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  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • Thank you for helping us reach over 900k subscribers! In this episode, Sapphire tells the story of Lisanne, who thinks that her constant black outs are due to a spirit trying to take over her body.
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  • Rumah Pane
    Rumah Pane 16 hours ago

    Did you say "Indonesia"? :0

    Im from Indonesia. Btw, love the video☺️

  • Banana chip 34
    Banana chip 34 Day ago

    *i wish these urban legends were SCP’s that’d be cool lol*

  • fire dragon awesome kid

    Help stop dlp app app amp exp video cmdkro rump all tv all r.c stop tv shop tv all tv flop hill im ya wel in gra ex I'll is tv I'll I'm off gra app in guv

  • Nouf Alkaabi
    Nouf Alkaabi Day ago +1

    i think i am the only one who sees scary stuff and at night i forget everything i saw and heard

  • Akio Mito
    Akio Mito Day ago

    Letz, turn this into a parody song…
    Song: cant stop the feeling
    Original: cant stop this feeling in my body
    Parody: someone took over my bodyyy

  • Yasmin Lopez
    Yasmin Lopez 2 days ago

    No wayy ur stories r real I didn’t kno

  • Sara Hack
    Sara Hack 2 days ago

    This has happened to me but one I’m not dead two we were in time to save me

  • MrRmoore68
    MrRmoore68 2 days ago

    Death death and more death

  • challenge kid
    challenge kid 3 days ago

    Is this a real story

  • Esther xox
    Esther xox 3 days ago +2

    So scary

  • BTS for_ lifue
    BTS for_ lifue 3 days ago +2

    I never knew there is this ghost in indonesia

    Its because im from indonesia. 😓😥😥

    • chocolate paco
      chocolate paco 14 hours ago

      Lol i know right im also indonesia too but ive only heard about roh not ruh also roh means soul

  • mr erick
    mr erick 3 days ago

    what s the most scariest thing


  • Katty and Friends
    Katty and Friends 4 days ago

    At 6:26 Lisanne was so frecken cute >w

  • Stella Michalek
    Stella Michalek 4 days ago +1

    Wanna here something scary Monday

  • Sniper_Seal
    Sniper_Seal 4 days ago +1

    Someone? Or something,...........😟

  • laiba Khonm
    laiba Khonm 5 days ago

    Hgjhhokjvuj give you yfiygiyfjgfi

  • Alpha Rex500
    Alpha Rex500 5 days ago

    I know it's a coincidence but in Pakistan, souls are also called ruh in Urdu. My grandpa told me that because he is a Muslim.

  • Void Mages
    Void Mages 5 days ago

    im indonesian and i dont even know ruh exist

  • sphere_willow YT
    sphere_willow YT 5 days ago

    Im indonesia! Ruh means spirit too! Oof and in indonesia some people can see ghost and all of indonesians call it the indigo eye

  • Black Rice
    Black Rice 5 days ago

    Whenever lisanne sees the boy she should just stay still instead of going to him

  • sad bandito cat
    sad bandito cat 6 days ago

    Snap back to reality oop there goes gravity

  • Gacha power 123
    Gacha power 123 6 days ago

    Snarled have herd of red shoes?

  • Brenda Hart
    Brenda Hart 6 days ago

    I looked over scary things for years I know which ones are real and this one is real

  • The wildcats Show
    The wildcats Show 7 days ago

    Omfg 4:15 scared the shut out of me🤭😰😰😤😭😭

  • Melanie Torres
    Melanie Torres 8 days ago

    Oh this is cool my name is Melanie. Yes i am I the story 😜😜😝🐍lol

  • Omq _ Santana
    Omq _ Santana 8 days ago +1

    Hi, I’m sapphire... wanna hear something scary? I was eating ass one day, and I accidentally literally took a whole bite out of her ass.. blood started gushing everywhere, and I said one last thing before I dipped..... “told you imma eat the booty like some cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake because of the blood 😋”

  • Elijah Rogers
    Elijah Rogers 8 days ago +1

    Most was going to mom and in real life
    It's 12:59

  • Elijah Rogers
    Elijah Rogers 8 days ago

    Yes and I have been seeing all your videos

  • GamingWithLei
    GamingWithLei 8 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary

    Summer is almost over

  • Ultra Whale
    Ultra Whale 8 days ago

    Gavebne chills

  • Geek_alert
    Geek_alert 8 days ago +3

    “Short blonde hair”
    “Semi formal clothes”
    “The train? It’s the..”

