Games of Chance - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • Some like pee, others like pie.
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Comments • 3 213

  • Noe Blaze
    Noe Blaze 18 minutes ago

    The pie face bit the the best i couldnt stop laughing

  • Wednesday Adams
    Wednesday Adams 10 hours ago +1

    You’re welcome. 👌🏽

  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman Day ago

    1:30 they’re like an old married couple

  • Karmarni
    Karmarni Day ago

    It’s like Russian Roulete but worse!

  • Super Star Bros.

    Da fuk

  • S a t a N
    S a t a N Day ago

    Arin will be the next john wick

  • Jaliyah Orpilla
    Jaliyah Orpilla 3 days ago

    Some youtuber said game grumps isn't funny anymore

  • Emma Dibato
    Emma Dibato 4 days ago +2

    Game grumps is my therapy and sanity...

  • Mohamed badi
    Mohamed badi 4 days ago

    This is definitely one of the funniest videos on USclip 😂 😂 😂

  • Anders Anders
    Anders Anders 5 days ago

    I’ve had my fill of SHET already today

  • Vodkaman957
    Vodkaman957 5 days ago +5

    Dan: "one"
    Hand: "(shhh) my child. Your Time is not yet here"

  • Beth Ann
    Beth Ann 6 days ago

    If you pee looks like that you need to go get some antibiotics cause you gots a uti or kidney infection.

  • Crushed Pup
    Crushed Pup 7 days ago

    I would be just like dan in the situation “I know you’re right, I started arguing the wrong thing and don’t want to admit I’m wrong”

  • Dman Gaming
    Dman Gaming 8 days ago

    My last two brain cells during my last exam

  • Jaliyah Orpilla
    Jaliyah Orpilla 9 days ago

    I want to know if...Dan drinks monster. Does he? Does he not?

  • Jaliyah Orpilla
    Jaliyah Orpilla 9 days ago

    When Dan laughs and has to lean on Arin's shoulder it brings me so much joy. 😇

  • nightcluu
    nightcluu 11 days ago

    The toilet one is giving me flashbacks to James and Aleks putting bleach in it and James almost going blind.
    Good times.

  • Dear Arin Hanson
    Dear Arin Hanson 11 days ago

    Arin likes peel porn?

  • Tastii Tamago
    Tastii Tamago 11 days ago

    It Isn't 10 Minutes. You've Lied To Me.

  • Reptirex Rader
    Reptirex Rader 13 days ago

    Dan thinking the whole time,” what the f*ck is he doing?”

  • Andie Clements
    Andie Clements 13 days ago

    look at arin at 2:20

  • Anonymous Studios
    Anonymous Studios 13 days ago

    Hey, it's my favorite bros,
    Arianiel and Darin

  • Ashjustash
    Ashjustash 14 days ago +2

    “Why is it so wet?”

  • Jeremy Felicie
    Jeremy Felicie 14 days ago

    Didn't Dan sneeze on the fluids of the toilet? 😷🤢

  • Khalil Espadron
    Khalil Espadron 16 days ago

    7:40 exploding toilets

  • Memesfour Days31
    Memesfour Days31 16 days ago

    Arin:What Santa not real Danny’s mind how old are you five

  • Murad Beybalaev
    Murad Beybalaev 16 days ago

    The worst Power Hour so far?

  • Cool kid 27 Wassup
    Cool kid 27 Wassup 17 days ago

    It’s supposed to be ten minutes but it’s 11:16

  • ThatGeek 806
    ThatGeek 806 19 days ago

    I love these videos so much. theyre my new favorite series honestly. It's so drugy and weird

  • StarBoard
    StarBoard 21 day ago +1

    Funny noise 8:31.
    End at 8:29

    TRYHARD GAMER 21 day ago +2

    Savour the peelies, the face killed me 😂

  • MegaMax
    MegaMax 22 days ago

    Just go to 10:13

  • jude bellow
    jude bellow 22 days ago

    hows it goin dude

  • SuperMarioPuppets/ SMP Gaming

    1:54 song name

  • Emmaginative
    Emmaginative 25 days ago

    10:14 can be the best thing I've seen my whole life

  • Elijah Klückow
    Elijah Klückow 26 days ago

    0:59 jesus dont listen to this out of context...
    1:08 too

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 27 days ago

    Lol you got the pie hand wrong

  • Shamudawhale
    Shamudawhale 28 days ago

    we need a psa that says savor the peelies.

