Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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    Last episode we dove into the deeper world of Petscop. Today, we are connecting all the dots. Who are all of our players? What happened to the children? What is the real purpose of the game? Theorists, this is the beginning of the end. We are going to solve the mystery of Petscop, the scariest game to have never been played. Let's go!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • 『May Studio』
    『May Studio』 2 hours ago

    If you go to episode 2 and at like 3:25 you will see a weird black shadow that comes up it looks kind of like a monster thing soo ya

  • The Cronologist 60
    The Cronologist 60 3 hours ago

    Please check out hollow knight

  • AssasinGames
    AssasinGames 3 hours ago

    Pyro: *am I a joke to you?*

  • CandySwirl Arts
    CandySwirl Arts 5 hours ago

    How is this your last one when you didn’t even solve it

  • Tate Culpepper
    Tate Culpepper 5 hours ago

    Yeah I don’t really buy this theory

  • Avara animations
    Avara animations 7 hours ago

    Is there a full version of that intro? I really liked that, like, really really liked that intro remix, I'm liking the video just for that! (Not only that of course, the theory was really good too)

  • Bat _coon 505
    Bat _coon 505 8 hours ago

    mat pat: today we conclude. petsco-
    fnaf flashbacks

  • Najm Touma
    Najm Touma 10 hours ago


  • Lion San
    Lion San 11 hours ago

    Matpat:”personal favorite” , “thoughtfully put together” , “intensely hard to put together”

    Scott: -_- releases more fanf stuff

  • Kawaai cow Kawaai
    Kawaai cow Kawaai 13 hours ago +1

    Mat loves games that have brothers dying in tragic accidents

  • Nova _Electrohh
    Nova _Electrohh 16 hours ago

    It’s been four weeks matpat

  • ShadowBlade
    ShadowBlade Day ago


  • Yup Brooke is here

    "He can't!"
    Uh Mat, I don't think anyone remembers being born.

  • Puro the Black Goo

    *”A game i found”*

  • Alleah Marie Estacion

    HAH!!! JOKE'S ON YOU MATTPAT!!! MY CHAIR'S MADE OF WOOD!!! The only thing here that is causing the cavity is the chair itself!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!

  • Nadia Daoudi
    Nadia Daoudi Day ago

    So Rainer was trying to see what Marvin did.. So he was a good person and he tryed to slove who is and how and what happent to those children and trapping Marvin..

  • Is this twitch?
    Is this twitch? Day ago

    You copied Pyrocynical lol

  • Saga Rivera
    Saga Rivera Day ago +1

    I have a question: I know I sound dumb and all, but is what Mat theroizing actually real? Or just a fictional story that was hard to figure out? I know that some of the events actually happened, but really, is it really possible to cross the digital world to the real world? I'm very confused about this being fictional or true?

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen Day ago

    As a man whose mind was blown once said "Woah". Seriously, what a mindfuck.

  • Sun_ Kun
    Sun_ Kun Day ago

    Im never watching a horror theory again

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott Day ago

    I do not think this is the end. I been doing some thinking...... the computer with the symbol had a word next to it I could not make out. And the title petscop is a clue! Pets cop???? Pocstep. Poc step. Your on the right path Matt Patt still something dont add up. I might be crazy but i think real world dates and events tie in to the to videos. We never heard Care say "bye bye" yet.

  • ally ohalloran
    ally ohalloran Day ago

    I have no idea what I just watched

  • its fireballgamingyt

    We are the digitalhartbeat we are a army a advanced army will lead us to the spase age we are the digital

  • Luke Taylor
    Luke Taylor Day ago

    I thought you never knew the definition of final!

  • Luke Manuel
    Luke Manuel Day ago +1

    9:48 matpat did an opsie

  • Mario Monaco
    Mario Monaco 2 days ago +3

    Is the second part of this video coming any time soon?

  • VixenLoveGirl !!!
    VixenLoveGirl !!! 2 days ago

    Ddlc, Petscop, FNAF, and Bendy And The Ink Machine.
    Ah, today will be a wonderful day.

  • BRYANT102010 cvb
    BRYANT102010 cvb 2 days ago

    So you're saying the butt is the key

  • Daniel Marin
    Daniel Marin 2 days ago

    Oh no

  • pie pie
    pie pie 2 days ago

    I think this is all going a little to far

  • Wow Its Lena
    Wow Its Lena 2 days ago

    My name is Lena so it’s so odd to hear him say it MSNXNDN

  • Josephine Dollman
    Josephine Dollman 2 days ago

    When he said that care was born on November 12 I had chills going down my spine because that’s the day I was born

  • Chain Reaction
    Chain Reaction 2 days ago

    AI one thing I’ve been l looking for while benjing your videos

  • X-RYA
    X-RYA 2 days ago

    I thought this was based off the murder of a little girl..

