I Ordered Nintendo Gamecube Games From GameStop In 2019...And This Is What They Sent Me

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • In 2019 I wanted to start working towards filling out my Gamecube collection and even attempting to complete it over the next few years. The Gamecube selection on GameStop's website is actually priced well so I figured I would order Gamecube games from them and see how it turns out.
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Comments • 1 968

  • Very Vennie
    Very Vennie 2 days ago

    Thank you for doing the work of the gods.. exposing the practices of these corporate companies at your own expense

  • G-bot
    G-bot 7 days ago

    I still have my Gamecube games and if their prices are going up I'm gonna have to hold on to them. :)

  • Chad Thomas
    Chad Thomas 9 days ago

    Man, you just love to keep putting Soulja Boy's name out there, don't you?

  • Chrissy McCollum
    Chrissy McCollum 9 days ago

    I have Metroid prime with the bonus disc

  • MastaChefe 420
    MastaChefe 420 10 days ago

    Do they just keep all the manuals to sell later separately or what? I mean whats the chance that most of them games had the case but not 1 single manual?

  • delta games
    delta games 12 days ago

    More clickbait

  • Tamamo Vitch
    Tamamo Vitch 14 days ago

    you didn't do too bad with those prices, sadly i can't really get those games because of the house rule so i *cough* download them emulated for dolphin

  • 7 Angels 7 Plagues
    7 Angels 7 Plagues 15 days ago

    You ordered games, and they sent them. Wow, how magical.

  • NRN Gamer427
    NRN Gamer427 16 days ago

    Would these games be guaranteed to work?

  • Pona
    Pona 16 days ago

    Wait that zelda game was a bit over $10? Yikes, it's like 130€ alone in the PAL region.

  • Tim L
    Tim L 17 days ago

    Have you tried buying Best Buy refurbished / preowned products?

  • jj smallz
    jj smallz 18 days ago

    i got
    super mario sunshine
    luigis mansion
    smash bros melee
    super mario strikers

    every. single. game. was BROKEN, and had some ghetto chrome decal around the center of the discs, not a single disc would even boot, took my games back got a full refund in cash and took that money to my local shop :) membership just expired so im more than happy to quit using gamestop.

  • fights n shit
    fights n shit 19 days ago

    My favorite game on GameCube was legend of Zelda wind waker

  • Aleah Marie
    Aleah Marie 21 day ago

    I used to play the Buffy The Vampire Slayer game a lot.
    It was lit.

  • Artur Karpinski
    Artur Karpinski 22 days ago +1

    They charged me much more for the same games.

  • Travis Short-Smith
    Travis Short-Smith 22 days ago

    O have a question in the game cube case what does that square thing above the cd do ?

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 22 days ago +1

    I got a manual with MKW and MKDD... Is it only me who's not getting manuals?

  • Isaac Turner
    Isaac Turner 23 days ago

    refurbished switch from gamestop yet

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    Yeah, Mortal Kombat.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    I only played the demo version of Viewtidul Joe 2.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    Yeah, Need For Speed.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    I was just watching an RGT 85 video.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    I see u have the SWM Edition GameCube.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 25 days ago

    Yeah, I have a GameCube.

  • Waffeey
    Waffeey 28 days ago

    I just got a gamecube today all but one of my 9 games work I cleaned both the laser and disk, is it true damage on the top of the disks kills them most often?

  • Kirisuma
    Kirisuma Month ago

    I thought a while now why you're Gamecube Cases looks like this.... in EU they don't look like this in the inside, so... thats pretty intresting, that they look so different from Region :-)

  • Blandco
    Blandco Month ago

    I was on a Facebook group a couple years back when some kid was talking about how Gamestop was going to "preserve" games. I told him how I remembered when they destroyed the manuals and cases of practically all of their Dreamcast stock just to save a tiny amount of space in 2004. Then I put forward my theory that they were going to sell stuff on ebay to maximize profits. Everyone said I was crazy and I had no idea what I was talking about. Now ex-managers have come forward and talked about how the retro trade in program resulted in a ton of rare games being thrown away without ever being tested and yes the vast majority of good stock that comes in is sold on ebay through a 3rd party ebay seller that used to be called "Green Gadgets". Probably your best bet for retro stuff on ebay is more recent stuff like Gamecube. There is absolutely no good reason they got rid of all the manuals. Gamestop is just terrible at "Games Preservation".

