The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe - False Vacuum

  • Published on Oct 21, 2016
  • What if there is a way to destroy the universe so fundamentally that life as we know it will be impossible forever?
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Comments • 14 646

  • Popat Kangude
    Popat Kangude 16 hours ago

    A video on big bang theory please

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat Day ago

    *Wow, that's a lot of damage!!!*

  • Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson Day ago

    isn't that bird cold?

  • ipop Gaming
    ipop Gaming Day ago

    *T H A N O S V A C U U M*

  • ElectricAvian
    ElectricAvian Day ago

    Would the speed of the vacuum decay wavefront still be limited to C?

  • Krazie 02
    Krazie 02 Day ago

    What would happen of al the electrons surrounding atoms stop moving?

  • anna3456
    anna3456 Day ago

    Er ist selber sehr gestresst

  • anna3456
    anna3456 Day ago

    Er weiß selber nicht was er will

  • anna3456
    anna3456 Day ago

    Er hat Angst, dass man ihm was weg nimmt und ihm nicht glaubt

  • roblox/just me
    roblox/just me Day ago

    Thank you lord

  • Kent Hien
    Kent Hien 2 days ago

    This end may sounds better then heat death.

  • Aksu2113
    Aksu2113 2 days ago +1

    Coca Cola truck vs Mentos truck

  • Lennoner 225
    Lennoner 225 3 days ago

    Every time I'm having a nice day, I run into this channel and their titles and it gives me another reason to fear my life, planet, universe and galaxies! >:(
    *I still like it though... :)*

  • Alexbombbird
    Alexbombbird 4 days ago

    Yay! Another way we might be vaporized/atomically deconstructed instantly from space!

  • SK 101
    SK 101 4 days ago

    imagine beating ur dick with a vacuum head and watching this vid lol

  • Supergamer2146
    Supergamer2146 4 days ago

    when thanos snaps 3:59

  • Rishit Shetty
    Rishit Shetty 5 days ago

    A way to destroy the universe.....?
    *_God farts_*

  • Prashik 2703
    Prashik 2703 5 days ago

    *Reads the title*
    Now that's what I needed to know

  • snails and things
    snails and things 5 days ago

    Chuck Norris just sneezed... We're doomed now

  • PhantomWarp
    PhantomWarp 5 days ago +1

    This video can be explained in a another way, imagine if the ball on that hill had the ability to Thanos snap everything in the universe.

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck 5 days ago

    Maybe a second after i send this v
    Comment im dead.

  • Albert Mele
    Albert Mele 5 days ago

    ”Scientists are bad at naming things”

    Did you know that theres a scientific effect called spaghettification?

  • Flaegor
    Flaegor 6 days ago

    Say Vacuum Decay begins and starts spreading then encounters a Black Hole... What would happen? What would come out on top?

  • Jason North
    Jason North 6 days ago

    I think this is how the universe started

  • The New Soviet Union

    If the Higgs field is disrupted and it governs most of the physics of our universe, shouldn’t we already be screwed even if a death bubble didn’t reach us which for some reason deletes mass instead of changing them?

  • Emlin M
    Emlin M 6 days ago

    0:10 **Still Crying**

  • Almog Geva
    Almog Geva 6 days ago

    What if.. the big bang, the creating of our universe, was actually the result of a different universe before ours being destroyed by its true vacuum and bubble? and our physics is what it was changed into?

  • Alex Kokota
    Alex Kokota 6 days ago

    Your animation at 0:31 is impossible .
    It would take energy to create the cracks, thus the balls would appear to gain less altitude.
    The animation seems to show otherwise.
    Great work though.

  • Rocket YT
    Rocket YT 6 days ago

    Thanos *snaps fingers* vacuum decay it happens when thanos snaps *blows away

  • Life is  Game
    Life is Game 7 days ago

    Dark energy Protect me :)

  • Lily Pikachu
    Lily Pikachu 7 days ago

    Who felt sad when the dog was killed

  • Mihai P
    Mihai P 7 days ago

    Would we be able to nuke the sphere if this unthinkable happens and it expands from somewhere outer space, ready to engulf Earth?

