14 Crazy North Korea Facts | Tamil | Madan Gowri | MG

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
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  • Madan Gowri
    Madan Gowri  7 months ago +218

    Instagram : instagram.com/madangowri
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  • Raj Raj
    Raj Raj Day ago

    சில விஷயம் வடகொரியாவில் ஓகேதான் பைபிள் உள்ள விடாம இருக்கிறது ஓகே டிவி சேனலுக்கு இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் ஃப்ரீடம் கொடுக்கலாம் நம்ம ஊர்ல உள்ள மாதிரி டிவி சேனலில் விடக்கூடாது பத்திரிகையும் தான் மத்த விஷயம் வெரி பேட் சட்டதிட்டங்கள் கடுமையாக இருக்கலாம் அதுக்காக இவ்வளவு கடுமை இருக்க கூடாது வடகொரியா இப்படி இருக்கறதுனால தான் மத்த நாடு நெருங்க யோசிக்கிறது அவன் நாட்டுக்கு அது ஓகே தான்

  • Raja Sekar
    Raja Sekar 2 days ago

    Antha ponnu pesuna video pathutu than nan intha Video pathen.. Sema kodumaiyana vishayam... Poranthalum North Korean ah porakka kudathu..

    HARISH RAMAN 4 days ago

    3 generation punishment should be in India

  • Little Warrior
    Little Warrior 5 days ago

    Weed legal panneno, verre yedhevum venam .. from Malaysia ;)

  • Sanjaykumar
    Sanjaykumar 6 days ago

    Nastrodamus sonna date um 15 april

  • Joshuasambath Anitha
    Joshuasambath Anitha 13 days ago +1

    Jungle life best compared n.korea good presence bro but this topic to b avoided try best

  • kanishka M
    kanishka M 14 days ago +3

    Hello I am Kanishka would you pls talk about South Korean Idols

  • kiran marin
    kiran marin 16 days ago

    fuck north Korea

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar 16 days ago

    i too heard about bad things in north korea.. Thats really sad

  • kkkk467tnpl
    kkkk467tnpl 17 days ago

    After all..,.. they are human beings...

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 18 days ago

    James bond movie

  • Meera Nandhini
    Meera Nandhini 19 days ago +1

    I did masters in biotechnology my opinion everything comes from soil and going to be soil.

  • theejay craeation
    theejay craeation 21 day ago

    Namma country ka rap panna antha punishment kudukanum bro

  • Kalai Arasan
    Kalai Arasan 22 days ago

    Cell phone use pannalam but only north Korea kulla matum than pessa mudiyathu,
    மனித வழிபாடு comple pannuranga
    Anga erukura ellorukum education kidaiyathu, A B C people categories eruku athula C categories ku education medical facility kidaiyathu
    Anga 40% peruku moon therium but moon ku lam poi erukuranganu 40% peruku theriyathu
    Worst country

  • Sunil Vetri
    Sunil Vetri 23 days ago

    Bro in North Korea there is only one TV channel

  • luv u
    luv u 23 days ago

    14 sattam vantha nalla tha irukoo

    VIJAY LOKESH2 23 days ago

    Brooooo Bible book banned

  • suresh agri
    suresh agri 25 days ago

    Yes. Human excreta are known as "night soil", which contain rich amount of micronutrients,and more then 5% of Nitrogen than organic manures,cow dung...

  • Justin suren justin suren

    Bro justin bieber pathi sollunga bro

  • Anto Jeniston
    Anto Jeniston 26 days ago

    Ana Avar per Kim Jong il thana

    • Anto Jeniston
      Anto Jeniston 26 days ago

      Ippom irukura var Kim Jong un. Avar appa per Kim Jong il

  • deepi shadvi
    deepi shadvi 26 days ago

    Rule no 8:you said tat 32 hairstyles... Bt it's not 32 it's only 28 hairstyles in North Korea

  • John Roshan
    John Roshan 27 days ago

    North Korea is mental country

  • jayakanth sai
    jayakanth sai 27 days ago

    Polan devi pathi sollanga

  • Jay Lak
    Jay Lak 28 days ago

    3 rd world war eh vanthudum ivanugulala

  • RM President
    RM President 29 days ago

    Any army here?..

  • Magarajan A Magarajan arunachala

    Kim Jong un k payan porandha en title kudupanga

  • Hemanthraj Saravanan

    Internet,phone,netflix irukuma North Korea la y anga paka mudiyadhu?

  • Sridhar Gideon
    Sridhar Gideon Month ago

    Can thy use mobile and internet?? if so tat is more thn enough for them

  • Sarathy Salton
    Sarathy Salton Month ago

    Thiruvallur Veera Ragavar Temple Pathi Pesunga Bro

  • Harish Ram
    Harish Ram Month ago

    They shouldn't whatch any other show out of their country is weird and should not come as a law to any other countries


    appada....God miracle nan North Korea le porekele

  • M cricket com Mohamed Sapi

    Mg bro say about tenkasi distric

  • Omkhar Raj
    Omkhar Raj Month ago

    Make a video about BTS

  • Jayesh Jayesh
    Jayesh Jayesh Month ago

    bro Nostromas pathina vedio le april 15 nu sonnathu North korea pathinathu ?!

  • Priya Shalini
    Priya Shalini Month ago

    mobile la kuda padam pakka kudtha

  • Abhi Raj
    Abhi Raj Month ago

    India'la developed city new Delhi'ah bro...?? Bangalore illaya??

  • Ramya Moorthy
    Ramya Moorthy Month ago

    Talk about lee min ho........

  • Sridhar
    Sridhar Month ago

    Enaku theruchu makkal appdi kasta paratha vida oru boom pottu appdi oru nadu illa ma panniralam...

