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  • Faith Rich Fidler
    Faith Rich Fidler 7 hours ago

    Claire, is there a simple, but effective, way to alter this recipe to make it more WFPBNO? Yet still delish??? Umm... asking for a friend. ;)

  • Thomas McDonald
    Thomas McDonald 17 hours ago

    ummmmmmmm...!? paper recipe please (:

  • kay ros
    kay ros 2 days ago

    Claire with red lipstick look so different

  • I_am_a_Rook_main
    I_am_a_Rook_main 3 days ago

    not to say that the younger claire doesnt look good but i think that grey streak she has in her hair now really looks good on her

  • gula-gula getah sabah

    Bae Appetite when I see Claire

  • Nagaraj.D Amarnath
    Nagaraj.D Amarnath 3 days ago

    I liked your old look it was appealing and mature. Anyways you always look good in any look.. you rock clarie.. I like your videos especially the gourmet one's :)

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 4 days ago

    Thank you Claire for showing me how to make soup dumplings I really appreciate the video Happy holidays

  • Fuad Mammadli
    Fuad Mammadli 4 days ago

    Georgian khinkali 😍😂

  • jesuss lord
    jesuss lord 7 days ago

    instead of thinning one piece at a time, I thin the whole dough and cut round pieces, it s way faster easier and result is the same

  • SuperCommenter1000
    SuperCommenter1000 8 days ago +1

    Was thinking so hard abt wtf is soup dumpling.. then i realised its xiao long bao.. damn u people has english name on all kind of food

  • peaceinthemiddleeast
    peaceinthemiddleeast 8 days ago +1

    *cries in muslim*

  • Organization Organization

    Claire’s white streaaaaaaak is missing💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Clorox Bleach's #1 fan
    Clorox Bleach's #1 fan 9 days ago +2

    Nooo did she dye her haired!!! I miss her gray streak. 😢

  • Thaniel Suteja
    Thaniel Suteja 9 days ago

    I don't know, but give me a reason to learn how to cook asian food from non-asian. Such a use-fool!

  • ZIA !!
    ZIA !! 9 days ago

    ive never heard anyone call it soup dumpling before

  • J B
    J B 11 days ago

    That is NOT how you eat a soup dumpling. Traditionally you take a small bite off the top ( too vent hot steam & add dipping sauce) sip just a little soup, then add sauce into open hole. Then You put the entire soup dumpling into your mouth, you do you not take small bites..

  • iEatYourBrains13
    iEatYourBrains13 11 days ago

    She was just a baby here!

  • Rotom Black
    Rotom Black 12 days ago

    chinese gushers look tasty

  • oldshatterhand1984
    oldshatterhand1984 13 days ago

    She's so ridiculously pretty...

  • no name
    no name 13 days ago

    Wow , she is gorgeous

  • Monkle Jello
    Monkle Jello 14 days ago


  • Agent Floof
    Agent Floof 14 days ago +1


  • Maren Anderson
    Maren Anderson 14 days ago

    bby claire

  • Chris Stuedle
    Chris Stuedle 14 days ago

    Who cares about dumplings. Look at Claire!

  • Rachel Ashton
    Rachel Ashton 16 days ago +15

    I've been watching newer videos and I think Claire looks so pretty and dignified with her gray streak of hair! I didn't realize she used to dye it, she looks so different!

  • Bibi .SurpriseMe
    Bibi .SurpriseMe 17 days ago

    „so easy to make“ YEAH SURE

  • Rafael Tapia
    Rafael Tapia 20 days ago

    shes so young

  • Phyde4ux
    Phyde4ux 21 day ago +2

    Claire, before she had her super sexy gray streak.
    (still kinda sexy though)

  • Egg Salad
    Egg Salad 21 day ago +1

    Wow she looks so different without the cool grey in her hair! Awesome cook either way!!!

  • haley
    haley 22 days ago +55

    it’s weird not seeing Claire freaking out over trying to make something gourmet

    AKASH SHRIVASTAVA 23 days ago

    I like it my non dominant hand cool

  • Mary Odgerel
    Mary Odgerel 23 days ago

    it looks like buuz

  • YoutuMax
    YoutuMax 24 days ago

    Who tf mixes the soup with the filling you just put it on top, and you can just use chicken stock with some soy sauce you don’t have to make all that simmering thing

  • whatever0mate
    whatever0mate 25 days ago

    4:54. "nibble a hole", do NOT bite the dumpling like that, you'll burn your lips and teeth.

