Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Everyone assumed Sasha and Marcus would wind up together except for Sasha and Marcus. Reconnecting after 15 years, the two start to wonder... maybe?
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    Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix
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Comments • 4 886

  • Jersey The Jerk
    Jersey The Jerk 18 hours ago

    Lol I was watching this movie just today!! It's amazing

  • Kadyn Chan
    Kadyn Chan 19 hours ago

    The 1996 version of them at 0:36 on the left, is my friend Jax (Jackson!) I know him in real life. OwO

  • Sean Estrera
    Sean Estrera Day ago

    Dwight cut it out, I'm trying to work.

  • Abducens CN VI
    Abducens CN VI Day ago

    Great song playing background

  • Pipa Vazquez
    Pipa Vazquez Day ago

    This movie, TATBILB and Crazy Rich Asians and Set It Up just revived the RomCom genre

  • VIPGirsl214 MSP
    VIPGirsl214 MSP Day ago +1

    When’s this coming out?

  • Anya Bess
    Anya Bess Day ago

    Wonderful movie! Loved Sasha! ❤

  • MissSuggaBoo
    MissSuggaBoo Day ago

    That Keanu piece was brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🙈😂

  • Rose Elric
    Rose Elric Day ago

    The trailer gave away the entire movie.

  • Jums
    Jums Day ago

    This movie was funny .

  • 2 days ago +1

    *Good comedy with some nice jokes.* The live songs and Keanu were the best.
    Marcus should have ran from Sasha as far away as he can. So many warning signals.
    He was chill most the time. She was nagging and yelling, and swearing, and looking down on people for being poor.

    What if Sasha was male, who is yelling, nagging, complaining about poor people. Is that a warning sign for a self-obsessed psycho ?¿

  • Alyssa Grizzard
    Alyssa Grizzard 2 days ago

    I wanna watch this movie for the sole reason of Keanu Reeves

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 days ago

    "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey is now stuck in my head! It's my jam now.. hahaha. Works well for gym cardio sessions!

  • Daisy
    Daisy 2 days ago

    Ok. Now that I’ve scene the whole movie..

  • Trey B
    Trey B 2 days ago

    So funny! Loved it

  • Sammy Yabut
    Sammy Yabut 2 days ago

    Whats the song later?

  • Sammy Yabut
    Sammy Yabut 2 days ago


  • Helen Howard
    Helen Howard 2 days ago +1

    😮 O M G..... as Keanu Reeves walks in😍 I definitely wasn't expecting that! Oops sorry Marcus but you've no chance now😆

  • Billy evan utama
    Billy evan utama 2 days ago

    So people talking about this Netflix movie in always be my baby by Mariah Carey (David cook version is better for me btw)

  • Deff 2bs
    Deff 2bs 2 days ago

    Was funny as fuck

  • Amir Mcphearson
    Amir Mcphearson 2 days ago


  • Mari Tes
    Mari Tes 2 days ago

    I love this movie!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  • o4saken1
    o4saken1 3 days ago +1

    I wasn't sure I'd like this but damn, i LOVED it!!!!!

  • Lil Ozzy
    Lil Ozzy 3 days ago

    The ending with the recipe thing made me cry so much it was so sweet great movie plus I wasn’t expecting Keanu when I saw him I swear I thought I was turning gay 😂 loved his scenes

  • Faisal Pat
    Faisal Pat 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does the face on the statue look like Klay Thompson? 1:36

  • Tobirama Senju
    Tobirama Senju 3 days ago

    awesome movie!! and funny as hell. i lost count how many times i cried 😭😭😭

  • Elio Abelle
    Elio Abelle 3 days ago +1

    This is fvcking hilarious! Haha. Better than Crazy Rich. 👌

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia 3 days ago +1

    I would watch it..... *If the cast were White and Blond*

    • Mari Tes
      Mari Tes 2 days ago

      cesar garcia are you dumb or plain Stupid!!?!?

  • Mariah Candice
    Mariah Candice 3 days ago

    This version of Always Be My Baby is kinda fresh....I want to hear the whole new track

  • monique williams
    monique williams 3 days ago

    Such a cute movie I laughed and I cried really good movie

  • Meuthianabila Pratiwi

    Teman tapi menikah ?

  • kai xoxo
    kai xoxo 3 days ago

    Best 💓💕

  • Fignewtonman 69
    Fignewtonman 69 4 days ago +1

    It’s Jim from The Office!

