I Bought A $1,500 Amazon Customer Return Palette

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
    So happy October is FINALLY HERE!
    In today's video I test out the USclip communitys' latest trend- purchasing an Amazon Mystery Box of Customer Returns! Here's what I got in my 'Fashion' Palette!
    #halloween #amazonbox

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    FTC- I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or designers to make this video. The views in this video are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies.
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  • Kiley xoxo
    Kiley xoxo 18 hours ago

    I'm getting old Greg vibes

  • Zoey Mcleod
    Zoey Mcleod 22 hours ago

    Does she have a tutorial for that makeup look ?

  • Sadie Severton
    Sadie Severton Day ago

    Does anybody know where she gets her wigs?

  • Katherine L-Rioux

    Wait wasn’t it supposed to be fashion related ? lol

  • April Brown
    April Brown Day ago

    This was much better than Ebay. tbh

  • atom ram
    atom ram Day ago

    do it again

  • amy oatmeyer
    amy oatmeyer Day ago

    Bunny is awesome

  • Armando Bailon
    Armando Bailon Day ago

    Im sorry but why on the world would someone even return items in that condition. Why? People are just to much.... I’m always embarrassed to return stuff, but after watching this .... just wow

  • black lotus
    black lotus 2 days ago

    the kettle, its called lime scale. happens if u boil a kettle, even after 1 use. a slice of lemon, 2 caps of vinegar, and 1 cup water, boil it. itll fall right off.

  • Lutopiste Dyla
    Lutopiste Dyla 2 days ago

    You can clean and desinfect the pot with white vinegar, and will be like new

  • Christine Gravelle
    Christine Gravelle 2 days ago

    That doll looks from one of David Firth videos!

  • heather palmer
    heather palmer 2 days ago

    I can’t stop laughing 😂😂 them work boots been worn OMG😱 and rotten sandals 👡 so much junk in there you need a skip xx

  • Emily Moore
    Emily Moore 2 days ago

    (Pause at 5:12) when you see spider in your drink

  • BritB3ar
    BritB3ar 3 days ago

    Bunny i love your shirt where did you get it?

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 3 days ago

    i would love that dickies pants

  • Katherine Goddard
    Katherine Goddard 4 days ago

    It's hard water. You can use vinager to clean it.

  • S Jayla
    S Jayla 4 days ago

    the two left feet sandals hahaha

  • Lisa Legend
    Lisa Legend 5 days ago

    The white stuff in the kettle its calcium from boiling water down. I get it a lot i have well water.

  • Crystal Venegas
    Crystal Venegas 5 days ago

    That coffee pot thing with the white spots looks like hard water deposits or left soap or something

  • Nina Borghese
    Nina Borghese 5 days ago

    Those Are hard water deposits lol you are def freaking out about nothing ;)

  • Mitzy Mu
    Mitzy Mu 6 days ago

    It’s not mould it’s limes scale or hard-water deposit which is what happens when you boil water in a kettle like that, just put it on a garage sale and you will be fine. You can use vinegar to clean it up or buy a solution to clean it. The cups are fine btw.

  • Debra Rainey
    Debra Rainey 8 days ago

    I love the pet bed and pet carrier! Maybe the white leggings! But the rest needs a little help!

  • Hillary Black
    Hillary Black 8 days ago

    Its most likely calcium from water thats on the pot. Chill.

  • XxThePixieSlayerXx
    XxThePixieSlayerXx 12 days ago

    Oof that makeup is no bueno

  • Taryn Stuart
    Taryn Stuart 13 days ago

    The pot is likely the leftover hard water deposits like maybe calcium or something. Some places just boiling off the water on your stove, that cane from the faucet, would look similar to that once the water is gone. Maybe not as bad, but possibly

  • Olivia Russell
    Olivia Russell 14 days ago

    That pot looks like hard water deposites or the person had a water softener it does stuff like that

  • Annili Pill
    Annili Pill 15 days ago

    this water heater looks like it is stained by water - calc,.,.

  • Annili Pill
    Annili Pill 15 days ago


  • Mikka Vanhala
    Mikka Vanhala 15 days ago

    That feeder it’s great

  • Angel Moore
    Angel Moore 15 days ago +1

    Bunny, my daughter and I have a great time watching your videos together. Take all those negative comments with a grain of salt. Real fans would understand that you're not a robot, you're a real person, with real feelings, and you are allowed to have them. There's a whole lot of people that love you, including us. Keep being you.

  • dija be
    dija be 16 days ago

    Love that you donate stuff

  • White Wolf Studios USA

    Love the creepy doll intro and your hair and makeup are on point💄

    305DRIVE CLUB 17 days ago

    watching this video at 7:00 am, haven't slept a wink. Loveeeee your personality!!!! Thank you for showing us what was in the box. Lolololol.

