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Voice Teacher Reacts to 6 HARDEST Vocals Singers CAN'T/DON'T Sing ANYMORE

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Voice teacher Sam Johnson's reaction to Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aguilera singing their hardest vocals.
    I hope this observation on how they sing helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.
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  • Bdelloid Duke
    Bdelloid Duke 16 hours ago

    One of the few singers whose voice is getting better every year in my humble opinion is gaga ....
    Like from poker face to sound of music to I'll never love again...
    It always amazes me

  • James Werke
    James Werke 23 hours ago

    You got a new subscriber!! You're a great vocal coach

  • Sweet Creature
    Sweet Creature Day ago

    You should react to my video!!\

  • Jocabed Muñiz De La Cruz

    Sam please react to mexican duet Ha-ash please!!!!

  • Nat Julia
    Nat Julia 7 days ago

    How does one learn how to project your voice and belt it....?

  • Jin
    Jin 7 days ago

    I like you... but not in a creepy way. You seem like a genuinely good person. Oh yeah, and your videos are both informative and interesting. Keep it up!

  • koshbegosh
    koshbegosh 7 days ago

    Please react to bless4's "WARRIOR"! The are a Japanese pop group that is very good at singing! They are not well known but it is worth your time

  • CameTo Fight
    CameTo Fight 8 days ago

    You're awesome man. I like your honesty and how connected you are to music.

  • Carlos Enrique
    Carlos Enrique 9 days ago

    Can you please analyze Andreas Scholl, Franco Fagioli, Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Rebecca Ferguson, Jennifer Hudson, Freddy Mercury and Maria Callas? Thank you

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell 10 days ago

    Highly intelligent critiques - Love your videos.

  • Ikram Marki
    Ikram Marki 12 days ago


  • Ikram Marki
    Ikram Marki 12 days ago


  • alksdjf;alsdjf
    alksdjf;alsdjf 15 days ago +2

    11:50 disagree. If you're performing at the level Christina is and charging people $100 minimum to attend a show you should be performing everything yourself, not throwing in samples to "even" things out. Neil Pert didn't mime his solos, Clapton didn't let a record play when he didn't feel he could perform a song, singers shouldn't be allowed to completely dodge their responsibilities. If you don't think you can perform a piece the way it initially was then ad-lib around it, don't cheat the audience by playing a backing track.

  • Loven Gym
    Loven Gym 16 days ago

    You do know what a mix is right?

  • Seanna Sulbaran
    Seanna Sulbaran 16 days ago

    What the hell is a voice teacher wouldn’t it be a vocal coach no tea no shade just saying

  • Koa Official
    Koa Official 17 days ago

    Can you react to Lewis blissett “good enough”

  • maick01online
    maick01online 18 days ago

    Christina is a controversial singer and i love that

  • sopo nikoleishvili
    sopo nikoleishvili 18 days ago

  • just some random guy
    just some random guy 18 days ago

    The only reason is just that they don't exercise their vocal much once they got popular.....
    Unless they are in their 50s then their chords is still good to go..

  • Acheral
    Acheral 19 days ago

    Christina Aguilera - ,,How stretchy she is and her hydration level.." you know what I mean :'D

  • Tasha S.
    Tasha S. 19 days ago

    I love your videos on the art of the human voice. I also just gotta say- I miss your

  • Blaine st pierre
    Blaine st pierre 20 days ago

    all good but none exceptional as most are happy with just being good.
    Music industry has gone totally complacent in the US. my opinion

  • The Soul Boss
    The Soul Boss 21 day ago u should react to this please :)

  • Will Begg
    Will Begg 22 days ago

    Hey, I love your site. Let me know what you think about this performance. Celtic Woman.

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 24 days ago

    The Since U Been Gone high-note is an F#, not a G

  • Dan Rönnholm
    Dan Rönnholm 24 days ago

    Check this out

  • BigBanksPlaylist1
    BigBanksPlaylist1 24 days ago +2

    Man you’re great, you I’ve watched other coaches and I feel like you explain better for the most part. It’s so enjoyable watching

  • Holt Efter
    Holt Efter 25 days ago

    Vem fan vill vinna en resa till Kenya xD

  • Crystal Sixx
    Crystal Sixx 26 days ago

    Love your videos, but IMO I can't stand Demi Lovato, so hard to listen to ughhh

  • Amore Idefk
    Amore Idefk 26 days ago +26

    Am I the only one who kinda, like *REALLY* wants to hear Sam sing?