    KEE KOREAN SQUAD 9 days ago +1

    I'm Indonesian

  • Casey Waters
    Casey Waters 10 days ago

    i have a story.......... my sisters and my father me too of course, were going to walk my dogs. we have 2 dogs, it was really late and i had just turned 10. i was already perinoid and this didnt help.i noticed my dogs were both grawling and barking my sister got freaked out right off the bat. i saw something moving up ahead of us walking. i thought it was just me when all of a sudden my sister her name is aiva started to scream at the top of her lungs and i was not taking a chance. i look up and 2 inches from my face was a creature. he had to be around 7 feet tall , for some reason he was holding a leash, and he had glowing black eyes. i started running as fast as i could my dogs leash was in my left arm and he was hauling ass too.when i got inside i just started to cry and too this day i still dont know why or why there was black stuff coming off him but that night i had a dream of someone telling me your just a dumb little girl and i woke up and it was standing over me i couldnt call for help i couldnt move. i forced myself to sleep when i woke up my family couldnt stop talking about it my mom walked in at the same time i did but she heard about what happened she dropped her plate sense we were having breakfast and her horrified face still hounts me she screamed and said that happened when i was a kid too

  • Trevor Waddell
    Trevor Waddell 10 days ago

    This is the best

  • remia kitty
    remia kitty 11 days ago +1


  • Теди Н.
    Теди Н. 11 days ago

    4:06 I felt I was not going to sleep tonight 😂😂😂😂

  • Canine DragonGames
    Canine DragonGames 11 days ago

    * Me, hiding in the comments *
    Cheif : gEt OuT tHeRe AnD fIgHt SoLdIeR!!!!
    Me : hElL nO

  • Treasure Block
    Treasure Block 11 days ago

    *sister shook*

  • Swegasii Khan
    Swegasii Khan 11 days ago

    snap back to reality oops there goes gravity.

    did I get the lyrics wrong?

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 12 days ago

    Saphire talking about Indonesia and Im like: YA BOIIII!!! Cuz im Indonesian to!! :))

  • Nina Mysara
    Nina Mysara 12 days ago

    is this real?

  • Melissa/Ava
    Melissa/Ava 13 days ago


  • tmrshar שרגל
    tmrshar שרגל 13 days ago

    You have to do a video about the popeater I don't know so much things about the ‏popeater but I think the story I know about him is really scary..👹

  • Stranger Freak
    Stranger Freak 13 days ago

    That thumbnail explains me when someone takes fry or chicken nugget from my plate

  • emmaleigh skinner
    emmaleigh skinner 14 days ago

    2:56 Eminem has entered the chat

  • Akemi Junon
    Akemi Junon 14 days ago

    I as indonesian i think is 'roh' then 'ruh' v: (great video bytheway)

  • Nathaniel Lupercio
    Nathaniel Lupercio 14 days ago


  • Kurapika
    Kurapika 14 days ago +1


  • L.K.N 167250
    L.K.N 167250 14 days ago

    When Draco Malfoy watch this
    Draco: OMG am I that scary? Watch out, Voldemort, a new scary lord is coming, and his name is Draco Malfoy!

  • L.K.N 167250
    L.K.N 167250 14 days ago

    Wanna hera something scary?

