We RESCUE Game Master from Quadrant Headquarters in Real Life (Daniel Hacks Network for Face Reveal)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Searching for clues to uncover the truth after lie detector challenge with ninja gadgets.
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    Rebecca Zamolo made FOUND GAME MASTER while Escaping TOP SECRET Headquarters! (E2 Quadrant Date Reveal) Matt and Rebecca created Searching for Game Master at 3am inside Quadrant Top Secret Headquarters! Rebecca and Matt were in a trap inside the quadrant vault at 3am and needed to solve the clues to get out. After they escaped with Daniel their cameraman, they needed to unbox the gadgets using the riddles in the clue room. These ninja spy tools are being used to build a mystery device for what we think is the next event called E2. Daniel previously noticed that the first to find the box wins $10,000. We need to get this back to the gamemaster so we can take him to the safe house as he still hasn’t been revealed or unmasked. We still don’t know if we can trust Daniel but need to get the GM out before he is hypnotized or has to take a truth mixture which is kind of like a lie detector. We must defeat the hacker in this battle royale. If we lose, we may be trapped in a 24 hour overnight challenge for 24 hours at 3am in real life! Will we escape in time? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca  2 months ago +3969

    Will the plan work to escape and do a face reveal?

  • Kimberly Price
    Kimberly Price 17 hours ago

    That different mask was the Hypnatyst

  • Chris Blanton
    Chris Blanton 4 days ago

    rebecca thats not the game master thats daniel the game master is still in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moustapha Gueye
    Moustapha Gueye 5 days ago

    Daniel is wearing the mask

  • Aria June Monroe
    Aria June Monroe 6 days ago +1


    • Aria June Monroe
      Aria June Monroe 6 days ago +1


    • Aria June Monroe
      Aria June Monroe 6 days ago +1


  • McKenzie Zimmerman
    McKenzie Zimmerman 6 days ago

    He looked like he was dressed up like the quadrant

  • Mary Stewart
    Mary Stewart 8 days ago

    It's not the real game master

  • Romy Ghazal
    Romy Ghazal 9 days ago +1

    On 9:34 theese eyes are Daniel's aren't they?

  • Joy Reid
    Joy Reid 10 days ago

    He’s eye is red

  • Lucrecia Booth
    Lucrecia Booth 11 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the GM has red eyes

  • Michelle Martin
    Michelle Martin 11 days ago

    Flash and 1102

  • Joanna Briones
    Joanna Briones 11 days ago

    That doesnt look like the game master that looks like Daniel from his eyes

  • rami hyari
    rami hyari 12 days ago +1

    The g.m is qbin guy

  • Aeisha Clarke
    Aeisha Clarke 13 days ago

    RZ twin is in KHS house

  • Aeisha Clarke
    Aeisha Clarke 13 days ago

    Rebecca that's not the real game Master that's Daniel

  • its brigette
    its brigette 14 days ago

    that is not the gm thats daniel

  • Sierra Bills
    Sierra Bills 14 days ago

    The game master has red eyes

  • Eddie Harmon
    Eddie Harmon 14 days ago


  • Eddie Harmon
    Eddie Harmon 14 days ago


  • queen Sania
    queen Sania 15 days ago

    What is not the game made

  • Logan Lemar
    Logan Lemar 15 days ago

    9:33 it is daniel not the gm run he trapped the gm

  • Hristo Hristov
    Hristo Hristov 16 days ago +1

    I watched nearly all of your vidios matt and rebecca

  • Cheng Sai Tan
    Cheng Sai Tan 16 days ago


  • Anvi Menon
    Anvi Menon 16 days ago

    That is not the game master you can make out from his eyes 😱😱😱😱it's Daniel

  • slitherin potterhead
    slitherin potterhead 16 days ago

    So the "Quadrant headquaters" that the game master is in is definately the same place you got trapped in the video escaping abandanded jail WHERE THE GAME MASTER TRAPPED YOU. Did the game masters place get taken over or is it a cheat. I dont know but i think the Quadrant is bad