  • Z28Jungle
    Z28Jungle 28 days ago

    I remember when cow chop played this with bleach. Seeing James get hit in the eye was great.

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Month ago +1

    Who else yelled accidentally out loud "that's what she said" at 8:49??

  • [Outlaw]MadPatStreaming

    11:16 dan looks like a tired weird al

  • 안녕!LeighaMoonGaming

    5:04 *Spin the wheel you bitch* XD ME IN MY GROUP CHAT

  • Nightmare Sans
    Nightmare Sans Month ago

    10:13 🤣

  • Niel Sirocchi
    Niel Sirocchi Month ago

    2:57 WHERE'S THE 9!!?!?

  • ⚠️ m a c k . ⚠️

    Apple: 2:58

  • ey ey
    ey ey Month ago

    Arin is honestly really cute with his hair tied up

  • Ozorii
    Ozorii Month ago

    5:05 had me dying-

  • Stratosara
    Stratosara Month ago

    You guys are hilarious! Oh, and Danny? Your laughter is contagious!

  • Awkwardlife 18
    Awkwardlife 18 Month ago +1

    9:17 I love it

  • Zero Awiibo
    Zero Awiibo Month ago

    He’s looking Dan

  • Kira Kusai
    Kira Kusai Month ago

    Russian Roulette but with a toilet

  • InquisitivePanda
    InquisitivePanda Month ago

    I'm glad they came out with so many less stressful versions of Russian Roulette

  • Irken Pony
    Irken Pony Month ago +4

    I don't see a lot of comments about it so I'm just gonna say it:

  • purpl e
    purpl e Month ago

    Arnold should get his hair permed so that he and Dan have matching hair

  • Stitch
    Stitch Month ago

    Bro at 2:03 Dan lookin like a werewolf😂

  • Goofer Reforge
    Goofer Reforge Month ago

    Your boy Arin looking like sirko

  • DeltaBear Games
    DeltaBear Games Month ago

    That's some sexy peel porn right there🤤🤤🤤🤤
    Tasty 😋

  • Valiant Warrior
    Valiant Warrior Month ago

    The package destruction is killing my OCD. 😂

  • RagingRambles
    RagingRambles Month ago +1


  • Apmpaint
    Apmpaint Month ago

    Honestly, the toilet game is the most accurate representation of how it feels to sit by a toilet, waiting to throw up that I've ever seen, but also in a very disturbing way

  • DimitriDalton
    DimitriDalton Month ago

    Russian Poolette

  • Rowan Atkinson
    Rowan Atkinson Month ago

    "Look at the multi-racial children enjoying the toilet fun!" this is going to be a goddamn TIME, isn't it?

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz Month ago

    Christmas spoilers

  • Lulu B
    Lulu B Month ago

    Just the way the hand slowly bops them on the nose in complete silence is the funniest thing I’ve seen.

  • Feroze Khan
    Feroze Khan Month ago +1

    1:08 That sounds like my friends dad trying to be diverse

  • bat fan
    bat fan Month ago

    Fecal fun 10 on plumber yelp

  • creationswithandrew
    creationswithandrew Month ago +1

    "I Wanted To Get A Game That Would Waterboard us"

  • Mikey T.
    Mikey T. Month ago

    2:30 there is a leg on the table and i have no idea whos it is

  • Stephendw
    Stephendw Month ago

    The face of someone pissed off...
    ... And pissed on...

