I Ordered Nintendo Gamecube Games From GameStop In 2019...And This Is What They Sent Me

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • In 2019 I wanted to start working towards filling out my Gamecube collection and even attempting to complete it over the next few years. The Gamecube selection on GameStop's website is actually priced well so I figured I would order Gamecube games from them and see how it turns out.
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Comments • 1 889

  • Thebulletcraft2
    Thebulletcraft2 Hour ago

    Why do you make your titles very clickbaity.

  • Aj R.R
    Aj R.R Day ago

    So ur telling u update a GameCube video on my birthday and I forgot 🤡

  • Kimimaru98
    Kimimaru98 Day ago

    if you want start a collection you dont buy that shit with no manual, loose discs ect...this is horrible

  • Julius Brown
    Julius Brown 2 days ago

    There's a website that sells game manuals I don't know if the manuals are original but there is a website that sell all video game manuals

  • lewis Mcglynn
    lewis Mcglynn 2 days ago +1

    I don't know about the american version but my uk zelda master quest had 2 discs, a red one and a blue one saying master quest on it, gamestop did you over

  • Bobby Ruiz
    Bobby Ruiz 3 days ago

    When I was a kid I traded so many things I regret to gamestop 😔

  • Indigo
    Indigo 3 days ago

    I've noticed when people trade in their games theyre typically missing the manual to begin with or theyre so damaged they get tossed.

  • Extremos YT
    Extremos YT 4 days ago +1

    Hey ma! This USclipr is giving away Juuls!

    *Worried Mother face appears around the corner*

  • Nerdy George Washington

    Man do I regret selling some of my old Gamecube games. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door being among them, and now I have to shove out 50 bucks if I want it again.

  • kat rad
    kat rad 5 days ago

    i like alot those games i loved shadow the hedgehog when i played it on my ps2

  • Gold Yoshi
    Gold Yoshi 5 days ago

    change your name and then try

  • Tyler Manning
    Tyler Manning 6 days ago

    What days will you be at TOO MANY GAMES!!! I'm looking forward to visiting your booth

  • BIG- Willy-T
    BIG- Willy-T 11 days ago

    Sweet lots of games I see there

  • r2 BedBug
    r2 BedBug 11 days ago

    Well, I’m guessing they sent you GameCube games.

  • Drew Eklund
    Drew Eklund 12 days ago

    Is the gamecube copy of enter the dragonfly any more stable than the ps2? Your pretty lucky if u can play the ps2 copy for more than 15 minutes without it crashing or some other weird shit happening.

  • Jayme Thysell
    Jayme Thysell 12 days ago

    I really want to see a Wiimote repair video.

  • 💢Zalzion⛼
    💢Zalzion⛼ 18 days ago

    The way you said star fox adventures wasnt a game is disrespectful. Hands down one of the best and unique star fox games vs any other game any day. It was the last feel of the real star fox before going cartoon style.

  • The Unknown Show
    The Unknown Show 18 days ago

    WHY IS IT THAT THEY HALF ASS THEIR JOB?!!!! They have a very simple job. It is to provide a video game service. They don't have to deal with the heat. They don't have to deal with harsh working conditions or any of that. They just sell video games. It really pisses me off when sometimes it takes entertainment store employees a long ass time to look for an item whether it be a book, a dvd, a game, etc. If I were to work at gamestop or some place similar to that, I'd probably be the most liked employee by the customers. Such an easy job, they complain and half ass their job. Tell me, why is that?

  • Bret Rodriguez
    Bret Rodriguez 25 days ago


  • SleetyTax120
    SleetyTax120 28 days ago

    I’m here 5 months later and GameStop is charging almost double for all the games you bought.

  • ZathotheGrizzxx
    ZathotheGrizzxx Month ago

    I did buy Melee from GameStop online once and it actually worked. However, I’ve been seeing negative reviews for other GameCube games on the website, mainly due to the poor condition of the discs themselves. I’m not too sure if this is accurate, but I’m still avoiding GameStop for good.

