• Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • I'm TESTING Low-Rated Makeup from Amazon to find something to Love? xo's ~ Tati
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    ✔ V I D E O S M E N T I O N E D
    BURTS BEES MAKEUP? Full Day Wear Test!!
    PUTTING MY SON IN DRAG Ft. James Charles

    ✔ S N A P C H A T
    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R
    ✔ F A C E B O O K
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  • NerualYam
    NerualYam 15 hours ago

    Every time I see a guru talk about a beauty blender I get sad cause I got one years ago when they were cheaper and it was amazing then my brothers dog ate it, and every time I buy new makeup I forget that I need to get a new one and then I’m too broke to get one. Gotta love the Australia tax.

  • Denise Yates
    Denise Yates 2 days ago

    Lavender is actually a skin soother. Fragrance is an irritant. :)

  • Pusheen The cat
    Pusheen The cat 6 days ago

    You look like a pretty pale disco ball

  • Nostalgiamaniac 102920

    I wouldn't put that unknown chinese brand makeup anywhere near my skin or eyes if I were you, that could contain lead and mercury just so you know..😢

  • Karen Rehardt
    Karen Rehardt 8 days ago

    Ditch that top tati, it's kinda ugly babe. Soz but yeah...😏

  • Eloisa Caroline
    Eloisa Caroline 10 days ago

    wait, I didn't know focallure have that product :/

  • Savv Idge
    Savv Idge 11 days ago

    Who else thumbs up before watching🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  • WilmaPizza
    WilmaPizza 13 days ago

    A year ago i think i had the same brushes (as a present from my aunt) and i dont Like them at the beginn i liked them but the brushes are all the same and some of them breaked (sorry For my Englisch i am Form Germany 😅)

  • Patrick Eleganisme
    Patrick Eleganisme 14 days ago

    I have the concealear and the brow pen. The concealer pallete is bad. It dont give you pigment and cover and so oily too. The brow pen are too liquid but the color are too sheer. 😗

  • Lucy Anne Jones
    Lucy Anne Jones 14 days ago

    "greasy gunky Wax underneath my eyes"- Tati

  • jpscloud
    jpscloud 15 days ago

    Eyeliner for sure. There are days where I don’t even do my brows.

  • Hailey Richardson
    Hailey Richardson 15 days ago


  • Hailey Richardson
    Hailey Richardson 15 days ago


  • Kayley Meredith
    Kayley Meredith 17 days ago

    I got some hard candy makeup once when Walmart was basically giving it away and one of the items said it was translucent powder, already inside the brush handle. You just twisted it and some came down to the bristles. I was in a huge hurry in dim light trying not to be late for a Garth Brooks concert so I just grabbed it and brushed it on like I would any other translucent powder. It looked fine. ...until I was standing outside in line in full sun and was shocked to learn it was actually sparkly AF! Like I had highlighter all over my face. It shows up even more in the pics and videos we took. I felt so betrayed!!

  • Maizie McMillan
    Maizie McMillan 18 days ago +2

    I think we need a highest rated Amazon makeup video

  • Diya Nigam
    Diya Nigam 19 days ago

    I Love how Taylor's wildest dreams was playing ♥️ 0:38 we love a swiftie ♥️♥️♥️

  • Nash Lace
    Nash Lace 20 days ago

    Would rather have bad eyebrows because already do 😂 I need my eyeliner sharp

  • Estela Conchas
    Estela Conchas 21 day ago

    Tati you are a real one because I would’ve given up at the “powder concealer” 😂😂😂

  • Katelynn Williamson
    Katelynn Williamson 21 day ago

    Why would you put that highlighter on as a powder foundation?

  • Katelynn Williamson
    Katelynn Williamson 21 day ago

    I hate when people say oh my God

  • padme skywalker
    padme skywalker 22 days ago


  • MissVicki Speakman
    MissVicki Speakman 23 days ago

    Wow, if you want to see every pore....

  • rose liner
    rose liner 23 days ago

    I'd rather suck at doing eyebrows because I actually have naturally full eyebrows with very good shape. HOWEVER, I absolutely suck at applying eyeliner (and contacts, they both freak me out) and I tend to just use a dark shadow to give a similar effect and some really dark mascara.