  • Simon Martinez
    Simon Martinez 26 days ago

    Can you do a Mew song? like 156, the zookeepers boy, special?

  • GotitoGaara8
    GotitoGaara8 Month ago

    Please react to '35MM: "Leave Luanne" Katie Thompson, with Ally Bonino & Chris Mccarrell'

  • MCRmechanic
    MCRmechanic Month ago

    I searched "Vocal coach reacts to Layne Staley would" and you came up. Although it was not at all what I was looking for, I enjoyed your video. nice critique and support.

  • Rafael Henrique
    Rafael Henrique Month ago +2

    the man of my dreams apparently exists and records videos for USclip talking about my favorite subject....

  • Dustin Trinklein
    Dustin Trinklein Month ago +1

    HAHA "G5 is not hard dude!"

  • carla zamora
    carla zamora Month ago

    I love how you react with those videos. You're so real and your reactions are very informative. God bless!

  • Cindy Bounds
    Cindy Bounds Month ago

    I love your channel!! Not only do you react to the videos, you inform the viewers why something is right or wrong, thank you!!

  • Cindy Bounds
    Cindy Bounds Month ago

    I love your channel!! Not only do you react to the videos, you inform the viewers why something is right or wrong, thank you!!

  • Ella Kim
    Ella Kim Month ago

    Thank you so much for your explanation.. When i watched the actual vid, i was like, really?! they can't anymore but with your explanation, it makes so much sense.. Love your reaction vids.. only watched a few but this is i think the longest that i've stayed on a channel with reaction vids..

  • Wilma Tiolo
    Wilma Tiolo Month ago

    Pls.react with SARAH GERONIMO..SINGING STYLE..thank u

  • Shen Jing Bing
    Shen Jing Bing Month ago

    So great to have someone explain all of this to a total layman. Very well done and such a great attitude, you seem like a pretty cool dude. Keep it up. Enjoyed it.

  • D Ray
    D Ray Month ago

    Very entertaining, interesting perspective on introducing lip-synching. I haven't really listened to any of these performers (it's mainly a style thing), but coming out of this vid, I thought Christina might be worth a try.
    Also, subbed.

  • afr malatesta
    afr malatesta Month ago

    Sam. You're the REAL star..thanks

  • MuseDuCafe
    MuseDuCafe Month ago +4

    Oooh, you're good. You're quick and accurate in your technical analysis. I think you're probably helping a lot of people, in your private teaching and on the web. Congratulations.

  • Retaj Almetwally
    Retaj Almetwally Month ago

    This video only was boring tho you're sweet

  • Retaj Almetwally
    Retaj Almetwally Month ago

    Tristan is better

  • Retaj Almetwally
    Retaj Almetwally Month ago

    You're really boring

  • Pauline O'Donnell
    Pauline O'Donnell Month ago

    Can u look at Emile sande voice.... as I can find fault

  • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    Was Demi highly medicated in these clips?

  • Giovanna Alberti
    Giovanna Alberti Month ago

    React to kyo of dir en grey please

  • Iris kristal
    Iris kristal Month ago

    Could you critic a spanish speaking singer?
    JOSE JOSE "El triste" en vivo. He was one of the greatest voices in Mexico Critics use to call him the mexican Frank Sinatra. Love your your videos

  • ashley myers
    ashley myers Month ago

    His reaction to Demi's first piece always makes me laugh XD

  • Wolfgang Romine
    Wolfgang Romine Month ago

    I think people are way too hard on singers, not realizing that if they're on tour they're singing for about 2 hours each night back to back every day for weeks, and some of these notes are really hard to hit and damage your vocal cords. Like with the christina thing, she did fine. She probably knew her voice was sore that day and planned ahead to use the album vocals instead of her own.

  • Sir Valiant III
    Sir Valiant III Month ago

    lmfao when he said "G5's not HARD, DUDE"

  • Gangb Sodrart
    Gangb Sodrart Month ago

    Great video, getting a real nice vibe here! Please do a reaction video on Ronnie James Dio the voice of all voices

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Month ago

    i found you by complete accident. But you've taught me so much about using my voice. Thank you so much. Id like to hear your opinion on (Faith No More - I Started a Joke (Live at Phoenix Festival 1997).

