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  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • Can we put together a Disney inspired-look in under a day?
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  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  6 months ago +1437

    HI HI HI HAPPY FRIDAY! What other fashion challenges should we try?? --Kristin

    • Paige Weneck
      Paige Weneck 3 days ago


    • Keep It Movin'
      Keep It Movin' Month ago

      How about dressing like your favourite historical female? I LOVE Katerin Romanov (aka Catherine The Great) or fictional character. LOVE YOU LADIES, HEAPS!!!

    • Anika Yui Tactaquin
      Anika Yui Tactaquin Month ago

      HI HI HI HAPPY FRIDAY!What other fashion challenges should we try?? -- Kristin

    • Ravenclaw4 Life
      Ravenclaw4 Life Month ago

      A Harry Potter challenge

    • Sara Samaletdin
      Sara Samaletdin 2 months ago

      I wish you did all three characters or had more participating on this.

  • Megan Folbre
    Megan Folbre 16 hours ago

    Try to make a dress out of paper.

  • Donna C
    Donna C Day ago

    I thought Kelsey inpicciche would guest star because this is like literally her thing!

  • princess a
    princess a Day ago +1

    'Maybe cinderella needs a women'
    Yass 😘😘

  • serena smith
    serena smith 2 days ago +1

    im chantel...the sorta three wheeler

  • Chloe Crosby
    Chloe Crosby 2 days ago

    Kristen’s lewk was by far the worst lmao

  • Paige Weneck
    Paige Weneck 3 days ago

    Ok. They should do this again! With ALL the ladylike girls! But, I would love to see them branch out from
    The Disney princesses!

  • Rachel Blum
    Rachel Blum 3 days ago +1

    i think chantel's look would have been much better for genie, i think devin won this one!

  • Reptile B
    Reptile B 5 days ago +1

    Haha Disney owns everything now

  • Madeline Peacock
    Madeline Peacock 5 days ago

    When she was talking about goofy it popped up on my baby brothers TV show

  • Mairead G
    Mairead G 5 days ago

    Obsessed w Chantel’s pants

  • Olive Potato
    Olive Potato 6 days ago +2

    I completely loved Chantels outfit! It was so cute! ❤️

  • Revy 11906
    Revy 11906 6 days ago +1

    OK this is a small thing, Kristen you have very very wonderful eyebrows

  • Sarah Kay
    Sarah Kay 7 days ago


  • TheStine2000
    TheStine2000 7 days ago

    You should do this again, this was so fun

  • *GachaTiger*
    *GachaTiger* 8 days ago

    Did she say gay cinderella?!?

  • xXCaitiexXxCutieXx
    xXCaitiexXxCutieXx 8 days ago

    Chantel's blue is too dark Cinderella is a light baby blue I would have thought she was the Genie more than Cinderella.

  • Getzamay Ramirez
    Getzamay Ramirez 9 days ago +1

    “It’s me or her Kristin you got to chose” I’m dead

  • Veruka Hansen
    Veruka Hansen 9 days ago

    Devin..... The name of a guy I fell in love with but he's in love with someone else 😢💔

  • Hannanater Disney
    Hannanater Disney 9 days ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who’s never been to Disney #Canadian

  • Hannanater Disney
    Hannanater Disney 9 days ago

    Oh I miss you

  • Victoria Bonquavianis

    The thing that scares me about Daisy Duck is that she is actually wearing a white skirt if you look closely...

  • Cassandra Dowd
    Cassandra Dowd 9 days ago +5

    Who else thought Cinderella could pass off as Jasmine. 😂

  • Dakota Ross
    Dakota Ross 10 days ago

    OMG I LOVE UNSOLVED, UNSOLVED + Ladylike = dream come true

  • Madison Lightell
    Madison Lightell 10 days ago

    Tbh I love how confident (edit) Kristen is with her body. If I wore that I would not be comfortable and she literally rocked it. I swear this girl is an inspiration.

  • Galaxy_Wolf_ 212
    Galaxy_Wolf_ 212 10 days ago


  • ScarletTheGoldie
    ScarletTheGoldie 11 days ago

    I’m surprised she doesn’t eat Mickey Mouse shaped goldfish. (Kristin)

  • Nadia H
    Nadia H 11 days ago +1

    After chantel said what her idea was like o she finna win

  • Jolene Wiley
    Jolene Wiley 11 days ago

    I want to disneybound as Hades

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 11 days ago

    You can’t wear costumes if you’re 14 or older I’m pretty sure.