    Exams for Christmas presents

  • Sione Langi
    Sione Langi 14 days ago

    yo papa that you

  • yandere cupcake
    yandere cupcake 15 days ago

    I think the spirit stops

  • fernand kun
    fernand kun 15 days ago

    Wow Indonesia that's my country

  • Yusha Alam
    Yusha Alam 15 days ago +1

    Muslims believe in ruh but a little different from what u said

  • Arden MacDonald-Thomson

    Train ?
    Hogwarts express is that you?!

  • Pretty Ashley_2007
    Pretty Ashley_2007 16 days ago

    I get scared but I like them

  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 16 days ago

    "I was going to grandpa"
    Me: .throws her out the window. OH MAH GAWSH Y DID U JUMP!?!
    police: so you where asleep when this happened?
    Also me: yes

  • Kanjo
    Kanjo 16 days ago

    i live in the netherlands,,
    and i have indonesian family,,,, im scared lol

  • Weirdoman Weirdoman Weirdoman WeirdomanWeirdoman

    Draco please stop being attached to people!

  • Weirdoman Weirdoman Weirdoman WeirdomanWeirdoman

    I thought she said wackouts instead of blackouts and was like "What?"

  • Arina Omar
    Arina Omar 16 days ago

    There are excorcist

    CONQUES SOR 16 days ago

    I think its roh not ruh roh is like a spirit

  • Natrah Ahmad Fadil
    Natrah Ahmad Fadil 16 days ago

    My teacher's aunt wanted to go to the bathroom at 1am and when she was running from her bed to the bathroom, her body froze. My teacher's aunt pray to god. And she can move again.

  • siu leung
    siu leung 17 days ago

    1:27 he had short blonde hair
    Me:Draco MALFOY?

  • Prabha prem kumar
    Prabha prem kumar 17 days ago

    I love your videos🎥

  • Awrell Nathaneong
    Awrell Nathaneong 17 days ago

    An iam indonesian
    Btw i think its not ruh but roh

  • Planet Coaster YT!!
    Planet Coaster YT!! 17 days ago

    Oh woah woah woah! The Netherlands?! NOOOOOOOOOOO plz give me a priest orso

  • Penelope Lewis
    Penelope Lewis 18 days ago

    creepy ........i feel like i know that somewhere

  • Belema Atamuno
    Belema Atamuno 18 days ago

    Y did the pyramid take so long to finish

  • Joana Islamaj
    Joana Islamaj 18 days ago

    ........ This also happens to me every year in night time, when i wake up in 12:00 i feel like someone is inside me and like i'm about to faint but every time this happens i refuse to pass out until i don't feel that spirit anymore........ I'm very serious this is true 😰😰😰

  • i am not thriving
    i am not thriving 18 days ago

    Damn... I live in the netherlands

  • lize mach
    lize mach 18 days ago

    I came from the netherlands!

  • Sam Creates
    Sam Creates 19 days ago +1

    How do I submit a story? I would love to see mine animated in an episode

  • lia Afyouni
    lia Afyouni 19 days ago

    i think a spirit is taking over my siblings they are literally psychopaths (this is a joke btw)

  • Green Fork Restaurant
    Green Fork Restaurant 19 days ago +3

    Snarld: hey! Wanna hear something scary?
    Me: yeah.thats why I'm here

  • Ana m
    Ana m 20 days ago +4

    “Her arm was broken”
    Her mom immediately after “are you ok?”
    What do you think?

  • Carlethia Zachary
    Carlethia Zachary 20 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Mochi Bear
    Mochi Bear 20 days ago

    i was watching this during class and when she kept saying melanie i kept looking up to see who was calling me but realized is was Sapphire😂💀

  • キューティーмօndaymιlк

    Oh gosh, that give me the chills

  • Dyandra Clevia
    Dyandra Clevia 20 days ago

    Oooh Indonesia... Hey Indonesians!!