  • Davin Carboni
    Davin Carboni Month ago

    You cut your hair? Shame. I'm tempted to unsub

  • Karston Sixx
    Karston Sixx Month ago

    this is the nicest comment section and one of the nicest UScliprs I've seen!

  • lilmisskaylie marquardt

    I think Miley originally did it high cause she was young and "other singers go this high, why not me?" And four years later now that she's matured and has grown, she's coming to terms with the fact she's an alto, which is why she lowered it to fit her range

  • naapooliitaanoo
    naapooliitaanoo Month ago

    Laura Pausini!

  • золбоо ani
    золбоо ani Month ago

  • flower liberal
    flower liberal Month ago

    I am writing a song tell me what you think Sam thank you

  • DC Crank
    DC Crank Month ago

    You are likely to not read this (after all this time) but I've watched a few of these videos now (with you) and realize you probably know what the hell the you are talking about.
    So, first, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Second, even more importantly (for me) you've suddenly made me realize (and believe) that there are techniques I can "learn". Not just talents one is either born with or not. I have been an avid guitarist and songwriter for years. But always considered my singing as absolute crap and (as I am not a singer) something that would always be crap.., regardless how much I practice. I just cant sing well. So I don't. Except my own stuff, which, obviously, sounds like crap because I am singing! (the quitars are awesome though.. heheheh)
    You have given me two really important things: 1) Hope that I can actually improve to be an "okay" singer, (I'm a VP sales for a large tech company, I understand how much belief in what you are doing is! It is everything.) and 2) HOW I can actually get there! Answer: Take some goddam lessons from a skilled teacher! This may seem obvious to all others who watch your channel (singers, likely) but it is not obvious to many others or even other musicians. I, like many, just think my voice sucks, therefore I am not nor ever will be a singer. I just didnt try.
    So, I shall go find a vocal coach. Horrify him/her the first day, no doubt. But now with some confidence that I am going to actually learn techniques that are going to really improve my voice. I'll never be a Maria Carey. I dont expect to be, or actually even want to be (I'd rather be a Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen).
    So really cool to see your videos. Really helpful stuff! Thanks Bro.

  • Sofia Cantin
    Sofia Cantin Month ago

    Please react to Ghost Love Score by Nightwish al Wacken Open Air with Floor Jansen :)

  • Baalaaxa
    Baalaaxa Month ago

    You're the best voice teacher I never had.

  • Crazy Nolram
    Crazy Nolram Month ago

    Philippines : hold my halohalo.

  • Rachelle Cortezano
    Rachelle Cortezano Month ago

    9:33 my favorite reaction 😍😂

    THE DEADEGGS Month ago +2

    I only clicked on this video because I thought Layne Staley from Alice In Chains (Man in a box) was going to be on hear. Now I’m disappointed it’s not 😔

  • CD56 Nil
    CD56 Nil Month ago

    Sam is so sweet 😊

  • fineganswake23
    fineganswake23 Month ago

    Would love to hear your impression of this

  • D’yer Mak’er
    D’yer Mak’er Month ago

    You’re so pure I love you

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi Month ago

    Who cares? People pay to see a live concert not lip synced. I could listen to music files to hear it. You pay to see a live show, should be zero lip synced period.

  • Todd F
    Todd F Month ago

    "I think everyone who lip-syncs on stage in public when you pay like 75 quid to see them should be shot."
    - Elton John

  • teresa curran
    teresa curran Month ago

    Tell people who are losing their voices not to whisper, it's harder on the vocals. That aside, I love watching stuff like this because I can't hear what you are hearing at all because i don't have an ear for music.

  • Chloe Thompson
    Chloe Thompson Month ago

    So I used to have a pretty good voice for someone that was never taught any technique, but I’ve suffered from multiple severe cases of laryngitis in the passed few years, and it physically hurts my chest and throat to sing now and it doesn’t sound great at all, any recommendations for me to get back into singing?

  • Mischa Jaya
    Mischa Jaya Month ago

    Hi Sam,
    Love your videos! Keep it up and thank you for adding a bit of extra inspiration for my day :D

  • TeslaHQ
    TeslaHQ Month ago

    Hey man, please check Daria Stavrovich of Slot vocals!

