I Ordered Nintendo Gamecube Games From GameStop In 2019...And This Is What They Sent Me


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  • Victor Salvador
    Victor Salvador 16 hours ago

    “They also sent me this RGT85 one?” -Throws it across the room-

  • Raider 2747
    Raider 2747 17 hours ago

    try ordering xbox games
    i'm making a video on the xbox games on my channel once they arrive

  • OldBones NewFlow

    DoR2 was FUN as hell.

  • Keithtro
    Keithtro Day ago

    I love Zelda twilight princess but I could never get it for GameCube everything is backwards on that one compared yo the wii I wish I could get it it’s really expensive right now

  • The Original Pickle Tickler

    eat the damn orange

  • Alyssa Hawk
    Alyssa Hawk Day ago

    I have sonic adventure battle 2 and wouldn’t mind sending along the game box if you don’t find it

  • Mooby
    Mooby 2 days ago

    Wow they sent you a Game cube

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark 2 days ago

    Streets of LA, The Sims: Bustin Out, and Harvest Moon were like my LIFE in high school😆 when I wasn’t doing stupid stuff like partying on the weekends with my idiot friends, I was gaming like crazy. I also had a BMX game (can’t remember the name now) that had a pretty chill soundtrack.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 2 days ago

    Attention seeking trash

  • Legendary Zelda
    Legendary Zelda 2 days ago

    Luigi's Mansion, Chibi Robo, Pikmin 1 and 2, Windwaker, All of The Sims, All the Spyro games, Sonic, Metroid= those are my go to favs for Gamecube 😁 One of the best system with the best games!

  • Shane Michael Michael

    Ocarina of time is on game cube I thought it was an N64 game

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 3 days ago

    I ordered there "blast from the past" smash brothers gamecube bundle. I am very curious to see how this turns out. I decided to risk it with gamestop since this was the cheapest way to get melee and a gamecube thats been "tested" online.

    BFORTHEV 3 days ago

    But you don’t always get the cases

  • TangoSnipes
    TangoSnipes 3 days ago

    That Soulja boy scene had me on the floor 🤣

  • CrazyCoffee
    CrazyCoffee 3 days ago

    I loved Shadow the Hedgehog on my Xbox. I think you'll like it if you like Zelda and Sonic.

  • Sadie Adler
    Sadie Adler 3 days ago

    The big reason why I don't buy used games from Gamestop anymore is that they don't always have a case or the covers. Making and printing them isn't fun. and it's just not the same.

  • Egavas Eno
    Egavas Eno 3 days ago

    I still have my GameCube works perfectly two controllers only have one game tho blitz2003 cause it was in the console I can’t find any of my games tho it’s sad

  • Misterdeath461 Nemanic

    The Day of reckoning mixup reminded me of when i got dead rising 2 but i actually got dead rising 2 off the record

  • AyCaramba30
    AyCaramba30 4 days ago

    Why don’t you just try getting loads of old maddens for the cases and printing reproduction labels for your games?

  • Brian Emond
    Brian Emond 4 days ago

    Wtf do people do with their games? Buying used games, they look like they've been used as frisbees out in the street and then sneezed on. My games are either in the box, or in the machine. Besides a faulty console scratching discs, what are people doing???

  • Miller Gonzalez
    Miller Gonzalez 4 days ago

    The other Zelda was the Collectors Edition which came with 4 games but if I recall it had gameplay problems. The one you bought is the one that came bundle with wind waker and that is the copy that you want to own instead of the other one.

  • Dennis Oulton
    Dennis Oulton 4 days ago

    Star fox 🦊 deserves that wwe case haha

  • the scarce one ll
    the scarce one ll 4 days ago

    He should have added Need for Speed Underground 2

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 4 days ago

    GameCube was a bigger flop than the Wii U. If it wasn’t for gba Nintendo would have went out of business.

