The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe - False Vacuum

  • Published on Oct 21, 2016
  • What if there is a way to destroy the universe so fundamentally that life as we know it will be impossible forever?
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    • Col.Glover 413
      Col.Glover 413 22 days ago

      Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️

    • Col.Glover 413
      Col.Glover 413 22 days ago

      Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️

    • Crystal Dino
      Crystal Dino 25 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell What would happen if a vacuum decay bubble reacts with a black hole? or another vacuum decay bubble?

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 29 days ago

      Agafitei Alexandru sure ok merci

    • Agafitei Alexandru
      Agafitei Alexandru 29 days ago +1

      +Big Chungus , it's still a valid answer at the end: Even if it would happen, the rate at which the Universe accelerate it's expansion will be far to great for such a event to reach to us, even at the speed of light. And even if it will, it will take millions of years.

  • Nixty sine
    Nixty sine Day ago

    L̶o̶o̶k̶s̶ ̶f̶u̶n̶

  • Deydson Azevedo
    Deydson Azevedo Day ago

    Brazil here 😁 🇧🇷
    Thanks for the videos, i'm studying english with you!

  • Nadia Thorpe
    Nadia Thorpe Day ago

    Yeetus Deletus

  • Tylo Vids
    Tylo Vids Day ago

    Uhm, Why would you though?

  • Ekkaisara
    Ekkaisara Day ago

    "There are worse things to be afraid of."
    I couldn't stop laughing. I think this dude is like some low key sadist and its funny af cuz we know hes gonna do a vid on it and scare the shit out of us.

  • Abhay N Hari
    Abhay N Hari Day ago

    Thanos was here

  • Martin Ma
    Martin Ma 2 days ago


  • Shilpa Virendra
    Shilpa Virendra 2 days ago

    seriously? why do U wanna destroy the universe😈

  • Zexthy
    Zexthy 2 days ago +1

    When the universe tells you to die

    Say no u

  • Zexus
    Zexus 2 days ago

    What would you call the vaccum state?

  • Michael
    Michael 3 days ago

    But can ultra instinct goku beat it.

  • FE2 and More -Roblox
    FE2 and More -Roblox 3 days ago +1

    Universe expands at the speed of light, does that mean energy would scatter even more or ENERGY IS CREATED

    illuminati song plays

  • Enhanced Creeper
    Enhanced Creeper 3 days ago

    Yea MIGHT be wrong

  • Andy the gamer
    Andy the gamer 4 days ago

    0:06 *snap*

  • Niklas Soderstrom
    Niklas Soderstrom 4 days ago

    mR sTaRk I dOnT fEEl sO GoOD

  • I’m trash And I’m not sorry

    Say “nope”
    Works the best causes the Big Bang by doin that so it must work

  • kokoado
    kokoado 4 days ago +2

    I just Imagined that Vacuum Decay zones could be like the Bermuda Triangle of interstellar species.

    • Christopher Rice
      Christopher Rice 3 days ago

      That totally works! Damnit, now somebody needs to make a movie based off of that idea.

  • stampy bird
    stampy bird 5 days ago +2

    Did anyone else see that he put us in the center of the galaxy

  • Meguminn
    Meguminn 6 days ago

    This is the way i want to die, no pain, no time needed and no one will remember anyone

  • Hriday Joshi
    Hriday Joshi 6 days ago

    I think I've heard of this are of you talking about phase transation ? like a universe in a universe expanding at the speed of light. I saw that in a show called how the universe works.

  • Henry
    Henry 6 days ago +1

    I bought my vaccum off of a chinese website
    Can i end the universe now?

  • Toucannons Tea
    Toucannons Tea 6 days ago

    3:36 I see what you did there

  • An0r4k
    An0r4k 7 days ago

    It can't actually get worse because nobody cares that chemistry is false cause we're all dead

  • TerraTriple
    TerraTriple 7 days ago +2

    The comment section is just a meme dump

  • alex gorembalem
    alex gorembalem 7 days ago


  • Javon Byrd-22
    Javon Byrd-22 8 days ago


  • AbdelRahman Elhanafy

    Well what if vacuum decay already happened and it's called the Big Bang?

  • Aum Acharya
    Aum Acharya 8 days ago +1

    0:04 God uses Apple
    Take that windows users

  • Tahmas 17
    Tahmas 17 8 days ago

    Internet explorer. Nuff said.

  • TheOnly Sypher
    TheOnly Sypher 8 days ago

    What if its the bootes void or whatever

  • Axer MC
    Axer MC 8 days ago

    Worse than a black hole...

