We Tried Fart-Proof Underwear • Ladylike

  • Published on Aug 30, 2017
  • Get ready Shreddies, because my stomach is ready to explode!
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Comments • 4 933

  • Mykie Death
    Mykie Death Day ago

    I farted while watching this

  • Sara Heckenlively

    How come nobody ate beans

  • Taylor Swan
    Taylor Swan 2 days ago

    My husband and I have been farting in front of each other since the first date.

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 2 days ago

    4:37 I die EVERYTIME

  • Simp Pinto
    Simp Pinto 3 days ago

    Freddieeeeee get a detox giiiirl

  • Juliana Boia
    Juliana Boia 3 days ago

    Omg I love the Barbie cardboard cutout at 3:55

  • Skyler Holmes
    Skyler Holmes 4 days ago

    So in elementary school we have boy girl order and I farted really loud and everyone (including me) blamed it on the boy behind me 😂

  • monroe parris
    monroe parris 5 days ago +1

    Imagine if they just amplified it x10

  • Caroline Proctor
    Caroline Proctor 6 days ago +1

    I love Kristens Face in the thumbnail 😂 she looks like grumpy cat 😂

  • Family Davance
    Family Davance 6 days ago

    This video makes me fart.

  • Madalyne Mendoza
    Madalyne Mendoza 6 days ago


  • Sarahbrooke
    Sarahbrooke 8 days ago


  • Kristyna P
    Kristyna P 8 days ago +1

    There was someone in my middle school who farted EXTREMELY loud when they had an upset stomach. Some people started making fun of that person and there was this amazing chick in our class who stepped in and yelled "YOU WOULD EXPLODE IF YOU COULDNT LET OUT GAS!" and it was then that I accepted farting XD just a fun story from my childhood

  • Gauri Unnikrishnan
    Gauri Unnikrishnan 9 days ago +1

    Who all farted during the video????

  • Stephler
    Stephler 10 days ago

    “I’m trying the men’s ones because we wanted different versions of them..” no that’s not why

  • Monique Marilyn
    Monique Marilyn 11 days ago

    I've been with the same person for almost a decade and have not farted in front of him ...consciously.

  • rhythmandblues alibi
    rhythmandblues alibi 12 days ago

    I love these women. When me and my best mate get together we live for fart and poo talk so this video is just so funny, love it!

  • Trini Martinez
    Trini Martinez 13 days ago

    During this video I farted 3 times

  • Erica Williams
    Erica Williams 13 days ago

    So kristens bule dress with the silver star 😍😍😍😍 I L💗VE IT

  • Sister Daisy
    Sister Daisy 15 days ago

    Does it also mask the sound HMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmM

  • Izabella Speed
    Izabella Speed 17 days ago +2

    I love how wen Kristen laughs her shoulders bounce up and down it's so cute

  • Carla Whitlatch
    Carla Whitlatch 18 days ago +1

    Ok my friends family the girls say they fluffed and the boys say they tooted. It's like no you FARTED not FLUFFED or TOOTED

  • Maddie and Kendal
    Maddie and Kendal 18 days ago

    Now all we need is sound proof shreddies

  • Norah Fleischmann
    Norah Fleischmann 19 days ago

    Once When I was Younger I was a climbing set at my school And a mean Guy and he was in the på That Goes Around around and is up and slide and he wouldn't slide Down so I farted in his face

  • Suhani Jain
    Suhani Jain 20 days ago

    ohh, I thought it would just inflate like a balloon when the farted, and hence contain the smell

  • FireWolf
    FireWolf 20 days ago

    What about saying fart we said bottom burp

  • Madi Blocks
    Madi Blocks 21 day ago +1

    It’s Ryan from buzzFeed unsolved

  • live.love.mellissa
    live.love.mellissa 23 days ago

    Kristin will never forgive you for that thumbnail

  • Lillie Annette
    Lillie Annette 24 days ago

    My fiance fart in front of each other all the time 😂😭

  • Paulina Tenorio
    Paulina Tenorio 24 days ago +1

    I was watching this in my dog farted in my bed

  • savina sutton
    savina sutton 24 days ago

    One time i was in the living room with my sister and her boyfriend... this was the first time I had met him. I got up because I had I fart and I stand up and I dropped my phone so I bend over to get it and I farted SOOOOOO loud like next to my sisters boyfriends like face and my sister made it so much worse by literally said “ oh my god, v, that was so loud and disrespectful!”

