World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • From rolling on exercise balls to a freezing cold mile-long swim, this episode of Overtime has it all!
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    Comment: “I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha”
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  14 days ago +12198

    Wheel Unfortunate will be back in full force next episode. Ned went on a labor strike and demanded higher pay and that we recognize Arbor Day as a national holiday but he got it and everything is all good now

    X《 PREDATOR》 14 hours ago

    Who is watching it twice thrice or more then that

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz 14 hours ago

    I'm with codes

  • Thulasreedharan PA
    Thulasreedharan PA 15 hours ago

    “I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha”
    Check the bio.

  • lucy B
    lucy B 15 hours ago

    I had faith in you Cody :)

  • skay tout simplement
    skay tout simplement 15 hours ago +1

    Frenche soutitre pls

  • Jessie Medeiros
    Jessie Medeiros 16 hours ago +1

    For every like i get i will add a👌

  • dog__man
    dog__man 16 hours ago

    Any else see Cody hit him? 😂 10:40

  • boycejbee
    boycejbee 16 hours ago

    This was a good one

  • SongPOP
    SongPOP 16 hours ago

    I've been swimming for 4 years and let me say the swimming a mile is not easy!

  • connor boy09
    connor boy09 17 hours ago

    Wake up it's time coffee

  • Happatpants Nock
    Happatpants Nock 17 hours ago

    I shared it and liked

  • Mr.blobfish 3277
    Mr.blobfish 3277 17 hours ago

    I shared and subscribed

  • Jonah Masek
    Jonah Masek 17 hours ago

    U guys should collab with the lads from How Rediculous...

  • Humberto Miranda
    Humberto Miranda 17 hours ago


  • the gaming democracy
    the gaming democracy 17 hours ago

    Yo where can I get that chessboard it looks fun

  • Jenna may Johnson
    Jenna may Johnson 17 hours ago

    I love overtime especially wives vs chad

  • I will Survive
    I will Survive 17 hours ago

    Nobody cares about the coffee okay

  • Adnan Shamsi
    Adnan Shamsi 18 hours ago

    You guys will reach 100m soon good luck

  • King Krueger
    King Krueger 18 hours ago

    Ty looked majestic when he was surfing on those balls

  • Rintaro Hirota
    Rintaro Hirota 18 hours ago

    Cool not cool is my favorite

  • Lukazard
    Lukazard 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who just rewatches these vids like 20 times over

  • Duck Butt
    Duck Butt 18 hours ago

    I can’t even swim 1 yard

  • Fabricio Nunes
    Fabricio Nunes 18 hours ago

    tenta traduzir aki para nós do Brasil por favor

  • Rohan Oakley
    Rohan Oakley 18 hours ago +1

    If it's your feet and hands then just use ur elbows and knees

  • Rogelio Granadoz
    Rogelio Granadoz 18 hours ago

    Cody one of your family members are one of my teachers

  • Alex Lobos
    Alex Lobos 18 hours ago


  • TSDSNaruto Diver is the best ED

    17 million people know Michael he's famous

  • Amy Seymour
    Amy Seymour 18 hours ago

    I bet Cody can do it

  • Temu 168
    Temu 168 19 hours ago +1

    Indonesia mana suaranya

  • Daniel Aguire
    Daniel Aguire 19 hours ago

    Cody swimming was the equivalent of the pride of vegeta in dbs

  • Mike Guptill
    Mike Guptill 19 hours ago

    I subscribed

  • Roman Ferrara
    Roman Ferrara 19 hours ago

    Lmao I'm a swimmer and I find it hilarious that they think swimming a mile is hard

  • malkitty gaming
    malkitty gaming 19 hours ago

    Who thought when ty was doing the exercise ball world record was satisfying ....just me okay

  • Harrison Haskell
    Harrison Haskell 19 hours ago

    Love the overtime vids if you can can you do more cool not cool and wheel unfortunate

  • Will Martin
    Will Martin 19 hours ago

    I love Dude Perfect so much.

  • Chealyn Reese
    Chealyn Reese 20 hours ago +1

    I liked, and shared all to my friends! I've already been subbed for about 1 year to 2 years! I LOVE your show and vids! Keep up the good work! 😁

  • HotDog Master
    HotDog Master 20 hours ago

    Personally I don't like cool not cool... It's not everybody's favourite segment

  • Megan Mac Innis
    Megan Mac Innis 20 hours ago +1

    I’m mad that weel unfortunate was not in this ep

  • Kiwi Unicorns
    Kiwi Unicorns 20 hours ago

    i shared the video with 7 people

  • Colin Wright
    Colin Wright 21 hour ago +1

    Yo, can I get the tokens from the Mcdonalds cup by chance?

  • Kiwi Unicorns
    Kiwi Unicorns 21 hour ago

    Like if u agree

  • JackD895
    JackD895 21 hour ago

    How much is cold because 18degrees celciest is warm here

  • TheBeastonz TS
    TheBeastonz TS 21 hour ago +1

    I am a channel knock off u guys it's so awesome and I hope to get more subs

    And I'm the only one that will like my comment

  • Its The RayGun
    Its The RayGun 21 hour ago

    But wheel unfortunate is my favorite segment!