  • trebor nedrad
    trebor nedrad 2 days ago

    You say we will never play it but someone could create a game using all of the lets play videos .


    Scott Cawthon couldnt have made Petscop because unlike FNAF, Petscop is actually scary

  • This channel was a mistake

    0:37 *I can forecast your moves with my King Crimson*

  • Austin Love
    Austin Love 2 days ago

    31 34-7-8-237-8-9-8312-430-189-977-1977-613-4 6:44-7:55 oh..f 2:58-9:38?-1006-1115-23-1212 12:25-13:14 1152-1452-501-1529-1618

  • spencer hill
    spencer hill 2 days ago

    Could Rainer possibly be using the AI replaces of him to find out where Marvin is?

  • Alchemical Antithesis

    Stop making petscop videos

  • Laura Henriksen
    Laura Henriksen 3 days ago

    Jesus. Never considered this concept at ALL. WELL DONE SIR 👍🏻

  • CheesyyBoi :3
    CheesyyBoi :3 3 days ago

    That intro tho...

  • Titanium Town
    Titanium Town 3 days ago

    Why are you playing the pewnews song????

  • Mason McDonald
    Mason McDonald 3 days ago

    Bell is like chara
    Idk undertail

  • Charlie Plush Productions

    Matpat: This game is very hard to logic out
    FNaF: Am I a joke to you?

  • The 8112
    The 8112 3 days ago

    Pew news 9:48? 🤔

  • Russell de Jimmies
    Russell de Jimmies 3 days ago

    I’m so unbelievably checked out at this point but I can’t stop watching. XD

  • ihatemyson 1
    ihatemyson 1 3 days ago

    Plzplz petscop 2

  • TheTitanSmash :3
    TheTitanSmash :3 3 days ago

    is it called petscop because you arrest pets? (pets-cop)

  • Naresh Sookraj
    Naresh Sookraj 3 days ago

    Sounds like we got ourselves an Alabama.

  • justsumdoggo
    justsumdoggo 3 days ago

    so uh, I can't help but notice the pew news theme in there

  • Blue
    Blue 3 days ago +4

    "It'll be a week or two"
    >One month later

  • Over The Garden Falls

    Why your butt. Why.

  • Kai
    Kai 3 days ago +1

    So that would solve the mystery of the possession of Tool, that was Belle. Same text color for her name than for the Tool, and Marvin hurts her because she's supposedly trapped with him, apparently in the game though? Considering she asks to shut down the playstation.

    Now, that's kinda funny that Belle would call herself Tiara when both Marvin and Rainer would call her Belle. But now I get why Rainer was so intent on making her Tiara, or Lina I guess (?), he wanted to replicate what happened to Tiara with the windmill. I really think now that Lina death is related to that story of road accidents by a windmill who ended up burning, but that doesn't really make sense with what the game is giving.
    The game doesn't know the truth though, which is kinda funny. I like how Matpat's theory kinda says that the game is trying to solve the mystery of these deaths on its own by making people play it and simulating their playthrough in an universe meant to allow the replication of what happened. It would mean the game isn't meant to expose anything, it's meant to reveal the truth instead.

  • Makenzie Reyes
    Makenzie Reyes 4 days ago

    If we're supposedly Care's twin thingy then, why does The Tool call us Newmaker?

  • OzmanioPlays
    OzmanioPlays 4 days ago

    Aaah that Facebook advertisement reference at the end xD

  • fandom bear
    fandom bear 4 days ago

    Well I think it's real very real

  • Addy Payne
    Addy Payne 4 days ago

    here’s a fun game! put all of the theory videos in a playlist, and take a shot each time he says “Petscop”, “Paul”, “Rainer”, or “Marvin”. good luck!

    ((Edit)) don’t actually, you might die.

  • my nama jeff
    my nama jeff 4 days ago

    Matpat: Petscop 6

  • Does a thing
    Does a thing 4 days ago +1

    Its like black mirror white Christmas

  • Martin Assisi
    Martin Assisi 4 days ago

    Look up Petscop on USclip maybe there are other channels connected. Maybe there are other videos.

  • Werewolf Dog
    Werewolf Dog 4 days ago

    Wait I have trouble with right and left are you calling me an A.I. ????? 😑

  • Maron_134
    Maron_134 4 days ago

    Can someone please explain why the Newmaker incident is represented in this family drama

  • Märkäl
    Märkäl 4 days ago

    Petscop 2
    Petscop 2
    Petscop 2
    Petscop 2

  • thinkinglord Roblox
    thinkinglord Roblox 4 days ago

    wait there's a gut named Arvin in petscoop uhh my names Arvin oh frick

  • Wolfest A
    Wolfest A 4 days ago

    I thought I had dejvu but I remember the ep with bucket back then

  • Yesh UwU
    Yesh UwU 4 days ago

    Pewnews in the Background makes me feel that poppy gloria is there

  • Jestic
    Jestic 4 days ago

    9:32 hI i'M gLoRiA bOrGa AnD yOu'rE wAtChInG pEw nEwS.

