Claire Makes Soup Dumplings | Bon Appetit


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  • artehou no
    artehou no 20 hours ago

    Hoe can I make these vegetarian ????

  • hao duong
    hao duong 21 hour ago

    love how she pauses before pronouncing the wine :)

  • Jimin’s lost Jams

    actually i bite a hole in the dumpling first and drink the soup then i dip it in vinegar and swirl it ard to let the meat absorb the vinegar and then finish it in a bite :)

  • José Adler
    José Adler 2 days ago


  • Noir
    Noir 3 days ago

    Claire is bae

  • Christopher
    Christopher 3 days ago

    "Isn't that complicated" PSHH

  • Delaney
    Delaney 3 days ago

    she missed a lot of jokes here wheres brad

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 3 days ago

    That's a pretty nice marble worktop

  • sharkrunaway
    sharkrunaway 4 days ago

    At the beginning I was like what do you mean this isn't claire... But its just 2015 claire.

  • 小孩子
    小孩子 4 days ago

    Xiaolongbao is looking great. Thank you Claire for making it right. Also, you are looking very pretty. 😴

  • Kaustubh Athawale
    Kaustubh Athawale 5 days ago

    I had to scroll down three comments to see a gray streak comment 😪

  • *jisung* pWarking lot

    Lol I’m happy europeans are interested in our asian culture :) hope y’all can do some that are not just chinese but maybe Malay or Indonesian

  • Diary Dom
    Diary Dom 6 days ago

    Claire looks like Tammy 2 in this video. In a good way.

  • Tiara Hernandez
    Tiara Hernandez 7 days ago

    Um. Take off her makeup and unstraighten her hair pls. She looks so different

  • m ilk tea
    m ilk tea 8 days ago

    i’m hungry gr8

  • •Creepy Bunbuns•

    Ahhhh this brings back memories for me, sweet sweet childhood🥟🥟🥟

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins 9 days ago

    I never considered soup dumplings dim sum. Oh well. My favorite if the place is legit and has fresh bbq pork is Cheung Fun with chinese BBQ pork and if not with shrimp.

  • Jem Reeves
    Jem Reeves 10 days ago

    claire u are beautiful!

  • Annika P
    Annika P 10 days ago

    Little Claire!

  • Kamila Routsis * Life In Moments

    Great recipe, clear steps, Claire is great - but wtf is up with this music?????

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 12 days ago

    WoW...This is surprisingly authentic..

  • George Wang
    George Wang 12 days ago

    The cube method works but if you put it all through a chilled grinder the end product will be much more uniform in shape and content.

  • Nikolai Sverdrup
    Nikolai Sverdrup 12 days ago

    she looks like a budget porn star

  • kraamerXmich
    kraamerXmich 12 days ago

    I love it...but man, idk if I’d say this is easy. I find the hardest thing about cooking isn’t actually the cooking part, but the ingredients and prep. SO MANY INGREDIENTS! A pigs foot? Like omg. So many things!!
    Maybe I’m just unskilled and naive rn, but these definitely seem like a lot of work 😂

    • kraamerXmich
      kraamerXmich 22 hours ago

      Tweedlebean I hear you, but even still...I think this is only ‘hard to mess up’ if you’re a culinary graduate or skilled in the kitchen. I find filling dumplings without breaking them open to be one of the harder things to accomplish. Maybe that’s just me! Idk, I just feel like there should be steps between easy, moderate, and difficult. I would definitely put this in the “moderate” area.

    • Tweedlebean
      Tweedlebean 23 hours ago

      I think "easy" in cooking means "hard to mess up". It'll take a lot of work, but it's almost guaranteed to come out well.

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 13 days ago

    Such a baby! Wow💕

  • nooo no
    nooo no 13 days ago

    i prefer new claire the old one doesn't have that je ne sais quoi.

  • Giane Amar
    Giane Amar 13 days ago

    where's the white in her hair (or grey idk)

  • Whorilia Aquapuss
    Whorilia Aquapuss 13 days ago

    Ewww pork

  • Hayden
    Hayden 15 days ago +1

    First white person I've ever seen cook an Asian dish with actual chopsticks.