  • Binding of Seth
    Binding of Seth Month ago

    I got a used Xbox one s opened it up when I came home 2 power cables no hdmi called them ended up arguing with the manager for like an hour till they finally said come get one

  • SoSickRick
    SoSickRick Month ago

    Would really like to see your GameCube collection. Today was the day I decided to start my GameCube collection again.

  • aikouka
    aikouka Month ago

    I feel like almost any old gamer will have harrowing tales of selling their old games. The worst part for me is that my brother and I took really good care of our games to the point where we kept all inserts and manuals (most weren't even read and just kept in the box) along with the cellophane still on the box itself. (We usually just cut around the flap to get the boxes open.) I mean.. that sounds all good and such, until I realized that the sleazy used video game store would label our used games as new and sell them for full price. I think the ones that I regret the most would have been SNES titles like (using the release names) Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Chrono Trigger.

  • SmokeJMAC
    SmokeJMAC Month ago

    When I was younger I traded in so many of my games in order to get new ones and I regret it with all my being.

  • Hell Knight.
    Hell Knight. Month ago

    I don't trade any of my games or systems.

  • Wait, Who?
    Wait, Who? Month ago

    wait a minute my gametstop dont do old stuff wtf

  • vincentp98
    vincentp98 Month ago

    hi, you probably eard about the gamestop difficulties actually, where do you plan to buy the games after the closure ?

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside Month ago

    Is this a clickbait video?

  • Blu Jolt Pony
    Blu Jolt Pony Month ago

    I fucking love Shadow The Hedgehog!

  • Aron Granados
    Aron Granados Month ago

    I love your vids

  • D3man Reign
    D3man Reign Month ago

    This is also why I want to get the game cube again because when I was a kid just starting my way into early gaming I’ve wanted to play things like day of reckoning 1 and 2 some of the other wrestling games and others that were on the game cube at the time so seeing this made my eyes widened up

  • GeordieGames
    GeordieGames Month ago

    You're a talking advertisement.

  • Rob Millington
    Rob Millington Month ago

    So, you ordered gamecube games.....and got gamecube games in 2019. what were you supposed to get? Why so much CLICKBAIT IN 2019?? lol

  • The Xero Link
    The Xero Link Month ago

    The Zelda Master Quest Disc was for pre-ordering Wind Waker. 1 Disc only. The game ran better off this than it did on the Collection disc if I remember correctly. Plus the Collection didn't have the remixed harder levels

  • Disney-art-craft-fan

    Use goo gone to get off stickers.

  • The GhastlyGamer
    The GhastlyGamer Month ago

    All those games are twice the price on gamestop now. And i couldnt find but one with a case

  • Dan Kotzar
    Dan Kotzar Month ago

    nintendo could make so much selling these digital


    I bought my gamecube the same week they were released and it still works and is in damn near perfect condition...this guy is an idiot

  • RJ Whatley
    RJ Whatley Month ago


  • Maple Lover
    Maple Lover Month ago

    Hey dude can I know from which GameStop you get these retro and classic games?

  • PuppetGameReviews
    PuppetGameReviews Month ago

    spyro gamecube is 10 bucks on gamestop.com for me :/

  • Robert Bastey
    Robert Bastey Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Scott Barr
    Scott Barr Month ago

    And your a goof

  • Héctor Jimeno
    Héctor Jimeno Month ago

    That Starfox Assault for 9 bucks... Buying it in Europe would cost at least 35€ :(

  • Jayson Cox
    Jayson Cox Month ago

    I wonder how long it will take until someone does this for Xbox one and PS4 games in the future

  • merchius
    merchius Month ago

    Damn, PAL territory GCN cases is better, hate those cases that clutches the disc so hard it eventually cracks the rim. PAL ones i just press the center down to release the disc for minimum pressure 😊

  • Azhaan Minhaj
    Azhaan Minhaj Month ago

    Does the game boy player come with the gamecube

  • Rafael V
    Rafael V Month ago

    My older brother traded in our GameCube, PS2, and Xbox 360. I don't even know what he did with the money. He also sold in a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon cards that we collected. It sucks.

