Five Nights at Freddy's with Jack Black

  • Published on Oct 7, 2015
  • Paid promotion for Sony.
    Goosebumps is in theaters on October 16th -
    Check out the trailer here:
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  • GamingGaming

Comments • 32 819

  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob Hour ago

    I love Jack black

  • BulbaBoy
    BulbaBoy 7 hours ago

    the face of real fear is sammy's 0:29

  • Jenny Hart
    Jenny Hart 22 hours ago

    They basically just talk about goosebumps and get jumpscared by animatronics.

  • AcePlayz
    AcePlayz Day ago

    I never knew that Markiplier ever collabed with Jack Black.

  • Alejandro Barrera
    Alejandro Barrera Day ago +1

    The golden Freddy plush is a full Fred bear the first Freddy fazbear of fnaf

  • EndertheDragon0922
    EndertheDragon0922 2 days ago

    “Can you close the bed?”
    I wish lol
    Kid is so shy lol, can’t blame him. I’d act just as awkward then later feel like I wasted such a great opportunity if I met a famous person I liked :(
    I should probably add that I don’t think the kid wasted a great opportunity. It’s just that I would probably mess it up.

  • DontWatchMeSeriously IWontMakeVidsPlzBelive

    Jack black: nice to meet u mr ipler

  • QahnaarinDovah
    QahnaarinDovah 3 days ago

    Mr. Iplier

  • Amethyst Plays
    Amethyst Plays 3 days ago

    Is that actually Jack Black?

  • betty brochard
    betty brochard 3 days ago

    This is cute

  • Avery Bridges
    Avery Bridges 3 days ago


  • Hailey Bianco
    Hailey Bianco 3 days ago

    Omg jack black shaved his beard

  • FreshFireballJuice
    FreshFireballJuice 3 days ago

    lol jack black looks like a douche with those glasses.

  • Nancy Lacey
    Nancy Lacey 3 days ago

    Jack Black is one of my favorite actors of all time

  • yeeted oof
    yeeted oof 3 days ago

    2:57 the “ooŒõoŌ” got me crying on the floor

  • Throwingelm4
    Throwingelm4 4 days ago

    Top ten anime crossovers

  • Bea !!
    Bea !! 4 days ago

    Sammy is so small *_what_*

  • KnucklesTV 1
    KnucklesTV 1 4 days ago

    anyone looking for Scotts Cawthons comment?

  • Dusted and Blue
    Dusted and Blue 5 days ago +1

    6:33, "can you close that? can you close the bed?" NO, BUT MARK CAN LOCK THE BED *welcome to the game stream flashbacks*

    THE SPY 5 days ago

    Fnaf 4 makes no sense why would animatronics Need to breath

  • I'm a teen, so angsty

    the way jack hugged Sammy every time they got a jump scare was so cute, and mark was very supportive of both of them while they were playing. i love this

  • Brianna and jr
    Brianna and jr 5 days ago

    U can tell Sammy just wannted to leave and jack black just like yep I'm hear and mark likes do that and that

  • jamie craig
    jamie craig 6 days ago

    “Mr iplier " best thing I've ever heard in my life😂😂

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 6 days ago

    Play fucking undertale

  • Bjorn Evander
    Bjorn Evander 6 days ago

    I’m at the nightmare in five night at freedy 4

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 7 days ago

    *Jablinksi wants to know your location*

  • pizza boneless
    pizza boneless 7 days ago

    bruh they changed

  • Xan3RGaming
    Xan3RGaming 7 days ago +1

    Man, one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite gamers in the same room, it's almost to good to be true. (I really don't get out much.) Now if only there can be a video of Jacksepticeye doing a let's play with Eminem, that would be totally awesome!

  • Jessie Rose House
    Jessie Rose House 7 days ago


  • Hamburger Pikles
    Hamburger Pikles 9 days ago

    Did anyone hear Sammy swear at 6:43? Hilarious!

  • Monric
    Monric 9 days ago +1

    I feel like Mark is this kid's grandpa teaching him about the games he played as a kid.

