• Published on Oct 8, 2018
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    ✔ V I D E O S M E N T I O N E D
    BURTS BEES MAKEUP? Full Day Wear Test!!
    PUTTING MY SON IN DRAG Ft. James Charles

    ✔ S N A P C H A T
    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R
    ✔ F A C E B O O K
    ✔ E M A I L

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  • Adam Blackburn
    Adam Blackburn 7 hours ago

    Fun Fact: Burts Bees is owned by Clorox! Talk about natural!

  • Stephanie Safko
    Stephanie Safko Day ago

    This is the best video lmaoooo

  • Noelia Díaz Soler

    Tati, i can see your halo. 🎶🎵😂😂😂

  • Subscribe for 7 years of Good luck

    I have that hengfang liner hahahahahahaha.

  • Robbi Marez
    Robbi Marez 6 days ago

    Tati can u do an ASMR vid

  • Robbi Marez
    Robbi Marez 6 days ago

    I love the Taylor song that came on

  • Jamie Hancock
    Jamie Hancock 6 days ago

    I'd rather be really good at eyeliner. i don't need to fill in my eyebrows bc they're so thick. so being bad at eyebrows wouldn't be bad

  • Aimee Beattie
    Aimee Beattie 7 days ago

    It’s sad that I have that contour concealer pallet

  • Julie Reitz
    Julie Reitz 8 days ago

    This video is stupid! what did you expect with buying lower rated products you think everything was going to be good .

  • Julia Kaiser
    Julia Kaiser 8 days ago


  • Reagan Estivene
    Reagan Estivene 10 days ago

    I feel like you think the make up looks really bad but it looks beautiful. And you look pretty in everything

  • Meilia Brooks
    Meilia Brooks 13 days ago

    Tell me why she still looks like a goddess..

  • Madalynn Jansen
    Madalynn Jansen 13 days ago

    My biggest peeve with cheaper makeup is the pray over BS they do with the shades you think are gonna be metallic... I've even gotten some where the shadow underneath is a completely different color 🙄

  • JVille
    JVille 14 days ago +1

    I actually laughed out loud at the powder foundation. You’re funny! 😊

  • Little Wigz 07
    Little Wigz 07 15 days ago +1

    That foundation turned you into a ghost am I blind??

  • Andy Liwanag
    Andy Liwanag 16 days ago

    Right off the bat, i see the la colors *byeeee 😂😂😂😂

  • Morgan Proctor
    Morgan Proctor 16 days ago +1

    Tati's makeup using terrible products is still better than my everyday makeup.

  • Alexa Rickard
    Alexa Rickard 16 days ago

    I would rather be a boss at eyeliner (vs eyebrows)! My brows could go w/o product and I'd be okay.

  • Jovana Stamenkovic
    Jovana Stamenkovic 16 days ago

    I would rather do a perfect liner, my eyebrows are perfectly thic and ful so I don't do anything with them

  • Em Truesdell
    Em Truesdell 16 days ago

    I used to have that concealer contour pallet thing. it’s awful

  • Alycia Ard
    Alycia Ard 17 days ago

    love all your videos tati. especially weird product ones. keep em coming! 😊

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny 17 days ago

    The crappy thing about the beauty lights is that they make all your foundations look amazing. You’ll say that something looks horrible and I’m like *wat* ??

  • Madame Khitai
    Madame Khitai 17 days ago

    The Burt’s bees baby diaper cream smells just as bad. Probably made out of the same stuff

  • Madison Pickard
    Madison Pickard 20 days ago

    I’d take perfect eyebrows everyday!!!!!

  • Ben Villano
    Ben Villano 21 day ago +1

    Is it just me or she kinda looks like Lana del Rey?

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones 22 days ago

    i prefer sucking at liner. 😂 often i don’t do liner, just brows and mascara

  • Josie Robinson
    Josie Robinson 23 days ago +1

    9:50 are you sure that’s not a marker? says sarcastically

  • Spencer Laine
    Spencer Laine 24 days ago

    LMAO!!! I legit had a friend that we called "Grey" because she used GREY MAKEUP!!! LMAOOO love her tho

  • Alana Rainey
    Alana Rainey 24 days ago

    Am I the only one who actually liked the finished look?

  • The Lipstick Queen
    The Lipstick Queen 25 days ago

    She has all those brushes but not a foundation brush?

