Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
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    In this video Gav and Dan attempt to land a coke bottle on the moon using a bit of butane. They came 238,899.99 miles short but it was a good effort. Follow us on Instagram! gavinfree
    Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
    Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Dankulous
    Dankulous 8 hours ago



  • Adit Kantak
    Adit Kantak 17 hours ago

    real gamers watch this at 0.25x

    HIBERTY Day ago

    I'm sad beacause of all the wasted coke

  • Im Tyfyh
    Im Tyfyh Day ago

    it's not rocket science... is it?

  • Reggie Littlewolf

    You should try it with a cap slightly screwed on

  • Blueberry Waffles

    This should be the official coke add

  • Martin Curran
    Martin Curran 2 days ago

    I was hoping for a rig to flip the bottle and light the gas ☹️

  • Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh 2 days ago

    Butane is flammable

  • Q biao
    Q biao 2 days ago

    coke + mentos = kids
    coke + butane = pro

  • levi dansky
    levi dansky 2 days ago

    I hope COKE A COLA are paying you for advertising for them

  • Thunderfarts21
    Thunderfarts21 2 days ago

    Pause at 3:32

  • Badr Yasuo
    Badr Yasuo 2 days ago

    3:57 What'd happen if he glued his both hands with the coke?

  • Ian Jarvis
    Ian Jarvis 2 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but see what happens if you put the cap on

  • Konstantinos Syriotis

    7:50 bottle said "I believe I can fly" and it does!!

  • Reyli Villegas Villegas

    Keep the cap on see what happens

  • Africaan OG
    Africaan OG 2 days ago

    Tell me bro don’t look like Pete from mickey mouse club house🤣🤣

  • Massimo Pecile
    Massimo Pecile 2 days ago

    What if do you do it on a fire

  • latershu
    latershu 3 days ago

    Could you ignite the butane next time?

  • Max Giroux Productions
    Max Giroux Productions 3 days ago +1

    I thought (for a moment) that the title was "cocaine and butane".

  • luca cardoni
    luca cardoni 3 days ago

    Per questo l'umanità non va avanti

  • Christine Alqtaishat

    You should do it with water

  • conner cook
    conner cook 4 days ago

    Can you guys shoot them sideways? At like targets and stuff.

  • Daniel Pye
    Daniel Pye 4 days ago

    Absolute Zweihänder! I shout laughed to myself

  • Groot
    Groot 4 days ago

    Coke and butane my favorite taste

  • TruisticBenh57 with Sheepy

    Gav keeps go ing us the finger

  • GSRT_ MiraiNG
    GSRT_ MiraiNG 4 days ago

    3:39 Dan just reinvented PogChamp there
    We should call it either DanChamp or SlowChamp

  • Cameron McMahon
    Cameron McMahon 4 days ago

    They are fizz-icists

  • Ubaid UlHaq
    Ubaid UlHaq 4 days ago can yon slow mo the ping pong, it will awesome to view the hit.

  • Tom Leshone
    Tom Leshone 4 days ago


  • LoL Gamer
    LoL Gamer 4 days ago

    o german mixed with english zweihander

  • Saturation Five
    Saturation Five 4 days ago +1

    this is how i'm gonna cheat on my bottle rocket project

  • Brief Lean
    Brief Lean 4 days ago



    Try Pepsi

  • "The Cyborg"
    "The Cyborg" 4 days ago

    Why does the video state 4k but its only 1080p50 max res. LIES

  • donovan stagg
    donovan stagg 4 days ago

    The way the liquid looks reminds me of the slow mo drug in dredd

  • Chandler Harness
    Chandler Harness 4 days ago

    1:56 he just shot a bird

  • Aaron Keanrey
    Aaron Keanrey 4 days ago

    1:57 Dan flips you off

  • R1skt8ker Keks
    R1skt8ker Keks 5 days ago

    Imagine the big coke bottle would've turned the opposite direction and shot directly into Dan's face

  • LeGran Manitoutou
    LeGran Manitoutou 5 days ago

    what is the light music 2:58 pls

  • Atticus Silver
    Atticus Silver 5 days ago

    Is it me or do one of the guys look like Q from impractical jokers

  • ZacGamesYT
    ZacGamesYT 5 days ago

    **they leave the bottles open** Do you not know how to use the cap?

  • Jason Dioxide
    Jason Dioxide 5 days ago

    Dan is just Mysterio before he was evil

  • shock wave
    shock wave 5 days ago

    Very nice slow mo video #thebeyondeyes

  • ya boi mk
    ya boi mk 5 days ago

    do i need license for that in canada?

  • Jason Swanson
    Jason Swanson 6 days ago

    Create a rig that holds 16 bottles

  • Darian Neumayer
    Darian Neumayer 6 days ago

    Film a chainsaw cutting wood from the bottom pulling up. It looks so cool. Also a lot of angles

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded 6 days ago

    Try this with the cap on

  • Philip Gasson
    Philip Gasson 7 days ago

    lol dan looked like captain pugwash

  • Abdullah Chowdhury
    Abdullah Chowdhury 7 days ago

    Hi, what about doing the same experiment, but instead of turning it upside down, throwing the bottle up high, and it will flip up side down in the air. I guess it will shoot even higher that way!!

  • Beverly Nercuit
    Beverly Nercuit 7 days ago +1

    I wish you put a go pro so that you will know where it landed.

  • eoSullivan
    eoSullivan 7 days ago

    what Dan did wrong was that he flipped it to subtlety, should've do a movement where the g force pushed all the liquid towards the bottom, which would have more butane to react, instead of all that thrown away in the 1st second

  • Delbert Troyer
    Delbert Troyer 7 days ago

    Film a woodpecker in SLO-MO.

  • FGV Gravity
    FGV Gravity 8 days ago

    You guys should I've put a Go Pro camera on that bottle 📷

  • BlazedPlayz Gaming
    BlazedPlayz Gaming 8 days ago

    1:55 *HMM*

  • Austin Bryan
    Austin Bryan 8 days ago

    Now add mintos

    R&R FILMS 8 days ago

    Do it with an open flame behind it, using an automatic setup

  • gamergirl99
    gamergirl99 8 days ago

    60 fps! well 50 actually but still, PAL :(

  • Adam Donaldson
    Adam Donaldson 8 days ago

    Coke and Butane? Next try Bute and Cocaine

  • anthony janevski
    anthony janevski 8 days ago

    His face at 6:05 lmao

  • Lord Ubba
    Lord Ubba 9 days ago +4

    They should have out stabilizers on the bottles so they fly straight