  • generic Josh number 96

    The game stores near me are such a ripoff, they sell that zelda master quest game for literally $120

  • Jboi 321
    Jboi 321 Month ago

    Just Curious what is a good website to buy a Gamecube Console from I have my games but I need another console to play them

  • Julian Salazar
    Julian Salazar Month ago

    I call bullshit on you actually getting all of the cases.. They had to have found out your orders by now.

  • Julian Salazar
    Julian Salazar Month ago

    7:00 that Zelda promotional disc was FREE. I preordered Windwaker from Toys R Us and got it the day before. It was incredible.

  • OfMiceAndGellow
    OfMiceAndGellow Month ago

    GameStop’s customer service is actually pretty good with online orders. I got a couple of PS3 games a few years back that came in cracked and broken cases. I sent them an email and they refunded the games to me and let me keep them.

  • Special Agent Washing Tub

    I bought Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assult together, and later I bought Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door a few days later.
    64 is in perfect condition. Star Fox Assault became unavailable _after_ I ordered it. I contacted them, asked what was up, it still hasn't processed shipping and I got Paper Mario before I've even seen a response. Also, Paper Mario had many scratched hidden behind buffing practices, and some weird white corrosion from their buffing machine. Oh, and it doesn't even work. What was their policy again, that they test every disc? My sister works there, and she gets screwed over by online purchases all the time too.

  • ImThatSAMUEL
    ImThatSAMUEL Month ago +1

    I bought Pikmin 2 from GameStop about a decade ago for like $30-$40 + expensive custom costs cuz I’m Canadian.. and it came with a shitty case, a GameStop art cover, and the game itself was SO scratched I could not play it at all when I put it into my GameCube... when I emailed GameStop outraged, they said they wouldn’t send me a new one unless I payed to ship the broken copy I got back to them... and for a young kid I couldn’t afford to do it since I spent all my money already...
    so I was just S.O.L. (Y_Y)
    I never trusted them again after that.. :/

  • RetroSesh
    RetroSesh Month ago

    Love this! I want the RE4 Gamecube. SO expensive boxed though! :/ Subscribed!

  • Tyler Holtz
    Tyler Holtz Month ago

    Clickbait title

  • Iwasnever givenaname

    I literally just found that legend of Zelda four swords adventure on a movie shelf in my house 2 days ago. No idea I had it and I freaked out and put it in my game cube and it works! I had never even heard of that Zelda before so when I saw it in this box I got excited again lol

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    i actually still play a game called gotcha force today. favorite game of all time..who wouldve thought it be on something like the gamecube.

    DEVIANT KNIGHT Month ago

    Your ordering pre owned games traded in *period* and then you complain? Thats like going to a garage sale by someone selling their 10 year olds games and being like its scratched time to make a video where I complain. Be happy you found the games at all. Im paying $200+ for most sega saturn classics at most game stores and you complain about $5-$20 games

  • Meow
    Meow Month ago

    They sent me the bonus disc as well as the regular game with echoes lol

  • Victor Salvador
    Victor Salvador 2 months ago

    “They also sent me this RGT85 one?” -Throws it across the room-

  • Raider 2747
    Raider 2747 2 months ago

    try ordering xbox games
    i'm making a video on the xbox games on my channel once they arrive

  • OldBones NewFlow
    OldBones NewFlow 2 months ago

    DoR2 was FUN as hell.

  • Keithtro
    Keithtro 2 months ago

    I love Zelda twilight princess but I could never get it for GameCube everything is backwards on that one compared yo the wii I wish I could get it it’s really expensive right now

    • Keithtro
      Keithtro Month ago

      That’s expensive for me lol but it’s worth it hopefully

    • Julian Salazar
      Julian Salazar Month ago +1

      Keithtro Expensive? I have Twilight Princess with the manual and everything for $40..