  • XYoshi 10
    XYoshi 10 4 days ago

    It’s a theme for GameCube games online and refurbished to have no manual. I try to at least get the case for my games, which I have 1 game that didn’t come with one that I bought from someone at school, but it only works on my wii

  • Ryaan Sabooni
    Ryaan Sabooni 4 days ago

    You missed Paper Mario, Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Pokémon colosseum

  • 2winqs2
    2winqs2 4 days ago

    Well gamecube games

  • ImaKeyblader
    ImaKeyblader 4 days ago

    Absolutely love tales of symphonia!!!!!!!! I still have the original game and case ❤️❤️

  • it’s puppetry
    it’s puppetry 4 days ago

    If only you got spongebob battle for bikini bottom

  • Gyro ballin
    Gyro ballin 4 days ago

    I have the original case for tales of symphonia

  • Jure Herman
    Jure Herman 4 days ago

    No twin snakes? Im coming after you

  • Matthew Olague
    Matthew Olague 5 days ago

    A must have for the game cube is legendary of zelda the wind waker
    Like if u agree

  • Cory Langford
    Cory Langford 5 days ago

    $18 for a gamecube disc

  • Cory Langford
    Cory Langford 5 days ago

    Is a GameCube suppose to be that big?

  • Good Stuff From China

    I bought 10 games but only one came in box

  • Cydra
    Cydra 5 days ago

    Why do american gc cases look so hideous ? Like the logo is on the wrong end of the spine and the inside has all those bits of plastic.

  • Celestial Menace
    Celestial Menace 5 days ago

    What's the point of ordering stuff from GameStop ??

  • Kaleb Moulton
    Kaleb Moulton 5 days ago

    He does everything he can to shit on GameStop ever seen that kid squealing at the guy with a maga shirt at the vape shop? He prolly did the same to get fired ....

  • Omnifas
    Omnifas 5 days ago

    Soul Calibur 2 on the GCN was the only used game I ever bought. Had the Xbox version, but I just had to have the version with Link

  • Minos
    Minos 5 days ago

    How long did it take to deliver?

  • Melissa Iz
    Melissa Iz 5 days ago

    I’m a comment as I sat here thinking something of a wow was going to happen. But every Disc was the same comment. And I’m wondering how every disc came with artwork and a case..

  • Chris Rozens
    Chris Rozens 5 days ago

    One more Soulja boy I’m done. Shits played out and not funny anymore

  • Kivan Garner
    Kivan Garner 5 days ago

    I can send you the second one i have it

  • adrian smith
    adrian smith 5 days ago

    I wouldn’t be friends with this guy...

    • Mederefam
      Mederefam 5 days ago

      This guy wouldn't be friends with you or I...

  • MEOMO2117
    MEOMO2117 6 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the Metroid was not the last game
    😥 I saw nfs mostwanted on the paper
    It was not in that pile I’m an idiot

  • anthony waldo
    anthony waldo 6 days ago

    I just ordered a gamecube and ssbm hope it works with 2 star reviews :(

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger 6 days ago

    I never traded in my consoles or games
    I kept playing PS2 until the PS4 was released
    And when the PS4 was released I bought a Fat PS3 (60GB wifi 4usb)
    Heck I still play ps2 to this day (Burnout 3 for life)

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger 6 days ago

    We don't really have massive failures like gamestop here
    When I order retro game here I'm expecting a case and otherwise they'll specifically mention it when there's no case available
    And receiving the wrong game is just unheard of

  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl 6 days ago

    By swirl marks does he mean the rings that are close to the edge of the disc? Anyone know what causes that and how to prevent it from happening? Over time my RE4 became unplayable bacause of that 😞

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle 6 days ago

    These are so dumb, you just keep ordering GARBAGE from GameStop and making the same video, over and over...that's NOT CONTENT... it's a RE-RUN.