  • L Murphy
    L Murphy 17 days ago

    at the end the gm is daniel

  • L Murphy
    L Murphy 17 days ago

    no becuse its daniel when you get the gm out

  • Talha Zulfiqair
    Talha Zulfiqair 17 days ago +1

    It's not the game master because he has red eyes so it might be a clone of the game master

  • Sian Davidson
    Sian Davidson 17 days ago

    The mask looks like the hypnotists or the reed hood

  • anonymousyouth
    anonymousyouth 17 days ago +4

    Hi I'm laibah sorry but I'm love your videos.
    🦄🌈🦄🌈I live in England

  • Baking Corner
    Baking Corner 18 days ago

    7:39 thats the hypnotiser

  • Familia Dozal
    Familia Dozal 18 days ago


  • Christina Charron
    Christina Charron 18 days ago +1

    there is a bottle on the window in the camera room rebecca is in

  • Scarlett Nicolson
    Scarlett Nicolson 18 days ago +1

    Don't trust Daniel

  • Angel oo
    Angel oo 19 days ago

    I love you

  • Andrews Senanu Akpakli

    Daniel is wearing the mask 🥳🥺🥺🥳🥳😘🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥳🥺🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳Like so Rebecca can see this🥳🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥺🥳🥺🥺🥳🥳🥺🥳🥺

  • Sonia Villagaray
    Sonia Villagaray 19 days ago

    It is 1103

  • KK Richardson
    KK Richardson 20 days ago +2

    The GM his eyes are red.

  • Maria Lele
    Maria Lele 20 days ago

    Its not the game master

  • Maria Lele
    Maria Lele 20 days ago +1

    Hypnosis mask

  • Ergica Movanu
    Ergica Movanu 20 days ago


  • Genene R
    Genene R 21 day ago

    is was daniel you could tell by the eyes and he look like he was lying

  • Kimberly Saavedra
    Kimberly Saavedra 21 day ago +2

    In the video at 9:31 to 9:33 look at the eyes of the game master.If you can recognise who it is.....That's NOT the game master.It is DANIEL..

  • Mallika Mckend
    Mallika Mckend 25 days ago


  • Izaan Plays
    Izaan Plays 26 days ago

    The q

  • Kamdien Carter
    Kamdien Carter 26 days ago


  • Xiomara Rodriguez
    Xiomara Rodriguez 29 days ago

    Rz twin is me

  • King Trell
    King Trell Month ago

    Yes, you and matt should do a face reveal on the quadrant Q. I love you guys so much. Can I get the next shout out on the next video 😘😍😘😍

  • ACShadowkitty
    ACShadowkitty Month ago

    That was not the gamemaster it was rz twin you left the gamemaster and Daniel there!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ACShadowkitty
    ACShadowkitty Month ago

    The number plates the one with orange!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ximena Ramos
    Ximena Ramos Month ago

    That's not the gm so it's the rz thuin

  • Gina Nichole
    Gina Nichole Month ago

    I have seen the mask before

  • Imogen Relton
    Imogen Relton Month ago +1


  • richard walker
    richard walker Month ago

    That's not the real game master he has ted eyes

  • sunhye park
    sunhye park Month ago

    matt and rebecca that mask you saw on the hypenoties wear is the mask when you chase santa little helper it true guys
    season 1 and episode 46 go watch now !!!

  • star bright
    star bright Month ago

    The slime will pretend to from the cloud

  • Mcqueen Ayanna Reyes

    Rebbeca,Matt the Rz twin is under mind control by the red hood from the gamemaster video with his new mask

  • 3rv1n kukaj
    3rv1n kukaj Month ago

    Kikiooiiii9oupokopoiolioljokjjojikhiohhih oi uktmgk ucnkkgj ulbiii

  • neifetary chapman
    neifetary chapman Month ago


  • Cookies_Taste Roblox Gacha and more!!

    I believe in you Rebbeca Zamolo and Matt Slayss I KNOW FOR INFINITE FACTS that you will save the game master and beat the jerky quadrant and snap sense into them! I am an old viewer of yours but I never finished this series. I really love and support you guys. Your the most amazing!