  • Regan Leroy
    Regan Leroy 25 days ago

    I have found my Dad’s birthday present.

  • Lone Wolf0123
    Lone Wolf0123 26 days ago +7

    Kristen: I fart from goldfish
    Me: about to put goldfish in mouth
    Me: let’s eat something else

  • perla perez
    perla perez 27 days ago

    ‘It’s gonna be a sound, it’s silent’ not sure y this is sooo funny lmao

  • AJ_639
    AJ_639 27 days ago +4

    One time i farted in line at school and all my friends were like "EWWW!!""OMG!!"so i acted along even though it smelled like glory and pure joy.And there were boys behind us,and that boy got blamed and he had that face of pure joy because all the girls were like "EEWWWW!!!"Oh,Also I'm a girl so I don't get blamed!!!!

  • Youare beautiful
    Youare beautiful 29 days ago

    Lmao I love you guys

  • Maddie Santoro
    Maddie Santoro Month ago

    I fart on occasion ,but when I do people always hear it!

  • Penny M
    Penny M Month ago

    In England shredies are a cereal

  • uni jayla 1109
    uni jayla 1109 Month ago

    in the background of one of the shots is barbie person.

  • Ailish
    Ailish Month ago

    Powdered or heavily processed eggs make me fart horribly. I had to stop eating the eggs my campus served for breakfast because I would immediately go to one of my classes and leave like 5 times during class cause it smelled HORRIBLE

  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez Month ago

    I've been farting all weekend and I just walk away and laughed

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago

    My dad needs these..

  • susan gomez
    susan gomez Month ago

    what is this

  • Tiffany soto
    Tiffany soto Month ago

    #Freddies shreddies

  • mikax Xkikaax3
    mikax Xkikaax3 Month ago


  • Abigail Polk
    Abigail Polk Month ago


  • Lily Isla
    Lily Isla Month ago

    3:55 hahaha cardboard cut out of freddie behind is making me cry hahah

  • Jun Lee
    Jun Lee Month ago

    After watching this video I felt like farting and pooping.

  • Dawn Westerbeck
    Dawn Westerbeck Month ago +1

    I laughed till I cried! Then I shared it with my kids, we think farts are hilarious!

  • DottedViola
    DottedViola Month ago

    Thing is, it doesn't stop the sound

  • Annabel Rianne
    Annabel Rianne Month ago

    Watching this after drinking two glasses of wine is so much fun 😂

  • Hippo Bippo
    Hippo Bippo Month ago

    Me: I don’t need anything to fart....... I fart naturaly
    I mean it just comes and ya know meh fart

  • Vicki Hosana shallenberger

    Fart fart fart fart fart fart fart. Bwahaha get a life! Sure its embarrassing but life goes on!

  • Timothy H
    Timothy H Month ago

    What is this video xD

  • LilianObsidian Plays

    What about the sound???

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M Month ago

    I don't understand why they're just sitting behind bowls of vegetables

  • scnnycat
    scnnycat Month ago +5

    Fart: im about to be born to the world
    Fart proof undies: hold my beer

  • Carla Argueta
    Carla Argueta Month ago

    When Devin said: you gotta keep your enemies closer, I thought: keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer

  • LexusLoves Art
    LexusLoves Art Month ago +1

    My family made me say toot

  • Diana Auu
    Diana Auu Month ago

    I should buy them for my cat...

