Voice Teacher Reacts to 6 HARDEST Vocals Singers CAN'T/DON'T Sing ANYMORE


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  • Isabell V
    Isabell V 11 hours ago

    Ugh, you're perfect Sam!

  • atheer alnahdi
    atheer alnahdi 11 hours ago

    please react to (YESUNG) X (BUMKEY) 'Carpet' MV

  • Yasmine Ferguson
    Yasmine Ferguson 14 hours ago

    Something was off with the second demi clip tho. The high note she tried so hit just felt so much lower? She also lost all pronouncation of the lyrics and sounded like warbling almost ruining that line

  • Mallory Graves
    Mallory Graves Day ago

    You’re my new favorite USclipr. Hands down. You’re reasonable and have so much sense. I love everything about it.

  • Kaynos
    Kaynos Day ago

    I love Leona

  • Caso W
    Caso W Day ago

    Love your videos!
    How do you feel about H-ing?....Meee - Heeeee- . Niiiiii-Hiiiigt...etc, i can´t stand it! I call it bad technique, as it should be...Meeeee-eeeee.

  • Erik van der Bijl

    hi sam, can you make a react to from can to can't?
    there is even a great making of video: watch?v=Izq-B50k0-Y

  • kerrybell14
    kerrybell14 2 days ago

    A question for viewers: I'm also a fan of Sam although I can't sing and knows nothing about technique. Seems like a lot of us are. A friend and I are discussing this and trying to get to the bottom of why we love reaction videos so much, even when we aren't particularly interested in the subject? I can better understand when you're watching someone react to something you already love (similar to when you show a friend a favorite movie), but what's the investment and the reward here? Any thoughts??

  • Tarmo Tyyri
    Tarmo Tyyri 2 days ago

    I totally disagree, lipsyncing is cheating/lying to the audience. If it's OK, then just replace the artist with a perfect studio track. Reminds me of a proverb from the Bible: "If you give your little finger to the devil, he will eventually take the whole hand". Given modern music production technology both in the studio and live, it's almost impossible to know if the singer is good, avarege or simpöy bad, and if it's a live performance or not. Watch this: "How To Make a #1 Song - WITHOUT TALENT" usclip.net/video/kKnxcvNqrCo/video.html

  • Kelli Parks
    Kelli Parks 3 days ago

    Aw. Miss my vocal perf days. You're great

  • Naomi Meed
    Naomi Meed 3 days ago

    lol G5s NOT HARD DUDE..... at what point do you consider notes to be hard? i can hit C3, and up to C6, maybe even D-E6 but the tone isnt that great... is that a normal range for singing or no?

  • Jef Cristemar Gonzales

    Please react on BTS Let me know live or Charice Pempengco's one moment in time. It's kinda old but a legend. Anyway, she's a he now. Or please react on his before and after in same songs. Thank you

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson 4 days ago

    usclip.net/video/kzputRQ7DS8/video.html&t=515s analyse that i fucking dare u!

  • Mylene Buenaluz
    Mylene Buenaluz 4 days ago

    Here's a legend who also has hardest vocals who can and definitely still sing-Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez with Asia's Phoenix Morissette Amon duet. Kindly react on to this. thank you. usclip.net/video/2ziTV9EONEw/video.html

  • Louise S.P
    Louise S.P 5 days ago

    You should listen to Shatter Me by Lzzy And Lindsay. The singing is so amazing but super high and her technique seems unique (or hard to replicate I suppose). I feel like you’d have a lot to say

  • Astry Shafany
    Astry Shafany 5 days ago

    Can you react the KPop idol ASTRO..... I Will wait for the other reaction

  • heru irawan
    heru irawan 7 days ago

    Please reaction song She's Gone - stealth heart cover by denden gonzales

  • Nuriko katsuki
    Nuriko katsuki 7 days ago

    I dunno why but everytime he was stopping the video of singers, I was mistakenly pressing the pause button to see more ^^"

  • MrGL1973
    MrGL1973 7 days ago

    If you're taking react video suggestions, I think you should look at Anna Nalick's performances of "Breathe (2 AM)".