  • vangoghmatisse1
    vangoghmatisse1 18 days ago +1

    Early Christmas!

  • Regina Dickson
    Regina Dickson 19 days ago

    I like your eBay mystery boxes but I REALLY LIKE when you open boxes from the swamp fam....you bring light to a dark world...thank you for that!!🌸

  • The Grayinator
    The Grayinator 19 days ago +1

    Wow, so many mean comments! I don’t understand why. I still think you’re great Bunny!

  • Justin Kevin Dubreuil
    Justin Kevin Dubreuil 20 days ago

    No. Just no.

  • Emily F
    Emily F 20 days ago

    This video makes me realize how much we order from Amazon. Interesting!

  • donnamia07
    donnamia07 20 days ago

    Its limescale

  • Chay’s World
    Chay’s World 20 days ago

    Inside the kettle it looks like limescale, quite common in hard water areas, nothing to worry about 😊

  • Ashley williams
    Ashley williams 20 days ago +1

    Lol I have that same fan!

  • Katie Adams
    Katie Adams 21 day ago

    I feel like you channeled Dr Frank N Furter with the glam and latex glove look

  • Lillian McAndrews
    Lillian McAndrews 22 days ago


  • Sam Kraven
    Sam Kraven 22 days ago


  • Wish Martinez
    Wish Martinez 22 days ago

    Mssg me. How much do you want for the baby clothing

  • Wish Martinez
    Wish Martinez 22 days ago

    It's fom the water being heater.

  • Rico g
    Rico g 23 days ago

    Professional fishnet stockings😒. Hmm, what profession uses fishnet stockings?🤔

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose 23 days ago

    10:39 its just hard water stains

  • melody tanner
    melody tanner 23 days ago

    The teapot might have had milk put into it.

  • Keeley Ryan
    Keeley Ryan 26 days ago

    Sssdppeee is a way to get w cp

  • Amidala 55
    Amidala 55 26 days ago

    I really really like your outfit!!! And make up with the hair is 10/10!😊

  • Jennifer Kirwin
    Jennifer Kirwin 27 days ago

    The kettle just had hard water left in it- like how you get the film in the shower on the glass

  • Heather Roberts
    Heather Roberts 27 days ago

    It not mold on the teapot. It is hard water stains. Mineral deposits left behind by boiling water. Everything in that box will be good to use. :)

  • Charlene Mara
    Charlene Mara 27 days ago

    That is unfortunate about the two left flip flops! Sanük flip flops are amazing!

  • The1ineleven The1ineleven

    9:16 I was laughing so hard Bunny :))))

  • Andrea Greenway
    Andrea Greenway Month ago

    Oh and my address is in California…just in case you want a looong time subscriber to send that too.... lol 😂

  • Andrea Greenway
    Andrea Greenway Month ago

    Pot has Calcium build up in it!!!
    I sure do hope you do many more of these!!!
    And I LOVE WILLIAM BLAKE...But I LOVE EDGAR ALLEN POE and Shakespeare too.

  • Matthias Fuchs
    Matthias Fuchs Month ago

    Green is the Colour of Hope❣️ I♥️love you and your Videos, Honey-Bunny❣️😘👍

  • A. Rose Smith
    A. Rose Smith Month ago

    She's cute...but reminds me of Angelica from Rugrats...anyone else getting that vibe?

  • Jarimar Santiago
    Jarimar Santiago Month ago +1

    The two left feet sandals killed me hilarious

  • MooMoos Nursery
    MooMoos Nursery Month ago

    can u do another one of these please

  • charlotte french
    charlotte french Month ago

    It’s not mould you buy descaler it’s limescale lol

  • laura schaechtele
    laura schaechtele Month ago

    It was hard water spots...lol

  • Mari Valleau
    Mari Valleau Month ago

    the tea pot has waterspots. totally safe just wash. someone possibly had hard water

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Month ago +2

    I saw your hair and screamed

  • Bethany Lovely
    Bethany Lovely Month ago

    The white stuff in the kettle is calcium build up from being used a lot without cleaning it. Just use it as usual but put vinegar I stead of water inside and it should clean it good as nee

  • Marlo Jane
    Marlo Jane Month ago

    For sure hard water stains. Not mold.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Month ago

    Bunny, where are your necklaces from please? Looks so cool.

  • Wendy Riley
    Wendy Riley Month ago

    Not mold !! hard water nothing to worry about.

  • Ashley Schuler
    Ashley Schuler Month ago

    Is it me or does it look like something is peeking from behind the curtain?!