  • im a normal youtuber
    im a normal youtuber 20 days ago

    Well maybe you should 900 brother like

  • Amna Irfan
    Amna Irfan 21 day ago

    I think she dies

  • Jesse Rowland
    Jesse Rowland 21 day ago

    Anyone else curious about how almost every thing that is supernatural has some alternative scientific explanation to it but it’s never that scientific explanation somehow?

  • Twin Bed Sheets
    Twin Bed Sheets 21 day ago

    Bruh these videos make me scared to walk to the nearest 7/11 alone

  • Djnsjdh Hshhshdjs
    Djnsjdh Hshhshdjs 21 day ago

    I hope she ok and he goes away very very Sooon

  • Queen_Roseee
    Queen_Roseee 21 day ago

    Guys we have a ghost cupple coming/ Baby so get ready

  • Hana
    Hana 21 day ago +1

    5:11 its not ruh but roh, and just believe me i'm Indonesian.

  • what ??
    what ?? 22 days ago +1

    Me looking at commits for jokes

  • clm11880
    clm11880 22 days ago +1

    Kakamora live in Solomon island and lives in boats and and come out of know where and attack them and then eat who ever is on the boats

  • Still Chill
    Still Chill 22 days ago +1

    Sapphire: Wanna hear something scary??

    Me: Well, my birthday is on Halloween and I don't get scared that easily. Although I'm always having nightmares :c and I get haunted Lol. SO YES!

    Video: It's over

    Me: Not trying to be mean, but I only get scared on avents that happen in real life, and it's happening to me. BTW IM NOT BRAGGING

  • Alexis Ingersoll
    Alexis Ingersoll 22 days ago

    Is the whole Harry Potter cast trying to take over this poor girl’s body? 👁👅👁

  • Mr toller not
    Mr toller not 22 days ago

    Hm we like you

  • :3雪が多い
    :3雪が多い 22 days ago

    im scared but i cant stop watching..ahhHhHhHh helppp!!!

  • Alan Leone-Bridges
    Alan Leone-Bridges 23 days ago

    No nose

  • Dehydrated Duck
    Dehydrated Duck 23 days ago

    ayy indonesians wya

  • Talha Gaming
    Talha Gaming 23 days ago

    Ruh means soul

  • Musa Sutetchidoru
    Musa Sutetchidoru 23 days ago

    Hi I'm Ysabelle, I'm a pure Pilipino and I kinda have the same experience.
    It happened when I was younger but I don't really remember it but I had a more recent experience of this. Year 2019 (this year) around the last week of February I was riding a jeep with my Mom on the way home from school. I had a tendency to fall sleep on the jeep so it happened I ended up falling asleep and in my point of view I was almost fully asleep but I had a strange dream like scenario that my Mom tried to wake me up because she thought I was asleep and we were getting near to our stop but in fact I was awake and I was just looking outside and when she continued to "wake me up" I looked at her and said "I'm not asleep Mom I was just looking outside" in a very disapproved tone and went back to looking outside and thats when I woke up. We got off the jeep and I noticed she was furious. We got home and she scolded me for what I did. It turns out the strange dream
    like scenario actually happened. I didn't fully understood what happened but one thing's for sure someone is trying to control my body. Not only that I believe it the work of the demon in our home.

  • Jenesia Taylor
    Jenesia Taylor 24 days ago

    Just a little something to make you feel less creeped out..................

    You are a unicorn flying and jumping on rainbow clouds when you went home you ate rainbow cheesecake and then drank glitter chocolate drinks after that you went to play with your unicorn princess and prince dolls and then your mom brought you rainbow and glitter cookies and chocolate,your mom then called you to have a bath ,she preperd a glitter cloudy bubble bath for you and gave you edible roses,after that you went to your cloud bed and slept while snoring out rainbows.......hope you feel better (I promise this is not copied)

  • Mildred Toombs
    Mildred Toombs 24 days ago +1

    who would take of control of her body????

  • Mellonee Richardson
    Mellonee Richardson 24 days ago

    I’m scared when you say sweet dreams 😂