  • Bendrea Washington
    Bendrea Washington 26 days ago

    Love the new hair Clare but the grey stripe in the front was a classic either way your gorgeous and I’m trying this recipe

  • LaryBary58
    LaryBary58 27 days ago

    I couldn't figure out why Claire looked so weird in this video but then I realized it was her hair! They grey wasn't a thing yet

  • D LG
    D LG 28 days ago +1

    How does she look younger now?

  • Flaxlanden LanoPonn
    Flaxlanden LanoPonn 28 days ago


  • Eloise Ashworth
    Eloise Ashworth 29 days ago

    Omggggggg she looks so young

  • Exploding Tomahawks
    Exploding Tomahawks 29 days ago

    You say it's not complicated to make...yet you don't include ingredients, possible substitutions, or cooking times! So yeah, it's complicated.

  • Sophia Milanos
    Sophia Milanos 29 days ago

    Um? How can I make this without the actual ingredients????

  • Kuku Boo
    Kuku Boo 29 days ago

    Can you create soup dumplings with beef or chicken?
    If so, how different would the process be compared to this?

  • Leroy Gutierrez
    Leroy Gutierrez Month ago

    She got all purdied up for this video c':

  • ExTaCiii
    ExTaCiii Month ago

    Didn't know Claire was so attractive

  • Copenhagen King
    Copenhagen King Month ago

    She's cute asf and can cook like a boss someone better wife her

  • Brian Gilman
    Brian Gilman Month ago

    Wow! From 2015 till today Brad must be wearing on Clair. But she's still cute

    GULNASMOSH Month ago


    GULNASMOSH Month ago


  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen Month ago

    Lmao, it’s pretty much how my grandma taught me, except we are not so precise with the dough. We just eye ball it.

  • Leah Rice
    Leah Rice Month ago

    I like how this video is 3 years old and Claire looks even better now. She ages in reverse

  • Emilie Gonet
    Emilie Gonet Month ago

    « Isn’t so complicated ». I mean it sounds like tedious work...

  • Nitrohite
    Nitrohite Month ago

    Claire :(

  • David Hester
    David Hester Month ago

    melt me into your soup

  • Daisy June
    Daisy June Month ago

    Wow really authentic recipe!

  • Chevon Newman
    Chevon Newman Month ago

    I love the new Claire.... Far less makeup and much more personality!

  • Crlng
    Crlng Month ago

    xiaoshing wine?.... Careful wine? what?

  • Natasha Kyochko
    Natasha Kyochko Month ago

    Smh I really thought this was a recent video then I looked at the date, why am I just now watching her, I’ve missed 3 yearssss 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lord and savior dugong

    Love the new not as serious Bon Appétit

  • CarlosIsDown
    CarlosIsDown Month ago

    I miss your streak, claire :(

  • ASMR Videos4life
    ASMR Videos4life Month ago

    Oml Claire looks so different

  • latte fairy
    latte fairy Month ago

    I love dumplings and claire

  • Jackie Teeter
    Jackie Teeter Month ago

    I was interested until the pig foot

  • AidenBacon Wizard
    AidenBacon Wizard Month ago

    Usually, in proper Chinese restaurants, there's usually a hole on the top that you can suck the soup out of and then eat.

  • Volrad
    Volrad Month ago +1

    Wow she looks so different

  • Susanna Osinski
    Susanna Osinski Month ago +1

    Xiao long bao ‘s are my absolute favorite

  • Abhijeet Mishra
    Abhijeet Mishra Month ago

    Brunette good.

  • José Explosion
    José Explosion Month ago

    Asian approved.

  • lampman2280
    lampman2280 Month ago

    Claire is just lovely

  • Franco Elias
    Franco Elias Month ago

    Gorgeous and talented

  • NvyMelody
    NvyMelody Month ago

    Most of the time, people will bite a hole first to let the steam out. Once it isn't as scalding, u slurp the whole dumping into your mouth

  • thisbrightlight
    thisbrightlight 2 months ago +1

    I don’t even cook, but have literally binge watched every video Claire and Brad are in.

