2018 Australian Patrol Ration 1 Man 24 Hour MRE Review PR1M Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • This Australian Patrol Ration 1 Man is a 24 Hour MRE used by ADF Special Forces and recon teams on LRRP missions. The mains are freeze dried and other components switched out for lighter ones reducing the weight to 2 1/2 lbs. And with minimal reduction in caloric content. Amazingly fresh food, yet seriously lacking closure devices to those main's pouches. No gusset, no problem.
    Check out this review on an Armenian 24hr Ration!
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  • Andy Benson
    Andy Benson 4 hours ago

    I think you were meant to mix the noddles with the teriyaki sauce.

  • のあ高峯
    のあ高峯 10 hours ago

    Mee Goreng is pretty good stuff, cheers from Singapore.

  • The Outdoor Appreciation Society MkIII

    A decent looking ration. The rehydrating involved in the meal could be quite troublesome if you're time is limited though.

  • Kyle Cole
    Kyle Cole 17 hours ago

    Seriously though, who ACTUALLY dislikes these videos?

  • felis sule
    felis sule 18 hours ago

    İlk defa bu kadar taze bişey yedin abi

  • JB
    JB Day ago

    Kangaroo Teriyaki...

  • Michael
    Michael Day ago

    4:46 "Smells like a light roast" hahahah, drinking two coffees at once, going to be smelling color with all that caffeine

  • TheGreatBritishFarm

    From the thumbnail, it looks like an entire loaf of bread in a plastic bag.

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz Day ago

    48 hrs ration dude

  • lois lane
    lois lane Day ago

    steve booiby ross and david attenborough at camp haha everyone else,,,,sleepss, the three of them eat everyones food and document it haha everyone starves,,,

  • moo
    moo Day ago

    man i wouldn’t mind being roommates with steve

  • Brittany
    Brittany 2 days ago

    I've always loved your videos, Steve. Between your thorough reviews, knowledge, and just all around aesthetic, I dunno which is the best part.... BUT now I especially love them because they put my 9 mo old to sleep. "Nice."

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 days ago

    i fear the Australians are going to get whooped in battle, thanks to an MRE that has complex blandness, and superficial sustenance...where's the freeze-dried scrambled egg in sizeable portion, with chicken, green onion and hot, black peppered tomato paste...?

  • Normie Smith
    Normie Smith 2 days ago

    We use these in the cadets, but still we use the condensed milk in tubes.

  • eolson1964
    eolson1964 3 days ago

    The sustagen is similar to Carnation's Instant Breakfast

  • Gary Foale
    Gary Foale 3 days ago +3

    The sweet soy sauce from the noodles is Kecap Manis. It's an Indonesian sauce that's available in most large Australian supermarkets these days. Great with noodles unsurprisingly.

  • Bradley Coutts
    Bradley Coutts 3 days ago

    HOW COME when you stirred the orange juice it made a nice song lol

  • Rachel Watson
    Rachel Watson 3 days ago

    “It looks like lava rocks in there!” That’s when most of us would “nope” right out of that 😂

  • Animal
    Animal 3 days ago

    You're meant to suck Lifesavers.

  • mrgrenade991
    mrgrenade991 4 days ago

    Couldnt resist doin the helicopter with the meat bar eh? Got a kick outta that for some reason lol

  • compact disc
    compact disc 4 days ago


  • Daniel Tjoa
    Daniel Tjoa 4 days ago

    The Mi Goreng seems like Indomie!!!

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark 4 days ago

    All these rations will make you very constipated.

  • Michael B
    Michael B 5 days ago

    Love your work mate !
    I remember having something similar in cadets.

  • Regn Pickford
    Regn Pickford 5 days ago

    Small story about the vegemite. A teacher I had who fought in Papua New Guinea. mentioned that the nurses would have the malaria sufferers in first aid camps sucking on a spoonful of vegemite

  • Patrick Glaser
    Patrick Glaser 5 days ago

    Aww... I made shit on a shingle... fuck it eat it anyway...

  • Brian W
    Brian W 6 days ago

    Wtf is that flavor? Manly armpits?

  • geeetube
    geeetube 6 days ago

    PS Australian SAS Regiment is by far the premiere special forces unit in the world proved time and time again!

    • geeetube
      geeetube 6 days ago

      And there is NO WAY an SASR trooper would eat that everyday... they do their selection course basically starved for 3 weeks.

  • Belgand
    Belgand 6 days ago

    No Milo?

  • Cal
    Cal 6 days ago

    Gotta be honest with you, that mi goreng is actually a repackaged indomie from indonesia, it’s the same seasonings and dried instant noodles

    • Cal
      Cal 6 days ago

      The wet condiments are vegetable oil with some garlic, chili sauce and soy sauce. The dry ones are supposed to contain msg, other flavorings and dried shallots.

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 7 days ago

    Nice Hiss

  • I Created An Account For This

    Musk flavoured?!

  • Ethan Kemp
    Ethan Kemp 9 days ago



  • Lewis Smart
    Lewis Smart 9 days ago +1

    You can live on that Mi Goreng alone

  • John Cross
    John Cross 9 days ago

    Seems a whole lot healthier than the US rations!