  • Autistic Dragonite
    Autistic Dragonite 8 days ago

    the memes in this vid tho

  • Sky Darmos
    Sky Darmos 8 days ago

    All this talk about false vacuum states and their dacay started with inflation theory. What evidence do we have that the vacuum or the Higgs field can truly be in different states? What evidence is there that the Higgs field explains mass? If it could, then it could surely predict those masses.
    The only altered state of the vacuum there is is that in the Casimir experiment where the allowed wavelengths are restricted.
    The Higgs is seriously overrated.
    So, please cool down, the universe will not suddenly decay.

  • Franz Ledwig
    Franz Ledwig 8 days ago

    please stop making these depressing vids...

  • Techno Ellusion
    Techno Ellusion 8 days ago +1

    Android Universe 900.0

  • Techno Ellusion
    Techno Ellusion 8 days ago

    God Style : Vaccum Decay

  • XultroniX
    XultroniX 9 days ago

    thanos be like

  • Traste Silvestre
    Traste Silvestre 9 days ago

    Since I've discovered this channel, I've never watched a single bad video! Congrats, you guys are just amazing!!!

  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal 9 days ago

    scientists are really bad at naming stuff...
    I've found my dream job!

  • upsïdêdøwn
    upsïdêdøwn 10 days ago

    Takes notes

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago


    Takes out a notepad and starts planning

  • Nour Benaboud
    Nour Benaboud 10 days ago

    *thanos joins the chat*

  • Hyunwoo Rha
    Hyunwoo Rha 11 days ago

    Thanks, very helpful

  • B Mann
    B Mann 11 days ago

    DELETE universe.exe?

  • B Mann
    B Mann 11 days ago

    1:32 try not to be satisfyed

  • Osman kaan AY
    Osman kaan AY 11 days ago

    Vacuum decay *V.S* Vacuum decay

  • 変態糞忍者
    変態糞忍者 11 days ago


  • Zamy Arts
    Zamy Arts 12 days ago

    "The bubble will continue to grow forever, deleting everything in its way"
    sounds like Mass Effect 3

  • Silver Kane
    Silver Kane 12 days ago +1

    Doesn't the vacuum decay mess with the information paradox and can they delete black holes

  • Владислав Фесенко

    If there are new, unknown laws of physics in the true vaccuum, wouldn't particles in them just rearrange themselves according to those new rules? And life should be possible within them too.

  • minecraftseedgaming
    minecraftseedgaming 13 days ago

    Wait hold THE FUCK UP so your telling me that we're actually just waiting here for literally everything in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to just one day, hmmmmmmmmmm, I dunno, RANDOMLY EXPLODE?¿

  • Icy Army
    Icy Army 13 days ago

    Its not the higgs field, its beerus and someone pissed him off

  • XStep 47
    XStep 47 13 days ago

    So the mouse is vacuum decay in the Mac universe? 0.0 =)

  • luisa mesquita
    luisa mesquita 13 days ago

    So is this what they talk about in the theory of the Big Bang?

  • Elmo the rapist 2.0
    Elmo the rapist 2.0 14 days ago

    Begins with n and ends with uke

  • Game Side 00
    Game Side 00 14 days ago

    *I don't know why but i always hear quantum as cond*m*

  • HuskyPlays PH
    HuskyPlays PH 14 days ago

    Best channel on yt

  • Mehedi Hasan Emon
    Mehedi Hasan Emon 14 days ago

    The higgs field is like goku
    "A lot of potential energy waiting to be released."

  • LuckyTheDiamond
    LuckyTheDiamond 14 days ago +1

    Moon: "Earth", I don't feel so good..."

  • Ethan Liang
    Ethan Liang 14 days ago

    Rip galaxy that said Noooooo!

  • RagingBear
    RagingBear 14 days ago


  • Person No. 17
    Person No. 17 15 days ago

    can vacuum decay do something about speed of light limitation? like, rewrite the speed of light so it could instantly cover the whole universe?