  • Miranda Garewal
    Miranda Garewal 23 days ago

    i use that concealer palette to color correct before my foundation n i have for years lmao whoops

  • sanityissuchadrag
    sanityissuchadrag 24 days ago

    "Everything else can go kick rocks" I love you so much for that 😭💕😂

  • Olivia Keebler
    Olivia Keebler 25 days ago

    At 17:45 for any Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans she sounds like Gina

  • Norea Hughes-Capua
    Norea Hughes-Capua 26 days ago

    I have two of these products😂

  • Florencia Scarlatto
    Florencia Scarlatto 26 days ago

    This video ends like the highlighter full face challenge

  • opal rose
    opal rose 26 days ago

    Also I would rather be good at brows than liner

  • opal rose
    opal rose 26 days ago

    I literally sit on my bed late at night when I’m not supposed to be on my phone and binge watch these videos

  • Jamie Whipple
    Jamie Whipple 27 days ago

    Eyeliner I wish I could do perfect it takes me forever

  • Diana Chan
    Diana Chan 27 days ago

    The foundation made you look like cancer stricken patient! 😂

  • Emmy
    Emmy 27 days ago

    omg... a look... haha

  • Amber Mathewson
    Amber Mathewson 27 days ago

    Tati, I’m deceased. That foundation was already giving you a flash back Mary moment and then you put highlighter all over your face! 💀😂

  • Diana Cretu
    Diana Cretu 28 days ago

    Idk how that bronzer is low rated, I simply love Rimmel London 😍

  • Olivia Graham
    Olivia Graham 28 days ago

    I would way rather be bad at eyebrows and great at liner!

  • catalina dinu
    catalina dinu Month ago

    @tati, you look like nicole kidman with the makup like this :))))

  • Just Jake
    Just Jake Month ago

    I bought that concealer palette when I first started doing theatre😂 girl it was my concealer foundation and contour

  • Shay Lizzard
    Shay Lizzard Month ago

    Can u please try outother focallure products im curious

  • Madelyn McCoy
    Madelyn McCoy Month ago +1

    Tati(to her sis): can I do your eyebrows?
    Tatis sis: sure
    Tati : *does eyebrows*
    Tatis sis: ugh I hate looking like I have eyebrows
    Me: wtf

  • Alka punjabi simple style

    Nice mam

  • ItsCashual
    ItsCashual Month ago

    Id rather suck at eyebrows cuz I have natural full eyebrows🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Becky Maggie
    Becky Maggie Month ago

    I love your mirror

  • rancid Wh00R
    rancid Wh00R Month ago

    I love the rimmel bronzer too!

  • Maria Kaissar
    Maria Kaissar Month ago

    Do your makeup using lipstick only

  • Lil Shistur
    Lil Shistur Month ago

    Shouldve talked about ingredients

  • Hannah Wilson
    Hannah Wilson Month ago

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎊

  • Kiwii
    Kiwii Month ago +1

    Apparently I help inflimation 🤣🤣

  • Faye Mateni
    Faye Mateni Month ago

    Um how do you look so good after using those products

  • Alicia kokol
    Alicia kokol Month ago

    I have those shimmer shadows and I absolutely love them 😂

  • rphnick
    rphnick Month ago

    Loved the glitter eyeshadow!!!

  • Taylor Purdue
    Taylor Purdue Month ago

    The rimmel bronzer always breaks me out so bad i dont have sensitive skin and it tears my skin up.

  • Hannah Dye
    Hannah Dye Month ago

    when I first started wearing makeup like four years ago the concealer palette you tried off and Amazon was the first one I had tried! So bad!

  • that’s the tea
    that’s the tea Month ago

    i’m pretty sure i bought that concealer pallette when i was about 8....😂😂

  • Allypooh88
    Allypooh88 Month ago

    OMG this is the best video! I am cracking up. Just nasty stuff. Thanks for all your vids, Tati. You are a true inspiration!

  • Zoe Thurston
    Zoe Thurston Month ago

    Did anybody else notice that her headband is on backwards. Love you Tati and that is something I would do.

  • Space Jam
    Space Jam Month ago


  • Qristian Urbina
    Qristian Urbina Month ago

    Try with aliexpress Make up👌🏼 and with Chilean brands of Make up💓

  • Angelique Smith
    Angelique Smith Month ago

    I would rather know how to do my eyebrows because the liner I can hide it.

  • Lucy Dias
    Lucy Dias Month ago

    I don’t get how she still manages to look beautiful

  • Rachel Hirtler
    Rachel Hirtler Month ago

    This cracks me up, I love it!

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown Month ago

    I wish I could do my eyebrows well!! XD

  • Tatiana Niño Fernández

    I really love this... is so much fun to see how you shine with the setting powder!!!!🤣🤣 I will like to see how you buy it!!! Like the compare of products and rate 😁

  • Pat S.
    Pat S. Month ago

    I have had the HARDEST time with my brows lately so definitely my brows

  • Elana Healy
    Elana Healy Month ago

    Not to bragg, but I can put a winged eyeliner on in a minute flat

  • Tegan Mcintyre
    Tegan Mcintyre Month ago

    Got that same foundation pallet sooo bad🙊

  • Cord Johnson
    Cord Johnson Month ago

    I’d love to have perfect liner and sucky brows because I don’t have brows.