  • Fong Yat
    Fong Yat 27 days ago

    10:32 it should be Wei Ni Xiao Xiong instead of Wei No Xiao Xiong, it's a Chinese brand tho ,lollll

  • Tabbycat Witch
    Tabbycat Witch 27 days ago

    I don’t like my brows to be crisp so I’d rather be really good at eyeliner

  • Emily Flauto
    Emily Flauto 27 days ago +1

    i would rather do liner really good because i dont do my brows anyway so being able to do liner would be great lol

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 27 days ago

    Omgg my nan uses those brushes 😭🤣 she has those exact ones 😭😭

  • i love taylor swift
    i love taylor swift 27 days ago


  • Parkway Drive
    Parkway Drive 28 days ago +4

    “it’s number two brown” lmao her reaction tho

  • Ella Davies xo
    Ella Davies xo 28 days ago +2

    I suck at both eyeliner and eyebrows like all the time I suck at everything woop.

  • Maritza Hernandez
    Maritza Hernandez 29 days ago

    Because your trying to blend lil dead brown kids under your eye honey... (mica look it up)

  • Allyssa Treglown
    Allyssa Treglown 29 days ago +1

    Definitely good at eyeliner and bad at brows because that is how I already am😂😂 I don’t have good brows so it’s hard to make them look good😂

  • JRAXReviewsXCosplayXMore

    Your headband is backwards Tati

  • EK Maria Gaming
    EK Maria Gaming 29 days ago

    maybe you only like the bronzer cause its rimmel, a known brand. its psychology

  • Prilepko Polina
    Prilepko Polina 29 days ago

    6:35 i'm just like TATI NOOOO

  • Stefanie Maria
    Stefanie Maria Month ago +1

    I would love to be the best at doing my eyebrows because I don't really like liner tbh...

  • ayla reed
    ayla reed Month ago +3

    I love you so much
    You are so beautiful
    And I low key wish I had your skin

  • Kasi Dixon
    Kasi Dixon Month ago +2

    Oof. The would you rather question has me hurt. Come on Tati! Those are both so hard and so important!

  • Jin's worldwide right ass cheek

    I would rather suck at brows xD

  • Murder_ Kitten_
    Murder_ Kitten_ Month ago

    The back words earsssss

  • LitLlama
    LitLlama Month ago +2

    i'd definitely rather be good at eye liner bc my brows are thick enough that i don't need to do anything to them

  • manda Mermaid
    manda Mermaid Month ago

    How is it she can take the most crappy makeup and still make it look great ?!

  • kathryn sleezer
    kathryn sleezer Month ago +3

    I can't do eyeliner to save my life, but my eyebrows are already pretty good!

  • Ivy K
    Ivy K Month ago

    I would rather suck at eyebrows and then just get them done / tattooed 😂🤔

  • Kayla Green
    Kayla Green Month ago

    What do you use bronzer for? When I was younger I tried using that exact bronzer for almost a contouring darker color under my cheek bones and hair line but it was too sparkley for a contour lol. I am not a beauty guru so I’d like to know what you think!!

  • Francisca Caviedes
    Francisca Caviedes Month ago +2

    got here after the james charles controversy, i like you know you're funny

  • Naomi Sedgwick
    Naomi Sedgwick Month ago

    Also, you remind me of my cousin. You're both great.

  • Naomi Sedgwick
    Naomi Sedgwick Month ago +1

    Kiwi? What is this kiwi?

    • Channel Name Pending
      Channel Name Pending 29 days ago

      Naomi Sedgwick Tati has a range of vitamins called halo beauty, they do a kiwi one

  • Dora Martinez
    Dora Martinez Month ago

    She looks the same

  • Nakimo
    Nakimo Month ago


  • Cutie Padgett
    Cutie Padgett Month ago +1

    Omg Taylor Swift 💕

  • Keelin Wallace
    Keelin Wallace Month ago

    I’d rather do my brows better than eyeliner. Cause you can make great eye looks without the liner. But if your eyebrows are wonky? Like what do you do about that. I don’t know sis.

  • Red Dre
    Red Dre Month ago +5

    Tati, those reviews didn't lie, the entire look together was awful😂 this look was literally *ME* at 15, first starting to practice makeup

  • Red Dre
    Red Dre Month ago +2

    I *NEED* that smashbox foundation brush she the highlighter all over her face with❤💜💚

  • Grace Thornton
    Grace Thornton Month ago +1

    And queen still managed to look stunning

  • B W
    B W Month ago +1

    So bored of candid foundation adverts, anyone else?

  • Nora Stimpson
    Nora Stimpson Month ago +1

    That powder foundation literally wiped the foundation off!!! It's so shiny!!!!

  • Courtney Palmer
    Courtney Palmer Month ago +1

    Such a good video. You still look gorgeous even with crappy makeup

  • Sabrina Kastur
    Sabrina Kastur Month ago

    I think you had a synthetic version of lavender. I'm a Licensed Esthetician and lavender is the opposite of super irritating to the skin. In fact I used it to clear my son's eczema when nothing else would.

