ago

    Man, watching this video really makes me want to play Runescape.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 5 months ago

    If only companies wouldn't exploit content creators and their workers to begin with

  • Ronin
    Ronin 5 months ago

    One game I wish was on nintendo switch is jump force cuz I luv anime

  • Elite GamingWolf
    Elite GamingWolf 5 months ago

    you always say dip their toe in it in every video

  • Lock Land
    Lock Land 5 months ago

    Pleas don’t get sued

  • ꧁༺Drakath Fenrier༻꧂

    indirectly this further fans the flames of that bad side of the UT community. Its on the switch now and toby could agree to this easily and now we suddenly have sans stuff all over the internet..... "godsend? more like ness'd." (SARCASM and also the fact send is like nes'd.)

  • Fiery Alex
    Fiery Alex 5 months ago +1

    I Heard Rogueport Sewers From Paper Mario TTYD! Now Im Thinking About Subscribing

  • Packs On Packs
    Packs On Packs 5 months ago


  • myforever13
    myforever13 5 months ago

    Good. I may be able to become a gaming USclip after all.

  • Dankenstein lol
    Dankenstein lol 5 months ago

    Now if only they’d make Super Mario Sunshine 2

  • Zag
    Zag 5 months ago

    Too bad USclip’s don’t

  • MegaM0nkey
    MegaM0nkey 5 months ago

    I guess they... *SWITCHED IT UP*

  • RapierGold
    RapierGold 5 months ago

    I thought this was a Nintendo suck up channel.

  • JayMoney28
    JayMoney28 5 months ago

    Lmao how does my 2017 Miiverse comment get put in the video at 2:00 😂 what luck

  • ContraZombie4
    ContraZombie4 5 months ago

    For as much as I agre with the 3-Phase adoption theory of Nintendo, Switch Online needs to cartwheel straight into Phase 3 as fast as possible. Like, if we get to December 2019 and there hasn't been a drastic overhaul (At MINIMUM allowing System-Level Voice Chat & Messaging as well as game invites) I think there might be trouble for Nin-T on the horizon.
    Especially since not a lot of Third-Party devs, especially indie devs, want to make in-game chat systems to cover nintendo's slack, it could become a major hindrance in courting said third-parties.

  • alpan
    alpan 5 months ago

    this is great eeks

  • AnDarry _
    AnDarry _ 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh.

  • TheGamingInkling
    TheGamingInkling 5 months ago

    Well, now I can actually do stuff 😂

  • Myung Kou Kang
    Myung Kou Kang 5 months ago

    How about Nintendo allowing mod support? I want to be able to download mods without complicated process that brick the system. I want the mods for Switch version of Skyrim so I can marry Serana, or change the length of the torso of my character, so I can make a short torso with long legs body type, and not limited to the balanced body type.

  • Nicholas LaBruzzo
    Nicholas LaBruzzo 5 months ago

    Is that... is that... IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE!?!?!?!
    I'll see myself out.

  • Handington
    Handington 5 months ago


  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 5 months ago

    _And what happened, then? Well, on USclip they say - that the Nint's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Nint found the strength of ten Goombas, plus Boo!_ 💗

  • Arturo Pacheco Pérez
    Arturo Pacheco Pérez 5 months ago

    Very disappointed you would tell a blatant lie at 8:06, saying Nintendo took most of the split with their previous USclip Creators Program. Just as you are saying that, at 8:10 you show the rules and everybody can see they say the creator gets most of it always. 70% if you register the entire channel, 60% if you register videos individually. Wasn't expecting you to go that low.

  • J.B.
    J.B. 5 months ago

    Seriously though, what IS that goose game?

  • Max the Magikarp
    Max the Magikarp 5 months ago

    My New Years resolution was to make a resolution list

    And I still failed it

  • TheOneUnknown
    TheOneUnknown 5 months ago

    I liked purely for the pugs in the background

  • Phoenix Thornton
    Phoenix Thornton 5 months ago

    kirby star alLIES

  • A Name
    A Name 5 months ago

    Mod Support
    Phase 1: Nintendo tried suing Action Replay or Game Genie for violating copyright policies, and have locked down on modifications *hard.*
    Phase 2: Nintendo lets a portion of mods thrive just as long as they don't try to copy what Nintendo already did or make too much money off of it (also they weren't really too happy at the idea of their ROMs being uploaded and dissected online)
    Phase 3?: Nintendo allows for people to mod their games to a fair/good degree just so long as it isn't for cheating the online stuff

  • SpinosaurusStudios
    SpinosaurusStudios 5 months ago +1

    The EU Article 13 got passed this year.
    2018 come back please.

  • Cee
    Cee 5 months ago

    Perfect! Once I get my capture card set up, I know what I'm doing!

  • Vinnie Pollock
    Vinnie Pollock 5 months ago

    0:01 = Why the heck are you standing in the middle of the road??? You're gonna get run over!