  • mlduree
    mlduree Month ago +10

    Um Kelly has hit g5s consistently (and higher) on numerous live performances recently. She is actually better. Anyho, Kelly is one of the best singers of all time and I get tired of everyone reviewing Christina and Arianna and Beyonce over and over. Not that I do or don't like them, but, from someone who likes to hear comments from knowledgeable people there are very few Kelly reactions. A few days ago she has hit higher insane notes live on tour both in Oakland and Las Angeles.

  • -sophrosyne
    -sophrosyne Month ago

    Please, react to Lovelyz's harmonization and SM The Ballad "Hot Time" :(

  • axe axe
    axe axe Month ago

    Hi Sam, You're not a voice teacher! you are a reactor! LOL

  • Ewan T Youtube
    Ewan T Youtube Month ago

    Can I ask why you think lip syncing is better, I have to completely disagree I think it’s lying. You don’t see Freddie Mercury throwing his voice in a computer to make Bohemian Rhapsody... (Still love your videos)

  • RusDiva Akhmatovy
    RusDiva Akhmatovy Month ago

    Love to hear how you explain things so easily, even I understand smth about singing)) lol
    But.Still waiting for reaction to Dimash!🙌🏼😭 Please!

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson  Month ago

      I have two Dimash vids so far! More in the future for sure

  • ShaunSimmonds88
    ShaunSimmonds88 Month ago

    So much about singing i had no idea about!

  • ryan bruce
    ryan bruce Month ago

    First video I have watched of yours. Have to say most knowledgable vocal teacher I have seen. You have got a new subscriber

  • venicecy
    venicecy Month ago

    Checkout Charice video

  • Tech Syndrome
    Tech Syndrome Month ago

    Pointless but you know this. Thanks

  • Ginpachi Sensei
    Ginpachi Sensei Month ago

    You look like long haired Alfred from vikings

  • Scheherazade Noir
    Scheherazade Noir Month ago

    What I like most about Sam is he's just a decent person who doesn't need to run a performer down when he TEACHES laypeople like most of us HOW to listen in an informed way.
    Precise but not petty.
    Sam's a class act, plain and simple.

  • claracc
    claracc 2 months ago

    You're GREAT!

  • Miz Chaos
    Miz Chaos 2 months ago

    I learned more about music in this more than my two years of choir.

  • Do not cum for me
    Do not cum for me 2 months ago

    *All these clips are so reaching..except leona and demi nothing is good enough*

  • Becky Connolly
    Becky Connolly 2 months ago

    *oh girl*

  • Purestar Nine
    Purestar Nine 2 months ago

    I like your hair. Great video! Wish I could afford a voice teacher lol. Subscribed!

  • SpottableBus
    SpottableBus 2 months ago

    I don't remember how I found your videos but I really enjoy them, I love that even when what you're watching isn't an optimal performance, you are analytical and conscructive in your description of it.
    Also, watching your videos makes me wish my parents had let me get voice lessons when I was a kid, lol.

  • Seven Sexy Sins
    Seven Sexy Sins 2 months ago

    Really enjoying your input and advice! Wishing you were my teacher ;-)

  • Nyanko Sensei
    Nyanko Sensei 2 months ago

    react to music commander

  • brenda taylor
    brenda taylor 2 months ago

    Wow, You are not what I would think I would ever watch, But I very much enjoy your videos

  • Lim Xuan Hui
    Lim Xuan Hui 2 months ago +29

    Please react to Freddie Mercury's vocal range

    • kronos
      kronos 3 days ago

      +just some random guy geez what artists have you been listening to if Freddie's not that special lol

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 16 days ago

      +Ravz yup....haha

    • Ravz
      Ravz 16 days ago

      +just some random guy srsly? Haha

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 18 days ago

      Freddie is just as many artists..... he's not that special fyi....

    • Kari K.
      Kari K. 26 days ago

      Lim Xuan Hui YES!!!! Nobody can beat Freddie.

  • Tsteeler13
    Tsteeler13 2 months ago

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  • Dani Elias
    Dani Elias 2 months ago

    This video was uploaded on my birthday ☺️