  • Madi McDonald
    Madi McDonald 11 days ago

    you amazing empowering gals crack me up! 😂
    girl power 💪🏻

  • Mary helen Kirkland
    Mary helen Kirkland 12 days ago


  • Acid.d Hippi3
    Acid.d Hippi3 12 days ago

    To this day I still think Kristen shouldn’t have participated just for the fact she does it all the time...

  • Kennedi Johnson
    Kennedi Johnson 12 days ago

    the tag on kristen shoe

  • Scoot er
    Scoot er 13 days ago +2

    Iv’e done this for my hufflepuff uniform

    I’m in Hufflepuff House

  • Fairlylocal Artist
    Fairlylocal Artist 13 days ago +2

    Yas chantel for the win

  • Ana Marisol Rodriguez
    Ana Marisol Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Goofy is the best 😍

  • Nia_ 21
    Nia_ 21 14 days ago

    Cinderella definitely won

  • Savanah Morales
    Savanah Morales 14 days ago

    Ok I just love how in every video how confident kristen is it's just so inspiring I love it🖤

  • Annika Grace
    Annika Grace 15 days ago +1

    Chantel: I got no buddy!
    Me: I will be your buddy!💜

  • Alfred The Orange Horse

    She doesn't even go here

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 15 days ago

    Chantels looked more like jasmine then Cinderella

  • Maggie Pratt-White
    Maggie Pratt-White 17 days ago

    I love Chantel's outfit! I'd love to have it.

  • Aurora Kamikaze173
    Aurora Kamikaze173 19 days ago

    I love Devins!
    Now now that’s nothing like Cinderella looks like a jasmine lmao

  • Agent Panda
    Agent Panda 19 days ago

    I thought Chantel looks more like Jasmine rather than Cinderella

  • Rose Jarocki
    Rose Jarocki 20 days ago

    Kristen really can’t escape the Ursula look. And that suit was not flattering, it gave her......leg rolls?

  • I cant find dory
    I cant find dory 20 days ago +1

    *Ariana Grande-Rella*

  • Salma Alsuhail
    Salma Alsuhail 20 days ago +1

    I really wanted Jen to do this ! 😕

  • alicia fogarty
    alicia fogarty 21 day ago

    *gay option number one*

  • Lillian Koski
    Lillian Koski 23 days ago

    it works if Kristin and Devin are the evil step sisters because they are wearing red and green like the step sisters in the Cinderella movie

  • Lily Goodacre
    Lily Goodacre 23 days ago

    #diznerds anyone else in the club?

  • paperthrones
    paperthrones 24 days ago +3

    personally i think devin should won, her color scheme are on point! but also i love the 90s so i may be biased here lol

  • Blanca Ramos
    Blanca Ramos 24 days ago

    Chantal questioning her sexuality😂

  • Victoria Alvarado
    Victoria Alvarado 24 days ago +1

    Chantel: why was it called bounding why not dressing
    Like a salad dressing
    Like ceaser
    I would eat it

  • Ariana Janus
    Ariana Janus 25 days ago

    damn i need to know where chantel got those pants!! those are iconic and i need them in my life wow wow wow

  • Spacey_Star_Dust
    Spacey_Star_Dust 25 days ago

    Okay, trying to not be rude here but, Devin is the only one who didn’t totally annoy me this episode?? I have no clue why but...

  • lunar libra
    lunar libra 26 days ago

    I just wanna make Chantel my wife now

  • Sad Day
    Sad Day 27 days ago

    Goofé, Inverted Mermaid, and Lesbian Cinderella
    I stan

  • Kylee Woodworth
    Kylee Woodworth Month ago

    Why the fck is there michigan license plates on devins wall I'm from Ohio so I fcking hate michigan boo blue

  • Eliza Lover
    Eliza Lover Month ago

    2019 anyone February 15 Friday happy break

  • Club de las Chicas Mancilla and Ramirez

    Isn’t a coincidence how goofy is tall and devin chose goofy and devin is tall! Plus her clothes are spot on!