  • Pablo Becker
    Pablo Becker 21 hour ago

    4:58 TOO BRIGHT

  • Johnny Almaviva
    Johnny Almaviva 21 hour ago

    U guys are the best

  • Percy Jackson Gaming
    Percy Jackson Gaming 21 hour ago

    You should do tv studio stereotypes

    FORTHEWHALES09 Yt 21 hour ago

    The thermal attachmant can see fingerprints of codes left on pin code card machine thingys
    Scammera use them

  • Fortnite Sync
    Fortnite Sync 21 hour ago +1

    10:40 he hits his face lol

  • Penguin Entertainment
    Penguin Entertainment 21 hour ago

    I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha

  • sean lintermoot
    sean lintermoot 21 hour ago

    Hope Cody doesn't get sick

  • Barfy Unicorn
    Barfy Unicorn 22 hours ago +2

    What’s the name of the thermal app????

  • Uday Brar
    Uday Brar 22 hours ago

    This video is sponsored by 7/11

  • jenn gomez
    jenn gomez 22 hours ago

    This video is awsome

  • Kiyan yk
    Kiyan yk 22 hours ago


  • Chloe G
    Chloe G 22 hours ago

    Ty reminds me of Michael from the office

  • Tasneem Dizdarevic
    Tasneem Dizdarevic 22 hours ago

    Why r ppl disliking this????????

  • Leo Wang
    Leo Wang 22 hours ago

    Let’s go CODY woooooooooohoooooooooo

  • Johnny Doan
    Johnny Doan 22 hours ago

    Do a another challenge Dude Perfect 👌🏻

  • CVlogs
    CVlogs 22 hours ago

    w-w-where’s wheel unfortunate?

  • Ultra Enchanted Gaming
    Ultra Enchanted Gaming 22 hours ago

    I bet dude perfect won’t pin this comment

  • tankcraft
    tankcraft 22 hours ago

    6:06 is so disingenuous it hurts. he had to tell the rest of them it was a computer board because you have to put pressure on a square and move it to another square and press again (it is a very loud beep) and you hear a loud mechanical arm under the board move the piece for the other player.

  • Mitch Henry
    Mitch Henry 22 hours ago

    Have you ever loose a Record

  • Mitch Henry
    Mitch Henry 22 hours ago

    You guys are so funny 😂

  • A He
    A He 23 hours ago +2

    my teacher told me that her son Tallen saw Ty in Plano tx. and he got a photo with Ty and it was at a big Christmas event

  • bamboo 15op
    bamboo 15op 23 hours ago

    make hockey stereotype

  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera 23 hours ago

    I have the thermal in my camera on my iPad so I didn’t really care for tylers

  • Dom Dilson Goulart de Mendonça


  • genius gaming
    genius gaming Day ago

    You suck

  • Avenger FamilyTv

    I believed

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    broncos rule Day ago

    Where is panda?

  • Pandawithtaste /HOVE/

    can anyone please help me on how to watch the nickelodeon show in the EU? (Denmark)

  • Eric Fink
    Eric Fink Day ago


  • Mohamed Waseem
    Mohamed Waseem Day ago

    I just wish they had a vloging channel n upload everyday
    Like if u want daily vlogs by dp❤️

  • Keegan Wegner
    Keegan Wegner Day ago

    I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha

  • Milos Damjanovic
    Milos Damjanovic Day ago +1

    Can you make more stereotypes like soccer stereotype or something like that?Team Coby for life!😎😎😀😀

  • Eiss
    Eiss Day ago

    did you guys fix the basketball court since grocery store stereotypes?

  • Oday Alsaleh
    Oday Alsaleh Day ago

    Nice ty

  • MeMeStar 2.0
    MeMeStar 2.0 Day ago +1

    4:58 *Garret exposed baldness*

  • Nishi Varade
    Nishi Varade Day ago

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  • MartinixEP
    MartinixEP Day ago +1


  • Cam Alexander
    Cam Alexander Day ago +1

    do a 3 on 3 basketball game with one of your editors(like chad) like so they can see this

  • Artur Haladko
    Artur Haladko Day ago

    Pls do a pewdiepie edition :

  • stefan stancila
    stefan stancila Day ago +1


  • AlexanderBagrov
    AlexanderBagrov Day ago

    Can you do a fortnite trickshot with NINJA

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    kurei M Day ago

    Japanese subtitle please!

  • Kulas Cruz
    Kulas Cruz Day ago

    Hi kulas

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    Pili Anci Day ago

    Wow ;-;

  • Dr. Invader;}
    Dr. Invader;} Day ago

    "Hey boys let's set a world record"
    " *Sigh* Now?"
    "Well I feel like it..."
    *Sets a world record*
    "Another record broken. 83 to go."

  • Dans hair do ,
    Dans hair do , Day ago

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