$100 Worth of BurgerFi VS Food Ninja | ENTIRE MENU | 11,000+ CALORIES

  • Published on Mar 18, 2018
  • $100 Worth of BurgerFi VS Food Ninja | ENTIRE MENU | 11,000+ CALORIES
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Comments • 433

  • DotAuri
    DotAuri Year ago +19


  • ThePizzaGuru1
    ThePizzaGuru1 6 days ago

    pinworm nate

  • Chester Beefbottom
    Chester Beefbottom 4 months ago

    Ive only been to one burger fi and it was in south padre island tx, best damn burger i ever had, it was tiny but damn it was good

  • Lovely Rose Alquizar
    Lovely Rose Alquizar 4 months ago

    Hey Nate, didn’t we have two shakes?

  • deharleyva
    deharleyva 5 months ago


  • Spud Dog
    Spud Dog 6 months ago

    The more Nate eats the more it seems like his brain slows down. lol

  • jo151
    jo151 6 months ago

    Why not put on ketchup?

  • Terrizo L
    Terrizo L 6 months ago

    Burgerfi is sooo good

  • Dlchoice PS4
    Dlchoice PS4 6 months ago

    Burgerfi’s fries are AMAZING

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King 6 months ago +1

    Eating burger fi while watching this

  • Alex Alejandro
    Alex Alejandro 6 months ago

    Bro what part of Florida you stay at??

  • stu99
    stu99 6 months ago

    Why didn't you not add sauce it was behind you on the counter top

  • Dynamicc TV
    Dynamicc TV 6 months ago

    You feel like you're afraid of Santa claus?

  • Dan lifts
    Dan lifts 7 months ago

    man in aust you would get maybe 6 burgers for 100$...

  • Fleds
    Fleds 8 months ago


  • JRLGlam
    JRLGlam 8 months ago

    I literally paused the first five seconds of the video and rewatched it like ten times because that particular BurgerFi and Panera looked familiar. I then realized this place is right next to my job 😂

  • Oladipo Sowunmi
    Oladipo Sowunmi 8 months ago

    Take that burgerfi employees

  • KavoSiA Campbell
    KavoSiA Campbell 8 months ago

    Since this place is called Burgerfi it damn sho better have wifi

  • Jezebel C
    Jezebel C 8 months ago

    They literally give you every option ever of sauce and toppings. You ordered them dry.................... No shit they're dry. lol

  • Stay Humble88
    Stay Humble88 8 months ago

    Should’ve put some “catch up” on those dry burgers. You did for them soggy fries though lmao.

  • Allison Hunter
    Allison Hunter 9 months ago

    9:04 Ready for hibernation.

  • AJ Abu-Hala
    AJ Abu-Hala 9 months ago

    Burger-fi is overpriced.

  • Victoria S Books
    Victoria S Books 9 months ago

    Chuck the fries and onion rings in the toaster oven for a few mins

  • Mamadou Bah
    Mamadou Bah 9 months ago

    Complains when the burger is dry but ketchup is behind him

  • Unwritten CSGO
    Unwritten CSGO 9 months ago

    that ketchup is gross get heinz im telling you its so gross

  • BIG! Kabuto
    BIG! Kabuto 9 months ago

    Wow tax there is only 8% So Lucky! Ontario is 13%..wtfff

  • The Notorious B.R.Y.A.N.

    the veggiefi burger and breakfast all day are my personal favorites

  • Shabz
    Shabz 9 months ago

    The whole time complaining it was dry there was a bottle of sauce right behind

  • George Diaz
    George Diaz 9 months ago

    If they were dry, you should have dunked it in the milkshake... I don’t know just trying to help

  • Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment

    *Any thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War?*

  • Cameron Salmon
    Cameron Salmon 10 months ago

    It’s dry yet there is ketchup in the background 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Connie B
    Connie B 10 months ago

    Put them in oven warming until you eat them.

  • moon man
    moon man 10 months ago

    Ketch up was used at the last minute

  • the best country
    the best country 10 months ago

    We finally got a burger fi here in Cuyahoga falls ohio

  • King Julian
    King Julian 10 months ago

    Complains about burger dry, catch up (according to Nate) is right behind him, uses it on fries only. Nate Nate Nate😂

  • ohtehlolz
    ohtehlolz 10 months ago

    Veggie burgers are awesome on top of a regular burger. Excellent topping.