  • Josiah Duff
    Josiah Duff 6 days ago

    You guys know where I can find PSP titles with boxes? I’m interested in picking up a physical copy of Fate Extra and I’m seeing them at $60 everywhere and I’m not spending that for a used game lol

  • Per Anders
    Per Anders 6 days ago

    You definitely got super lucky--all my gamecube games have been far from par. Top damage on a few, etc. sucks cause I always take in good quality but not everyone else does. but you should call customer support for the day of reckoning 2, they might possibly send you a new one without returning the other or a charge for it.

  • Macho ツ
    Macho ツ 6 days ago +9

    Am i missing something? another one of these videos where he orders stuff from gamestop.. And get exactly what he ordered. Is there like a hidden message i am missing or is gamestop so bad that they never send you stuff but he actually got his stuff or something?
    Dont really see the point of these videos.. Title makes it sound like something special happend

    • Gmr Leon
      Gmr Leon 3 days ago

      Not subscribed to this channel but I know I only watched it out of curiosity as to whether he managed to get older games with case & manual via GameStop, & of course that's hit or miss this way.

  • ShotByShawn Productions

    So you ordered games and they sent you games. Wow

  • Siddif
    Siddif 6 days ago

    I’m actually surprised on how your GC boxes look. At least in PAL regions the inner cover has an isometric GameCube outline around the disk holder (forming a hexagon) and Nintendo GameCube logo at the top. The GC memory card being in the bottom left instead.

  • Juan Aguilera
    Juan Aguilera 7 days ago

    Get pokemon XD gale of darkness for GameCube😎

  • rogregg29445
    rogregg29445 7 days ago

    That happened to me once when I bought the second day of reckoning haha those games are still freaking amazing

  • Dan-The-Squid
    Dan-The-Squid 7 days ago

    For some reason, yesterday I suddenly decided that I want a GameCube

  • Alex Larking
    Alex Larking 7 days ago

    I ordered Catherine for PS3 from them and I ended up getting the manual and box art.

  • Adam Raclawski
    Adam Raclawski 7 days ago

    You didn’t get super Mario double dash??? It’s by far the best GameCube game

  • Clayton Childers
    Clayton Childers 7 days ago

    my gf got me a copy of TLoZ Wind Waker for GC for christmas, gamestop sent it in a standard dvd case. I call gamestop support and get the run around

  • TheFilthyLiam
    TheFilthyLiam 7 days ago

    The whole no cases/no manual without knowing upfront thing is weird to me. Games webshops in my country specifically state for each item how complete and original it is, with loose disks being cheaper than complete games.

  • CerberuS
    CerberuS 7 days ago

    Huh i bought a Limited edition Bongo Pak with gamecube console black + bongo drums + the game Donkey Konga big box it was still sealed since 2004 for only 300$ on amazon ridiculous

  • Danny Stark
    Danny Stark 7 days ago

    Use coco nut butter to get the rear sticker off

  • greathorn
    greathorn 7 days ago

    Hey man, I've got a double-disc case that came in the Platinum Gamecube bundle with Metroid Prime and a demo for MP2: Echoes, if you want I could send it your way so you have an official case for Tales of Symphonia.

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 7 days ago

    sanic adventure 2 there a 2 disc version i think

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 7 days ago

    hey i like shadow the hedgehog and took me ages to find one

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 7 days ago

    i got tales of symonia for pc with mod to make it way better

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 7 days ago

    i got ym hacked wii so ya :).

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 7 days ago

    i kept all my games minus few let some one borrow yet never returned

  • Anthony Zarillo
    Anthony Zarillo 7 days ago

    Do you know if etsy sells homebrew disc for the gameboy

  • すたっぶずジェームズ

    of course zelda are pricy. why SA2B?

  • OK USA
    OK USA 7 days ago

    Most polished games I get from Gamestop online comes nice and shiny but does not work. Wii or gamecube can not even read the disks. Huge hassle because they claim to check all games which is total BS..

  • Kevin Driscoll
    Kevin Driscoll 7 days ago

    I ordered four games, got one Gamecube case and two DVD cases. No manuals, of course, and no case or artwork for the fourth game, which had two discs.