  • HEROtheNOOB - Gaming
    HEROtheNOOB - Gaming 15 days ago

    Whst happens if we discover another civilization

    CHEMISTRY MAN 15 days ago

    Well you said that vacuum decay expands at the speed of light thus the universe is expanding faster and faster every nanosecond thus we might be able to find a loop hole

  • Devon Warris
    Devon Warris 16 days ago

    My mind is just going insane here and I genuinely have no idea what I'm talking about and what I'm about to propose probably makes no sense whatsoever, but when i heard about the "Higgs Field Death Sphere" I immediately thought of the big bang, and considered with my very low understanding of physics (pretty much limited to what you explain in your videos) the idea of the big bang having been an energy field moving into a lower energy state, quickly moving outwards from the starting point, completely rewriting all of the laws of physics, giving us the universe we know today. Probably very stupid, but I liked the idea and wanted to mention it.

  • Blaise N'kufo
    Blaise N'kufo 16 days ago

    What if False vacuum exist in black holes. There both created at extreme situations both break the laws of physics.

  • pie the dessert
    pie the dessert 16 days ago

    What if not higgs field but dark matter or dark energy is metastable?

  • lion
    lion 17 days ago

    good bed time story

  • Cree Moon
    Cree Moon 17 days ago

    this explains the great filter. this is not the first try..

  • Nick Shine
    Nick Shine 17 days ago

    The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe

    "take notes guys"

  • Nicolafoudre
    Nicolafoudre 17 days ago +1

    If the Higgs field is the thing that is giving the shape of the physics of our univers, it means that this is the ground state of physics. But if the state of the Higgs field changes, its like a big bang in our univers. And it'd also means that we could be in a sphere of death that is " eating " another world further than the whole univers.
    It'd also means that multiverse exist in one way and that univers fits other universes like russian puppet.

  • Croaki
    Croaki 17 days ago

    I swear this gives me depression.

  • Minecraft Mania
    Minecraft Mania 17 days ago

    You make me laugh and make me depressed.😀😢A lot of mixed feelings

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 17 days ago

    Remember this is a hypothesis, not a fact. IF is what was said.

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 17 days ago

    Sounds like my husband after retirement--heading for his ground state where he can do as little as possible. Hmmm! Didn't realize it was a Kurzgesagt kind of thing.

  • Nicolafoudre
    Nicolafoudre 17 days ago +1

    Isn't it like a new big bang ?

  • Leonardo Legal
    Leonardo Legal 18 days ago +2

    1:10 :3 Que bolinha fofa!!!
    1:21 Minha Gente! Ela dormiu, eu vou desmaiar de tanta fofura °^°)

  • 瑚珊
    瑚珊 18 days ago

    Well that got dark real quick.

  • James Gocel
    James Gocel 19 days ago

    “i don’t feel so good”

  • Ruth Losigro
    Ruth Losigro 19 days ago

    *_Thanos Has Left The Chat_*

  • Cat Courageous
    Cat Courageous 20 days ago

    This should be a horror movie

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 20 days ago


  • Salma AlWardany
    Salma AlWardany 21 day ago

    Does emptyness excit?

  • Guilherme S.R
    Guilherme S.R 21 day ago

    Universe in decay- *finger click
    Earth- "Moon, I don't feel so good..."
    *e v a p o r a t e s*

  • Neko Tachi
    Neko Tachi 21 day ago +1

    Ah what a good day to question my purpose in life...

  • Mr Potato Pug
    Mr Potato Pug 21 day ago

    I, Doctor Doomsday shall initiate project false vacuum! Haha!

  • Partha Ceo
    Partha Ceo 21 day ago

    make a vid on Recession 2028

  • Christopher Fountain

    Would there be a way to desroy the earth by a form nature or even too much polution?

  • remydwalestt
    remydwalestt 21 day ago

    Kurg: *Deletes universe* Sorry not sorry C:
    Bird: ..Papa..?

  • GG Josh
    GG Josh 21 day ago

    Do a Lazar beam

  • Rez_0
    Rez_0 21 day ago

    Wait...the universe is growing at the speed of light, and sphere moves at the speed of light, that being said, it would basically stay the same size forever in a way?