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails Month ago +1

    I don't think you are supposed to mist your newly applied makeup . It is for hydrating the skin without having anything, even moisturizer, on it.

  • weareinlove weareinlove

    I don’t like you

  • Meghan Hill
    Meghan Hill Month ago

    That foundation makes you look ill

  • morgan briles
    morgan briles Month ago

    i have that eyeshadow palette hehehe

  • Meghan Brown
    Meghan Brown Month ago +2

    The fact she still looks flawless in this look. 👀

  • Laura Moore
    Laura Moore Month ago

    I forever wear lashes that long and thick lol I love them so much, why bother other wise

  • Choclatelover 666
    Choclatelover 666 Month ago

    2:58 for Tati to become a ghost

  • Gammas
    Gammas Month ago +5

    If I had to choose between eyeliner or brows?? Brows all day. I hate the look of eyeliner on my hooded eyes

  • Evy Silvestre
    Evy Silvestre Month ago

    That brow pen really works with my hair color. I love It, but I use it only to make my brow color match my hair.

  • Mikunt Izitchi
    Mikunt Izitchi Month ago +5

    I never do my eyebrows. So I deeefinitely wish I could just do my eyeliner perfectly each time.

  • Alyssa Easter
    Alyssa Easter Month ago

    I’m sad she shaded photo focus like that and that’s my everyday foundation and all that works for me ):

  • babygrlz cakeface
    babygrlz cakeface Month ago

    Come on foto focus is so good i love it

  • Kassy G
    Kassy G Month ago +6

    “Everything else can go kick rocks”
    Lmaoooo 😂

  • Sara Welt
    Sara Welt Month ago

    Full face of highlighter challenge came through lmao

  • Leamds01
    Leamds01 Month ago

    oh m/y the foundation application makes her seem so prissy bahhaa

  • Walking Among the SAD

    Wow a sis NEVER ages a day 🖤😍😍🖤

  • マリぴ
    マリぴ Month ago

    Focallure has sooo many good products

  • rain aesthetics
    rain aesthetics Month ago

    please checkout my account on instagram! i sell makeup, most of them for half price. usa shipping only :)

  • Bad Habits
    Bad Habits Month ago +37

    The thing I love about Tati is that she can actually make me laugh unlike James Charles

  • ai
    ai Month ago

    i'd rather suck at eyeliner 'coz i have thick brows

  • Makayla C
    Makayla C Month ago

    id rather such at brows cuz ive got thick brows and dont fill them in lol

    • Elli Remi
      Elli Remi Month ago

      Makayla C me too! I never have to worry about.

  • Justine Tullos
    Justine Tullos Month ago +1

    Tati, I have now watched like. 8 of your videos, this evening alone. And you are quite possibly the absolute best makeup/beauty youtube on the planet and I am so happy I'm now subscribed to your channel.

  • Jaidynn
    Jaidynn Month ago +2

    I LOVE THOSE LASHES! I love dramatic lashes hehehhehe 😂🤣

  • Kelly Van Cleave
    Kelly Van Cleave Month ago

    I think that powder foundation was highlight😂

  • Lüni S.
    Lüni S. Month ago

    I would rather suck at doing my brows because I always get them done at the benefit brow bar anyway☺️

  • IntotheBookverse
    IntotheBookverse Month ago

    I own that gold packet eye shadow ( 'glitter' shadows) and I love it, I used it all the time and I hit pan with it. It's so pretty when used at a statement lid.

  • Tingly Whispers ASMR

    I LOVE the bronzer!

  • Paulo Henrique Portes

    woooooow... you are SO, MUCH more beautiful without makeup... oh my God

  • Jane Falvey
    Jane Falvey Month ago

    Tati- holds up literally 30 brushes
    Also Tati- I don't have the brush I want

  • Christian Erhardt
    Christian Erhardt Month ago

    Are u really ready to even associate with james

    • Elli Remi
      Elli Remi Month ago +1

      Christian Erhardt she was talking about her husband, James

  • connor keatley
    connor keatley Month ago

    I’d rather be good at eyebrows and suck at eyeliner because I don’t wear eye makeup and my eyebrows are the best feature of my makeup (as well as my highlight)

  • Brian The Lion
    Brian The Lion Month ago +1

    Do it again! But wash your face after. D:

  • Emir Josh Gimenez
    Emir Josh Gimenez Month ago


  • Emir Josh Gimenez
    Emir Josh Gimenez Month ago