  • NotAGoodUsername360
    NotAGoodUsername360 8 days ago

    The Higgs field rejects your reality and substitutes its own.

  • hayden3112
    hayden3112 8 days ago +1

    Here at kurzgesagt we hate happiness

  • Todd L
    Todd L 9 days ago

    I'm too dumb to be depressed

  • Varrel Wungow
    Varrel Wungow 9 days ago

    Cienetist bad at naming some thing

  • Gymnastics Girl
    Gymnastics Girl 9 days ago +1

    I only understood like 2% of this lol; I am 12

  • Joey Young
    Joey Young 9 days ago

    Wait a minute! The universe is expanding, right? And ik keeps expanding faster, right? Wouldn’t that mean that if space would eventually expend faster than light (like with Heath Death), this new weird bubble of destruction couldn’t eat the universe? So maybe the ‘death’ of the universe will prevent the death of the universe

    • Joey Young
      Joey Young 8 days ago

      +The Ender Golem welp, than I must have missed that. I thought it said that it would consume the whole observable universe.

    • The Ender Golem
      The Ender Golem 8 days ago

      Thats what the video says...?

  • Dawn Of Ender
    Dawn Of Ender 9 days ago

    I've learned more from this youtuber than I have from school.

  • Jolo Joss
    Jolo Joss 10 days ago +3

    At any moment, the Earth could be destroyed, in an instant.

  • adaminowielki
    adaminowielki 10 days ago +1

    Earth: I don't feel so good

  • Bobby Sin
    Bobby Sin 10 days ago

    why tf u gotta use mac os interface tho. bro

  • PingiMan
    PingiMan 10 days ago

    Hold on. So there is a chance that multiple spheres of true vacuum with their own laws of physics exist in the universe. But what if two spheres collide? would one destroy the other, or would they fuse? And if they fuse, what law of physics will it get? I mean, it's two "universes" with each having it's completely different law of physics. Can you guys please try to explain this to me.

    • Diana Romero
      Diana Romero 10 days ago

      We don't really know since almost everything is just a theory.

  • hacker giraffe
    hacker giraffe 11 days ago

    If quantum things gives everything their mass, what if we knew how to remove existence of mass and become lighter than light?

  • Jon Jon Leunam
    Jon Jon Leunam 11 days ago

    4:52 Is Me.

  • RamaGulthon
    RamaGulthon 11 days ago

    Only for eccentric guy

  • Jaša Cucek
    Jaša Cucek 11 days ago

    maybe we are already in vacuum decay.

  • The Miraç
    The Miraç 12 days ago


    Lvl 100 boss

    OCTOGEOMETRICAL 12 days ago

    That's alot of damage

  • Void
    Void 12 days ago

    Higgs Field used Rest!
    The universe was obliterated!

  • johnny miller
    johnny miller 12 days ago

    I'm committing suicide today. Just want to let the world know that. See you all in next life.

  • Ä Š
    Ä Š 13 days ago

    let's do this, can we do this?

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck 14 days ago

    That's why i like maths.

  • Daniel Alejandro Martinez

    Hell no

  • Oldwale401
    Oldwale401 14 days ago +1

    ThanoS want To KnOw uR LoCaTioN

  • Angel Violet
    Angel Violet 14 days ago

    Someone should make a movie based on this.

  • japrogramer
    japrogramer 14 days ago

    Could the cold spot in the universe be one of this true vacuum s?

  • Shurikenx
    Shurikenx 15 days ago

    False vacuum VS black hole ?

  • Human Person
    Human Person 15 days ago +1


  • christopher wilson
    christopher wilson 15 days ago

    How would one release a Higgs field? Asking for a friend

  • Noel
    Noel 15 days ago

    Higgs field isn’t responsible for our mass as stated in the video.

  • Taylor Oxelgren
    Taylor Oxelgren 16 days ago

    If the higgs field grows at the speed of light wouldn’t it take an extremely long time to reach us? Perhaps forever. I thought the universe was expanding faster than the speed of light due to spacetime expanding, this is why portions of our observable universe is slowly being lost.
    So even if this happened if it is in a portion outside our universe it would never be able to reach us.
    Also as long as it is rather far off if it does happen in our universe being that space is expanding faster than the speed of light. If we could construct a artificial planet or just a ship that travels at the speed of light or faster(using warp drives to bend space time) we could just outrun this thing forever.

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck 16 days ago

    Yay death...

  • REX7567
    REX7567 17 days ago

    I wish I was intelligent enough to understand this

  • Akshay ravi
    Akshay ravi 17 days ago

    The scientists are poor in naming things😂😂😂

  • Hey Guys
    Hey Guys 17 days ago

    Am I the only one that understands this?