  • Secret agentjay
    Secret agentjay 9 days ago

    " *Sniff* , oh, that's smells... like... THAT IS EXACTLY HOW MY GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE SMELLED"

  • trekchu
    trekchu 9 days ago

    Please educate me, Aussies, but isn't Vegimite on Toast more a breakfast item?

  • Amy Forbes-Richardson
    Amy Forbes-Richardson 10 days ago

    Mmm musk. Love that stuff.

  • Hillbilly Redneck
    Hillbilly Redneck 10 days ago +1

    I noticed the 173rd patch? Greatest unit I served with by far in Afghanistan and I served with 1st ID, 101st, and 10th Mtn

  • Panda. Alexander
    Panda. Alexander 10 days ago

    We call the Beef Marsh mum Marsh

  • SpankusDankus
    SpankusDankus 11 days ago

    14:29, did he really just stir edit megalovania?

  • Alabama Tapes
    Alabama Tapes 11 days ago

    Man that’s awesome how much stuff it comes with.

  • Christhorpe Junction
    Christhorpe Junction 11 days ago

    You could use that bread as body armour!

  • If I were a Zombie
    If I were a Zombie 11 days ago +1

    So relaxing watching him do his thing. I could binge watch all the videos, if I haven't already, and still want to watch more.

  • Jo S
    Jo S 11 days ago +12

    Hey mate. Those "jam sandwiches" are Shrewsbury biscuits. Childhood staple in Australia and New zealand :)

    • Forza Blankito
      Forza Blankito 7 days ago +1

      Jo S they’re called jammy dodgers in the UK

  • brdpit
    brdpit 12 days ago

    Musk flavor???? Gross!

  • Victor Radel
    Victor Radel 12 days ago

    Well, natural chocolate has its' fat separated after a year, maximum

  • Snoop Lion
    Snoop Lion 13 days ago

    24:40 lol that's a descending major triad

  • Elaine Farley
    Elaine Farley 13 days ago

    We use to have P-38 can openers in our C rations.

  • nibba wha
    nibba wha 13 days ago

    "those noodles" "they're ready" sounds like he's about to murder it lol

  • ItsFreddy
    ItsFreddy 14 days ago

    i swear the MRE looked like a loaf of bread in a ziplock bag in the thumbnail.

    • jpc1918
      jpc1918 12 days ago

      Improvized Pillow

  • John Forrester
    John Forrester 14 days ago

    "Gotta whip it"

  • Ilijas
    Ilijas 14 days ago

    14:29 - 14:31 Sans!

  • shayfay00
    shayfay00 15 days ago

    I love mi goreng noodles, they sell them at kroger's

  • Neo Gaming
    Neo Gaming 15 days ago

    After you boiled the noodles the water is getting yellow right its mean that water cab make you sick man

  • MrAlumni72
    MrAlumni72 15 days ago +1

    Too much spice in the meal means more water consumption. It's not about 'offending palates' at all.

  • Just R
    Just R 15 days ago

    Never seen so of candy and sugar in a MRE !

  • The Mad Gasmask
    The Mad Gasmask 15 days ago +3

    Nice Elon Musk flavored Mentos.
    Where can I get those?
    Might make me smarter

  • Aiden Toscan
    Aiden Toscan 15 days ago

    Why would you open down the side and not from the top? That way you could seal it with the rubber band.

  • ur favourite baguette
    ur favourite baguette 15 days ago

    Mentos chew fresh chewing gum, for when the balls touch.

  • ur favourite baguette
    ur favourite baguette 15 days ago


  • Fandom Franchise
    Fandom Franchise 15 days ago

    Love being asian and knowing that they have Mi Goreng noodles is amazing.

    • ktesta
      ktesta 13 days ago

      Fandom Franchise They are fucking amazing

  • mike grunki3
    mike grunki3 15 days ago

    I wonder if he lives of MRE’s lol.

  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner 15 days ago +4

    I just ordered an MRE because of this video for $29. Hope it's good! Super curious!

  • spoopynovice
    spoopynovice 15 days ago +1

    is nobody gonna talk about 9:17?? just me? ok.

    • MrGoldenFoxHD
      MrGoldenFoxHD 14 days ago +1

      I will discuss it with you in length...

  • Chalice Weichman
    Chalice Weichman 16 days ago +12

    This is FUN. You sound a little like how Bob Ross would sound if he were systematically sorting his MRE.

  • Jeffrey Young
    Jeffrey Young 16 days ago

    Steve, try using one of those common, office metal clips used to keep a thick sheaf of papers together. It's not, 'unmilitary' to use one. Any soldier can get ahold of these metal clips because it's one of the most common office items used. I also used to carry around a small scissors to cut open retort pouches. It's convenient, faster, and cleaner than tearing open MRE pouches. Again, it wasn't 'unmilitary' to use a little scissors since any soldier could keep one on his person.

  • mark Bohamed
    mark Bohamed 16 days ago

    LMAO, instead of cutting the tube with the knife why didn’t you just use the point of the knife to make the hole bigger??

    INSANE_BANANA 16 days ago

    I'm surprised there isn't any kangroo steak

    Gav HASTINGS 16 days ago

    Do you even lift bruh? :-)