  • Arwa Al Rashed
    Arwa Al Rashed 8 days ago

    please, please, please, react to day6. They'reb a kpop/rock band, they play their own instruments. please react to their immortal song performance. PLEAAAASE

  • kiriaki nikolaou
    kiriaki nikolaou 8 days ago

    Please react to Andrea Bocelli Nessun Dorma

  • Kim Alexander
    Kim Alexander 8 days ago

    You should react to Jung Joon Young - Sympathy :)

  • Lis_Lani
    Lis_Lani 8 days ago

    Wow from watching JHope from BTS mentor a group of aspiring kpop singers to you giving constructive criticism to kpop live performances. And let me just say that this surprisingly good run into of your channel has been one of the greatest I have had in a while. I dont know anything about singing but listening to you talk about it so calmly without trashing the performances has had me here for hrs now. New Subby here 👍

  • Moo Deqing
    Moo Deqing 8 days ago

    Please react to Beyoncé live Resentment at OTR II it was SUCH a great vocal performance 🔥 usclip.net/video/IaW3RakK1js/video.html

  • Rainbow Sam
    Rainbow Sam 9 days ago

    They had one job. Well. rip

  • Eugene Garrett
    Eugene Garrett 9 days ago

    I think that this is very interesting, and he is always fair.. I prefer live performance, even if it is not perfect.

  • Maria McKean
    Maria McKean 9 days ago

    please review Dami Im vimeo.com/167104787

  • Maria McKean
    Maria McKean 9 days ago

    Love your easy-going but very detailed approach.

  • Sergi Bivol
    Sergi Bivol 10 days ago

    Loved it.

  • Ely Eliza
    Ely Eliza 10 days ago

    I can't sing, i don't wanna learn about singing yet i'm here and i subscribed 😂

  • Matt Schwarck
    Matt Schwarck 10 days ago

    Sam always looks for the good and explains it. When someone isn’t doing something well, he explains it honestly but in a nice way. I would definitely take lessons from Sam.

  • Official JOY
    Official JOY 11 days ago

    What are your credentials?

  • SkJoey
    SkJoey 11 days ago

    Can you please react to Michael jackson songs...please @Sam Johnson

  • it's mee_monica
    it's mee_monica 11 days ago

    Haha, I dont know shit about singing or music but when I watch your videos I feel like a freaken genius because of the amazing way you explaining things. I actually understand it all! You're awesome 👍

  • Norma Leigh Naughty
    Norma Leigh Naughty 12 days ago

    Ain't goin' down till the sun comes up by Garth Brooks has a super long note I'd like to master

  • lil jungoo bungoo
    lil jungoo bungoo 12 days ago

    **cries in G5 NOT HARD DUDE**

  • savannah darling
    savannah darling 12 days ago

    i LOVE him! something about him is so likeable...

  • Jayne Horan
    Jayne Horan 12 days ago

    Positive comments, but you didn’t comment on the constriction of vocal chords and on the lack of resonance on some of the acts. Leona uses strong techniques with the resonational cavities at the back of the head. A lot of the acts are singing “on” the chord. But good comments

  • Chanyeol line from sweet lies Chogiexo

    I have a question do people learn how to sing like high notes and stuff or you need talent from the beginning?

  • Luvthistuff T
    Luvthistuff T 12 days ago

    Sam Johnson is hot!

  • HellyFunVloggers
    HellyFunVloggers 12 days ago

    7:07 thank me later

  • Aya Wael
    Aya Wael 12 days ago

    Can you react to this song 😍 it's new ryeowook song i'm not over you 🙏

  • Shelli Bingle
    Shelli Bingle 13 days ago

    Plain & simple lung capacity changes & lungs age. They still sound great though.

  • Gibbay Gibber
    Gibbay Gibber 13 days ago


  • majda mkt
    majda mkt 13 days ago

    Love your reactions. Can you pleaase do a reaction of BTS -The truth untold. you'd love it

    • Sarai Bringhurst
      Sarai Bringhurst 11 days ago

      Ooh, I agree! It’s a beautiful song, I would love a reaction on that!

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 13 days ago

    demi goes for a sick run
    oh gurrrl XD

  • Rosina Thomas
    Rosina Thomas 13 days ago

    Ariana Grande live at BBC!! ITS PHENOMENAL!

  • Maria Schoenecker
    Maria Schoenecker 13 days ago

    I don't even sing and have learned a lot from your videos. When I listen to the songs I can start to notice the small tones and techniques a performer may use. Thank you for your knowledge on vocals.

  • Yeo min
    Yeo min 14 days ago

    Sam Please react to Morissete Amon's Rise up.

  • Thomas Hamill
    Thomas Hamill 14 days ago

    Love your videos. Please react to more Kelly Clarkson. Such a phenomenal vocalist who I feel is supremely underrated.

