[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'unicorn' special performance - Tommorrow 20180513


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  • kristen rock
    kristen rock 7 hours ago

    Deadpool 3 has to be a full blown musical .

  • _jiminshi 1995
    _jiminshi 1995 2 days ago

    I’m crying, he’s just so cute yet so manly and also sings so well ☺️😍😭✨

  • Derdrei G.
    Derdrei G. 4 days ago


  • Brenna The meme master


  • New User
    New User 5 days ago


  • Dom Imburgia
    Dom Imburgia 5 days ago

    Does Deadpool like unicorns or Ryan Reynolds who knows

  • Mr. Big Tiger
    Mr. Big Tiger 5 days ago

    What theeeeeee

  • Sad Kazoo
    Sad Kazoo 7 days ago

    It took me a minute to guess who it was😂

  • Yha Lou
    Yha Lou 8 days ago

    Invite her wife blake lively too.Ryan is such a great person.

  • Irken Pony
    Irken Pony 9 days ago

    God dammit, all I can think of is Deadpool. Especially with the unicorn stuff and that this song was in the sequel.

  • Franjification
    Franjification 9 days ago

    So... am I going to be the only one that asks why the fuck the video is cut right before the reveal?

  • Kaamara Yaeta
    Kaamara Yaeta 10 days ago

    Enough for being deadpool its time to be a disney prince . what a magical voice.. Wow

  • hannibal jr
    hannibal jr 11 days ago

    Multiple chills

  • Shawn Kieren Ravindran

    Wtf he is amazing

  • Summer Leigh
    Summer Leigh 12 days ago


  • freejump94dc
    freejump94dc 12 days ago

    Lovely. Absolutely wonderful my unicorn.

  • freejump94dc
    freejump94dc 12 days ago

    The majestic very rarely seen Ryan Reynolds.... Legend says he use to star in shows like 'Just Friends' that was before he transformed into a unicorn. Now he is always wearing masks like some pre-vert. Jesus loves Deadpool though.

  • DevilSpade Gt
    DevilSpade Gt 13 days ago

    Wouldnt it be more shocking when the unicorn mask is swapped with deadpool mask. People definitely wont believe its ryan reynolds but then plot twists.

  • Peoni Cha
    Peoni Cha 15 days ago

    I mean he sounds like ryan Reynolds, but he also sounds a bit like Michael buble

  • Jennifer Gomez
    Jennifer Gomez 15 days ago

    This video always makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️

  • The spectacular Spiderman

    Where deadpool was during infinity war.

  • Hameed Hasawi
    Hameed Hasawi 16 days ago

    Michael Buble

  • Wade Ilson
    Wade Ilson 18 days ago

    At 1:23 it sounds like the guy says the mic is terrible

  • Stefanus Immanuel
    Stefanus Immanuel 19 days ago +1

    After watching deadpool 2

    Now i understand what is the *META JOKE*

  • Miss Keisha
    Miss Keisha 20 days ago

    damn i didnt know he can sing that good

  • Baebi Love
    Baebi Love 21 day ago

    Wow! Trainee Ryan Reynolds did great! He needs to debut soon.

  • Kezia Arya
    Kezia Arya 22 days ago

    If he sing on disney movie that would be great

  • Marven Espiritu
    Marven Espiritu 25 days ago

    "Papa can you hear me?"

  • Collect Ants
    Collect Ants 26 days ago

    IM still so shook

  • Water Nom nom nom
    Water Nom nom nom 28 days ago

    Lmfao that fucking mask, the song, and Ryan Reynolds.....just goes perfect together. Oh how he trolls

  • Water Nom nom nom
    Water Nom nom nom 28 days ago

    Would’ve been funny if he was in a Deadpool suit

  • hallo larrie
    hallo larrie 29 days ago

    Ryan oppa when did you debut??

  • Joshua Hynes
    Joshua Hynes Month ago

    Were did he learn how too sing?

  • the stooge
    the stooge Month ago

    I honestly thought he'd be dressed as deadpool! Or atleast the mask

  • DiisneyGunner
    DiisneyGunner Month ago

    How to market Deadpool better than Infinity War could ever do:

  • 마리아FutureboundEXE

    Discovering deadpool can sing is my new favourite thing
    Yes I know his name is Ryan Reynolds
    Do I give a fuck?

  • Andrea Reyes
    Andrea Reyes Month ago

    What!? 😂😂😂 I would have NEVER thought this would happen.

  • Gio -V
    Gio -V Month ago

    I feel like if they ever did another version of Willy Wonka And The Choclate Factory he could do Gene Wilder proud as Wonka

  • Worst Gen
    Worst Gen Month ago


  • Daria Lee
    Daria Lee Month ago

    It's funny to listen Annie's song from a middle aged male, guess he sang it to his grand child.

  • Mystic
    Mystic Month ago

    Now im just imagining dead pool singing that song xD

  • McMellon Sorimle
    McMellon Sorimle Month ago

    is that ryan reynolds

  • PinupGamer
    PinupGamer Month ago

    within the first couple words i could tell it was Ryan Reynolds voice. He is actually a pretty good singer.

  • Dane Alejandro
    Dane Alejandro Month ago

    just imagine if the entire deadpool 2 cast saw ryan’s face

  • Miss Mellie
    Miss Mellie Month ago

    Would have been nice if you had put in their reaction to finding out who the singer really is.

  • Karl Chapa
    Karl Chapa Month ago

    1:24 he looks like a sissy, Damn!!!!!