  • Harry Gerry
    Harry Gerry 4 days ago

    He is doing some side quests in John Wick:Asian DLC before leveling up in John Wick Chapter 4.

  • ocoauction
    ocoauction 4 days ago

    Always be my baby then it there’s a movie called always be my maybe.

  • Roberto Jordan
    Roberto Jordan 4 days ago

    Why i wanna watch this
    Nobody :
    Me : 2:24

  • baby groot
    baby groot 4 days ago

    this movie was not what i expected (slightly overhyped). it's ok, and deserves a watch. my main peeve with this movie are the jokes that are written to sound like improv. bc of this, the actors & actresses deliver those lines in an awkward manner, making the jokes sound clearly deliberate.
    verbal humor: 😐
    visual humor: 😀

  • Dr FanGirl
    Dr FanGirl 4 days ago

    I legit had trouble breathing when i saw keanu reeves on the screen cuz of his super bright smile and the cheesy pickup line that follows.i definitely gonna watch this!

  • Tyler Horton
    Tyler Horton 4 days ago

    Jim’s backstory

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles 4 days ago

    Where can i watch this movie

  • Kevin Mozulay
    Kevin Mozulay 4 days ago +1

    Jin Kwon and John Wick in the same movie. Ight. I’m in.

  • Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea

    Hey she doesn’t have to choose, just have a threesome.

  • Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea

    Don’t even have Netflix, but might get it just to see this

  • daniel caesar
    daniel caesar 5 days ago

    Just watched this movie. It was great

  • Lloyd_robinflex
    Lloyd_robinflex 5 days ago

    Love this love love.

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt 5 days ago +1

    this already looks pretty good but when Keanu Reeves showed up this became priceless - and he's actually playing himself not some alternate character, which is fabulous

  • Ron Gee
    Ron Gee 5 days ago +3

    Unfortunately, the best lines in the trailer didn't make the final cut:
    Keanu: "I missed your thighs."
    Sasha: "I missed your beard scratching my thighs."
    Hubba hubba!

  • GKCcal1ber1
    GKCcal1ber1 5 days ago

    When keanu steals ur girl but you can only accept it


  • Chandra Ratiwi
    Chandra Ratiwi 5 days ago +6

    Marcus : " Ehehehehe"

    *Keanu walks in*

    Marcus : "Ah shit here we go again"

  • Myeonnigot7
    Myeonnigot7 5 days ago

    Wowwwww I wanna watchhhh thisss

  • Vernon Thiede
    Vernon Thiede 5 days ago

    Just another movie that brings shame on the Asian American Community by promoting the Sin of 同性恋. Read Romans Chapter 1. 阿里旺和兰德尔公园都是坏蛋

  • TheFamilitchiChannel

    Mariah says she actually watched the movie

  • Nazmus Sakib
    Nazmus Sakib 5 days ago

    1:17 Shit !

    LORD TWIGO 5 days ago

    0:28 Asian Jim!

  • Music lyrics
    Music lyrics 6 days ago

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  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 6 days ago

    This is how you kiss 2 men in One movie, Well Played Ali, well played

  • Udhaya Shanmugam
    Udhaya Shanmugam 6 days ago

    Amazing movie

  • Kashish Jamal Hashmi
    Kashish Jamal Hashmi 6 days ago +1

    Keanu has been giving a lot of surprise entrances these days.

  • long gone
    long gone 6 days ago

    I fucking love this movie

  • Silvia Nyambeki
    Silvia Nyambeki 6 days ago

    The movie was very predictable but it was fun to watch

  • Silah Pratt
    Silah Pratt 6 days ago

    1:35 was waiting for sum mariah to come on considering the name of this

  • Vong Xiong
    Vong Xiong 6 days ago

    Damn I cried.....

  • AmvTomoko
    AmvTomoko 6 days ago

    I watched the movie...
    And who the heck is this “keanu” guy?
    Everyone is so shocked and I was like “is he a real celebrity? Who is that?”

    • Clara Oswin
      Clara Oswin 5 days ago've exposed your young age in this statement lol how do you not know who Keanu reeves is

  • Fluffy Talguw
    Fluffy Talguw 6 days ago

    Aaaahhhh John Wiiiiiiiiiick-eanu!!!!

