We Tried Fart-Proof Underwear • Ladylike


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  • Ruby Garde
    Ruby Garde 11 hours ago

    I farted like twice during this video like if you can relate

  • Skip Ad
    Skip Ad 11 hours ago

    Why am i eating when I'm watching this

  • I'm Me
    I'm Me 21 hour ago

    Kristen's fart was just like peeeet

  • SimplyLogical
    SimplyLogical 23 hours ago

    I have to fart...….

  • Catpuppy 143
    Catpuppy 143 Day ago

    Who else farted watching this

  • Kenzie Shirey
    Kenzie Shirey 2 days ago

    3:51 this is the funniest 😂

  • Johanna Olson
    Johanna Olson 3 days ago

    Mah Iil black cat boo boo is sitting on meeeeeeeeeee

  • anime eyes tm
    anime eyes tm 3 days ago

    oh my god

    our generation is finally being progressive

  • musicaliris2510
    musicaliris2510 3 days ago

    If its you're eneemies its ok but don't do it to your friends :')

  • Erynn Laufeyson
    Erynn Laufeyson 4 days ago +1

    'Reek' vengeance 😂😂

    ISABELLA FIORANI 4 days ago +1

    I learned about crop-dusting from Devin

  • Isabel Xiao (Student)

    One time i was in my room and i pooted for like 5 min straight an im nit even lying

  • sugar chocolate
    sugar chocolate 5 days ago

    We aren't aloud to say fart but. we say trump

  • Julia Hojo
    Julia Hojo 5 days ago


  • Rockin Dino
    Rockin Dino 7 days ago

    Shreddies are Freddie’s 🤠

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king 8 days ago

    We had to say bottom burps 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Luna Is Funny
    Luna Is Funny 9 days ago


  • Luna Is Funny
    Luna Is Funny 9 days ago


  • Luna Is Funny
    Luna Is Funny 9 days ago


  • Spilled Tea
    Spilled Tea 11 days ago

    I want to be close to people to where I can fart in front of them 😂

  • stolzgta
    stolzgta 14 days ago

    At my dance studio, we have a fart corner for one girl because farts all the time.

  • justfor fun
    justfor fun 14 days ago

    I need ones that block the smell and sound

  • Artist God
    Artist God 15 days ago

    It is THICC

  • tyler rokosz
    tyler rokosz 15 days ago

    630 that girl so pale

  • Gee Anderson
    Gee Anderson 16 days ago

    Shreddies are one of my favourite cereals...

  • Chantel Bradley
    Chantel Bradley 18 days ago

    did anyone else notice at 3:55 Freddie's Barbie cutout

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster 20 days ago

    I always click on vids with Kristin thumbnails 😂

  • The Sweet Life With Maliyah

    I fart at least 5 times just at school lol but now today we will fart with confidence lol

  • T A
    T A 21 day ago

    Those could be period underwear

  • kristen kendell
    kristen kendell 21 day ago

    Omg my nan said fart was a badword

  • Jammer82571
    Jammer82571 22 days ago

    Does anyone else sometimes fart when they run and each step they fart? Like
    🏃‍♂️💨 🏃‍♂️💨 🏃‍♂️💨 🏃‍♂️💨 anyone else?

  • ludettep
    ludettep 22 days ago

    Can't unse e green heads

  • Bubblelene Lene
    Bubblelene Lene 23 days ago

    I fart so many times, that when someone farts, they blame it on me, even when I’m 7 chairs away or across the room

  • Elena
    Elena 24 days ago

    But if you took it off wouldn't the smell pour out?

  • trisy brink
    trisy brink 24 days ago +1

    Anyone else think that the guy with the headphones was kind of cute👀😌

  • Lunatiixx
    Lunatiixx 25 days ago

    i want silent farts for the rest of my life

  • Nyxxii
    Nyxxii 25 days ago

    Ok kristen!! I'm loving that Captain America dress you're rocking at the end of the vid!!! I want it!!!

  • Ibn Johnson
    Ibn Johnson 25 days ago

    I couldn't say fart either and i had to say poot so I would be like did you poot and everyone was like what is pooting

  • Marshmellow bob
    Marshmellow bob 27 days ago

    Omg ryan and shane?!?!? EEEEK!

  • MrsBungle78
    MrsBungle78 29 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve tooted 15 times in one day EVER!! I don’t think I’ve tooted 15 times in 3 days! I think I’d prefer something to stifle the noise rather than the smell!😂💨👀👃🏼

  • alessandra ferro
    alessandra ferro 29 days ago +2

    lol why would u eat asparagas it makes ur pee stink!

  • I play gacha life And stuff

    Uh oh I pooted

  • Iris Freeze
    Iris Freeze 29 days ago

    *It's time for fart level midnight...omg I love you guys so much*

  • Natalia Godin, Davis
    Natalia Godin, Davis 29 days ago

    My first period teacher said he goes by another man and puts his but near there but and let's it rip then walks away

  • Ndella Brown
    Ndella Brown Month ago +1

    Who else farted while watching this video

  • Mary Daniels
    Mary Daniels Month ago

    The funniest word is the English language is toot. Like if u agree.

  • Ava VanDaele
    Ava VanDaele Month ago

    3:54 barbie fred

  • Cara Cooper
    Cara Cooper Month ago

    My dad needs these

  • Bridget Moats
    Bridget Moats Month ago

    I made a fart chart and burp chart years agi my fart average was 63 times a day and my burp average was 45 times a day what is wrong with me

  • Pearl Ashton
    Pearl Ashton Month ago

    4:37 😂😂

  • Red Panda Productions

    I was in the kitchen and I farted and my mom peeked in and said "goodness I felt the house shake" and she laughed, I was embarassed because I had a friend over

  • Sushi Kitten22
    Sushi Kitten22 Month ago

    I’m eating goldfish Rn 😂

  • Isabelle Schilling
    Isabelle Schilling Month ago

    I was literally farting throughout this whole video

  • cookies cookielover

    Uhhh did Freddie say shreddies hahaha.... my cereal is called shreddies....fun fact I'm eating that cereal

  • Sarah Wright
    Sarah Wright Month ago

    ...fart proof underwear?....but...those are legit what thongs are about I'm confused

  • Destined to see Disney

    This will sound crazy but there are two pressure points to make you fart. Four fingers above your belly button and four fingers below your belly button.