  • لبن بالحليب

    Omg his voice in 58

  • Frida Kassandra
    Frida Kassandra Month ago

    In the beginning I thought it was Michael buble but the range was to different and when I saw Him I was like 🙀🙀🙀 didn’t even know he could sing

  • Your Angel
    Your Angel Month ago

    I just love how he's a unicorn LOL

  • With Your Shield
    With Your Shield Month ago

    Ryan Reynolds can sing???.....😮😮

  • Gummy Bear Rachel
    Gummy Bear Rachel Month ago

    Now I'm thinking

    How the hell does he sound like Donald Trump Hm?

  • Mary Grace Labuan
    Mary Grace Labuan Month ago

    I love this

  • Carlos Maron
    Carlos Maron Month ago

    Check out themaskedsingerusa on Instagram for more content.
    It's going to be huge !!

  • Shane Nield
    Shane Nield Month ago

    Your amazing

  • Wolfencreek
    Wolfencreek Month ago

    Now that Disney owns Fox, does that make Deadpool a Disney Princess?

  • Alexis Tien-Chow
    Alexis Tien-Chow Month ago

    this actually wasn't bad haha I love Ryan

  • Daria Moisei
    Daria Moisei Month ago

    Owww cute ryan

  • Shielix
    Shielix Month ago

    I love how he gave the biggest hint away that it was him xD

  • Phùng Đào Xuân
    Phùng Đào Xuân Month ago

    His english is great

  • SpriteNo JamsGenius



  • s
    s Month ago

    He shoulda had the Deadpool mask underneath lol

  • The Inchi Boy
    The Inchi Boy Month ago


  • jacklucien
    jacklucien Month ago

    Is anyone bothered by the autotune??

  • Daniela Gayosso
    Daniela Gayosso Month ago

    While I'm waiting his debut

  • Ishtiaque Ahmed
    Ishtiaque Ahmed Month ago

    South Korea is like the gay version of North Korea. North Korea is the religious and nationalistic dick brother. South Korea is the gay fabulous brother. LMAO.

    • Illuminatastic
      Illuminatastic 29 days ago

      +훌Quirk훌 nah he's just a homophobe piece of shit that's what he is

    • 훌Quirk훌
      훌Quirk훌 Month ago

      hello i am S. Korean. Can i know what we did to make you hate us so much?

    • Illuminatastic
      Illuminatastic Month ago

      Ishtiaque Ahmed sEnD bObS aNd VeGanA


    Ouch his voice kinda pierced my ears lmao he’s funny tho

  • A.R.M.Y BTS
    A.R.M.Y BTS Month ago

    OMG !!! Deadpool in korean😍😍😍

  • Cale :v
    Cale :v Month ago

    He can sing to ? I fell in love with this amazing man,.

  • Evalyn Vinculado
    Evalyn Vinculado Month ago


  • Evalyn Vinculado
    Evalyn Vinculado Month ago


  • Jared Kleinman’s Squip

    Ryan Reynolds is the most extra man alive

  • DBZ Kid
    DBZ Kid Month ago

    gooooo ryan!!!!

  • OmmarCG
    OmmarCG Month ago

    He sounds like michael bublé

  • Kenny Vianey Gama S


  • g lITch ba ng Ta n
    g lITch ba ng Ta n Month ago

    if the mask would've been deadpool's mask

  • Brigid Zhu
    Brigid Zhu Month ago

    I didn’t know dead pool can sing wow

  • Camille MH
    Camille MH Month ago

    C'est Ryan Reynolds qui chante ! 😂😍

  • Zach McIntosh
    Zach McIntosh 2 months ago

    Imagine if Ryan Reynolds was wearing his Deadpool costume under that😂

  • wigless
    wigless 2 months ago

    Ugh me performing in hell

  • Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia 2 months ago

    6ix9ine ?

  • Alberto Valenzuela
    Alberto Valenzuela 2 months ago

    Why did he do this

  • Tired_ Days
    Tired_ Days 2 months ago

    Marshmallow who?

  • Oscar Fariña
    Oscar Fariña 2 months ago

    Hey that sounds like Deadpool

  • Max Tafel-Selman
    Max Tafel-Selman 2 months ago

    Wow, what an amazing rendition of this song!!!

  • ClovisLikesNails
    ClovisLikesNails 2 months ago


  • ClovisLikesNails
    ClovisLikesNails 2 months ago


  • Mr Markley
    Mr Markley 2 months ago +1


  • shadowdude 123
    shadowdude 123 2 months ago

    Man this guy got everything

  • Jendeuk Kiekiekiekie
    Jendeuk Kiekiekiekie 2 months ago

    Lol Deadpool just havin a day-off huh

  • Disco Dance
    Disco Dance 2 months ago

    I knew it was him from the start

  • gayle benson
    gayle benson 2 months ago


  • #1 Chingu
    #1 Chingu 2 months ago

    Yeah this is the most unexpected thing I’ve seen by far

  • Andre Kurnia Putra
    Andre Kurnia Putra 2 months ago

    If you didnt recognize his voice then I don't know what to say

  • Yodi
    Yodi 2 months ago

    Things he did: THAT ✅

  • 王者實況主-李白
    王者實況主-李白 2 months ago +5

    If you are dead pool fan when you hear that song you will know is him

  • dancingdohl
    dancingdohl 2 months ago


  • Farrel T Kusuma
    Farrel T Kusuma 2 months ago +2

    The voice is really obvious

  • rhema-beth Boalch
    rhema-beth Boalch 2 months ago +1

    This is such a Ryan Reynolds thing to do XD down to the song haha, he's brilliant

  • It's Alexandra
    It's Alexandra 2 months ago

    Now i love him even more than before..never thought that would be possible but THIS WAS AMAZING❤❤❤

  • Solo the Dodongo
    Solo the Dodongo 2 months ago +1

    Why am I crying at Deadpool in a unicorn costume?