  • Queen Zombie
    Queen Zombie Month ago

    I would love to do eyebrows flawless jus for fact I dont do top liner

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown Month ago

    So that powder foundation was highlight 😂☺️

  • Claire Kilpatrick
    Claire Kilpatrick Month ago

    Lavender isn’t irritating to the skin???

  • A girl in this World

    I sometimes feel like I’m terrible with makeup and things because when people do a makeup video we’re they are all like omg I like gross I never think ew like I always think they look amazing and then I’m just like no, I’m just not great at this. Ok

  • As8ley {She//her}
    As8ley {She//her} Month ago

    2:42 - every teen when they’re having a bad day

  • eryn langford
    eryn langford Month ago

    Omg I’m dying watching this

  • Sub2Pewds StanBTS
    Sub2Pewds StanBTS Month ago

    Honestly when I want to just lay back and relax I watch Tati’s videos she is so calm it just really helps me 😌

  • lyssdubb & soph malone

    i use the same color (buff 1015) and ummm well i’m pretty tan so it doesn’t work out too well,in the summer so it’s now just my winter color.and it stinks.>>>>not that anyone asked just saying

  • Esther Luscher
    Esther Luscher Month ago


  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 Month ago

    If it wasn't for that Casper white foundation, this look would've been really nice! I like the colors you used.

  • Jo Mc
    Jo Mc Month ago

    That bronzer is my go-to! So good!

  • Vineetha Nair
    Vineetha Nair Month ago

    her foundation scared me and its just first base....

  • TransGlam
    TransGlam Month ago

    Drag Queen Level Lashes 10/10

  • Elena_ anu
    Elena_ anu Month ago

    I would rather be great at doing my eyeliner than my eye brows because i don't even need to fill them as i have really full eyebrows

  • KHY
    KHY Month ago

    the way she pronounced Hua mian li got me wheezing💀💀 pretty sure that was chinese

  • Karen Speer
    Karen Speer Month ago

    can you please tell me what you mean when you say Kiwi? Is it a pill or like vitamin or something like that? I have a lot of redness and dryness. I would love to know and try it. If you can please let me know. I’m not sure how to find our any other way lol

  • Vanilla Bean
    Vanilla Bean Month ago

    I love eyeliner but I don't have any eyebrows. Soooo. Maybe eyebrows??

  • Kara B.
    Kara B. Month ago

    Omg, so bad! 😂😂

  • Colin Himes
    Colin Himes Month ago

    "It's number 2 brown" 😂😂

  • Alexa Cosentino
    Alexa Cosentino Month ago

    Love your hair straight! 💗💕💋 Thank you for another fun video.. you always make me giggle and give the greatest tips. Xoxox Alexa

    *GAY SCREECH* Month ago

    God i love you 💕❤️

  • Emma Wells
    Emma Wells Month ago

    Is she wearing her cat ears on backwards ?
    Does that annoy anyone else?xx

  • FayBellZo
    FayBellZo Month ago

    Oh my gosh... it looks like you dipped your face in a sheer highlighter 😂😂😂 I feel so bad.. it just goes to show that you really do need quality make up to make a good look.. regardless of the pricing, cuz I have a bomb drugstore collection since I’m a broke bish...

  • Marie Kübrich
    Marie Kübrich Month ago

    I don't know why you are talking so mich about your skin. Nobody cares. You talk so much unnecessary things. It's just annoying.

  • Michele Eslick
    Michele Eslick Month ago

    AND you’re ready for a party at Studio 54! 😂

  • Julaine Fiasca
    Julaine Fiasca Month ago

    Red-brown brow products are THE WORST. I hate them so much!!!

  • BlogBAM.Hey
    BlogBAM.Hey Month ago

    the highlight 'foundation' hahaha might look nice mixed with actual foundation

  • DhaNyeLa F
    DhaNyeLa F Month ago

    Focallure has some awesome products ! i love them !

  • Bri Skinner
    Bri Skinner Month ago

    I’d rather be able to do flawless eyebrows, mostly because they frame your face and I don’t really wear liner that much anyways🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sofía Irene
    Sofía Irene Month ago

    im amazing at eyeliner, and really suck at brows xD


    "It's #2 brown **giggles** "

  • pinkbubblegreys
    pinkbubblegreys 2 months ago

    I laughed so loud, Tati marathon so worth it

  • KatelynASousa
    KatelynASousa 2 months ago

    Being such a baby. So dramatic.