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 16 days ago

    she has such a perfect face

  • Michael Trinta
    Michael Trinta 17 days ago

    She looked like another person without her gray streak

  • drink water not alcohol

    this was soup-er simple

  • Anayeli Meza-Medrano
    Anayeli Meza-Medrano 18 days ago

    Look at baby Clair!! Before she was tortured with all the gourmet videos. She was so full of life. 😥❤️

  • Jeremy Medlock
    Jeremy Medlock 18 days ago

    Claire, please never dye your hair again. the one shock of grey is very pretty.

  • Sri Moonshine
    Sri Moonshine 19 days ago

    Claire, no! They made you cover up your cool silver streaks and get TV makeup.

  • Clumsy Struggles
    Clumsy Struggles 19 days ago

    Xiao long bao. 😍

  • philocal
    philocal 21 day ago

    This is how my grandma makes soup dumplings, except for the fact that grandma eyeballs the dough

  • Daniel Ma
    Daniel Ma 22 days ago

    This is pretty authentic

  • Brandon Dexter
    Brandon Dexter 22 days ago +1

    Damn, Claire looking like a snack.

  • Genghis Khunt
    Genghis Khunt 23 days ago +1

    Aw baby Claire 💕

  • don't care
    don't care 24 days ago

    How old is claire? I know this was 3 years ago and she was dying her hair. My guess is she's 40-42 in 2018 but you can't find any info on google or wiki. P.s claire is my cooking crush, so beautiful but i prefer her with the natural grey hair.

  • el scientifico
    el scientifico 24 days ago

    Anybody getting a Megan Mullally younger sister vibe from her??

  • Sam Sarasvati
    Sam Sarasvati 26 days ago

    this was the first video i fell in love with claire

  • Tamar H.
    Tamar H. 26 days ago

    I've never had these before. I might try to make them now, they look super delicious!

  • Donavan Cargin
    Donavan Cargin 26 days ago

    WOW she looks so good here

  • Ohstirfry
    Ohstirfry 26 days ago

    Mmm reminds me of bao you should show them bao. Made some and oh my so good

  • Just call me Josh
    Just call me Josh 26 days ago

    Damn.... Her eyes are AMAZING!!

  • Ms7deadlysins
    Ms7deadlysins 26 days ago

    when u have a date at 9pm, but have to film a youtube video at 8:45pm.

  • Rachel Freid
    Rachel Freid 27 days ago

    How do you make the dough with rice flour/gluten free. Thanks!

  • Dean C
    Dean C 28 days ago

    The grey streak really suits her... sad it’s gone this video’

  • emily he
    emily he 28 days ago +1

    Damn. The way you fold those dumplings! My grandma does that as well. Now I am craving for soup dumplings

  • Poles Apart
    Poles Apart 29 days ago

    Who couldn’t stop thinking about the short food film at the beginning of Incredibles 2? I sure couldn’t..

  • Alejandro P
    Alejandro P Month ago

    I bet their delicious but IDK about all that jelled pork stock. That looks like your taking in a lot of fat into your body.

  • Josh H
    Josh H Month ago

    wow, i liked the recent, unpolished videos so much better. much more fun and relaxed :)
    still looks delicious though

  • Infamous Dun
    Infamous Dun Month ago +1

    I see Claire, i click

  • Abir Ben Ahmed
    Abir Ben Ahmed Month ago +1

    Can I make this with chicken !!!?

  • SuperAluminum
    SuperAluminum Month ago

    A suggestion from a Shanghainese: no garlic in the filling

  • Mi Tian
    Mi Tian Month ago

    I’m Chinese and I love you Claire

  • Abdul Munye
    Abdul Munye Month ago

    Thumbs down for no white hair

  • roomforthefiiixins
    roomforthefiiixins Month ago

    I love this look much more...not a fan of the gray streaks

  • ArgentAbendAzure
    ArgentAbendAzure Month ago

    She reminds me of a young Megan Mullally in this video.

  • Rogerio Dumbo
    Rogerio Dumbo Month ago


  • 101 Life
    101 Life Month ago

    Nice try!

  • Negrurismo
    Negrurismo Month ago

    Where is the white hair!! 😱

  • Boswell Borklund
    Boswell Borklund Month ago

    Worst. video. ever.