  • mrsonic619
    mrsonic619 Month ago

    Man you should’ve put the Metroid (the one that doesn’t work) in the generic case with the artwork to return it to GameStop to get another game. Other than that it’s awesome you got a lot of the cases with this package

  • Elusive Logic
    Elusive Logic Month ago

    I ordered nintendo gamecube games from gamestop in 2019...and this is what they sent me...nintendo gamecube games.

  • SlowPreme
    SlowPreme Month ago

    I’m getting the GameCube with 4 controllers and with smash bros melee so that me and my friends can play it and maybe have tournaments

  • Wolf Brave
    Wolf Brave Month ago

    Go see how ridiculous the game price is for zelda...🙄

    OG GAMING. Month ago

    Hey buddy I am new to your Channel I just recently sub I really enjoy watching your content. My first gaming console was the Atari 2600 trying to find me one kind of tough these days. Keep up the good work.

  • Brett Siebenhaar
    Brett Siebenhaar Month ago

    What do you have against RGT 85??? LOL

  • Cameron Roughfoot
    Cameron Roughfoot Month ago

    I must still be sleeping, because he's *actually* giving GameStop some love.
    Really though, good job for once GameStop.

  • Streko Rodriguez
    Streko Rodriguez Month ago

    Okay so.. I uh, thought the GameCube was the Gameboy.. I was like what the heck?

  • Segasonic91
    Segasonic91 Month ago

    I never "traded" shit when I bought a new console. I will never understand people that basically throw the "old" system away when something new cones out!

  • max wendell
    max wendell Month ago

    GameStop tapes GameCube games to the outside of the box and paper Mario was broken

  • R49 Y
    R49 Y Month ago


    metroid prime 2 goes 18.00- 16.00 at the gamestop site , I dont know how you got it for $9.00???

  • CaidenTMG
    CaidenTMG Month ago

    i seriously cant believe a company this big will send the wrong thing lmao and people are just "used" to it

  • damian musick
    damian musick Month ago

    Oof you've earned my sub

  • Ed Beasant
    Ed Beasant Month ago

    Soul calibur 2 looks awesome on original xbox runs at 720p

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 2 months ago +1

    I loved shadow

  • Jacob Playzz
    Jacob Playzz 2 months ago

    Welp, just ordered a good ole childhood game known as sonic heroes for my GCN...pray that it’s in good condition

  • Shialaubeef
    Shialaubeef 2 months ago

    I just found the Zelda collectors edition for 30 bucks and I’m so excited about it

  • Mighty Martinez
    Mighty Martinez 2 months ago

    Oh Day of Reckoning. Both Games are great!

  • Diana Jones
    Diana Jones 2 months ago

    The problem with it is that you aren’t required to bring a case with the retro game trade with Gamestop :T it’s incredibly frustrating our end as much as it is on whoever receives retro games from the online store.

  • Jose Chai
    Jose Chai 2 months ago

    There is this new subscription service I saw on Facebook called retrogametreasure. It says it will send a box of retro games monthly of the genres and systems you like. You should definitely make a video to see if they send good stuff and legit not repro stuff.

  • josue
    josue 2 months ago

    did you test the gamecube??

  • Maximilian Mazzola
    Maximilian Mazzola 2 months ago

    @spawnwave why do you have to hate on rgt85 like that? disrespectful, I'm a fan of both channels

  • GaminSlime
    GaminSlime 2 months ago

    Biggest “r u dumb” moment... 9:30
    “Is this the players choice version”
    .. hmmm idk.. it says it on the case but .. hmm?? It usually has a yellow color on the case .. hmm
    Did I miss something?? What’s so funny????
    Did u saying a game name tickle ur penis?

  • bork
    bork 2 months ago


  • hehehe
    hehehe 2 months ago

    I have the ps2 and the gamecube

  • Lady Marta
    Lady Marta 2 months ago

    The best part of this video for me was when you mentioned using a Madden case for the Star Fox Assault game. They sent my Star Fox Assault without a case so you can bet your butt that I shoved the football and baseball game in the same case to free up a case for Star Fox

  • ThatNativeGamer
    ThatNativeGamer 2 months ago

    Hahahahah fu%# RGT_Gaming hhahahah that jerk.

