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  • Arif Nouvrian
    Arif Nouvrian Day ago

    Indonesian language?

  • eleni africanqueen

    The ethiopian with yellow speak amaric 😗😗😗 I am also ethiopian

  • Shai Abubakar
    Shai Abubakar Day ago

    "Puking ina" hahaha. She swears hard! Never heard that swear for a long time. #Tagalog
    And I thought there are only Mandarin, Cantonese, and Foukien as Chinese language. Shanghainese. Damn!

  • Scythen142
    Scythen142 Day ago

    Ask them to say *NO*

  • maimai_ halcon
    maimai_ halcon Day ago

    Lol i loved this vid so much as soon as i heard the languages and tried to guess some and i actually got a lot of them my language was the last one and many other languages my friends teach me and even by their looks i already knew (of course they had blindfolds)

  • Pali Wong
    Pali Wong Day ago

    I love this kind of video, wanting more😍

  • ra mo
    ra mo Day ago

    Carlos is f*cking racist and very disrespectful. Love this channel but not him, kick him off the show!

  • Jeremel Calimutan

    Ukininam. Hahaha. Dalagang Pilipina. 🇵🇭

  • Tracy M
    Tracy M Day ago

    I like karlos idek why people are saying he’s rude 😂😂

  • LSSr Paladin
    LSSr Paladin Day ago

    That 2nd chick looked like Ziva from NCIS. Like that was frickin uncanny.

  • Shailesh Bhat
    Shailesh Bhat Day ago

    You should have included Indian languages.

  • Trearjns Prangleys

    the guy that speaks four languages cuite :-)

  • ItsNarutoPerry
    ItsNarutoPerry Day ago

    Any Romanians Here?

  • Miyah Nara
    Miyah Nara Day ago

    Where is turkish

  • C Novika Maharani

    They all speak rare languages.
    CIA knows where to find the languanges expert for each.

  • Gøłden Eggrøłł

    8:09 he sound so sexy.... like how come nobody ever said it like that

  • Денис Надворный

    Where's Russian?

  • Nilo Banai
    Nilo Banai Day ago

    Kurdish is so similar to what I speak! I recognised some of the words haha, I speak farsi :)

    FORK NIGHT Day ago

    10:39 Putangina

  • Aadhil Rizwan
    Aadhil Rizwan Day ago


  • Anju Katou
    Anju Katou Day ago

    Karlos made me cringe through this vid. He's too ignorant for his own good.

  • christian arruda

    I also speck Portuguese

  • Poe Mukai
    Poe Mukai Day ago

    Man, the spectacled Asian dude is TALENTED

  • Poe Mukai
    Poe Mukai Day ago

    Get Carlos off this show. Unbearable.

  • Bee Mel
    Bee Mel Day ago

    Would've been cool to see an American Indian language, like lakota sioux or ojibwe. Or Cymraeg (Welsh).

  • Irish Ramos
    Irish Ramos Day ago

    ‘ Sino naman kasama mo?’ DUDE THAT MEANS ‘WHO ARE YOU WITH!’ Also what the heck was that first part! That aint no ‘tang ina’

  • favo potato
    favo potato Day ago

    Carlos is funny asf I don’t know what y’all talking about 😂😂

  • Johannes Hoffmann

    Amharic is so gorgeous aaa

  • AmyGameuse Qc
    AmyGameuse Qc Day ago

    And my language? 😭😂 Bonjour, je parle couramment le français et certain pense que je suis bilingue. (I speak French 😜)

  • Koofaa & More
    Koofaa & More Day ago +1

    u know I don’t like being blindfolded *gets blindfolded anyway *

  • Amy Collins
    Amy Collins Day ago

    I know someone from Rwanda so I got all that guys languages right! I feel very proud of myself. Lol

  • Lego Master Builder

    Honestly it’s is so great to have people like them that speak an unusual language, because they help the world keep its diversity and roots. Thanks for all of you who speak different languages, and keeping it in the world

  • Valentina Castilho

    que orgulho do meu país gente

  • Amanda
    Amanda Day ago

    amei a brasileira

  • Starzin
    Starzin Day ago

    Lol i know Dutch and the first clip was my first joke i ever learned that was Dutch

