Smoking vs Vaping


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  • GaMiNg FiFeR
    GaMiNg FiFeR 4 hours ago

    What if a company made a vape without nicotine for people who don’t want to get addicted but still want to be cool?

  • Little Uppie
    Little Uppie 16 hours ago

    Can you please make an updated version of this?

  • harpal singh Singh

    ya ket na ke melte ha

  • Becky Crawford
    Becky Crawford 2 days ago

    Lol this was posted on my bday

  • luke milner
    luke milner 2 days ago

    Just proves weed isn’t that bad

  • kkira a
    kkira a 3 days ago

    "grade 6 - 12" ;-; im there....

    i dont vape don worry lelelelel

  • Guest 4
    Guest 4 3 days ago


  • Tots Knows all
    Tots Knows all 3 days ago

    I know 8th graders who vape daily

  • Rebecca Gregg
    Rebecca Gregg 3 days ago

    Lights a smoke while watching this..

  • Addison BALL
    Addison BALL 3 days ago

    Is breathing in smoke worse then smoking tell me plz

  • Johnstone Jihad
    Johnstone Jihad 4 days ago

    If you switch from cigarettes to vape you have not stopped smoking . You are still very much a smoker and a more anti social smoker than before . Just let go of the pacifier and stop altogether .

  • Bennosparigus
    Bennosparigus 4 days ago

    I thought nicotine was an antidepressant

  • OneInAMillion
    OneInAMillion 4 days ago

    Omg, the video length...Good one Greg and Mitch

  • Anurag G
    Anurag G 4 days ago

    "There's only one thing meant to be in your lungs and that's AIR"
    -Chris Notap

  • Concepcion Y.
    Concepcion Y. 4 days ago

    I hate how kids are like nowadays. Kids be getting all kinds of social media at age 9 like y'all are too young.There is some kid vaping and she says it's not harmful I tried to stop her but she acted like a brat, slapped her hair at me, and walked away.That bih will see karma later.

  • Awesummzzz
    Awesummzzz 4 days ago

    No one is gonna mention that liquid for vaping isn't water based? It's mainly glycerin based nowadays. Has never been water vapor though, acts completely different in your lungs. VG and PG, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol respectively, are what flavorings and nicotine are suspended in before being mixed with more VG and PG to dilute them. Glycerin is a widely used bactericide for small cuts and burns as it absorbs moisture and the bacteria dies. Propylene Glycol is what most inhalers use to suspend the medication, also the most used liquid for fog machines, not water.
    People need to do their research, man.

  • johnny carter
    johnny carter 4 days ago

    smoking or vaping it does not matter all you DUMMIES are just drug addicts, you are no better than people that smoke weed or use cocaine or all those other drugs, you guys are just using a drug thats legal thats all

  • Dung Vo
    Dung Vo 4 days ago

    Lots of ppl think they wont get addicted but honey, If you cant stop eating a bag of chips, then nicotine gna kill you.

    MEDIOCRE _ 4 days ago

    Vape juice doesn't have water base...unless it did a long time ago lol. Been no known cases of popcorn lung in any person from vaping.

  • Gavin EXE
    Gavin EXE 4 days ago

    how about you don't start at all

  • DatDamDoritoDude
    DatDamDoritoDude 4 days ago


  • Natalya Guiden
    Natalya Guiden 4 days ago

    Have you ever been trolled?

    Read more

  • Natalya Guiden
    Natalya Guiden 4 days ago



  • Natalya Guiden
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  • TheUltimateCollector
    TheUltimateCollector 5 days ago +3

    No need for either of them

  • Name goes here
    Name goes here 5 days ago

    Thc=thicc??? (Mystery music)

  • the furry gamer
    the furry gamer 5 days ago +9

    Simple answer: don’t do drugs

    • The Elders
      The Elders 20 hours ago +1

      Derek Savage Didn't want you to. Seems you have alot of untapped agression.

    • Derek Savage
      Derek Savage 22 hours ago

      +The Elders i don't give af

    • The Elders
      The Elders 4 days ago

      Derek Savage Already tried that, but no thanks.

    • Derek Savage
      Derek Savage 4 days ago +1

      +The Elders kys

    • The Elders
      The Elders 5 days ago

      the furry gamer Except weed.