  • kiwi boyd
    kiwi boyd 2 months ago


  • Andrew Odley
    Andrew Odley 2 months ago

    8:22 OMG!! You cant say that! There are kids who watch your shit guys! XD

  • Ten Letters
    Ten Letters 2 months ago

    Why not just play actual Russian roulette

  • Ihere123
    Ihere123 2 months ago

    My niece has the "Toilet Trouble" game! In fact, it's right here!...Somewhere

  • Alexander Piggy
    Alexander Piggy 2 months ago

    Arin doesnt make love, he doesnt fuck, he releases his primal rage on random people and objects for pleasure. Hes not a grump, hes a god

  • RedPanda Design
    RedPanda Design 2 months ago

    It's not a 10 minute power hour unless something is moist.

  • Nikki Brown
    Nikki Brown 2 months ago

    2:58 lol

  • Peachy
    Peachy 2 months ago

    arin has beautiful hands. they look so soft

  • Avery B
    Avery B 2 months ago

    That is the purest face I've ever seen

  • Edgeiv
    Edgeiv 2 months ago

    This is just Russian roulette for kids

  • blu birb
    blu birb 2 months ago

    0:50 Arin turns into a cat

  • Xx_Kitty_ Kat_Gamer_xX
    Xx_Kitty_ Kat_Gamer_xX 2 months ago

    i feel so sorry for that table ever since the first 10 minute power hour

  • Harry Timmons
    Harry Timmons 2 months ago +1

    people made thousands of dollars off of these toys.

  • Ay Ay
    Ay Ay 2 months ago +2


  • KarenIsn'tDead
    KarenIsn'tDead 2 months ago +1


  • Emmet Hutton
    Emmet Hutton 2 months ago +1

    S A V O R T H E P E E L I E S

  • Help Me get 100 subs
    Help Me get 100 subs 2 months ago +1

    hi welcome to 10 minute power hour I'm Aron and this is D-

  • Aiden 21
    Aiden 21 2 months ago +1


  • Rage and a dog
    Rage and a dog 2 months ago +1

    I watched this at night I had to stay quiet because I laughed to hard.

  • Dr.Flobbers Sg5150
    Dr.Flobbers Sg5150 2 months ago +1

    Lol what was the peeling song I love that shit

  • georgi i guess
    georgi i guess 2 months ago +1

    arin with a ponytail is something i need in my life always thank you

  • Dino_soar_ThUMb
    Dino_soar_ThUMb 2 months ago

    CapTAIn SmArTy GenIuS

  • Beewhisker06
    Beewhisker06 2 months ago


  • Fabienne Schaller
    Fabienne Schaller 2 months ago

    Arin looks so cute

  • Drew Russell-Alchin
    Drew Russell-Alchin 2 months ago +1

    IM WATCHING THIS WITH MY FOUR YEAR.OLD BROTHER BC HE LOVES GAME GRUMPS AND WHEN THEY SAID SANTAS NOT REAL HE JUST STARED AT ME AND I WAS LIKE OH SHIT but then Arin was like "wait Santa's not real?" And he laughed and said "its okay, Dan's just silly" so like,,, thank u Arin

  • mr.slowking 64
    mr.slowking 64 2 months ago +2

    Does Bruno Mars is gay?

  • Grey 0415
    Grey 0415 2 months ago

    Monster is fucking great thanks for showcasing it in your video

  • Thot
    Thot 2 months ago +3

    *Much grace!*
    *Such beauty!*
    *So tidy!*

    **Dan and Arin walk in**

  • Mary Leweke
    Mary Leweke 2 months ago

    9:17 that is the most anti climactic thing I have ever seen XD

  • Mary Leweke
    Mary Leweke 2 months ago +1

    that poor table has gone through so much.

  • Jeffry McCutcheon
    Jeffry McCutcheon 2 months ago

    The best part about these is that Arin refuses to open anything correctly 🤣