  • Maikel van Roessel
    Maikel van Roessel 8 days ago

    Yes let's take the guy serious who glues boxes to his wall and has no clue about the stuff he's talking about.

  • Blaze and Diggit Reviewit

    I do believe I have the case for sonic adventures 2 battle, I'll have to check but if I do I can mail it to yoi

  • T0WL1E 0B3Y
    T0WL1E 0B3Y 8 days ago

    U don’t like rgt 85?

  • Miguel Alcalá
    Miguel Alcalá 8 days ago

    Lost opportunity to say "this time GameStop delivered with it's delivery"

  • Twicky
    Twicky 8 days ago

    Anyone else confused why they come in a case but instead loosely folded over in the manual slot

  • Tien_Gouki
    Tien_Gouki 8 days ago

    To be honest if it didn't come with the case I'd return it

  • fr33bird7891
    fr33bird7891 8 days ago

    I bought Sonic Adventure DX for the GC from GS years ago. It would play for a few minutes and freeze. After swaping it 3 times they clamed it was my system not their copy. After that I took it home and tryed it on my system and a friends system. Low and behold it froze on both systems..

  • Smash fan boy 47
    Smash fan boy 47 8 days ago

    So no re4

  • 8-bit Apple
    8-bit Apple 8 days ago

    My NFSMW for my GameCube also has that ring on it

  • Wyatt Whitfield
    Wyatt Whitfield 8 days ago

    this dude annoying fr

  • DarkGrindan
    DarkGrindan 9 days ago

    ' Good looking bottom, Nothing crazy"
    *Eveyr Girl's Hopes and Dreams are destroyed*

    =- THIS IS A JOKE, I do not mean to offend anyone!-=

  • Blazed Gaming
    Blazed Gaming 9 days ago

    I lost a GameCube to pay for car insurance. Sold it to a friend with copies of wind waker, tales of Symphonia, and pso ep. 1&2 for 100$. Before you call me stupid, this was before pso became stupid expensive to reacquire. I've currently reacquired ToS, and Wind Waker but PSO is still a bit out of reach right now.

  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link 9 days ago

    I ordered a bunch of Gamecube a
    games and got no cases. Lucky

  • William Gelineau
    William Gelineau 9 days ago

    Generic Game cases are extremely easy and cheap to buy at PNP games... I have on many times needed proper green 360 cases when someone swapped it out for a black DVD case

  • Rebecca/Jack H
    Rebecca/Jack H 9 days ago

    Shit bra. If I would've known you wanted Need For Speed and the case I'd have sold it to you. I literally JUST brought it in.

    ATOYDUCK 9 days ago

    Tales of symphonia loved that game

  • El frijolero Samarripa

    That is the same reason why I bought soul caliber 2, I really enjoyed whooping ass with link! Oh, by the way i still have my purple game cube and games.

  • Zane Productions & Reviews

    Lol did you end up giving it to Shawn? That was funny tho

  • TheDrKOZ
    TheDrKOZ 9 days ago

    Hey Spawnwave, I have the Legend of Zelda collectors edition (disk and case) at my parents place. If you haven’t found it already, I’d be willing to sell it to ya.

    BASED GODS NADS 9 days ago

    Back in the day gamestop did the same exact thing to me except in person with day of reckoning disc swap

  • Grabakr Fen
    Grabakr Fen 9 days ago

    Awesome video, also pretty funny skits

  • Antonio C
    Antonio C 9 days ago

    You got the master disc from preordering wind waker

  • Antonio C
    Antonio C 9 days ago

    Did he really say when your younger you trade in all your stuff for a newer system lol. Who does that

  • Agustin Escalante
    Agustin Escalante 10 days ago

    I keep trying to clean the dirt on your table out of my screen lol

    CNN NEWS 10 days ago

    Dude!!! Dont support these Clowns.

  • Immorpher
    Immorpher 10 days ago

    I have had bad luck with gamecube games. Their discs just don't seem to last.