  • travis lamar
    travis lamar 3 months ago

    Funny thing is starfox adventures was arguably the best Starfox game

  • Mario Del Rio
    Mario Del Rio 3 months ago

    No mario Games...

  • EGaMe RZ
    EGaMe RZ 3 months ago

    Gamecube>xbox one

  • That501st guy
    That501st guy 3 months ago

    He got shadey the edgehog I be honest shadow the hedgehog is my favorite people don't be mad ok

  • Kris P
    Kris P 3 months ago

    I think part of the reason why old games are so cheap is because emulating them for free is so easy

  • Very Vennie
    Very Vennie 3 months ago

    Thank you for doing the work of the gods.. exposing the practices of these corporate companies at your own expense

  • G-bot
    G-bot 3 months ago

    I still have my Gamecube games and if their prices are going up I'm gonna have to hold on to them. :)

  • Chad Thomas
    Chad Thomas 3 months ago

    Man, you just love to keep putting Soulja Boy's name out there, don't you?

  • Chrissy McCollum
    Chrissy McCollum 3 months ago

    I have Metroid prime with the bonus disc

  • MastaChefe 420
    MastaChefe 420 3 months ago

    Do they just keep all the manuals to sell later separately or what? I mean whats the chance that most of them games had the case but not 1 single manual?

  • delta games
    delta games 3 months ago

    More clickbait

  • Tamamo Vitch
    Tamamo Vitch 3 months ago

    you didn't do too bad with those prices, sadly i can't really get those games because of the house rule so i *cough* download them emulated for dolphin

  • 7 Angels 7 Plagues
    7 Angels 7 Plagues 3 months ago

    You ordered games, and they sent them. Wow, how magical.

  • NRN Gamer427
    NRN Gamer427 3 months ago

    Would these games be guaranteed to work?

  • Pona
    Pona 3 months ago

    Wait that zelda game was a bit over $10? Yikes, it's like 130€ alone in the PAL region.

  • Tim L
    Tim L 3 months ago

    Have you tried buying Best Buy refurbished / preowned products?

  • jj smallz
    jj smallz 3 months ago

    i got
    super mario sunshine
    luigis mansion
    smash bros melee
    super mario strikers

    every. single. game. was BROKEN, and had some ghetto chrome decal around the center of the discs, not a single disc would even boot, took my games back got a full refund in cash and took that money to my local shop :) membership just expired so im more than happy to quit using gamestop.

  • Exotic Cloudz
    Exotic Cloudz 3 months ago

    My favorite game on GameCube was legend of Zelda wind waker

  • Aleah Marie
    Aleah Marie 3 months ago

    I used to play the Buffy The Vampire Slayer game a lot.
    It was lit.

  • Artur Karpinski
    Artur Karpinski 3 months ago +2

    They charged me much more for the same games.

  • Travis Short-Smith
    Travis Short-Smith 3 months ago

    O have a question in the game cube case what does that square thing above the cd do ?

  • Grammar Police Formerly known as KB

    I got a manual with MKW and MKDD... Is it only me who's not getting manuals?

  • Isaac Turner
    Isaac Turner 4 months ago

    refurbished switch from gamestop yet

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    Yeah, Mortal Kombat.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    I only played the demo version of Viewtidul Joe 2.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    Yeah, Need For Speed.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    I was just watching an RGT 85 video.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    I see u have the SWM Edition GameCube.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 4 months ago

    Yeah, I have a GameCube.

  • Waffeey
    Waffeey 4 months ago

    I just got a gamecube today all but one of my 9 games work I cleaned both the laser and disk, is it true damage on the top of the disks kills them most often?