    Also the sphere thing can happen by a really big supernova or the collision of some particles... *cough* CERN *cough*

  • Perfect Diamond
    Perfect Diamond 22 days ago

    3:36 nice meme reference
    4:57 spongebob anyone?

  • 葉光庭
    葉光庭 22 days ago

    sudo rm -rf universe

  • [D.A] Triggered Luigi
    [D.A] Triggered Luigi 22 days ago

    3:36 *"This Is Fine."* Reference to the *"This Is Fine."* Meme As The Bird Has The Same Hat.

  • Jacqueline Keijzer
    Jacqueline Keijzer 22 days ago +1

    The most effective way to destroy people lives
    ("the Universe") is to do mind-trickery and mind-control them by double-bind messages which only purpose is to confuse the victim (without noticable traces, so there is no proof: " It is only in your head",
    "You are imagining things", "There are always twoo sides of a story", "Juiced let it go"
    "You have to learn forgive and forget",
    "Lock at your own part" "Don't blame others for your own mistakes" - which I prefer not to do, because by doing so I give them the authority and the power to abuse me - but I do blame others for their mistakes, although most of the time I am not allowed to speak for myself thereby I am sometimes forced to withold my true feelings from the outside world).
    Then force the victim to believe they will be always a loser. Thereby creating a vacuum for the victim from which he cannot escape. First, the victim instinctively react by fighting their predestined fate by increasing their
    "knowle$$" about how life works and than increasing their capacity to cope with (purposely created) bullying, (electronic) harrassment, stalking, spiritual abuse, stealing possessions, money, diploma's, pictures, clothes, destroying the victim's probability, carrier and future (intimate) relationships by smear campaigns and "megathieve" experi-ences, by creating a back- up system for themselves to survive.
    And finally, when the victim is isolated from society (nobody would believe them) has reached the top of his possibilities the perpethreators attack again destroying the victim''s back-up system to make the victim loses his last hope. And then the petpetrators say that the victim "must work on himself", "You cannot change others, you can only change yourself" (the latter is what they are constantly doing), to make the victim believe they are guilty of destroying their own live and they are guilty of makiing others responsible for their lives and it is ALL THEIR OWN FAULT...!!
    Ultimately, the perpetrators are waiting for the moment when the victim loses his temper in an (righteous) angry outburst ("You have an angermanagement- problem", "You are showing unpredictable behaviour", "You have an borderline personality disorder, theatrale personality disorder - drama queen, always attracting attention, never let other people speak-, recistance against "threatment" disorder, bipolar disorder with AND without a danger for yourself, eating disorder
    (because of weight gain - "weet geen" - due to the toxic drugs), ADHD, ADD, general anxiety disorder, you are autistic, paranoide schizophrenic, psychotic.....YOU are,..... YOU have.....) after his personal borders are completely diminished which provokes a complete breakdown of their lives which is impossible to built up again after so many years of severe emotional abuse and neglect.
    The victim seems to have "something" which the perpetrators don 't have......accepting his own failures and mistakes for what it is, how hard it may seem.
    But no one can built up a live while others are more destroying then one can built up in a certain amount of time.
    And that is the "point of no return" in the victims life when the perpetrators claim (how pathetic) THEY are the victim of a monstrous self-absorbing, egoïstic psychopath (a wolf in sheep's clothes), who is playing mr.Jekyll and Hide, wearing a mask for outsiders, whose only purpose in life is to ruin other people lives and to feed in their misery......(??).
    Personally, quite a miserable life purpose in my opinion....!!👹🤡💋

  • Darkend Smile
    Darkend Smile 22 days ago


  • Jesus Zavala
    Jesus Zavala 23 days ago

    I used to be disturbed by things like this. But now I just think these things are fascinating. Hope to watch more. Anyway I’ve got a reading suggestion that you may or may not be interested in reading. Acts from the Bible. Just a suggestion that you decide on since you are your own person

  • Will
    Will 23 days ago

    im metastable, pretends i’m stable but really not.

  • Olebull93
    Olebull93 24 days ago

    I like how the universe can be destroyed from the innside from something by the outside. Maby the universe was created by a realy stupid person.... sure looks that way....