  • Lol Bro
    Lol Bro 5 days ago

    cigarettes are for those who are addicted or think that its cool and vaping is for those who quit smoking or think their cool but are actually virgins

  • ThePigster
    ThePigster 5 days ago

    You can't put smoking cigarettes and marijuana in the same boat. That's not how it works.

  • Hamza Burhan
    Hamza Burhan 5 days ago

    Man i love your writing

  • David morales palta
    David morales palta 5 days ago

    what a piece of shit, lies and misleads

    • David morales palta
      David morales palta 5 days ago

      you said: name a lie. so i did, i'm not claiming vaping is healthy the definition i stand for it's less harmful than cigarettes and i mean it by a lot a 95% less. I smoke for 15 years and quit a year ago thanks to vapeing, so this kind of bs always make me snap.sorry if by any means offended you

    • The Elders
      The Elders 5 days ago

      David morales palta Doesn't make it good. Still bad, just less bad. Kills you slower. Also, it's not as much of a vapor. Vapor is just a form of gas caused by heat.

    • David morales palta
      David morales palta 5 days ago

      0:17 so smoke it's vapor now ? just to be celar NO and Diacetyl Exposure from Vaping is 750 Times Lower than from Smoking

    • The Elders
      The Elders 5 days ago

      David morales palta Really. Name a lie.

  • twin 2002
    twin 2002 5 days ago

    How high is the solar system??

  • Crispy Melons
    Crispy Melons 5 days ago

    theres no water in vape its vegetable glycerin, Propyleneglycol nic and flavoring

  • Reina Arana
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  • James
    James 6 days ago

    is it just as bad if a asthmatic person uses a vape, as to using a cigarette?
    i dont like either just curious.

    • The Elders
      The Elders 5 days ago

      James Athsmatic person here.
      Any smokes are a no go. The fumes can clog our already narrow airways.

  • Flynn E/L/V
    Flynn E/L/V 6 days ago

    Hey father is vaping.and I follow him vaping and nothing happen😂(bad English sorry)😅

  • CabazonEatsWaffles
    CabazonEatsWaffles 6 days ago +68

    Vaping is intended for people addicted to cigarettes to transfer to a slightly less bad source and lower the amount of nicotine as time goes on until they quit permanently. It is sad to see that it became a hobby of it's own and now looks and feels less dangerous so teens and kids try it without knowing it's as addictive as cigarettes, and almost as bad. Well at least it's not as bad as smoking. Also in my personal opinion the flavors should be removed, they just further the innocent appearance of the product and if your trying to quit smoking anyways you shouldn't be used to flavors and it shouldn't matter, they have flavors like churro and unicorn poop. Vaping is good in the sense that it helps addicted adults quit nicotine forever, but it looks more innocent than cigarettes and should be regulated heavily. If your wondering what my point is or why I wrote this it is because I decided to write one single comment instead of replying to all the comments saying things I disagreed with or had something to add to.

    • CabazonEatsWaffles
      CabazonEatsWaffles 13 hours ago

      johnny carter Affirmative.

    • CabazonEatsWaffles
      CabazonEatsWaffles 13 hours ago

      Gracefully Yes, some people don't understand that and it has me wondering.

    • CabazonEatsWaffles
      CabazonEatsWaffles 13 hours ago

      Taylor Clarke Have you seen how many kids vape, at my school alone 7 kids were suspended/expelled for vaping just last year. Ordering online doesn't check ID and things like ebay and amazon are easy places to get vapes if the parents put trust in children, yes vaping is popular among the legal ages but they do make serious money of children alone. How do you think children get these vapes? They order them online or people of legal age sell them for inflated prices, there is no guaranteed profit but the took the risk and are reaping the rewards at the expense of children. My school is affected by this so I know a lot about it, other schools in my area have even worse problems. Do a little research next time.

    • Taylor Clarke
      Taylor Clarke 17 hours ago

      +musingartisan mate that would be such an idiotic idea for a company. How can you make any sort of garunteed profit if your target market are under the legal age of purchasing your products. People of all ages smoke, not just older people. And let's just say that you are somehow right about older people not enjoying fruity flavours, the companies make more than just fruity flavours to account for that market too. Targeting young children or teens makes absolutely no sense as there is no way they can just walk into a shop and purchase the liquids. Whereas, people of legal ages can. Just bc young people may want it doesn't mean they will get it.