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas 6 days ago


  • Elvin Seet
    Elvin Seet 6 days ago

    One of the few Netflix movies you won’t walk away contemplating life and death and grime future and survival of humanity. I actually feel good after watching this! Please make more!

  • Wahab 95
    Wahab 95 6 days ago

    I watch this trailer because of Keanu.

  • Khai Blacco
    Khai Blacco 6 days ago

    I like it a lot!🔥🔥🔥

  • B G
    B G 7 days ago

    This is the truth across all cultures... a hardworking man IS and will ALWAYS be HOT!

  • NAHOO 77
    NAHOO 77 7 days ago

    I'm going to go watch this now. Lol.

  • Enriel Ann
    Enriel Ann 7 days ago

    Im sorry but the sheep "effect" on 1:16 reminds me of kdrama.

  • tubeyou89119
    tubeyou89119 7 days ago

    Pretty bad acting though...the kids did good jobs.

  • jrblue2
    jrblue2 7 days ago +1

    How can I get a tennis ball?

  • missfairuzadotcom
    missfairuzadotcom 7 days ago +4

    NOOoooooooo!!!! Keanu whhhaaaiiiii???!!!
    (dis beech living our fantasy, damnnit!!)

  • purediskust
    purediskust 7 days ago

    Asians are always the simps.

  • og_ 231
    og_ 231 7 days ago

    They should make it a show !!!

  • Bobby Amdro
    Bobby Amdro 7 days ago

    Really offset, and btw she is not funny. Not even her comedy acts. How cringe those babies had to endure those selfless unfunny jokes...that money has to have had to buy diapers and formula. That stuff is exspensive and clearly not affordable. Whoever endorsed her. Goodluck. Not my cup of tea but was “coerced “to watch it with my wife. At least I got something out of it.

  • Karl Matrix
    Karl Matrix 7 days ago

    You're Breathtaking!!!

  • Karl Matrix
    Karl Matrix 7 days ago

    Wake the f*** Up Samurai, we have a city to burn

  • Karl Matrix
    Karl Matrix 7 days ago

    Who is here after the CYBERPUNK 2077 Trailer in E3?

  • CheekiBreeki S T A L K E R

    Baba Yaga finished killing and now got into dating

  • Chinh Bùi
    Chinh Bùi 7 days ago

    workmines??? fuck

  • chukamiss
    chukamiss 8 days ago

    The male lead has a great voice!

  • Rumah Sewa
    Rumah Sewa 8 days ago

    This movie so good

  • Zobbie-Zo
    Zobbie-Zo 8 days ago

    Just here for John Wick and who's with me?

  • Mark Henningham
    Mark Henningham 8 days ago

    Anybody know that song played about 19:40 before the movie was done...I cannot find it

  • Chris Alipio
    Chris Alipio 8 days ago

    Folks, it's john f@#%ng wick!

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu 8 days ago

    Loved the movie..

  • david kimberly
    david kimberly 8 days ago

    Workmines made us watch this. SCAM for VIEWS!

  • MultiBunnyhunter
    MultiBunnyhunter 8 days ago

    Wong isn’t really a funny person but this movie looks very good.

  • Caro Hoyos
    Caro Hoyos 8 days ago

    Best believe i punched keanu Reeves

  • Jax Carey
    Jax Carey 8 days ago

    Only Mariah Carey can inspire a movie based on a song she wrote❤️

  • Monet Jenkins
    Monet Jenkins 8 days ago

    I’m going to be forever alone 😭

  • Suspesials
    Suspesials 8 days ago +2

    Wah this movie make my day, 😭❤️

  • Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Happy 25th Anniversary Speed!!!!!

  • Leotique
    Leotique 8 days ago +8

    I would be jealous of my girlfriend if the new guy was keanu

  • Tracy Schweitzer
    Tracy Schweitzer 8 days ago

    Omg this was terrible. Don't waste your time.

  • Jaimin Thakor
    Jaimin Thakor 8 days ago +3

    I just watched this movie and i absolutely love it. It's perfect romcom and the songs are also amazing. Keanu Reeves cameo is great and i mean really great and funny.

  • 3002Sole
    3002Sole 8 days ago

    I had high hopes for this movie. But, it was extremely poorly written and didn’t execute well. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Veronica Sandoval
    Veronica Sandoval 8 days ago

    Keanu Reeves cameo is the best thing I saw in years