  • savanna Burnett
    savanna Burnett Day ago

    I love how people are continuously going off about them guessing a name of a language that isn't one, like "Egyptian or Indian" when I swear to you that little to no school in America teaches you "hey this country speaks this language and this is what language this country speaks and hey dialects exist" legit half of American students if you ask them "what language do people from brazil speak" they would say Spanish. people need to calm down with calling people racist like they aren't meaning to sound that way, its simply the fact we all are uneducated. We arent taught about EVERY gosh dang language and country so calm thyself. At times like this I like to think back on the comedian Daniel Sloss' quote "WHO ASKED YOU TO GET OFFENDED, NO ONE, I DIDNT , SHE DIDNT, ON WHOS BEHALF ARE YOU GETTING OFFENDED FOR, ITS NOT YOURSELF.." istg getting mad at uneducated people is like getting mad at a child for not knowing what something does and doing it. like if you didn't like what he said "OH WELL, GET OVER IT, NOT LIKE YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE WHAT HAPPEN, IT HAPPENED, MOVE ON, thank you, next"

  • Jaelyn Gonzales
    Jaelyn Gonzales Day ago

    I am Filipino

  • Jack Linko
    Jack Linko Day ago

    Wow the 2nd girl is very attractive

  • Salman khan
    Salman khan Day ago +1

    How can Kurdish numerical be almost same as Sanskrit?

  • xXx Marsy Cute xXx

    This vids prove that filipinos are short. joke lang!

  • xXx Marsy Cute xXx

    The filipino one speaks kinda more American

  • shiae
    shiae Day ago


  • Mileena McAdams
    Mileena McAdams Day ago +1

    I already knew that she was Filipino cuz I am too and i understand what she said

  • Ewa P
    Ewa P Day ago

    Ugh the Carlos guy was painfully rude.

  • Xena Hollins
    Xena Hollins Day ago

    Dude with the cap is mad irritating

  • BarragePker6
    BarragePker6 Day ago

    I’m sorry but why is everyone is all of these always gay

  • Carlos Is my name

    Most of these people are attractive ass hell

  • soul of hearts
    soul of hearts Day ago

    Carlos is rude and kind of racist tbh

  • Cookies Giver
    Cookies Giver Day ago

    Like this if you’re Ethiopian or are friends/neighbors with Ethiopian people🇪🇹

  • Shaina LaShae
    Shaina LaShae Day ago

    Carlos is so disrespectful

  • CatchYouLaterr
    CatchYouLaterr Day ago

    Karlos is ignorant, disrespectful and racist. Either kick him off or get him to go educate himself. He's like this in every video he takes part in..

  • Nathalia De Souza

    Lol i did not like the brazilian girls voice at alllllllll

  • Ana Azcue Garcia

    Basque, no one would’ve known Basque. Kaixooo, hurrena ni jungo naiz. You’ll never know what I said.

  • Ray Hilker
    Ray Hilker Day ago

    Can we drop Carlos now

  • Peter Skulbørstad

    So... Cut only has gay people now?

  • NeGoPoS
    NeGoPoS Day ago

    Why are they all gay?

  • mahmoud rawashde

    Bro I love karlos he’s so funny

  • erin f
    erin f Day ago

    anyone here speak albanian?

  • Simply Lori
    Simply Lori Day ago

    Hold on, how on earth was my language involved here? The girl made some mistakes, but hey loved her Belgian accent

  • Ladan
    Ladan Day ago

    first he's infatuated by the amharic he was speaking... then he contradicts himself and says the language doesn't sound beautiful.

  • Jordan Larson
    Jordan Larson Day ago

    The woman that spoke both Flemish and Chinese seemed super cool. You should have her back for future episodes.

  • Yamin Tasin
    Yamin Tasin Day ago

    if anyone of u horny bastards are wondering the belgian and chinese woman's ig is yana demeester

  • Lily Gabriella
    Lily Gabriella Day ago

    8:01 that’s my language 🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼

  • kowlad
    kowlad Day ago

    am I he only 1 feelng bad for speking only 2 languages ?