    • Taylor Clarke
      Taylor Clarke 17 hours ago

      +johnny carter it is wrong to label people addicted to nicotine as 'druggies' it's a derogatory term used for those who constantly use illegal and extremely dangerous drugs which do more than cause cancer. Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking and is helping to save the lives of thousands if not millions of smokers worldwide. The full extent of any damage possibly caused is still a grey area yes, but it is far better for smokers and they shouldn't be verbally attacked by random people using name calling as their method of getting their point across

  • Brian Lilley
    Brian Lilley 6 days ago

    This has a few flaws for "information" smoking a cigarette does not create vapor its smoke. 2nd of all diacetyl exposure in cigarettes is a lot more then vaping. probably should do a proper update, and a little more research please.

  • AquaTurtle
    AquaTurtle 6 days ago


  • Damien M.
    Damien M. 6 days ago

    he made the video 420 long. *absolute genius*

  • Fire /Phantom Forces

    VAPING is WAY BAD. Btw your Vape Pen Can explode and Go Blind.

  • Lia wolf Wolf
    Lia wolf Wolf 8 days ago

    Do u smoke I just breathe smoke I’ll die

  • Giselle TDC
    Giselle TDC 8 days ago

    I vape weed, the best thing I've done.

  • Zorg 9865
    Zorg 9865 8 days ago

    1 there have been no reported popcorn lung cases with vapers because the amount inhaled in a vape is significantly lower than those who worked in the popcorn factories also there is approximately 1.5% harmful chemicals in ambient air and a whopping 1.7% in vapor it really isnt as bad as people try to make it out to be

  • The Immortal Gamer
    The Immortal Gamer 8 days ago

    Wait why did the FDA approve cigarettes again?

  • cole mccann
    cole mccann 8 days ago

    The whole diacetyl and popcorn lung thing blows my mind. The factory workers inhaled so much more diacetyl than you can imagine. Sure cigarettes contain it and some vape juices do, but keep in mind that there has been zero instances of cigarette smokers being diagnosed with popcorn lung. And cigarettes contain WAY more diacetyl than a bottle of vape juice.

  • Blaze the inferno
    Blaze the inferno 8 days ago

    Jackass when you vape you exhale vapor not smoke hence the name

  • Highway to Paris, TX

    Legit all of my friends my age use vapes or juuls or whatever. (most have nicotine) Just goes to show how bull crap our law enforcement is in America. Also keep in mind all of them do at least two of the following, pot, dip, and alcohol

  • your boy wizzy
    your boy wizzy 11 days ago

    Not safe

  • Kaine Thomas
    Kaine Thomas 11 days ago


  • Justin Goldsmith
    Justin Goldsmith 11 days ago

    I found fault with this video in the first 19 seconds. JFC..... The heat from fire cause solids to turn into SMOKE. For fucks sake if you're going to make a shit video, at least have a grasp on science. When substance are converted to gases, we have a different name to describe this change in their state if matter. When solids convert directly to gas, we call that smoke. When liquids convert directly to gas, we call that vapor. You sir are an idiot within the first 20 seconds.

  • xXDiamandXx Lover
    xXDiamandXx Lover 11 days ago

    My sister vapes in her car and sometimes she vapes with me in their i smell it and its kind of hard to breathe so im gonna break her vaping tool someday idc how expensive it is.

  • JayBird
    JayBird 11 days ago

    There's more diacetyl in cigarettes than in e-cigarettes afaik and by now there hasn't been any case of popcorn lungs caused by smoking

  • Electric Soap
    Electric Soap 12 days ago

    4:20 on purpose 😂

  • DJBoy
    DJBoy 12 days ago

    For e ciggarettes....dont bother wasting money and ruininh your healyh on e liquid. Just use some juice out of a carton or somethn

  • Jaden 2Raw
    Jaden 2Raw 12 days ago

    Is vaping safe for teens 14 and up?😕

  • ᴀʀʙɪᴛᴇʀ3
    ᴀʀʙɪᴛᴇʀ3 12 days ago

    Im 13 and smoke im not addicted i just need a few each hour so i dont go angry and kill me 2nd dog. :)

