nostalgia / work and chill lofi playlist

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    The Deli

    in love with a ghost
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    Lazy Lewis
    lil que
    Eddie Rohosy
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  • 130mood
    130mood  10 months ago +1523

    1. 0:00 5:32 PM - The Deli
    2. 2:12 two of us - dizralph.c
    3. 4:10 Pleasant - Engelwood
    4. 6:38 be your girl - eugene cam
    5. 9:41 flowers- in love with a ghost, ft nori
    6. 13:44 dreaming about you - Jazzinuf
    7. 16:51 egyptian pools - jinsang
    8. 19:02 Summer’s Day [v2] - jinsang
    9. 21:56 Dancing Days - Lazy Lewis
    10. 23:07 paradise shawty - lil que
    11. 24:58 lake.serene - Altitude.
    12. 28:10 Night Ride - Eddie Rohosy

  • statikyu
    statikyu 7 hours ago

    i love coming here bc the comments are a lil dose of positivity

  • No Idea Studios
    No Idea Studios Day ago

    Imagine a perfect morning while listening to this. It's almost as if everything is perfect..

  • AJ All the way
    AJ All the way Day ago

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  • Nichole  Gould
    Nichole Gould Day ago +1

    How does one go about making a lofi playlist? I wanted to make one, but was curious on how people got permission to use the animations and tracks if they did.

  • rhatson
    rhatson Day ago

    thank you.

  • земляная женя

    i`m feeling pleasure

  • Sethanydeth Nouth

    19:02 spirited away

  • ant loupe
    ant loupe 2 days ago

    Do you know what "nostalgia" means?

  • Gacha Paradise
    Gacha Paradise 2 days ago

    Funny I found this mix at 5:32

  • snoopdogicees
    snoopdogicees 2 days ago

    I miss listening to lofi and playing overwatch

  • PicàrdiaVEVO
    PicàrdiaVEVO 2 days ago

    I heard the first song in a video explaining how melanie martinez was a rapist help

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 2 days ago

    where di du get this gif or animation

  • Professional Fangirl

    I have end of year exams this week and next week, and oml low fi music helps me with studying and concentration so much! this playlist is great x tysm

  • DrainN
    DrainN 3 days ago

    I love this part of youtube, everyone is so nice to each other😀

  • Maura Tressler
    Maura Tressler 3 days ago

    I lowkey wanna start a cafe called Nostalgia Coffee's with this music playing everywhere and this whole comment section is invited to work there who's in?

  • Amerli
    Amerli 4 days ago

    i never knew twisting something would be so relaxing

  • 25th Bamm
    25th Bamm 4 days ago

    I feel asleep on the couch last night and it felt great. Only problem? I really needed to write an essay... so now I'm pushed on time and cramming. Probably not my greatest work but I'm proud of it.

  • • Jessi •
    • Jessi • 4 days ago

    I love this

  • RuLe pxpcxrnFN
    RuLe pxpcxrnFN 4 days ago

    Reply to this is you want a cup of coffee or something :)

  • Nicolas Fuentes
    Nicolas Fuentes 4 days ago

    Its going to be alright, I promise ;)

  • • NillaCookiedoodles•

    Subtitles: [Music]
    Deaf people: 🤘😩

  • InvictusReginam
    InvictusReginam 5 days ago

    oml #5 is gorgeous

  • PandasAndPens
    PandasAndPens 5 days ago

    So glad I discovered this playlist. Something about it is so comforting and definitely feels nostalgic. It just makes me want to zone out of the rush of life and take it easy. If you're reading this, remember that whatever you are going through, you've got this, and you're not alone. You're gonna pull through and I love you xx

  • always pochi
    always pochi 5 days ago

    130mood님 제가 자살을 생각할정도로 우울증이 심한데 130님 음악 들으니 많이 편안해지고 일상생활이 즐거워지고 있어요:) 정말 감사합니다

  • Ukulele Town
    Ukulele Town 5 days ago

    My uncle owns a new cafe everyone! This music will be out on and I need more suggestions for the music, comment your fave Lori song and I’ll suggest it! Have a wonderful day/night!

