Invisible! Transparent Potato Chips via C Channel Food

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Credit: C Channel Food
    Link: cchannel.english/videos/1817372271668563/

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  • Halie Elizabeth
    Halie Elizabeth Year ago +307

    Thumbs up if you’re here after Alonzo Lerone’s video

  • Emily Antoine
    Emily Antoine 7 months ago

    Humans are really bored it seems ....still I’m intrigued.

  • Clarissa Valian
    Clarissa Valian 10 months ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣 when you make it to a video and see other people came for the same reason as you. #Alonzo video

  • Sloan Farrell
    Sloan Farrell Year ago +1

    What do you fry them in

  • Iм Blacĸ
    Iм Blacĸ Year ago +4

    Alonzo brought me here 😂

  • HaDaSsAh SeUmAlO
    HaDaSsAh SeUmAlO Year ago +1

    I would rather stick with th normal brand😂

  • [ v i n a c e o u s ]

    Those chips look unappetizing honestly

  • Sergeant Succ
    Sergeant Succ Year ago +1

    If i blew a load on parchment paper and baked it i bet it would taste better and would also look similar

  • Not Today
    Not Today Year ago +3

    Your eating starch water.

  • Not Today
    Not Today Year ago +1

    Ew. C'mon now.

  • Bri Marie
    Bri Marie Year ago +1

    Not invisible if I can still see it

  • Piano Girl
    Piano Girl Year ago +1

    I totally thought it was the actual potatoes sliced as thin as possible.

  • Khloe Xx
    Khloe Xx Year ago +4

    Alonzo failed 😂

  • Jarl of Swot
    Jarl of Swot Year ago +3

    It seems easier to just eat the potatoes rather than go through all that to make a dozen chips.

  • Jerry is mad
    Jerry is mad Year ago +1

    It's like make ur own genetic potato chips

  • litoboy5
    litoboy5 Year ago


  • PurpleAshHash
    PurpleAshHash Year ago +2

    What a waste of potatoes

  • MsNerd93
    MsNerd93 Year ago +2

    Nice song though

  • Changed my name Bc Im cringe

    I am confused when did the potatoes come in edit: ohhhhhhh the water

  • Ms Bunny
    Ms Bunny Year ago +12

    Ewww i thought this was a real recipe corn startch and potato water? That's just deep fried cornstartch with potato flavor? i thought somehow they were going to turn the potato clear not just ....omg no eww.
    😷😷😷😷 not to mention unhealthy

    • Berubetto-sama
      Berubetto-sama Year ago +1

      Ms Bunny Except that it's potato starch it calls for in the recipe as a gelatinizing agent, which whoms effects fulfill the role of reintroducing the starch lost from baking and soaking of the potatos. Without the starch you lose the precious coating that creates the crispy exterior we associate with a proper chip or fry. This is nothing more than basic food science that breaks down the structure to obtain a clear product while maintaining everything characteristically associated with a chip. If you were given a blind study, you'd be hard pressed to know the difference, so aside the disgust. You're eating far worse daily.

  • Ivy Ho
    Ivy Ho Year ago +5

    Why!!! Why do this??

  • Antonina Amico
    Antonina Amico Year ago +18

    😂😂😂 I'm dead... these comments seriously... and don't get me started on these chips #alonzo all the way

  • Steven D
    Steven D Year ago +1

    Looks like the invisible man took a shit.

  • Ko Ko
    Ko Ko Year ago +14

    That's a very shitty "recipe" and it looks impossible to eat

  • Mario Hello
    Mario Hello Year ago +5

    that's not even potatoes anymore... good vis

  • randomguy7891
    randomguy7891 Year ago +10

    this is just a giant waste of potatoes. wtf man

  • Dana M.
    Dana M. Year ago +61

    I'm here because of Alonzo Lerone

  • Matt Kirkland
    Matt Kirkland Year ago +10

    OMG they look like thick slugs!

  • Shawn 91
    Shawn 91 Year ago +40

    Bake 230 centimeters 😂😂

  • holykittensironman93
    holykittensironman93 Year ago +47

    So it's corn starch and the juices from a potato in chip form. Sounds nasty.

  • Tiffany Wong
    Tiffany Wong Year ago +14

    so i’m totally confused , you use the potato water instead of the potato ?

  • ReyX1991
    ReyX1991 Year ago +98

    Alonzo fail to make this XD

    • Andrew Yang's Greatest Memes
      Andrew Yang's Greatest Memes  Year ago +2

      Note to self! If you want the taste of deep-fried yumminess. You must deep fried it in a real deep fry oil to get that taste of yumminess. By not doing so and just dip it in water to make it looked clear and interesting will not get that good taste of real potato chips.