  • Cam Cam’s Land
    Cam Cam’s Land 4 days ago

    Well they have made a petscop a real game...can you play it?

  • Michelle Annette
    Michelle Annette 5 days ago

    This was great

  • AngelsStuffPost
    AngelsStuffPost 5 days ago

    Is this pyrocinicals petscop2

  • PosterBoard Oi
    PosterBoard Oi 5 days ago

    10:10 I’m Poppy Gloria and this is Pew News

  • Halo Noell
    Halo Noell 5 days ago +1

    I’m waiting for that next episode

  • daddy_tyb69 on ig
    daddy_tyb69 on ig 5 days ago +1

    I hope this is not the last vid on petscop pls mat pat

  • Space Burger
    Space Burger 5 days ago +1

    this aint the petscop 2 i was hoping for

  • Kiara 6
    Kiara 6 5 days ago +3

    Dummy thicc is the answer all along

  • cap10 cool
    cap10 cool 5 days ago +3

    At 0:55 I got Soo mad that he didn't put the Pooh meme here

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 5 days ago +1

    I cannot wait for the final theory - I've stuck with this series from the very beginning of its conception, so I'm excited to lay this project to rest and get some concrete answers.

  • Pleasant Whale
    Pleasant Whale 5 days ago

    10:10 PEW NEWS!

  • Turbold Boldbaatar
    Turbold Boldbaatar 5 days ago

    and my butt got stunged by a bee

  • Bob A
    Bob A 5 days ago

    I've never played fnaf, so should i watch the theories?

  • Official National Team Ice Cream Cookie

    My brain hurts
    Ok so Family tree (I think)

    Marvin who is Paul/Lina/Care
    Married Anna.
    They had a daughter, Care
    Care has An uncle and Aunt who had a son
    Anna has a sister, Lina
    Anna= Just Anna
    Marvin= Paul/Lina/Carrie
    Carrie= Paul/Lina/Marvin
    Aunt/Uncle= Just Uncle/Aunt
    Daniel= Rainer (Rainor?)
    Rainer (Rainor?)= Daniel
    Lina= Marvin/Paul/Carrie
    Bella= (Currently) Lonely :(
    Tiara= ??

    Don't thank me anytime it's probably wrong.

  • Maximiliano Gonzalez

    9:45 I can hear Poppy Gloria

  • ZeRo Perge
    ZeRo Perge 5 days ago

    I'd like to see your thoughts on Pyrocynical's video on Petcop called "Petscop: The Best game you'll never play" or something like that. It's from 2017 when the videos were first released and its about an hour and a half long, but there are some scary ties to a real life event that happened 3 years AFTER the game was "released" in 1997. It is really good video to look at. He analyzes each of the first 10 episodes (since those were the ones released in 2017 at first).

  • ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083

    last time i watched a petscop theory i had nightmares for 2 weeks and here i am

  • PopCat Lady88
    PopCat Lady88 6 days ago

    oof... This gives me the chills

  • Brandon Aguirre
    Brandon Aguirre 6 days ago

    Yo I was jamming with that intro

  • digitalnightmare exe

    Its serie I new it

  • Ruby.7289
    Ruby.7289 6 days ago +1


  • katsueijis
    katsueijis 6 days ago

    the creator has a tumblr called kaijuno btw!

  • Keira Acker
    Keira Acker 6 days ago

    Petscop 19 is so creepy

  • Basar
    Basar 6 days ago

    no one ever:
    adal & gt: HMM..?

  • ancuti radu
    ancuti radu 6 days ago


    matpad:you made my use 1% of my brain

  • charles thomas
    charles thomas 6 days ago

    I’m dummy thicc

  • Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean 6 days ago

    DAMMIT, I don't wanna wait anymore! We've done FNAF, I hope the next one is more Petscop. I honestly never noticed the wheel, or how it correlated to the garalina logo. This is really exciting. 💜
    I get the feeling the series isn't over, though. There are just too many loose ends left dangling.

  • Dani Danileus
    Dani Danileus 6 days ago +3



  • Fredbear20
    Fredbear20 6 days ago +1

    Remember when Paul was talking to someone , who do you think it is?

  • Mac
    Mac 6 days ago +5

    Pyrocinical got beated at Petscop uploads, damnit

  • ShadowSoul720
    ShadowSoul720 6 days ago

    This is actually so bone chilling and eye opening. As humans, we are very unaware.

    • ShadowSoul720
      ShadowSoul720 6 days ago

      of so much potential reality. and we can never know it all. Most of us don't learn a fraction of our potential, is what I would presume.

  • Sans 44
    Sans 44 6 days ago +7

    "It has an air of finale to it"