  • itstacotuesday
    itstacotuesday 14 days ago

    I started watching Sam not that long ago had no idea what he was talking about but I'm actually learning the more I watch. Thank you for these vids!

  • Xochilt H
    Xochilt H 14 days ago

    I love Leona Lewis. She will always be my favorite! 🇬🇧

  • Heaven Ward
    Heaven Ward 15 days ago

    Freddie Mercury would have been good, I think, to put on here cause he kinda can't sing anymore

  • Elizabeth White
    Elizabeth White 15 days ago

    You know who would be an excellent artist to do this kind of video for? Lara Fabian. "Je Suis Malade" or "Adagio", among others, that she is still performing the crap out of. Yes, that's official voice lingo 😁. Love you!

  • Abc 123
    Abc 123 15 days ago

    You should react to James LaBrie. Disagree on lipsync being acceptable, you pay for a live performance, not canned recordings

  • Jenifer Rodriguez
    Jenifer Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Very good love it 😘🤗

  • J S
    J S 15 days ago

    Please react to Ehyuk! A male singer sings Sia's Chandelier perfectly!!!

  • Leilanie Escobido
    Leilanie Escobido 15 days ago

    I remember myself watching your videos at 1o'clock in the morning and I wouldn't stop unless it's already time to go to school. Oh look, seems like I'm doing it everyday.

  • Beyo God Child
    Beyo God Child 15 days ago

    He looks so much like Cole or Dylan Sprouse. More like Dylan

  • A Romer
    A Romer 16 days ago

    I can’t believe what you said about lip syncing!! It’s not okay and it’s deceptive to fans that pay with hard earned money and are deserving of a real truly live performance. I feel that if a performer can no longer sing then it’s time to hang it up. Wow! Unbelievable

  • Marlon Reid
    Marlon Reid 16 days ago

    Can you pretty pretty pretty please react to “Mariah Carey’s most refined vocals”
    Pretty pretty pretty please. It’s worth it.

  • Amy C.
    Amy C. 17 days ago

    You're such a beautiful person. Not sure how I got here but *subscribe*.

  • Edgar Allen Ho
    Edgar Allen Ho 17 days ago

    USclip suggested this video to me and I had never heard of you before, so I was interested! I would love to say that you are quite fantastic to watch and I really enjoyed this!

  • Cyreen Alico
    Cyreen Alico 18 days ago

    hi sam jhonson. im cyreen uhmmm im good at singing and dancing. I heard that you are a voice teacher. uhmm.. can you give me a tips. because. im good at high notes but. not anymore. I dont known why. but I hope. you reply to my comment. and give me a tips. im not good at english. because. im 13 years old. thank you.

  • Pedro Nunes
    Pedro Nunes 19 days ago

    I've just discovered this channel. I don't know anything about singing, so a lot of what you're saying goes over my head.
    But I love watching your videos! Specifically your positive approach and what I presume is a thorough learnedness /mastery of your subject. You brought me joy so thank you! :)

  • jackie larry
    jackie larry 19 days ago

    Omg he’s precious

  • Twisted Illusion
    Twisted Illusion 19 days ago

    You should react to Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon). His voice is astounding.

  • Gerald Anderstand
    Gerald Anderstand 19 days ago

    You're totally right!

  • mediamessy
    mediamessy 20 days ago

    I'm learning so much watching your videos!

  • Texas Golfer
    Texas Golfer 20 days ago

    I can sing really good...but I hate the sound of my voice. Is this common?

  • Candace A
    Candace A 20 days ago

    I really enjoyed this. I feel like I learned more from you in this from any other “vocal coach reacts” video.

  • Tim Leonard
    Tim Leonard 21 day ago

    Could you take at another Disturbed song that is live? It’s called “Hold onto memories” and means a lot to me. I know David was emotional in the video, but he delivered so much emotion and spirit that I would like to see where he could’ve done something wrong (if anything)

  • James Nunez
    James Nunez 21 day ago

    You are great very educational, nice, and shows great examples thank you for your channel

  • Маккуро Ооками

    Can you please review Daria Stavrovich? Especially her performances at the Voice Russia? "Zombie" and/or "Круги на воде" - "Rounds on the water".

  • 1000 8 1000
    1000 8 1000 21 day ago

    Miley Cyrus make it REALLY BAD.