  • 369 no scoper
    369 no scoper 9 days ago +1

    That room is as clean as my head

  • oof
    oof 10 days ago

    Oh my god young sammy

  • TheOnlyGamer52 8
    TheOnlyGamer52 8 11 days ago +2

    1st episode: it's all about hearing
    this episode: *doesn't wear headphones*

  • Landon Finley
    Landon Finley 11 days ago

    "cAn YoU cLoSe ThE bEd"

    BRAYDEN BERNOLAK 11 days ago

    jack black plays fnaf VR

  • Psybandit -
    Psybandit - 12 days ago

    Five nights at jack blacks

    IN - VINCE - ABLE 13 days ago


  • Mantis Gaming
    Mantis Gaming 13 days ago +1

    I've never seen Mark act so nice. It's obviously because he's around a little kid and i don't know why u bother commenting because no one's ever gonna see it because it's barried underneath 32k coments

  • Wonder YT
    Wonder YT 13 days ago

    Oh god this is great
    Edit: I was hoping slappy would jump up and laugh XD

  • GoldenSquid 296
    GoldenSquid 296 14 days ago

    Hello Jack Black

    SHUTUPCHICKEN2 15 days ago

    That kid is kinda annoying

  • Nikki Villemaire
    Nikki Villemaire 15 days ago

    Aren't they inside? Why the F$^% is Jack Black wearing sunglasses inside?

  • ProHunter Gs31
    ProHunter Gs31 16 days ago +1

    O mai gad waw jack black

  • Bailey Spinks
    Bailey Spinks 16 days ago

    Me to

  • Addie Rose
    Addie Rose 17 days ago

    I wanted mark to show them up

  • FedEx PizzaMan
    FedEx PizzaMan 17 days ago

    Fucking sammy xD

  • TheMiniMac 14
    TheMiniMac 14 17 days ago

    why does jack black look like a country club dad

  • BeachTurkey
    BeachTurkey 18 days ago

    this is almost as good as that time jack black collabed with elmo to read where is elmos blanket


    How have I not seen this video

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 18 days ago +1

    Jack Black is AWESOME!!!😆

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 18 days ago

    Let's get a FNAF movie!😁

  • Frank Reight
    Frank Reight 19 days ago

    Well jack really dose not know fnfs. Mark is still king of fnfs place the crown on Mack ,s head.

  • Evritt Gardner
    Evritt Gardner 19 days ago

    kid: can you close the bed?
    me: you know, with this games already screwed up storyline, lore, and all, might as well have a freakin' option to "close the bed" because apparently this whole game doesn't even make since and hasn't since the FIRST game.

  • Evritt Gardner
    Evritt Gardner 19 days ago

    Mark: "I died 5 times on the first night"
    random kid( I don't know him, ok): beats the first night without a freaking breeze
    me: got dam
    scott: got dam, wheres the achievement that I wan't put for beating the first night of fnaf 4 without one death.

  • DeathTheBeanWolf
    DeathTheBeanWolf 19 days ago

    I want Jack Black singing a New Theme Song

  • Doctr .J
    Doctr .J 19 days ago

    Jack black is awesome

  • pickle boy
    pickle boy 20 days ago +18

    "I choose not to, cause I'm too good"
    -markiplier, 3057

  • Pootis Oxenfree fan
    Pootis Oxenfree fan 20 days ago

    Jack black had a huge beard in the humility music video, it’s gorillaz for anyone who doesn’t know

  • Kadince Sparks
    Kadince Sparks 20 days ago

    I am in shock that, Markiplier...met, Jack Black. Like, I love, Jack Blacks, movies..hes hilarious...but...he is funny as hell, playing FNAF. I almost died watching this..because of the jumpscares and his reaction.

  • Savonna Selkr
    Savonna Selkr 20 days ago +1

    They missed an opportunity for Slappy to jump scare them from behind the couch.