  • Kirisuma
    Kirisuma 4 months ago

    I thought a while now why you're Gamecube Cases looks like this.... in EU they don't look like this in the inside, so... thats pretty intresting, that they look so different from Region :-)

  • Blandco
    Blandco 4 months ago

    I was on a Facebook group a couple years back when some kid was talking about how Gamestop was going to "preserve" games. I told him how I remembered when they destroyed the manuals and cases of practically all of their Dreamcast stock just to save a tiny amount of space in 2004. Then I put forward my theory that they were going to sell stuff on ebay to maximize profits. Everyone said I was crazy and I had no idea what I was talking about. Now ex-managers have come forward and talked about how the retro trade in program resulted in a ton of rare games being thrown away without ever being tested and yes the vast majority of good stock that comes in is sold on ebay through a 3rd party ebay seller that used to be called "Green Gadgets". Probably your best bet for retro stuff on ebay is more recent stuff like Gamecube. There is absolutely no good reason they got rid of all the manuals. Gamestop is just terrible at "Games Preservation".

  • Poke Maniac
    Poke Maniac 4 months ago

    I got a used Xbox one s opened it up when I came home 2 power cables no hdmi called them ended up arguing with the manager for like an hour till they finally said come get one

  • SoSickRick
    SoSickRick 4 months ago

    Would really like to see your GameCube collection. Today was the day I decided to start my GameCube collection again.

  • aikouka
    aikouka 4 months ago

    I feel like almost any old gamer will have harrowing tales of selling their old games. The worst part for me is that my brother and I took really good care of our games to the point where we kept all inserts and manuals (most weren't even read and just kept in the box) along with the cellophane still on the box itself. (We usually just cut around the flap to get the boxes open.) I mean.. that sounds all good and such, until I realized that the sleazy used video game store would label our used games as new and sell them for full price. I think the ones that I regret the most would have been SNES titles like (using the release names) Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Chrono Trigger.

  • SmokeJMAC
    SmokeJMAC 4 months ago

    When I was younger I traded in so many of my games in order to get new ones and I regret it with all my being.

  • Hell Knight.
    Hell Knight. 4 months ago

    I don't trade any of my games or systems.

  • Wait, Who?
    Wait, Who? 4 months ago

    wait a minute my gametstop dont do old stuff wtf

  • vincentp98
    vincentp98 4 months ago

    hi, you probably eard about the gamestop difficulties actually, where do you plan to buy the games after the closure ?

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 4 months ago

    Is this a clickbait video?

  • Blu Jolt Pony
    Blu Jolt Pony 4 months ago

    I fucking love Shadow The Hedgehog!

  • Aron Granados
    Aron Granados 4 months ago

    I love your vids

  • D3man Reign
    D3man Reign 4 months ago

    This is also why I want to get the game cube again because when I was a kid just starting my way into early gaming I’ve wanted to play things like day of reckoning 1 and 2 some of the other wrestling games and others that were on the game cube at the time so seeing this made my eyes widened up

  • GeordieGames
    GeordieGames 4 months ago

    You're a talking advertisement.

  • Rob Millington
    Rob Millington 4 months ago

    So, you ordered gamecube games.....and got gamecube games in 2019. what were you supposed to get? Why so much CLICKBAIT IN 2019?? lol

  • The Xero Link
    The Xero Link 4 months ago

    The Zelda Master Quest Disc was for pre-ordering Wind Waker. 1 Disc only. The game ran better off this than it did on the Collection disc if I remember correctly. Plus the Collection didn't have the remixed harder levels

  • Disney-art-craft-fan
    Disney-art-craft-fan 4 months ago

    Use goo gone to get off stickers.

  • The GhastlyGamer
    The GhastlyGamer 4 months ago

    All those games are twice the price on gamestop now. And i couldnt find but one with a case

  • Dan Kotzar
    Dan Kotzar 5 months ago

    nintendo could make so much selling these digital

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack 5 months ago

    I bought my gamecube the same week they were released and it still works and is in damn near perfect condition...this guy is an idiot

  • Ryck Jamez Whatley
    Ryck Jamez Whatley 5 months ago


  • Yorrito Kun
    Yorrito Kun 5 months ago

    Hey dude can I know from which GameStop you get these retro and classic games?