  • Kira Contreras
    Kira Contreras 21 day ago

    I'm still convinced it's flat

  • Gi!bertus Albans
    Gi!bertus Albans 21 day ago

    Check out Mili of Steelheart dude, Iit would be cool to do a whole show on him. He lsot his voice and his whole body and his life was wrecked by an accident. He got some of that back but it dinted his career though and know age has made it so he can't hit those high notes anymore. I saw him doing a mellowed version of Angel Eyes. You have to hear the original. i saw an Arab guy on YT that sings like him doing his songs too.

  • Caity Wylie
    Caity Wylie 22 days ago

    You have the exact same name as my ex-boyfriend, but it's fine cause I love your videos. Subscribed!

  • aimie tadifa
    aimie tadifa 23 days ago

    Wow this channel's gonna blow up. Love your content. Thank you 😊

  • Dan Owens
    Dan Owens 23 days ago

    You ever listen to Ray Price snd Tennessee Ernie Ford??

  • Agnello Dei
    Agnello Dei 23 days ago +1

    I like Christina, but I think the issue why people would give her a hard time is that her team and her stans propped her up as "the voice of our generation", when she is obviously very talented but far from the best vocalist of her generation.

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez 24 days ago

    This was great!

  • Whimsical Marshmellow
    Whimsical Marshmellow 25 days ago

    every vocal coach on youtube makes a funny face when MILEY tries to sing a high note lol

  • Mary Sweeney
    Mary Sweeney 25 days ago

    Are you able to discern electronic voice correction. I remember a few years ago, maybe at new years? Miley was terribly off tune and then next song she was pitch perfect. So, it was then I first noticed that maybe her singing is not all "her".

  • Alexandra B
    Alexandra B 25 days ago

    I just found your channel recently (saw your review of STT's "Mr.Grinch" cover), and I just absolutely love your personality. Great videos, great feedback, great HAIR! Hello! lol
    Looking forward to more content!

  • Yasmin Goncalves
    Yasmin Goncalves 26 days ago

    YES!!! I completely agree! Singing higher notes is SOOO much easier for me than singing those mid range notes right below my high notes 😂😫

  • cynthia
    cynthia 26 days ago

    That "oh girl!" 7:43 IT CRACKED ME UP LMFAO

  • Peter Bondy
    Peter Bondy 26 days ago

    I just can’t make my mind up around lip syncing. I want a real performance and I don’t care if it isn’t perfect and at the same time that may not be satisfactory for the performer. If you follow the idea it’s ok then where do you draw the line? Live music is about the subtle differences performers bring every night. I would rather a singer cut the note short I think.

  • daniel p
    daniel p 26 days ago

    The critique with Christina is dead on. Iv'e been a Christina fan since her Mulan single came out and I never understood why she would belt so hard like that and it didn't sound natural it sounded like something she did with her voice to make it have power.

  • Purplefox
    Purplefox 26 days ago

    You should react to Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato’s song called Fall In Line ! Such a good song

    VIDEOHEREBOB 27 days ago +1

    It's such a shame we have to dissect these vocalists. The ones wanting this micro analysis probably don't even sing or are wanabee singers who don't do the work. They would rather find fault with other singers, then work (hard) on their own voices. These people are first and foremost story tellers, not machines!

  • christianaayodele
    christianaayodele 27 days ago

    I would love you to react to Brandy Norwood and hear your thoughts on her technique

  • Nathaniel Stuart
    Nathaniel Stuart 27 days ago

    8:22 I'm surprised you didn't hear or atleast mention the blatant auto tuning going on there if you did

  • Konrad K
    Konrad K 27 days ago

    Just ran across this channel from his video on Maynard. Love the insight! Would be awesome to see a breakdown of Sia’s performances!

  • Ryan Utterback
    Ryan Utterback 28 days ago +1

    In general obese people generally have a harder time breathing, Clarkson is probably just running out of air because it's being used up more quickly for other tasks besides singing. I mean she could work around it by rocking out less probably, I'm guessing people don't feel comfortable pointing that out but hey, incentive to stay in shape lol.

  • wolfgangstratocaster
    wolfgangstratocaster 28 days ago

    I AM a spanish speaking suscriptor! I Will suggest a Lot off singers

  • Christopher Moll
    Christopher Moll 28 days ago

    Can one hear him sing a full song?

  • Michael McClain
    Michael McClain 28 days ago

    Please react to Caleb Hyles let it go -male cover - usclip.net/video/kohD5z5mE0E/video.html

  • Brad Schecter
    Brad Schecter 29 days ago

    I really like your comments, but as a professional singer who always sings live, I can never get on board with lip synching.