  • 0reaver01
    0reaver01 13 days ago

    been off cigarettes 2 years i did go cold turkey at first i was desperate seen a vape shop i popped in my life changed after that they let me try all kinds of flavours i was sold and bought a vape if it wasn't curiosity that got me in there i would be still smoking now i was on my way to buy cigarette i passed the vape shop first

  • Lucy-fer
    Lucy-fer 13 days ago

    Still. I choose both

  • Phinehas Song
    Phinehas Song 13 days ago

    Look at this 4:20 long vid

  • Right Dude Here
    Right Dude Here 14 days ago

    I vape oxygen.

  • A Person
    A Person 14 days ago +1

    If you vaped only flavorless e-liquid with no nicotine like this in a quality vape pen thingy would it be safe? What are the safest mixtures of PG and VG? Would it be safe to vape only VG? This is hypothetical so I don't wanna hear the "whY wOulD YoU vApe WitHoUt fLavOrs" excuse.

  • Joel Alyx Haydian
    Joel Alyx Haydian 15 days ago

    Moral of the story

    Just smoke weed like a normal teen

  • lucy
    lucy 15 days ago +4

    i just learned that my friend smokes (weed not cigarettes) and we are 15. i had an absolute fit. i was so livid. i yelled at him in the hallway for about 10 minuets. i told him if i ever found out that he was smoking again that i would tell his mother, and let me say that woman is terrifying. she was in the military for 15 years, then she became a neurosurgeon and to add she’s mexican so you know she will beat him with the chancla if she ever finds out. don’t. do. drugs. ever.

    • Imad Aman
      Imad Aman 7 days ago +2

      +Sean Tuazon Snitching is good when you want to keep someones brain developing.

    • Sean Tuazon
      Sean Tuazon 11 days ago +1

      Nah man can't snitch like dat

    • Hopper
      Hopper 11 days ago

      Snitches get stitches 😎

  • Blake Creech
    Blake Creech 16 days ago

    Anyone else notice the video time 4:20

  • 420USER
    420USER 16 days ago


  • darkblakmagic
    darkblakmagic 17 days ago


  • ChickenPower
    ChickenPower 18 days ago

    Just 4 days before the sacred day of 420. D',:

  • Kolby
    Kolby 18 days ago

    Anyone notice the vape they use looks like a nose trimmer

  • TheBlackGuy
    TheBlackGuy 19 days ago

    I don't want to risk it 20 years from now we may find something about the long-term effects like they cause tumors or some crazy s*** like that

  • Shine
    Shine 20 days ago

    Wonder if our lungs are alive and after a lot of vape and smoking our lungs are coughing and infected and our lungs is dead and we cant get CO2 from our lungs
    edit: What I mean is alveolus the place that exchange O2 and CO2 and plants eill be dead if there are no CO2

  • Fun With Family
    Fun With Family 20 days ago +1

    Seirously :I

    • OhGeez
      OhGeez 5 days ago

      Fun With Family dumbass

  • Splicing the Atom
    Splicing the Atom 20 days ago

    Go on, press it 4:20

  • Jamie Hawbaker
    Jamie Hawbaker 20 days ago

    My mom vaps

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 20 days ago

    the video is 4:20 long it means you should smoke only weed

  • Sebas
    Sebas 21 day ago

    More fear mongering... I wish he did more research about the effects of vaping.

  • yubraj gurung
    yubraj gurung 21 day ago

    At the end it is a smoke and last thing i want to have is smoke

  • MetalRocker94
    MetalRocker94 21 day ago

    I love how you forgot to mention the fact the PG is also in breathing treatments. If they say vape causes cancer and is just as bad as smoking. I'm gonna say, yea..must've been nice to have big tobacco fondle your balls for a bit in order for you to say that.

  • yeas
    yeas 21 day ago +158

    This is my opinion: anything that enters the lungs that is not air is unhealthy.

    • sik sak
      sik sak 2 days ago

      Inhaling hot eucalyptus steam can help you with a cold

    • dogepool 531
      dogepool 531 5 days ago

      +HAHAHA still much bettrr to gain it in differnt methods unless irs like q nebulizer or inhaler which just reduces swelling

    • DaSheepKing
      DaSheepKing 5 days ago +2

      All I know is, lungs weren't made to inhale smoke all the time no matter how "healthy" it is

    • Y M
      Y M 5 days ago +1

      +fricc 69 Well, it's either the medicine or your condition worsens, but it's not like everyone is encouraged to use inhalers.
      They all have their side effects.