  • Menselot the dragonslayer

    Destroy all life?
    Me: Meh

    Destroy chemistry?
    Me: Nooooooooooo

  • Micro Moy
    Micro Moy 17 days ago

    Every time I watch an episode of this it makes me more anxious about the end of all existence

  • Selahattin Burgaz
    Selahattin Burgaz 18 days ago

    Türkçe çevirmenlere teşekkür ederim.

  • Hanzo Fernandez
    Hanzo Fernandez 18 days ago

    But the trash bin still exists

  • MaxiMikkel B
    MaxiMikkel B 19 days ago

    The People at Kurzgesagt are the kind of people who say “we could die at any moment but don’t worry here is a picture of a cat”

  • VoidPronaos
    VoidPronaos 20 days ago +4

    so i dont have to study physics now?

  • QuestionMark Kai
    QuestionMark Kai 20 days ago

    "This is a base form."
    "This is what you call a Super Saiyan."
    "And this is a Super Saiyan that has ascended beyond a Super Saiyan, you can just call this Super Saiyan 2."
    "You're going to love this. This is to go even further beyond! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(Just say about 3-5 minutes of screaming)."
    This is what came to mind when he said "Power Level."

  • Universal Beyond
    Universal Beyond 20 days ago

    What would happen if a vacuum decay collided with a black hole
    A. nothing would happen
    B. A chain reaction would occur but the black hole would just collide and make it bigger
    C. Gets eaten up like a galaxy

    Correct answer, B

  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash 21 day ago

    But what determines when a Higgs boson is going to release all its energy

  • David Garcia Morales

    hey kurzgesagt can you make a scene were there is raining cats and dogs? thank you!

  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 22 days ago

    Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️

  • John Walker
    John Walker 22 days ago

    Thanos: *breathes heavily*

  • gravysamich
    gravysamich 22 days ago

    this video was awful it didn't explain anything. all you said basically was "what if there was a force that could destroy the whole universe? it would destroy the whole universe."

  • DerpToni616372
    DerpToni616372 23 days ago

    Scientists: we haven't even been outside our solar system
    Also scientists: we know how old the universe is, how it started, and how we can destroy it

  • Why Do I Care?
    Why Do I Care? 23 days ago +1

    What is an vacuum?

  • Lawrence Gaming
    Lawrence Gaming 23 days ago

    10000 research points per second vs 10000000 light years away vacuum decay

  • Foxy Studios
    Foxy Studios 23 days ago

    How many more videos about fake shirt are you gonna do?

  • Demi Zilla
    Demi Zilla 24 days ago

    So there might just be physics breaking black holes, that grow at the speed of light. Kool.

  • Sky Wade
    Sky Wade 24 days ago

    Do a neutron lazer scenario. PLEASE!! My friend says that he could destroy the universe using a Neutron Lazer and I don't believe him place do this scenario so I can understand/prove him wrong.

  • just a normal ass guinea pig

    Dyson, you there?

  • Demi Zilla
    Demi Zilla 25 days ago

    Existential crisis playlist bois

  • Kamil Derus
    Kamil Derus 25 days ago


  • Kamil Derus
    Kamil Derus 25 days ago

    Old continet is...

  • Андрей Супрунчук

    Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно!

  • Jamar Flossy
    Jamar Flossy 25 days ago

    You’re giving God ideas, please stop.

  • christian nielsen
    christian nielsen 26 days ago

    What if it has already happened and is the reason for life and chemistry as we know it?

  • Booni
    Booni 26 days ago +2

    Halo Anyone?

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 26 days ago

    Vacume Decay? More like *infinity gauntlet*

  • Sularaha Toomas
    Sularaha Toomas 26 days ago


  • Sean Lindberg
    Sean Lindberg 26 days ago

    Love the stranger things reference at the start of the vid

  • Bailey Vlogs
    Bailey Vlogs 26 days ago +1

    “3 years later”
    Now: Lol

    In 3 years: Uh oh...

    Let’s hope I didn’t just foreshadow to universes demise...

    • Mister K
      Mister K 25 days ago

      Even if this would happen, we could never be in the state of "uh oh" cause we camt measure it before it reaches us. Which means well just disappear. No fear no panic just *snap*

  • Deniz Aydın
    Deniz Aydın 26 days ago +2

    1. collect all the infinity stones
    2. snap your fingers

  • Chloe Lee
    Chloe Lee 26 days ago

    Just like Future Trunks’ Tim...........shutting up now.

  • Ben Ash
    Ben Ash 27 days ago

    But that's just a theory, a SCARY THEORY!