  • Joanna Meyer
    Joanna Meyer 10 months ago

    Risking soggy onion rings and melted shakes for your grandma. That’s really nice. ☺️

  • MrKravonGill
    MrKravonGill 11 months ago

    I was screammmmingg grab the ketchup behind u, the vid!!..props doe.couldnt be me..i like my burger wet

  • Vanessa Hoferer
    Vanessa Hoferer 11 months ago


  • Gienne Q
    Gienne Q 11 months ago

    How do you do thisssss???

  • Edgar Esquivel
    Edgar Esquivel 11 months ago

    That poor toilet of yours

  • A Munro
    A Munro 11 months ago

    Martin Luther King freeing the slaves, pinworm Nate

  • A Munro
    A Munro 11 months ago

    Cookie cutter nate “showing his personality” at the end there

  • Turbo Turtle
    Turbo Turtle 11 months ago

    The shit you do for your views...I mean fans. Lol

  • JasonTubeHD 2004
    JasonTubeHD 2004 11 months ago

    56 minutes, and 49 seconds.

  • Mr. Rodgers
    Mr. Rodgers 11 months ago

    Hope your grandma is feeling better. Good video.

  • ItzMeEmma !
    ItzMeEmma ! 11 months ago

    You crushed it bro 🔥

  • TheGamingNBK
    TheGamingNBK 11 months ago

    damn son cant believe your toilet still alive to this day xD LOL!

  • Achal Sinha
    Achal Sinha 11 months ago

    I think Nat fig is all set to challenge Matt stonie....

  • Eric Tweten
    Eric Tweten Year ago

    Do a culvers full menu challenge!

  • JJ Hayes
    JJ Hayes Year ago

    What the name of the song that plays at 8:10?

  • Anna L
    Anna L Year ago

    Nate, do Matt Stonie's fruity pebble challenge, you know you wanna ;P

  • Tim Hunt
    Tim Hunt Year ago

    For challenges put fries in the oven keep warm and crispy. Low heat while eating the rest of the stuff

  • Danny
    Danny Year ago

    Matt stinks could do this with his stomach tied behind his back

  • Duran Brown TV
    Duran Brown TV Year ago +1

    He keeps saying "WE." We who? We'll be eating?!?!? Okay you have imaginary friends dude....😂

  • Danny Ames
    Danny Ames Year ago

    Hope your grandma feels better soon. She seems like a great and feisty person. Just a question, why do you close your eyes when you take bites of your food? Love your vids, TY

  • Patti C
    Patti C Year ago

    Nate, what do you eat on the other 6 days of the week? Do you still workout? I really like your cheat day videos, but I'm interested in the other Regular days. If you work out, what do you do with that too? Maybe you could do a "what is a normal day in Nathan's life" video. also..fyi..I'm enjoying your videos with Nick as well.

  • chris spano
    chris spano Year ago


  • Honey_the_Golden Bubbies

    Did you order the burgers without sauce or condiments or do they come like that? I HATE a dry burger... yuck!

    AKACG Year ago

    pinhead nate

  • Andrew Pappas
    Andrew Pappas Year ago

    The moment when you want to try this place but you don't have any other fast food places in Canada

  • Carrie Miller
    Carrie Miller Year ago

    Hey Nathan Chicago has a new steak challange, hope you could give it a try abc7chicago.com/food/steakhouse-offering-200-ounce-steak-challenge-/3242823/?sf185192220=1&sf185259570=1

  • Francisco Gonzalez

    Why the burger at 0:37 look like it just got nutted on

  • Goat Zilla
    Goat Zilla Year ago

    Thats insane lol

  • The Niko Experience


  • Shaun Yancazos
    Shaun Yancazos Year ago

    cockring nate

  • S Molta
    S Molta Year ago

    I’m curious how much money Nate makes with his channel. He spends a lot of money doing his videos and buying his equipment. He has a good clean cut channel, he definitely should have sponsors trying to sponsor him and individual videos . Like when he buys all the food from a place . I think that place should sponsor the video. And at least give him the food for free . His videos are great advertising for them. I always get hungry for what he is eating usually , if I am hungry at time I watch

  • Cristina
    Cristina Year ago

    Nate! Your picture is in the new Hot Ones with Gabriel Iglesias.

  • Niccixo
    Niccixo Year ago

    Hey Nate!! You're in a slide on the newest episode of "Hot Ones," with Gabriel Iglesias!! Check it out! usclip.net/video/enmLybSqmgc/video.html
    3:38 in. You've officially made it!