  • Simon _v.o
    Simon _v.o 5 months ago

    Nintendo online is stil in fase 2 sadly

  • Magmoner
    Magmoner 5 months ago

    Kirby star I'll never play this game

  • TigirlakaLaserwolf6
    TigirlakaLaserwolf6 5 months ago


  • The Beach M A S T E R
    The Beach M A S T E R 5 months ago

    Wheres the bombale rock on the souther edge. Why show no close uos of where you are.
    Btw theres a stone talus on master mode in the forest of spirts nect to all the shrooms if u want the gemd

  • amit x7
    amit x7 5 months ago

    that's pretty cool

  • Gooey
    Gooey 5 months ago

    *Now I can add GaMetal’s remix of The Darkest Lord to ROBLOX*

    • Gooey
      Gooey 5 months ago

      If my logo didn’t give it away, I like me some ROBLOX. #ROBLOX4SWITCH

  • Daniel Willett
    Daniel Willett 5 months ago +1

    I saw case closed art at 11:02

  • ThePonyWriterThing
    ThePonyWriterThing 5 months ago

    I love untitled goose game

  • DerpyFoxy
    DerpyFoxy 5 months ago

    Can’t wait to make Nintendo content now tbh

  • Recordo
    Recordo 5 months ago

    So this was why they removed my copyright claims...

  • Hacim 42
    Hacim 42 5 months ago


  • Chihiro Fujiwara
    Chihiro Fujiwara 5 months ago

    Nintendo if you fix the online play then I will be 10x happy person.

  • Zac Ziggarot
    Zac Ziggarot 5 months ago

    Is it weird that none of these new releases really strike a cord for me? I'd rather play some games from the 90s

  • Shadow shinobin
    Shadow shinobin 5 months ago +1

    So does that mean pigs are flying now ?

  • Liata
    Liata 5 months ago

    Now we just need Nintendo Online fixed

  • BenJAMin
    BenJAMin 5 months ago

    10:26 what song is this? I've heard it everywhere

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 5 months ago

    Yeah but Waluigi got shit on...

  • Benjamin O'Connor
    Benjamin O'Connor 5 months ago

    I haven't been making content for long, and the content I do have isn't at the level of quality I would like, but it is encouraging to see I shouldn't have issues making Nintendo centered content

  • Superfrankytien
    Superfrankytien 5 months ago

    Im happy to hear to this too as I'm looking to start making videos later on in the year and most of the games I have things to discuss about are Nintendo games.

  • iHX
    iHX 5 months ago

    i dont get why nintendo still keep games like zelda botw switch exclusive
    they wouldve so much money by selling it everywhere

  • TheZeroNeonix
    TheZeroNeonix 5 months ago

    Hey, Arlo. I enjoyed your latest collab with RadicalSoda. lol

  • TheZeroNeonix
    TheZeroNeonix 5 months ago

    Finally. Good God, Nintendo. It's the 2019, and you're just now figuring out that free advertising on USclip is good for business?

  • patrick watkins
    patrick watkins 5 months ago

    hey you leave our poyo boy alone!

  • Melted Macaw
    Melted Macaw 5 months ago

    Butternut Squash?

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson 5 months ago

    I learned about Nintendo by playing wierd Mario flash games online.... so there....

  • Zethron710
    Zethron710 5 months ago

    I wonder how that puppet works because I know it's your real hands inside of the gloves when you show your hands but how about when you're talking and your hands are moving

  • Franklin Games
    Franklin Games 5 months ago

    Is arlo a Cookie Monster

  • TheBearWithButtons
    TheBearWithButtons 5 months ago

    Arlo you were in radical soda's new video!

  • TheOnlyKings '
    TheOnlyKings ' 5 months ago

    I came from RADICALsoda

  • ValseMusic
    ValseMusic 5 months ago

    Is the little image at 4:52 of Arlo as Brendan from Home Movies a real thing? Because I need Arlo Brendan Small in my life.

  • TheCopperhound84
    TheCopperhound84 5 months ago

    Possibly A New Nintendo Switch Coming :D I'll Be The First To Buy It I Gaurantee

  • Playworthy
    Playworthy 5 months ago

    Thank you for clearing this up.

  • hr59ggh /\
    hr59ggh /\ 5 months ago

    I hear screams
    I smell burning flesh
    I feel something going in my asshole
    I taste melting children
    I see the road to auschwitz

  • Pulsar Productions
    Pulsar Productions 5 months ago

    That ending got me LAUGHING!! XD

  • roienn777
    roienn777 5 months ago

    I'm going to watch every darn video of yours to make sure you miss no mentions of Kirby. Every. One.

  • Coolmanone
    Coolmanone 5 months ago

    hoping the 3 phase system goes for pokemon go as well

  • Marcar9 Marcar9
    Marcar9 Marcar9 5 months ago

    When Nintendo is more progressive than USclip

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 5 months ago

    Or you could stop sucking Nintendo's dick and cover something other than Nintendo.