  • Syd Braun
    Syd Braun Month ago

    Shreddies is Chantelle and Freddie's ship name if Chantelles name started with an "S" 😂

  • Sarah Bäcker
    Sarah Bäcker Month ago

    Shreddies are cereal in my country... I'm never going to be able to eat Shreddies again… *starts sobbing overdramatically*

    QUEEN MC Month ago

    My friends dad invented these

  • Phoenix LeDon
    Phoenix LeDon Month ago


  • Lea Nsougan
    Lea Nsougan Month ago


  • SwtTeaLdy
    SwtTeaLdy Month ago

    Gotta say, Kristen's hair looks fabulous in the episode.

  • Vlogging With Me and Reyna

    3:48 there's a Freddy cardboard cutout

  • Daneet73
    Daneet73 Month ago

    Is it just me or are they green

  • Mallorie Spears
    Mallorie Spears Month ago

    You work with Ryan bergara and Shane from buzzfeed unsolved

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Month ago

    Crop busting muhahaha. If someone pissed me off at work, it was o . I'd walk past a bam.

  • H
    H Month ago

    Eww though

  • Alyssa Ruvalcaba
    Alyssa Ruvalcaba Month ago

    Ok but I rarely fart it's really weird

  • Unseen Weeb
    Unseen Weeb Month ago

    They hide the smell but do they hide the sound? Because you know them thick girls be like *BRAAAAARRRRBERRRR*

  • Dylan Mendes
    Dylan Mendes Month ago

    I am farting right now

  • J-hope's forehead
    J-hope's forehead Month ago

    A poot!

  • shelby
    shelby Month ago

    I will forever appreciate "fart level midnight"

  • Mitsch Kun
    Mitsch Kun Month ago

    Well ... I fart everywhere. Why not ? If I have to why shouldn't I ? Should I better sit there and try not to explode after holding back 4 farts ?

  • Nat M
    Nat M Month ago

    Kristen’s and Brian’s jokes are like the same 😂

  • The Quibbler
    The Quibbler Month ago

    What makes me fart you may ask:Toco Bell.

    CAYLA [CHANEL] Month ago +3

    Word of advice from my dad:
    Dad: *farts loudly*
    Me: *Disgusted face*
    Dad: Why do you look like that?
    Me: You just farted, LOUDLY...
    Dad: Listen kiddo, if the fart is loud, it means that it wont have a smell. But if its silent, then you better cover your nose cause thats got to stank.
    Me: *silently farted in the middle of the conversation*
    Dad: Whats that smell.?
    Me: Uhmmmmm.. Its my butts fault!...

  • Ella Thibideau
    Ella Thibideau Month ago

    Same dev its a swear word in my house so we say fluffed so like oh you fluffed

  • Kawaii gacha Dragon

    The word fart makes me fart😑

  • Emma C
    Emma C Month ago

    When you take them of it well just explode on you and it would make you but warm

  • Amya Davis
    Amya Davis Month ago

    I saw Freddy's cardboard Barbie clone in the background

  • Ketia Brenner
    Ketia Brenner Month ago +2

    To all the clueless guys out there wondering if girls fart watch this video, we fart just like men do, it’s pretty cool😂

  • Lacey Patterson
    Lacey Patterson Month ago

    “Lets go do some fartin’!”

  • Lydia Kelchner
    Lydia Kelchner Month ago

    3:53 Barbie doll

  • Izzy King
    Izzy King Month ago

    why is farting a problem in relationships like it's funny haha

  • Rhianna.Louise
    Rhianna.Louise Month ago +2

    I really want to work at ladylike when I’m older😂

  • Lena T
    Lena T Month ago +3

    My mom's family had to say that they fluffed!

    SLICK HEAD Month ago

    Lmao I have those like silent farts

  • Knight_Dagger
    Knight_Dagger Month ago

    Omg, the brown curly hair girl on 6.35 are so gorgeous

  • Angel Bermudez
    Angel Bermudez Month ago

    Freddie kinda look like Maggie pierce from greys anatomy 😂❤

  • Sisi Lissick
    Sisi Lissick Month ago

    Honestly need to get a pair for my boyfriend. Just to see how good they work. 😂

    SIS vs LITTLE SIS Month ago

    Freds hair is GOALS!

  • Sophia Jones
    Sophia Jones Month ago

    you are actually suppose to fart 23 times a day chantel

  • MiniPixieSavage 00
    MiniPixieSavage 00 Month ago

    Devin is me no joke

  • Emily King
    Emily King Month ago

    The underwear saved their marriage

  • Leo Oaso
    Leo Oaso Month ago

    ok but
    farting is weird
    stinky air goes out your body
    and makes noise sometimes
    it biologically weird

  • Alexis Rath
    Alexis Rath Month ago

    You should try period underwear

  • Cole Mia
    Cole Mia Month ago

    I need these!

  • breann miller
    breann miller Month ago +2

    I saw something like this on SNL, I didn't know that this was real!!!!!

  • Kalyse Trayhorne
    Kalyse Trayhorne Month ago

    At 3.39 I saw freds doll

  • steph774
    steph774 Month ago

    I flush the toilet then I fart so no one hears me!!!🤣🤣🤣