  • Hannah Mietzner
    Hannah Mietzner Day ago

    “At first i was gonna lean more towards, maybe like a french-ish language, but then seeing you im like.. okay but you’re brown...” LOL
    do you know how many african countries speak french? 😂

  • Cătălin Nae
    Cătălin Nae Day ago

    Does this channel has a straight white man as a guest?

  • 【Fenta】
    【Fenta】 Day ago

    I think I have a crush on the black girl with the yellow hat and the piercings. If you’re reading this gurl feel free to answer to this comment (f/19) lmaooo

  • Thåårschtään

    WHO gives a fuck about these lakapqkatarian and shit

  • Lindsay Clark
    Lindsay Clark Day ago

    I'm from Detroit, I speak ebonics

  • its Sophia
    its Sophia Day ago +1

    Well I speak German and Chinese too 😍😂

  • grangersspell
    grangersspell Day ago


  • ThatAwesomeFacedGuy

    Nah the second girl is bad bad omfg 😍

  • Amy S.
    Amy S. Day ago

    That first girl...does anyone have directions to her kitchen?

    LEO GTV Day ago

    Why do guys on these videos have to be GAY

  • 50,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Jokes on you I only speak English

  • Lady Riju
    Lady Riju Day ago

    k....but there's brown and black people born in France though..

  • Nedim Hodzic
    Nedim Hodzic Day ago

    Carlos is a moron

  • Liz Ayelet
    Liz Ayelet Day ago

    They got close to my languages but I never heard it. This was really cool though! A couple of these I’d never heard of and some I didn’t know were still around.
    And a few of these I’ve heard spoken from friends and coworkers so it was still really cool to hear their languages!😊

  • Evicious The Talon

    My father speaks French and my mother speaks Norwegian. All I speak is English. *squints hard at parents*

  • Fucimanusmaster `

    Nooo, why it's so chaotic

  • Oecy Ok
    Oecy Ok Day ago


  • switch HvH
    switch HvH Day ago

    7:19 nope =))

  • Bas Eisinga
    Bas Eisinga Day ago

    Ik spreek gwn Nederlands

  • Stefan Popescu
    Stefan Popescu Day ago

    where da gopniks at

  • soccerchamp0511
    soccerchamp0511 Day ago

    Y'all definitely should have had Gaelic.

  • Banana in Pajamas


  • Gaby Gabriel
    Gaby Gabriel Day ago

    7:19 that's clearly not roumanian, we are not speaking like this, asta clar nu-i română, nici măcar nu seamana frate

  • MGAlter
    MGAlter Day ago

    Bruh, Egyptians speak arabic...
    I'm hurt...

  • Gaby Gabriel
    Gaby Gabriel Day ago

    0:01 yes I want

  • gillianemb
    gillianemb Day ago

    I guessed Flemish right!🎉

  • DumandsONE
    DumandsONE Day ago

    yo wtf that guy straight up was like "say my name is hitler" if he knew it was german why would he ask her to say that, that's so insensitive of history

  • Mert Curcucunah
    Mert Curcucunah Day ago

    Free kurdistan mı ? lol

  • David Ulbricht
    David Ulbricht Day ago

    Wheres the redneck guy with denim jeans, a bass fishing shirt, cowboy boots, a can of dip?

  • Fats Hernandez
    Fats Hernandez Day ago

    5:37 what body language am I speaking

  • Ablay Abdi
    Ablay Abdi Day ago

    holy shit that belgique girl is so pretty

  • Marilyn Redilla
    Marilyn Redilla Day ago

    "Sino nanaman kasa-kasama mo" doesn't mean "did you do your homework?"

  • BlaDe Exploit
    BlaDe Exploit Day ago


  • audrey mcneal
    audrey mcneal Day ago

    Honestly, Russian as a guess for a person mixed with Asian and European makes sense since Russia is literally on the edges of Europe and Asia.

  • DontSigh
    DontSigh Day ago

    where can i subscribe to the linguist

  • Zee
    Zee Day ago

    Do it with urdu and punjabi