2018 Australian Patrol Ration 1 Man 24 Hour MRE Review PR1M Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • This Australian Patrol Ration 1 Man is a 24 Hour MRE used by ADF Special Forces and recon teams on LRRP missions. The mains are freeze dried and other components switched out for lighter ones reducing the weight to 2 1/2 lbs. And with minimal reduction in caloric content. Amazingly fresh food, yet seriously lacking closure devices to those main's pouches. No gusset, no problem.
    Check out this review on an Armenian 24hr Ration!
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Comments • 8 981

  • Andrew Yulianto
    Andrew Yulianto 5 hours ago

    is that indomie mie goreng

  • Hayden
    Hayden Day ago

    We get the jam biscuits in New Zealand in long packets.

  • Ryan Dutchak
    Ryan Dutchak Day ago


  • Redchester United

    Uhh ummm that jam sandwich biscuit is called a jammy Dodger.

  • Michael Cusanus
    Michael Cusanus Day ago

    no idea how to eat instant noodles?

  • dipacinero
    dipacinero Day ago

    Steve hasn’t pooped since starting these videos... 😂

  • Arturo Ch
    Arturo Ch Day ago

    i want some to keep in me car , where do i buy ?

  • MadAnime3
    MadAnime3 2 days ago

    bruh migoreng noodles makes it all worth it already

  • Mark Micco
    Mark Micco 2 days ago

    Right off the bat

  • Brittnee Guzman
    Brittnee Guzman 2 days ago

    Ok way to much water in the oatmeal it’s to watery

  • Rk M
    Rk M 3 days ago

    All that sodium and whey protein, you'll be shitting like a goose in two hours

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 4 days ago

    I think that's hoisin sauce or asian ketchup

  • Nolan Fisher
    Nolan Fisher 4 days ago +3

    It sounds like he’s advertising

  • Prollydrunk
    Prollydrunk 4 days ago

    They put ramen in there lmaaaooo

  • Brass Monkey 7
    Brass Monkey 7 4 days ago

    Official acronym - Food Ration Extraction Device - but is usually known by the more popular "Frigging Ridiculous Eating Device." The FRED is a cousin of the U S P-38 Can opener.

  • Luke Reynolds
    Luke Reynolds 4 days ago

    you will literally eat anything.....

  • San
    San 4 days ago

    "Noodles Mi Goreng"
    ok i think they got the languages mixed
    mi goreng is indonesian for fried noodles

    • Dan d
      Dan d 3 days ago

      For international export its just "Friend noodle" flavour lol

  • Noah Freeman
    Noah Freeman 4 days ago

    I'm Australian so cearful when insulting Vegimite

  • Tetra3Ne56scur
    Tetra3Ne56scur 4 days ago

    13:16 looks just like Roman noodles

  • Andrew Zhai
    Andrew Zhai 5 days ago +1

    The jam bickies = cheese spread jalapeno

    SEBASTIAN ROBERTS 5 days ago +2

    to me these kind of videos are very satisfying

  • Muhammad Mu’qtaz Yamin

    Mi goreng means fried noodle its a malay language

  • Nathan
    Nathan 5 days ago +4

    Everytime Steve eat beef, he always remember about 100 years old cow boer war

  • Kohreean
    Kohreean 6 days ago

    S L A P S B R E A D

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz 6 days ago

    5:58 whip it good!

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 6 days ago

    That’s alot of stuff

  • Nikki Wilde
    Nikki Wilde 6 days ago


  • MrVelo
    MrVelo 6 days ago

    kinda looks like toby macquire

  • Sadkrush InstaGram
    Sadkrush InstaGram 7 days ago

    Me: WE NEED OUR MEN OUT HERE, wait where is steve?, Steve: 15:23

  • T0mAto_es
    T0mAto_es 7 days ago


  • Long Chu
    Long Chu 7 days ago


  • Ben Hermo
    Ben Hermo 7 days ago

    “Nice” “okay” haha always gets me

  • jotaro1234
    jotaro1234 7 days ago +2

    yo he's soo hyped about the chocolate! me too though, me too.

  • Jayy Tee
    Jayy Tee 7 days ago

    That oil in the noodles is palm oil.

  • wonjunn
    wonjunn 8 days ago

    jack links jerky too?? dammm that shits pricy stuff

  • Justin F
    Justin F 8 days ago

    What an outstanding and intelligent man

  • eric andrews
    eric andrews 8 days ago +3

    "you gotta whip it" whip it GOOD steve whip it good u must whip it

  • Mango gamer211
    Mango gamer211 8 days ago

    Your making me want to be a soldier

  • Joey Bennett
    Joey Bennett 8 days ago

    Jam sandwich biscuit🥴

  • Krankee
    Krankee 8 days ago

    Whip it good

  • ohitsjeremeh
    ohitsjeremeh 8 days ago

    Mi grang noodles= ramen

  • steven cau
    steven cau 8 days ago

    anjay, ada Mi Goreng wkwkwk

  • Arjun Kakkar
    Arjun Kakkar 8 days ago +1

    food: ALL fruit bar ,
    also food: all raspberry

  • helshemer draken
    helshemer draken 8 days ago

    Man Australians and their vegimite

  • JItterRy PoKERy
    JItterRy PoKERy 9 days ago

    Man i love vegemite

  • Smokey Redd
    Smokey Redd 9 days ago

    The fruit bar is a thicker version of fruit leather! They sell it at some grocery stores !

  • Small Python Dev
    Small Python Dev 9 days ago


  • Scott Stipkovich
    Scott Stipkovich 9 days ago

    Steve is the ultimate chad

  • Mr JoeBuck
    Mr JoeBuck 9 days ago

    Is it just me being high? Or is his voice so monotone and smooth at the same time??

  • Another MC
    Another MC 9 days ago

    Eating vegemite out of a jar with a spoon....ooff. Google “Vegemite challenge”. You’ll see.

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold 9 days ago

    Yeast paste + marmalade + water =ethanol

  • Dara Ohaga
    Dara Ohaga 9 days ago

    muesli and water

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 9 days ago

    In australia we read the date as- day -month- year.

  • KDSRdragon
    KDSRdragon 9 days ago

    They are called shrewsbury's my friend another item Aussie stole from us. www.officemax.co.nz/Cafe-Catering-Supplies/Food-Snacks/Sweet-Biscuits/Griffins-Shrewsbury-Biscuits-195g-2205130

    JASON CHRISTIAN 10 days ago

    Oh that's... Niiiiice!!

  • Kyle:3333
    Kyle:3333 10 days ago +2

    First let’s get that out on to a tray, nice mkay.

  • Air stxched
    Air stxched 10 days ago