  • TheAnimatiorGod YT
    TheAnimatiorGod YT 20 days ago

    NOT being rude but is Jack black gay?(I am so I’m not trying to hurt anyone)

  • XMçødëqwêrtÿ YT
    XMçødëqwêrtÿ YT 20 days ago

    Kid plays adults talk

  • Ribs
    Ribs 20 days ago

    Why is jack black so serious

  • Mercury Moon
    Mercury Moon 20 days ago

    Is that famous USclipr Jablinksi Games? Wow, good on Mark for promoting smaller channels

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Pewds Conan Jack Ryan Mark JAck

  • Ethan Roberson
    Ethan Roberson 21 day ago +1

    This was painful to watch now that I know how to play.

  • ALI
    ALI 22 days ago


  • This game Is trash
    This game Is trash 22 days ago

    anybody remember jack black in tenacious D

  • Chip
    Chip 22 days ago

    Who is the kid? (I really don't know)

  • *internal Screaming*
    *internal Screaming* 22 days ago

    Does jack black look stoned or am I just sleep deprived

  • Misaki Chou
    Misaki Chou 23 days ago

    How are they gonna listen the breathing clearly when they're speaking in the background?

  • [redacted] [redacted]
    [redacted] [redacted] 23 days ago

    *what's jabelin jabels*

  • kera sexton
    kera sexton 23 days ago


  • Ludboy Jolly
    Ludboy Jolly 24 days ago


  • PepperSpace
    PepperSpace 24 days ago

    I don’t like how they talk so much while the kid plays the game alone, I feel like they should participate it feels like a family meet up where the adults talk over everything that the kids are doing

  • BaIIette
    BaIIette 24 days ago


  • zinaal kriid
    zinaal kriid 24 days ago

    Jack Black is way overrated.

  • Lobna Alhalek
    Lobna Alhalek 24 days ago

    this came out on my birthday but nobody cares

  • Valkyr_E
    Valkyr_E 24 days ago

    OML I love this!

  • Madness 909
    Madness 909 25 days ago +1

    Lol we need more Stuff like this I loved when jack met Ryan Reynolds mark should do more opportunities like this

  • FazFlick _
    FazFlick _ 26 days ago

    2k19 anybody?

  • beatlongass
    beatlongass 26 days ago

    Oh my god Sammy was so smol

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 26 days ago

    When you realise this kid got through night 1 better than the king of FNAF

  • Fizzyizzy56 Xxx
    Fizzyizzy56 Xxx 26 days ago +1


  • zomboss gaming
    zomboss gaming 26 days ago

    He likes what that kid grew him

  • Jessica Durn
    Jessica Durn 26 days ago

    Low hanging fruit

  • Jessica Durn
    Jessica Durn 26 days ago


  • SSSniper Demon
    SSSniper Demon 26 days ago +1

    That fruit wasn't good was it?

  • HeroOfTime 1998
    HeroOfTime 1998 27 days ago


  • HeroOfTime 1998
    HeroOfTime 1998 27 days ago


  • Lisa Fersch
    Lisa Fersch 27 days ago +12

    Jump scare list:

    Nightmare Bonnie: 4:40

    Nightmare Bonnie: 4:36

    Nightmare Chica: 6:57

    Nightmare Foxy: 7:33

  • Raddish Republic
    Raddish Republic 28 days ago

    6:43 did the kid curse?

  • Shawn Frown
    Shawn Frown 28 days ago

    First Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, now Jack Black? Is there any other celebrities Mark met?

  • The yeet Michael Myers

    God that face on the thumbnail

  • cyndi Labeau
    cyndi Labeau 28 days ago

    I have seen the movie

  • Nathan Caro
    Nathan Caro 29 days ago +4

    the point of the game is to listen, and they didn't even have headphones.😀

  • Gostwolf79 73
    Gostwolf79 73 29 days ago


  • Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells 29 days ago

    Sammy was so young back then compared to now

  • Soviet Comrade
    Soviet Comrade 29 days ago

    Am i going crazy or did the living tombstone comment on this video saying "what just happened" when jack black sang their song