  • shantelle otten
    shantelle otten Month ago

    It's just hard water deposit. Its NOT mold doll. Definitely cleanable.

  • Marian Slater
    Marian Slater Month ago

    For the electric kettle use water vinegar and citric acid boom water deposits gone

  • everyday.emine
    everyday.emine Month ago

    Its setteled lime scale not mold ....Bit of bicarbonated soda and vinegar and can be sorted.

  • Bethany Gilmore
    Bethany Gilmore Month ago

    I'd love to see a video of everyone sending in donations for a local shelter and surprising them with what they need for the rescues. Or even to the foster homes aswell ♡

  • ella elise
    ella elise Month ago +2

    You always rip Safiya's videos off.

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love Month ago

    the white stuff in the kettle is scale from hard water. Boil water with vinegar in there for 10 mins and it will flake off.

  • A'Shante' Brown
    A'Shante' Brown Month ago


  • Fray14318
    Fray14318 Month ago

    I don’t think the item was marked “amazon inspected” before it was sent to you. Some items on amazon are returned and sold as “opened box” and that is when they are marked inspected. I think these items were then returned again and that’s what you received!

  • Shaunna Taylor
    Shaunna Taylor Month ago +1

    Thanks for the site because I'm finna buy some boxes, just not any fashion ones... 😶

  • AmyAnn Weterson
    AmyAnn Weterson Month ago +1

    1500 is a little to much in my opinion for this this type of thing. I have one for 200 and have amazing vintage jewelry and story but 1500 no...to much

  • Najah Tran
    Najah Tran Month ago +7

    Everyone keeps throwing shade at bunny but I like her. I feel like she is being herself. I would be friends with her cause she’s interesting.

  • Lace Secret
    Lace Secret Month ago

    Oh, the white on the tea kettle? those are hard water deposits. Someone probably left that in a sink, or ran it through a dishwasher.

  • King Kolbae
    King Kolbae Month ago +1

    Wasn’t this supposed to be fashion?

  • King Kolbae
    King Kolbae Month ago

    Wasn’t this supposed to be fashion?

  • Lyd Nightingale
    Lyd Nightingale Month ago

    I haven’t watched the video yet but girl you look incredible

  • Amberly Bradford
    Amberly Bradford Month ago +3

    Hey Bunny! Somehow I missed the notification for this GEM!
    The ‘mold’ isn’t mold.... it is hard water stains.... Love everything is totally safe!
    Yes plz.... another huge unboxing would be amazing!

  • Alicia Perez
    Alicia Perez Month ago

    I think someone is trying to tell you it's time for a baby lol BTW... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAIR AND MAKEUP! SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith Month ago

    "maybe it's like a umm... Cigarette burn umm..."

  • Elizabeth Erickson
    Elizabeth Erickson Month ago

    I’d be happy just with that maroon bag, and all the pet things 😍

  • Elizabeth Erickson
    Elizabeth Erickson Month ago

    What lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

  • Hannah Schwartz
    Hannah Schwartz Month ago

    We love you vlogging we love you bunny I loved seeing you in Shane Dawson's video you will real not saying that you're not real all the time but it makes you human and honestly I used to watch you a while back and then I kind of stopped and now I'm going to get my subscription subscription back and I'm going to start watching you again love you girl

  • Hannah Schwartz
    Hannah Schwartz Month ago

    Yes do more I love this video

  • Chloe Stott
    Chloe Stott Month ago

    It's limescale that you get from boiling hard water
    You can get cleaners for it :3

  • Twilight Saga Lover 11

    Maybe it's sugar because some people like sugar in their coffee

  • Rachel Mehan
    Rachel Mehan Month ago +4

    A lot of people are saying negative things about Bunny but I love her videos

    • Thomas Mettham
      Thomas Mettham 24 days ago +1

      Same here! Like, what? Is she not allowed to be excited about things? To be goofy and all over the place? I don't consider that unhealthy, I consider that being herself. Not everyone on USclip should have to act all the same way just to be liked. If those people don't like her videos, they shouldn't be watching. 🌈😇

  • Ciara Gittins
    Ciara Gittins Month ago

    the white stuff in the coffee thing looks like hard water limescale deposits boil it with white vinegar and done x

  • Laura M
    Laura M Month ago

    anyone knows where that amazing fishnet top is from?? or at least something in this style?

  • Alica James
    Alica James Month ago

    It looks like hard water stains on the tea kettle

  • Phoenix Holman
    Phoenix Holman Month ago

    Did any one notice the baby clothes had the Girbert baby on them as the brand also I don’t think I spelt girbert right

  • sparky vlogs
    sparky vlogs Month ago