  • Sarah Franzblau
    Sarah Franzblau Month ago +1

    Woman: wears something powerful
    Omgggg she doesn’t need a man and is gay
    Me: I’m a woman too, but I wanna look powerful
    Woman screaming no: BE GAY

  • riana balding
    riana balding Month ago

    she said gay Cinderella i was like mee

  • Max cant Sing
    Max cant Sing Month ago

    Is chantel gay or am I just tripping

  • Cupcake Unicorn girl


  • Pizza Pandas
    Pizza Pandas Month ago +1

    Every day is Halloween for me

  • Pizza Pandas
    Pizza Pandas Month ago

    I do cosplay

  • Nat
    Nat Month ago

    why are all these comments so mean lmao

  • Kamila B
    Kamila B Month ago

    i wannted Devin to win #gogoofy

  • Natalia Pola
    Natalia Pola Month ago

    I don't know how the middle one is Beauty and the

  • Steve and Jeff
    Steve and Jeff Month ago

    13:31 tms (too much skin)

  • Puppy zali Vlogs
    Puppy zali Vlogs Month ago

    Chantel: there’s a lot of blue
    Me: no way Cinderella wears pink 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Nicole Cordoba
    Nicole Cordoba Month ago

    After Devin said “we can help each other!”, I knew she was a Capricorn ugh we love

  • Shipfantastic
    Shipfantastic Month ago

    Devin wins in my heart.

  • Keep It Movin'
    Keep It Movin' Month ago +3

    I love that a woman's first reaction when faced with a challenge is, "we'll help each other."

  • Shealynn McCallum
    Shealynn McCallum Month ago +2

    The first 7.5 seconds of the video iconic im shook

  • Molly Young
    Molly Young Month ago


  • Kat Butler
    Kat Butler Month ago

    Chantella!!! 🙌

  • chantelle apted
    chantelle apted Month ago +3

    when chantel said ariana granderella i screamed. im ariana’s biggest fan i

  • that emo gay kid
    that emo gay kid Month ago

    "Welcome back on this hunt to do gay Cinderella disneybounding"

  • Lyndsay Miller
    Lyndsay Miller Month ago

    I am so confused so u know the videos that are kinda like this or from their channels or channels I like. Well I’m lookin at them and it’s a bunch of toy unboxing and I have never watched them ever

  • Karen Corbin
    Karen Corbin Month ago

    Devin was my first choice Though I might’ve picked Chantel had those suspenders been white.

  • Callie Patten
    Callie Patten Month ago

    Kristin could've gone way easier by doing Ariel on land. White top, blue skirt, and a black bandeau or accessories. I've seen her wear blue dresses she could have totally used!

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Month ago

    Ok low key the goofy movie was the only thing that got me through middle school 😂

  • me like chicken
    me like chicken Month ago

    Devin should win

  • Carly Workman
    Carly Workman Month ago +2

    anybody watching this in 2019

  • Jasmin Northway
    Jasmin Northway Month ago

    WAIT is devin cho chang from avpm???????

  • The Beautiful Life Of Britney

    I hate Kristen's outfits

  • Paige Weneck
    Paige Weneck Month ago

    Hey does anyone know if Jen left buzzfeed or not? I know not every ladylike girl is in each video but I feel like I’m more recent videos she is never in them.

  • Leo Lover
    Leo Lover Month ago

    I’d like to thank fairy godmother for this outfit

  • emma galati
    emma galati Month ago

    I think they should do another Disneybounding video but with Jen she would be so funny

  • Cam-I-Am
    Cam-I-Am Month ago

    I really like the cinderella loooookkk

  • Alyssa Ruvalcaba
    Alyssa Ruvalcaba Month ago

    Devin jamming out to power line is a mood

  • Böbe Baba
    Böbe Baba Month ago

    I would agree on Freddie's decision, if Chantel was doing Jasmine, bcoz that look is rather Jasmine and not at all Cinderella...

  • Michele Williams
    Michele Williams Month ago

    Did anyone else wish Jen had done it too? I just think she’s too cute

  • Bubblelene Lene
    Bubblelene Lene Month ago +3

    Kristin with a crown is now my spirit animal

  • Kate L
    Kate L Month ago

    Chantel in the background (2:00)
    Why isn’t it called disney dressing?... Like a salad dressing?...
    Like a Cesar?...
    I would eat it...

  • DaniKat21
    DaniKat21 Month ago

    I feel like they could have done so much better. They could have gotten the colors exact with their budget. I Disney bound and hang out with Disney bounders and I’m just a little disappointed. Chantel did the best out of the three though

  • Ry Bread
    Ry Bread Month ago

    Chantels lewk reminds me more of jasmine from Aladdin than it does Cinderella but it was still really pretty

  • Kylie Jackson
    Kylie Jackson Month ago +4

    I don't really like kristen, just me? Jen is my fav and chantel