    • chodie
      chodie 5 days ago +5

      fricc 69 that’s called an inhaler. You literally breath in air with it. It just helps you breath easier so you don’t hyperventilate.

  • AmnesiaGirl99
    AmnesiaGirl99 21 day ago

    Since vaping came out, all the kids my age (teenagers) have sworn up and down that it's completely safe and not bad for your health at all. Has anyone else in that age range heard the same thing?

  • DumDumDino 123
    DumDumDino 123 22 days ago

    so should i vape or smoke?

  • Aarav Sidar
    Aarav Sidar 22 days ago

    So is vapeing just like drinking?

  • Mantas Guliokas
    Mantas Guliokas 23 days ago

    You should update this

  • Jax
    Jax 23 days ago

    THC THC *T H I C C*

  • Oakki
    Oakki 23 days ago

    Video is 4:19 long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Gabe Gramblicka
    Gabe Gramblicka 23 days ago

    The video is 4:20 mins long.

  • Jake Holm
    Jake Holm 24 days ago

    Supposedly the e cigd may give off lead poisoning from the heating coils. But that's all I've heard

  • MrWarfareKiller
    MrWarfareKiller 24 days ago

    tbh vapes actually look cool even doh they're bad. idkw i will never try them but i wish i knew what it taste like

  • QoR uTo
    QoR uTo 24 days ago

    still you shouldn't do neither unless you want your insides and outsides of yourself to look ugly

  • Just Chelsea
    Just Chelsea 25 days ago

    I try vape and i'm just 9 years old it taste good the flavor was grape

  • King KEK
    King KEK 25 days ago

    There are some vspe juices that don't have niqatene

  • Equinox48 Gaming
    Equinox48 Gaming 25 days ago

    And this is why whenever I see someone vaping or smoking, I mouth.

  • Stacey Thayer
    Stacey Thayer 28 days ago

    could you guys do a video explaining how juuls and other pod vape devices effect young people? or how bad clean nicotine really is?

  • Ted gaming 2437
    Ted gaming 2437 28 days ago +5

    Ok so first of all no one who has ever vaped got popcorn lung and eliquid sold in tobacco shops or vape shops only has proplyne glycol flavoring if wanted nicotine and vegetable glycrin anything else in this video is as fake as my gucci slips (i dont own gucci slips)

    • greenyoshi119
      greenyoshi119 19 days ago

      I know it was already said, but the popcorn lung thing only happens with juice that has Diacetyl in it, which is not that common, but if you were to continuously use a juice like that you would get it, hopefully the FDA adds regulations soon to prevent harmful stuff like Diacetyl from being allowed in e liquids since when regulated like that vaping is relatively safe (relative to smoking, safest choice is always gonna be to not do either)

    • Ben Logic
      Ben Logic 23 days ago

      +Ted gaming 2437 Yes that's my point friend :)

    • Ted gaming 2437
      Ted gaming 2437 24 days ago

      True but that’s only for the people that are allergic

    • Ben Logic
      Ben Logic 24 days ago +2

      Not true, as said in the video diacetyl can cause that that's it, pg and vg can not however. PG isn't good either, especially for people allergic to it. I'm researching vg however!

  • MGTOW Dragon
    MGTOW Dragon 28 days ago

    Of course... unnatural dopamine levels aren't good either... So even with 0 smoke or other unhealthy things, it can screw up the natural rewards system in your brain

  • xXDarkGirl013Xx -Subscrible Please-

    Just vape water 😂 its healthier

  • Pinkcheetah101
    Pinkcheetah101 28 days ago

    I'm sorry... 6th graders vape?

  • Ethan Sailer
    Ethan Sailer 29 days ago

    I can't wait until everyone who says vaping is completely safe gets cancer and dies

  • Stetson Ming
    Stetson Ming 29 days ago

    My brother vapes a lot.

  • Unova's Finest
    Unova's Finest 29 days ago

    Bruh. Vaping isnt even cool