  • Marisol Capra
    Marisol Capra Month ago +4

    Omg! My first like!!!
    ...but why is it blue

  • marie lahaussois
    marie lahaussois Month ago

    :( I need these

  • Hollicorn 101
    Hollicorn 101 Month ago

    In England shreddies are a a cereal brand lol

  • Zia Zatarra
    Zia Zatarra Month ago +7

    evidence of Devin “crop dusting”: Ladylike hoop skirts episode

  • Hurricane Farris
    Hurricane Farris Month ago

    Freddie's laugh at 2:06 kills me 😂💀

  • Sarbear Jones
    Sarbear Jones Month ago

    I need this in my life you don’t want to know

  • Zozo Roya
    Zozo Roya Month ago


  • Sarah Skupien
    Sarah Skupien Month ago

    Underwear that muffles the sound

  • Olga Macias
    Olga Macias Month ago

    I farted while watching this

  • furryboygamer
    furryboygamer Month ago

    Here's a thing if ya dog does smelly fart would that stop the smell😂

  • BonkersBeth 101
    BonkersBeth 101 Month ago

    At school I was sat in a room with this boy and I was watching a scary film and I got scared and farted and the boy looked at me and was like did u just fart and I was like no it was the film and he told all his friends 🤣

  • Eva Owens
    Eva Owens Month ago

    Once at my school in the gym I farted so loud that it echoded out to the stairs, and I managed to blame it on my friend Bobby

  • Tooma Tomy
    Tooma Tomy Month ago

    u will save my life

  • philldholes
    philldholes Month ago

    2:05 lol

  • Ship Everything
    Ship Everything Month ago

    6:10 omg I want just watching a video with them

  • Persia Assaad
    Persia Assaad Month ago +2

    Omg I’m gonna fart nope I’m gonna hold it
    SO INTENSE haaa

  • Rubi Moreno
    Rubi Moreno Month ago +1

    4:33 though 😂😂🤣💀

  • Beckie Corfield
    Beckie Corfield Month ago

    I used to have to say trumpton instead of fart because I wasn't allowed to say it 😂😂

  • Helen Stevenson
    Helen Stevenson Month ago

    I want pants that make cats silent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mia Perez
    Mia Perez Month ago +1

    It will stop the smell but what about the noise

  • Maya D-P
    Maya D-P Month ago

    See, my farts don't really smell, they're just really loud. They should make underwear that SILENCES your farts. I would buy that.

  • Isabella Luna
    Isabella Luna 2 months ago

    Raise your hand if you farted while watching this 🙋

  • Isabella Luna
    Isabella Luna 2 months ago

    "fart level midnight"

  • Xxx Nightcore
    Xxx Nightcore 2 months ago

    I fart on the annoying kids at school

  • Cubing Doctor
    Cubing Doctor 2 months ago

    what about the sound........

  • Melorina Sadiku
    Melorina Sadiku 2 months ago

    Kristen pls learn how to apply ur lipstick I love you tho

  • Mia Bird
    Mia Bird 2 months ago

    Who else 3:50 saw the Freddie Barbie cut out?😂

  • Original Moana
    Original Moana 2 months ago

    Farted while watching this

  • crypticarus
    crypticarus 2 months ago +1

    i was raised that no one should fart in public in front of people and that you should go to the bathroom to fart.... but honestly, all the power to you. Either everyone farts in public or no one.

  • sophia dolloff
    sophia dolloff 2 months ago +5

    I'm definitely giving these to my class mate Michael,the teacher literally told him to stick his butt out the door when he has to fart😂😂😂

  • Sophierourkexo
    Sophierourkexo 2 months ago

    As soon as they said sheddies I thought of the cereal. Maybe this underwear was knitted by grannies 😂

  • Student Hunter Smith
    Student Hunter Smith 2 months ago

    Wait girls fart😱😂

  • Hannanater Disney
    Hannanater Disney 2 months ago

    Do u guys get called out in public for being famous

  • Laily Novishah
    Laily Novishah 2 months ago

    im watching this after fart, and while I watch, I fart. lol

  • ScarletTheGoldie
    ScarletTheGoldie 2 months ago

    My aunt needs these..

  • Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash

    I fart no matter what

  • Carina Trevino
    Carina Trevino 2 months ago +3

    Turn on captions, at 5:17 they misspelled girls lol

  • xoKeakay
    xoKeakay 2 months ago

    i'm in gymnastics and one time i farted when i was running down the vault runway

  • Liisbeth Orav
    Liisbeth Orav 2 months ago

    this video made me fart

  • khyon cullum
    khyon cullum 2 months ago

    This is so funky