  • Katie Figueroa
    Katie Figueroa Month ago

    Gummy bear

  • victoria Urbano
    victoria Urbano Month ago

    Hi I don't know what's social media

  • MargeDog 20Xx
    MargeDog 20Xx Month ago

    I saw a remote. That’s probably for the remote challenge

  • Edvin Bakalovic
    Edvin Bakalovic Month ago

    That new mask was the hyipontiss

  • Batool Al Saleem
    Batool Al Saleem Month ago


  • Ashley Hazelwood
    Ashley Hazelwood Month ago +1

    I love your video

  • Ashley Hazelwood
    Ashley Hazelwood Month ago

    I love. Your. Video

  • Peaches N Cream
    Peaches N Cream Month ago

    notice how cwc has 3 members matt rebecca and daniel is 3? and cwc is pz4 and matt and rebecca is que? oh and their camera man is daniel and they have like hacker adventures? yeahhhh *sips tea*

  • Aimal Ishaq
    Aimal Ishaq Month ago

    Wait why is Danial in black

  • Hayden Flagg
    Hayden Flagg Month ago

    You are my favorite you tube r

  • Alexia Bruyland
    Alexia Bruyland Month ago


  • L and K forever L and K forever

    I am apart of that 3 millon

  • Yassy Castro
    Yassy Castro Month ago

    That was my birthday

  • Raelynn Beck
    Raelynn Beck Month ago


  • leo montes
    leo montes Month ago

    its probly daniel again

  • leo montes
    leo montes Month ago


  • leo montes
    leo montes Month ago


  • Rihanna Ramos
    Rihanna Ramos Month ago

    Im apart of the ZAM FAM

  • Rihanna Ramos
    Rihanna Ramos Month ago

    the Quad ,the red hood ,the GM

  • Rihanna Ramos
    Rihanna Ramos Month ago

    they are after you including the gm

  • Nephtaly Olvera
    Nephtaly Olvera Month ago +1

    Me Pakal

  • suzanne clemmons
    suzanne clemmons Month ago

    it has red eyes like lizzy sharer and carter shear and rose pasoino and kurt clone so it has to be a clone like from wehn you were i the doll house

  • Ashy Ash
    Ashy Ash Month ago


  • Ashy Ash
    Ashy Ash Month ago

    Its orange The gode is orange!!!!

  • Kristian Talevski
    Kristian Talevski Month ago


  • Kristian Talevski
    Kristian Talevski Month ago

    si Daniel a youtube

  • Alejandra Solis
    Alejandra Solis Month ago

    We saw the mask in the escape room from slh in the closet

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones Month ago

    Yayyyy the game master is safe

    AZLATINDJ Month ago

    that was not the game master he had red eyes

  • Gabriela Jimenez
    Gabriela Jimenez Month ago

    That not him his eyes are red

  • Elise Tanaya
    Elise Tanaya Month ago

    There is a patch in daniel's vest

  • MissuhuM
    MissuhuM Month ago

    Don’t trust Daniel! The game master has red eyes!🧐

  • Ganna Ahmed
    Ganna Ahmed Month ago

    Matt, Daniel kidnap Rebecca. I know this cause I saw Rebecca’s video

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago

    And I am using my dad’s account in my name is Paige

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago

    I really want to see you guys in real life and is the game master real

  • Zacariya Baytieh
    Zacariya Baytieh Month ago +1

    I sore a key at the bottom of the black box

  • Sophia Moreno
    Sophia Moreno Month ago +1

    The game master had red eyes

  • Brandie Cornelius
    Brandie Cornelius Month ago

    Planed to make all youtuber's think the gm is doing face revile and it is not true it's a trap do not go I seen mutible vidio's of it

  • Brandie Cornelius
    Brandie Cornelius Month ago

    Guy's the game master not the quadren and project zorgo

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl Month ago

    Rebecca. That was not the GM it was Daniel. DON'T TRUST DANIEL!!!!!!!!!1