  • Agirl3467 AJ
    Agirl3467 AJ 5 days ago

    I have this expirience, i was stress on my paper work and then i put some lofi radio. It was on live chat. I cant help but unnoticing it so i eventually fall for the live chat lololol.
    And oh how nice it is. I see ppl talking w eachother tho they dont know eachother but they get along. Its like magic its like.. harmony to see ppl cominicate connecting one another even w strangers on the internet.
    It feels like a lot of love it feels like being accepted bc hey, they dont know you but they accept u in there. It feels like in those live chat it had an universal love for every person, i saw they talk abt depression, drugs, and stress but neither of them actually reject those ppl. They hug those ppl to talk, to enjoy and i saw such beautiful harmony of human connection even with strangers.
    Its beautiful ❤💙💛💚🧡💜💖🖤

  • Henna J
    Henna J 6 days ago +2

    Taking my biology final tomorrow and need to stop procrastinating and this is very helpful, hopefully I don't fail:/ Thank you to the comment section for making me feel a little better about myself, hope everyone has an extraordinary summer! Its about time we got a break:)

  • Haley Price
    Haley Price 6 days ago

    Track 5 is ma soul to ma soul

  • qttYanxx
    qttYanxx 6 days ago


  • Amelinda - Chan
    Amelinda - Chan 6 days ago

    i didnt think it was true, and then i realized.

  • coconut water
    coconut water 6 days ago

    I’m so late but this playlist is the best thing that’s happened in a week, I listen to this in the shower, doing homework, when I stare through the window into oblivion, this playlist is the embodiment of beautiful. Thank you for this, bless your soul!

  • David Richmond
    David Richmond 6 days ago

    nobody likes you nobody needs you nobody cares for you don't worry my name is nobody

  • Book of complaints
    Book of complaints 7 days ago +3

    It is ideal

  • Fav
    Fav 7 days ago


  • Zaara Nair
    Zaara Nair 7 days ago

    thats alot of cat gachas lmao

  • ItzGoWolfHD - Gameplays Y mas

    Yeah, i really like this :')

  • victoria collins
    victoria collins 8 days ago

    whos favorite was the deli 5:32

  • 9 days ago +1

    this is (me) when i study ----> ( ° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)

  • Arcey L.
    Arcey L. 9 days ago


  • kim gillera
    kim gillera 10 days ago

    this playlist really stands out from the rest, i love it. btw i'm currently studying math while relaxing. and i think i'm doing good.

  • Isabella Zhao
    Isabella Zhao 11 days ago +1

    anyone who watches studio ghibli films, the song in the track “summer’s day” sounds like the song from spirited away :,)

  • lohnuh
    lohnuh 12 days ago

    im doing covers on my channel ✨ i just started and i would really appreciate it if you guys checked them out 🖤

  • TeacupTempest
    TeacupTempest 12 days ago

    I feel that BestDressed gets inspiration for her music here.

  • Hiba Sobh
    Hiba Sobh 13 days ago

    I think I love this so much!

  • 영호영
    영호영 13 days ago +10

    it's so relaxing. even after i finish what i needed to do, i just lay in my bed and listen to this, thinking about random things lol it's really amazing how this comment section is so calming, everyone just sharing ideas and commenting about their day, it really makes me feel happy
    if you want simiral mood.
    aso - ultra violet
    Dept - mine
    Seo actor - i don’t know about you

  • Carlos Hoil
    Carlos Hoil 13 days ago


  • T
    T 14 days ago

    my chest is hurting so fuckin much dude what the fuck

  • Joshmamama
    Joshmamama 14 days ago

    This kinda stuff helps me get through 12 hr homework sessions uwu

  • Dunja Pavić
    Dunja Pavić 14 days ago +1

    It's raining outside... I love this and rain together.

  • Fernanda Moreira Barboza

    two of us sounds like an outro for thank u next 💜

  • Average Player3
    Average Player3 16 days ago

    3:10: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone....

  • Camila Saenz-Villarreal

    the not so well known artists always have the best aesthetic music

  • Kamey Edits
    Kamey Edits 17 days ago


  • Nat Mint
    Nat Mint 17 days ago

    check out my newest chill & aesthetic vid 😙 show some luv tho!

  • Flavi
    Flavi 17 days ago +1

    amazing shit… 👍🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Nayomii
    Nayomii 17 days ago

    does anyone know how to make playlists like these? I've been wanting to make playlist videos but can't find any softwares to make them ;-;

  • zoe dreams
    zoe dreams 17 days ago +6

    I listened to this while doing homework and it made it 100000000x non stressful. Thank youuuuu x

    PRETTYMUCHbae's 17 days ago

    9:43 A little girl wakes up and explores......she finds an old woman on the street and the is told to follow her, as she was walking she glanced as the same woman was standing behind her. She asked the woman where she was, she said 'Do you belive in magic'? Said the women 'Yes i do' said' the little girl, she found out that woman was a fairy and soon woke up then to find that fairy was her mother.........*5 YEARS LATER* that little girl is now 13 and has a belief she will someday fly and touch the moon just like the magical fairly would tell her in the storys.....