  • Andy McBra
    Andy McBra 2 months ago

    why is this so hand wavey?

  • artehou no
    artehou no 2 months ago

    Hoe can I make these vegetarian ????

  • hao duong
    hao duong 2 months ago

    love how she pauses before pronouncing the wine :)

  • nct is the best
    nct is the best 2 months ago

    actually i bite a hole in the dumpling first and drink the soup then i dip it in vinegar and swirl it ard to let the meat absorb the vinegar and then finish it in a bite :)

  • José Adler
    José Adler 2 months ago +2


  • Noir
    Noir 2 months ago

    Claire is bae

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 months ago

    "Isn't that complicated" PSHH

  • Delaney
    Delaney 2 months ago

    she missed a lot of jokes here wheres brad

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 2 months ago

    That's a pretty nice marble worktop

  • sharkrunaway
    sharkrunaway 2 months ago

    At the beginning I was like what do you mean this isn't claire... But its just 2015 claire.

  • 小孩子
    小孩子 2 months ago

    Xiaolongbao is looking great. Thank you Claire for making it right. Also, you are looking very pretty. 😴

  • Kaustubh Athawale
    Kaustubh Athawale 2 months ago

    I had to scroll down three comments to see a gray streak comment 😪

  • *jisung* pWarking lot
    *jisung* pWarking lot 2 months ago

    Lol I’m happy europeans are interested in our asian culture :) hope y’all can do some that are not just chinese but maybe Malay or Indonesian

  • Diary Dom
    Diary Dom 2 months ago

    Claire looks like Tammy 2 in this video. In a good way.

  • Tiara Hernandez
    Tiara Hernandez 2 months ago

    Um. Take off her makeup and unstraighten her hair pls. She looks so different

  • m ilk tea
    m ilk tea 2 months ago

    i’m hungry gr8

  • •Creepy Bunbuns•
    •Creepy Bunbuns• 2 months ago

    Ahhhh this brings back memories for me, sweet sweet childhood🥟🥟🥟

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins 2 months ago

    I never considered soup dumplings dim sum. Oh well. My favorite if the place is legit and has fresh bbq pork is Cheung Fun with chinese BBQ pork and if not with shrimp.

  • Jem Reeves
    Jem Reeves 2 months ago

    claire u are beautiful!

  • Annika P
    Annika P 2 months ago

    Little Claire!

  • Kamila Routsis * Life In Moments

    Great recipe, clear steps, Claire is great - but wtf is up with this music?????

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 2 months ago

    WoW...This is surprisingly authentic..

  • George Wang
    George Wang 2 months ago

    The cube method works but if you put it all through a chilled grinder the end product will be much more uniform in shape and content.

  • Nikolai Sverdrup
    Nikolai Sverdrup 2 months ago

    she looks like a budget porn star

  • kraamerXmich
    kraamerXmich 2 months ago

    I love it...but man, idk if I’d say this is easy. I find the hardest thing about cooking isn’t actually the cooking part, but the ingredients and prep. SO MANY INGREDIENTS! A pigs foot? Like omg. So many things!!
    Maybe I’m just unskilled and naive rn, but these definitely seem like a lot of work 😂

    • kraamerXmich
      kraamerXmich 2 months ago

      Tweedlebean I hear you, but even still...I think this is only ‘hard to mess up’ if you’re a culinary graduate or skilled in the kitchen. I find filling dumplings without breaking them open to be one of the harder things to accomplish. Maybe that’s just me! Idk, I just feel like there should be steps between easy, moderate, and difficult. I would definitely put this in the “moderate” area.

    • Tweedlebean
      Tweedlebean 2 months ago

      I think "easy" in cooking means "hard to mess up". It'll take a lot of work, but it's almost guaranteed to come out well.

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 2 months ago

    Such a baby! Wow💕

  • nooo no
    nooo no 2 months ago

    i prefer new claire the old one doesn't have that je ne sais quoi.

  • a
    a 2 months ago

    where's the white in her hair (or grey idk)

  • Hayden
    Hayden 2 months ago +1

    First white person I've ever seen cook an Asian dish with actual chopsticks.