  • David Erdely
    David Erdely Year ago

    You need to invest in one of those heat lamps to keep your shit warm while you're eating/filming

  • Bakerz STREET 420

    you complied about the food so much you made my plain spaghetti look world class

  • Carlo Fortin
    Carlo Fortin Year ago

    bruh usclip.net/video/enmLybSqmgc/video.html
    you made it

  • Connor Boyce
    Connor Boyce Year ago +1

    Yoooo, I was watching the hot ones episode with Gabriel iglasies and when they were talking about the heart attack grill, they used your pic! *Clout tokens unlocked*

  • 4HitsWilystyle
    4HitsWilystyle Year ago

    bit of a shout out on hot ones usclip.net/video/enmLybSqmgc/video.htmlm37s
    nice avatar pic......

  • Justin Paz
    Justin Paz Year ago

    Long time watcher, but I don't comment often - I just wanted to say that I saw your picture at the Heart Attack Grill on the newest Hot Ones episode with Gabriel Iglesias! It's at the 3:38 mark! Mama we made it!

  • reggiecharles12
    reggiecharles12 Year ago

    Only if they had pickles Lmmfao 🤪😂🙌🏾👏🏾💯

  • Le Jiffstix
    Le Jiffstix Year ago +2

    so this is the tough guy that likes to headbutt defenseless women. COCKRING NATE!

  • Granny Figueroa
    Granny Figueroa Year ago

    Mijo it wasnt me on the delray misfits podcast
    mijito tu sabes que no digo nada malo de ti
    take care mijo

  • Devil's 9 Questions

    Cockring nate

  • ryan wilborn
    ryan wilborn Year ago

    That was a tough one bro

  • Setharious12321
    Setharious12321 Year ago

    I hear a good solution for dry burgers is pickles. Pickles are very juicy so they help make burgers nice and moist.

  • Seattle Guy
    Seattle Guy Year ago

    I almost thumbs down because of that exit Nate

  • Seattle Guy
    Seattle Guy Year ago

    Hah he ate it all, you were wrong burgerfi employee

  • Tomas Flores
    Tomas Flores Year ago

    Some bomb ass food again, food ninja...

  • Supreme Alpha Male
    Supreme Alpha Male Year ago +1

    Cock Ring Nate

  • All these snitches

    My car smells like poop😂

  • Jules
    Jules Year ago

    The ketchup was right behind you m’nate

  • Julian
    Julian Year ago

    you should get a food warmer

  • krazi3
    krazi3 Year ago

    Good job Nate I was getting worried a bit.

  • Orlando Toney
    Orlando Toney Year ago

    That's alot bro. U have interesting videos . take care buddy.

  • Rebekah Amos
    Rebekah Amos Year ago

    Hope you'regrandma is feeling better! xx

  • Sean Daley
    Sean Daley Year ago +6

    Those complaining bit clips hahahahahahaha damn Nate is so funny sometimes. Lmao for real dude ....hahahahaha.....there it is again and again by surprise hahahaha

    BURGERFI Year ago +50

    Every Burger on the menu PLUS two shakes, fries AND onion rings!! We are impressed! 👏👏 Next time you want to do a food challenge at BurgerFi, let us know and we will hook you up with your giant meal! 😎🍔🎉 We knew you could do it!

    • will new
      will new 4 months ago

      Best burger in America! Don’t ever change.

    • Sarah Drennan
      Sarah Drennan Year ago +3

      omg burgerfi replied to you!!! CCOOOLLLL!!!!! +5 points to burgerfi in my book!

  • F Zee
    F Zee Year ago +1

    Pinwprm nate

  • Oloz Creed
    Oloz Creed Year ago

    What’s the average time you spend on the toilet after these meals? Lol come out to Seattle, we go Korean Yakaniku Buffet!

  • mu fc
    mu fc Year ago

    Natehead pin

  • soody69
    soody69 Year ago

    Those burgers looked amazing!

  • Jaber
    Jaber Year ago

    That outro lmao

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton Year ago

    It's all that bread. That's like eating a loaf in one meal. So gross.
    A big part of the challenge is eating cold food too. By the time you get home it's probably been 15-30 mins and then while you're eating the food is getting stale as well. I don't know how you don't hurl from that. Burgers and fries have to be eaten as soon as they're cooked as they go stale very quickly.

  • John Bolden
    John Bolden Year ago

    What song is that @ 3:24 - 4:58 ?