    PRETTYMUCHbae's 17 days ago +1

    Flowers is like a rainy day when ur phone is dead ,nothing good to eat, parents are asleep, while u and ur siblings are bored as heck, no neighborhood freinds, wanna play. You go out side and do nothing but just sit while its pouring. As u get bored from singing to your self while sitting then you walk to your creek 4/12 minites away on a walk, you find a nice girl sitting by her self on a pond, you lean closer to find a freindly group of harmonizing frogs. You then relize its a hidden rainforest. The next day is monday.... adter school you go back to the creek to find nothing but a regular bond and trees. You wake up and relize it was all a dream, but u will never forget that sweet blonde girl from your memory...

    PRETTYMUCHbae's 17 days ago +6

    Flowers (by In Love With A Ghost) is the BEST ONE PERIOD'TT

    PRETTYMUCHbae's 17 days ago


  • Clemy
    Clemy 18 days ago

    things could be so much different right now

  • ThisIsNotAnId
    ThisIsNotAnId 18 days ago

    Thanks guy

  • Soouupz
    Soouupz 18 days ago

    Those 280 people missed the like button

  • Blur Berry
    Blur Berry 18 days ago

    Omg I hear p.i.m.p. In paradise shawty!!!

  • Tears of Light
    Tears of Light 18 days ago +1

    Helped me study for a chemistry exam thx😘

  • lulubaby
    lulubaby 18 days ago

    the fact that the gifs in the video are different for each song is sooo cute. i’m currently working really hard so i can go to the high school i chose and the playlist is helping me everyday! lot’s of love angels, stay positive!

  • jiminie chimchim
    jiminie chimchim 18 days ago


  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 18 days ago

    Where is each gif from(the anime names)?

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 18 days ago

    is the 9th one from an anime? if so, which one?

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 18 days ago +1

    is the first gif from an anime? If so, what's it called?

  • cutebeats.
    cutebeats. 19 days ago +1

    Stop scrolling the comments. You are supposed to be doing homework..

  • Peachy art and cosplay

    Am I the only one here who likes listening to this because of my depression. UwU

  • Savvy
    Savvy 19 days ago +1

    Bruh vibey music slapppps

  • Martha withh
    Martha withh 19 days ago

    anyone knows where's the 10:20 flowergif from?

  • Fan of Fandoms
    Fan of Fandoms 19 days ago

    not that anyone really cares, but i got my first ever girlfriend today! :)

  • K I O T A
    K I O T A 19 days ago +1

    I feel good, really good and my heart is pounding with so many good feelings.
    Thanks a lot for the positive energy you brought.

  • lonelyaugustnights.
    lonelyaugustnights. 20 days ago

    nije li lepo odvojiti se od realnosti i biti u svom svetu//

  • Bonbon Vampire
    Bonbon Vampire 20 days ago +1

    hi i love this special n beautiful corner of yt ♡

    ALI EGAN 21 day ago


  • Came here to watch
    Came here to watch 21 day ago


  • Xueshan Spotted corn


  • Cheshire Wonderland
    Cheshire Wonderland 21 day ago

    *hears first track*
    me: summer of 2018 is that you?

  • your mum
    your mum 22 days ago

    i really want to kill myself lol

  • Astheticrose
    Astheticrose 23 days ago

    Why isn’t any of this stuff on APPLE MUSIC?!!! This is legit the soundtrack to my life and i feel so happy and calm when I listen to this, very aesthetically pleasing to my ears ❤️

  • Mario Toma
    Mario Toma 23 days ago +1

    at 23:07 i can feel the smell of the book

  • Righteous Dawn
    Righteous Dawn 23 days ago

    What is the anime/movie at 21:18? Looks so cool

  • Lavender Incense
    Lavender Incense 23 days ago +1

    I miss u 2017

  • Mugo Muriithi
    Mugo Muriithi 24 days ago

    listening to this in a cafe, def
    better than the shtizz they are playing

  • stella HI
    stella HI 24 days ago

    a e s t h e t i c

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B 24 days ago

    Imagine if this playlist was being played in a retro anime tho...

  • bri reilly
    bri reilly 25 days ago

    me: *enjoying playlist, just chilling*
    ad: WriTiNG iS HaRd, BuT gRAmMaRlY CaN HeLp

  • Sofiya Shlyakis
    Sofiya Shlyakis 25 days ago

    thanks my cat is sleeping very well he loves it

  • Kookie's Bae
    Kookie's Bae 25 days ago +1

    this is my fave playlist among your many good ones

  • savanna jamieson
    savanna jamieson 25 days ago

    Gimme more 🥺

  • LoveSleeping02
    LoveSleeping02 25 days ago

    I'm someone really nervous, and I think that is why I love this kind of music. It just helps me to relax. Cheers everybody

  • mali tha menace
    mali tha menace 26 days ago

    type of beats I used to sharpen my sword to

  • Daniela Roškar
    Daniela Roškar 26 days ago

    i love this kind of music

  • M A P L E S Y R U P
    M A P L E S Y R U P 26 days ago

    *happiness noise*