  • The Original Pickle Tickler

    eat the damn orange

  • Alyssa Hawk
    Alyssa Hawk 2 months ago

    I have sonic adventure battle 2 and wouldn’t mind sending along the game box if you don’t find it

  • Mooby
    Mooby 2 months ago

    Wow they sent you a Game cube

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark 2 months ago

    Streets of LA, The Sims: Bustin Out, and Harvest Moon were like my LIFE in high school😆 when I wasn’t doing stupid stuff like partying on the weekends with my idiot friends, I was gaming like crazy. I also had a BMX game (can’t remember the name now) that had a pretty chill soundtrack.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 2 months ago

    Attention seeking trash

  • Legendary Zelda
    Legendary Zelda 2 months ago

    Luigi's Mansion, Chibi Robo, Pikmin 1 and 2, Windwaker, All of The Sims, All the Spyro games, Sonic, Metroid= those are my go to favs for Gamecube 😁 One of the best system with the best games!

  • Shane Michael Michael
    Shane Michael Michael 2 months ago

    Ocarina of time is on game cube I thought it was an N64 game

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 2 months ago

    I ordered there "blast from the past" smash brothers gamecube bundle. I am very curious to see how this turns out. I decided to risk it with gamestop since this was the cheapest way to get melee and a gamecube thats been "tested" online.

    • x9x9x9x9x9
      x9x9x9x9x9 Month ago

      Surprisingly good. I had no issues. 1 of the controllers was pretty worn but thats not a big deal. Everything works fine otherwise. However I ended up just buying a wii a few days later and homebrewing it.

    • Jacob Guy
      Jacob Guy Month ago

      How did it go?

    BFORTHEV 2 months ago

    But you don’t always get the cases

  • TangoSnipes
    TangoSnipes 2 months ago

    That Soulja boy scene had me on the floor 🤣

  • CrazyCoffee
    CrazyCoffee 2 months ago

    I loved Shadow the Hedgehog on my Xbox. I think you'll like it if you like Zelda and Sonic.

  • Sadie Adler
    Sadie Adler 2 months ago

    The big reason why I don't buy used games from Gamestop anymore is that they don't always have a case or the covers. Making and printing them isn't fun. and it's just not the same.

  • Egavas Eno
    Egavas Eno 2 months ago

    I still have my GameCube works perfectly two controllers only have one game tho blitz2003 cause it was in the console I can’t find any of my games tho it’s sad

  • Misterdeath461 Nemanic
    Misterdeath461 Nemanic 2 months ago

    The Day of reckoning mixup reminded me of when i got dead rising 2 but i actually got dead rising 2 off the record

  • AyCaramba30
    AyCaramba30 2 months ago

    Why don’t you just try getting loads of old maddens for the cases and printing reproduction labels for your games?

  • Brian Emond
    Brian Emond 2 months ago

    Wtf do people do with their games? Buying used games, they look like they've been used as frisbees out in the street and then sneezed on. My games are either in the box, or in the machine. Besides a faulty console scratching discs, what are people doing???

  • Miller Gonzalez
    Miller Gonzalez 2 months ago

    The other Zelda was the Collectors Edition which came with 4 games but if I recall it had gameplay problems. The one you bought is the one that came bundle with wind waker and that is the copy that you want to own instead of the other one.

  • Dennis Oulton
    Dennis Oulton 2 months ago

    Star fox 🦊 deserves that wwe case haha

  • the scarce one ll
    the scarce one ll 2 months ago

    He should have added Need for Speed Underground 2

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 2 months ago

    GameCube was a bigger flop than the Wii U. If it wasn’t for gba Nintendo would have went out of business.

  • XYoshi 10
    XYoshi 10 2 months ago

    It’s a theme for GameCube games online and refurbished to have no manual. I try to at least get the case for my games, which I have 1 game that didn’t come with one that I bought from someone at school, but it only works on my wii

  • Ryaan Sabooni
    Ryaan Sabooni 2 months ago

    You missed Paper Mario, Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Pokémon colosseum

  • 2winqs2
    2winqs2 2 months ago

    Well gamecube games

  • ImaKeyblader
    ImaKeyblader 2 months ago

    Absolutely love tales of symphonia!!!!!!!! I still have the original game and case ❤️❤️

  • it’s puppetry
    it’s puppetry 2 months ago

    If only you got spongebob battle for bikini bottom

  • Gyro ballin
    Gyro ballin 2 months ago

    I have the original case for tales of symphonia

  • Jure Herman
    Jure Herman 2 months ago

    No twin snakes? Im coming after you

  • Matthew Olague
    Matthew Olague 2 months ago

    A must have for the game cube is legendary of zelda the wind waker
    Like if u agree