  • Nisha Anbu
    Nisha Anbu Month ago

    Ea bro ipo naan thappu panni jail ku poita enaku epdi bro magan and peran varuvaan??????

  • kpop tamil blink bts

    Ada pavigala keezha south Korea la evalo hairstyles, evalo channels ,evalo songs ah kpop .romba pavam

  • Vijayashree Ramesh
    Vijayashree Ramesh Month ago

    Wish India takes over North Korea in some aspects.......MG

    GOD HAND Month ago

    antha nattu makkalukku eppa sudandhiram kedaikum

    GOD HAND Month ago

    anga irukavanga vera nattuku ethukume poka kudatha

    MANOJ MANOSH Month ago

    Ponga bro North Korea avanga paithiyams....ivangala pathi enak munnnadiye theriyum....anga irukarathu jail vida mosam....intha country a ban pannanum

  • Gayathri Elakavi
    Gayathri Elakavi Month ago

    Japan pathi sollunga na ..

  • Varsha Varsha
    Varsha Varsha Month ago +3

    Tell about south korea

    GAYATRI GOVIND Month ago

    Bro I liked the punishment in Korea that should be implemented in India it may be horrible but the actual situation is more horrible than that punishment because till today a lot of news we all have heard abt rape .... it's a sexual torture and killing ......all these should have to be stopped ..in todays world it's really very hard to or can say imposible to make a culprit to realize him what he has done is wrong ......it is true that making realise the culprit for what he has done, is justice to the affected one...but that's no chance of it according to my knowledge..they should not dare to think of a crime itself..

  • Byun noob slayer Hyun
    Byun noob slayer Hyun Month ago +13

    Video: Is about North Korea
    Comments: North Korea who? I only know South Korea.
    Kpop who? I only know BTS.
    (Just for fun, don't kill me)

    • Prema B
      Prema B 19 days ago

      @Byun noob slayer Hyun 😊

    • Byun noob slayer Hyun
      Byun noob slayer Hyun 19 days ago

      @Prema B Am actually an EXO-L but nice to meet ya' !!

    • Prema B
      Prema B 25 days ago

      Army 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜


    kevelamana city in the world

  • Nandhini A
    Nandhini A Month ago

    That punishment inheritance to descendants is what we need in India!!

  • Abinash D
    Abinash D Month ago

    last point in best

  • Prakash Anand
    Prakash Anand Month ago

    Please make video on China's fact

  • Sabitha G
    Sabitha G Month ago

    Nalla vela nan tamil nadu la poradhu tta😊😊

  • Cassel Technologies
    Cassel Technologies 2 months ago

    to me the world is making stories about North Korea as a cruel country but I think first unlike India its most important that a country has one languages, one tradition, one culture, one caste etc really India is not one country, each state should have been a different country like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc it was just given the name India by the British as they thought all Indians speak hindi, North Korea is protected from any sort of foreign influence to their people and land, they protect their language, culture and land against anything and they have a strong reason and I think the people also a very patriotic and that is good if not for everyone there for most.....

  • Antony Antony
    Antony Antony 2 months ago

    Sathiearbey before same nothkoria but now little little coming Chang. Same nothkoriyaalso one day will change

  • muthu malathi
    muthu malathi 2 months ago

    Anna ethe mathiri south Korea pathi sollunga and love u Anna😍

  • Kesavan M
    Kesavan M 2 months ago


  • don s
    don s 2 months ago


  • gaming all rounder
    gaming all rounder 2 months ago +5

    In which country Indian are not allowed .ada pathi oru video podaga bro

  • Patronus Charm
    Patronus Charm 2 months ago

    south korea,kpop,kdrama paththi pesunga bro

  • Patronus Charm
    Patronus Charm 2 months ago +5

    Bro kpop groups paththi pesunga...mukyama BTS paththi🤩

  • Gokul Kannan
    Gokul Kannan 2 months ago

    It is very interesting and very good 😘😘😘😘

  • Riya delphin
    Riya delphin 2 months ago

    Ungala mathri pesarathuku oru video podunga ivlo prepare eppadi pesarathu pls podunga anna

  • Teen Titan
    Teen Titan 2 months ago

    North korea la blue pants are banned.

  • Nizam N
    Nizam N 2 months ago

    Saudi arabia better than this fucking country

  • keerthana keerthana
    keerthana keerthana 2 months ago

    Country should be democratic. But People adimaiya vachurukarthu romba mossam. North korea is a cyco country.

  • saranya saranya
    saranya saranya 2 months ago

    Anna rempo kodumaya erugu..na rempo lucky Indiala particular ah Tamil nadu la poranthathugu.

  • Karthick 77
    Karthick 77 2 months ago

    Pleas one time call pannuga bro pleas 7010320369

  • scarlet MAS
    scarlet MAS 2 months ago

    Indians kpop la join pannalama.., Atha pathi sollunga.

  • Ramya sundar
    Ramya sundar 2 months ago

    Bible super

  • Vijay hari S
    Vijay hari S 2 months ago

    North Korea mini jail

  • பா.ம.க. அன்புமணி சந்திரன்

    பத்தாவது பதில் சூப்பர் நம் நாட்டில் நம் மதம் மட்டும் தான் இருக்க வேண்டும் 😍😍😍😍 சூப்பர்

  • பா.ம.க. அன்புமணி சந்திரன்

    நல்ல சர்வதிகாரி⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • Gowtham Bharathi
    Gowtham Bharathi 2 months ago

    Ninga sollurathu illam poi Antha nadu communisa nadu anthan Americaven kaikulai USclip muthalalithuvam