  • sapphire gypsy
    sapphire gypsy Month ago

    Well ur gonna have to add the amount of ingredient for the dish or the video is kinda pointless

  • Moira Catherine
    Moira Catherine Month ago +1

    Came here cuz I miss Claire Dx

  • Fudge Wars
    Fudge Wars Month ago

    I really love Claire💕 i wanna marry you💕🙇

  • Joseph Vertido
    Joseph Vertido Month ago +2

    Looks simple, but will probably take you about 6 hours to make.

  • Stay Metal503
    Stay Metal503 Month ago

    Clair is a straight up babe

  • Okxay Poppy
    Okxay Poppy Month ago

    xD I didn’t know you where Clare xD because your hair was different too how I normally see it in your videos you do xD

  • mtl47
    mtl47 Month ago

    I guess if you're making an Asian dish you have to use chop sticks, just like when you make a Mexican dish you have to wear a sombrero...

  • alex eu
    alex eu Month ago

    Marry me Claire

  • Inferno
    Inferno Month ago

    She's a lefty

  • Ving Tan
    Ving Tan Month ago

    That’s not how you eat it

  • soixantecroissants
    soixantecroissants Month ago

    I love your shows but you need to diversify your cast. Bon appetit so white!

  • Build&Brew
    Build&Brew Month ago

    Claire, you're a great presenter.

  • Mufaro k
    Mufaro k Month ago

    Omg your hair

  • Nigel Chasworth
    Nigel Chasworth Month ago

    “It’s super simple. You’re first ingredient is a pigs foot”

    ...Wait a second...

  • Beejay Swifter
    Beejay Swifter Month ago

    If you don't have access to a pigs trotter, the bony tips of chicken wings gelatinize beautifully. It may not be quite firm enough to cut into cubes, but it's firm enough to get into the dumpling without it melting. When I make wings, I buy the whole wings (cheaper!) and freeze the tips just for this purpose. ;)

    RICHARD CHAI Month ago


  • Esther Izrailov
    Esther Izrailov Month ago

    I was entreged because of the title but as soon as I saw the 🐖 foot I clicked off😬 it was to much for me. Poor piggy

  • JustSomebody
    JustSomebody Month ago

    Back when it had a script

  • SirHat
    SirHat Month ago

    Oh wow Claire without the white streak. Looks weird.

  • Lela Porter
    Lela Porter Month ago

    I had soup dumplings in nyc and it kinda tasted like sewage...

  • AJ cook
    AJ cook Month ago

    It’s crazy the difference the grey streak makes. Also looks like Claire wore more makeup before too.

  • immayellogirl
    immayellogirl Month ago

    her rolling skills make me criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge

  • no one
    no one Month ago

    I couldnt recognize claire without the streak..

  • Isa Caceres
    Isa Caceres Month ago

    wow this video is three years old and im just now watching it?? Claire has like no greys yet (i love her greys)

  • Ashwin Vijayaraghavan

    Where's Claire's signature white streak?! Is this young Claire before she achieved maximum awesomeness?

  • Yoyo K. Star6
    Yoyo K. Star6 Month ago

    so how much flour?

  • Saul Martinez
    Saul Martinez Month ago

    claire is a goth queen

  • newyou
    newyou Month ago

    Where was the easy part?

  • reezone3gaming
    reezone3gaming Month ago

    I like the natural Claire more...huhu

  • Asthetical
    Asthetical Month ago

    #1 rule when making chinese food in front of your grandparents, DON’T YOU EVEN DARE TAKE OUT ANYTHING WITH A MEASURMENT. Just me that has grandparents that glare at you when you do?

  • Sean Newnan
    Sean Newnan Month ago

    Careful they dont come to life

  • Vijay Pra
    Vijay Pra Month ago

    Claire you look beautiful

  • Jack Vigh
    Jack Vigh 2 months ago

    OMG it’s a baby Claire

  • WhiteKnight McGee
    WhiteKnight McGee 2 months ago

    4:31 GoD DamNIt NaPpA

  • Nana Noms
    Nana Noms 2 months ago

    Can I use store bought dumpling wrappers?