5 Mysterious Phone Calls that Can't Be Explained

  • Published on Jul 9, 2016
  • 5 mysterious, creepy, phone calls linked to unexplained mysteries.
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  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 20 days ago

    wired telephones were full of smart words

  • Silas Cochran
    Silas Cochran 26 days ago

    Brandon was probably taken by a mountain lion or a bear

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    Brandon's last words: OH SH*T!!

  • archona54
    archona54 Month ago

    Why do you ALL use shitty fucking music? I mute that shit because it's so fucking annoying.

  • u no moo
    u no moo Month ago +1

    Too scary.

  • William Sheppard
    William Sheppard 2 months ago

    I once got called by a school phone, but when I went to the front desk, no one had called, and I found it had a voicemail just saying "hello"

  • rip rattle
    rip rattle 3 months ago

    1230 PM you mean. Get your shit straight!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 4 months ago


  • Kevin Coleman
    Kevin Coleman 4 months ago

    JFK was shot at 12:30 PM (noon hour), not 12:30 AM (middle of the night). Otherwise, great video.

  • dementia-praecox
    dementia-praecox 5 months ago

    Twice now I have received calls from myself.
    My first and last name show up on the screen.
    The first call happened at 9:30 PM, and the second at 6:30 AM, a few weeks later.
    However, I missed both calls.
    I was asleep both of the times they occurred.
    I have no idea what I would have heard if I had answered them.

  • Greg Rollins
    Greg Rollins 5 months ago

    Just a quick correction. 12:30 am in Dallas is 10:30 PM in California. I am sure you meant 12:30 pm is 10:30 am.

  • Outlaw84
    Outlaw84 6 months ago

    I don’t want to read this shit

  • Ollie OJ Fowler
    Ollie OJ Fowler 6 months ago

    Here’s something weird that happened to my brother involving his phone. Our Gran had died a few weeks before his birthday and when his 30th birthday rolled around we all met at our parents house. We were all messing around in the living room play fighting (as siblings do) when his phone from out of nowhere starts playing ‘Happy Birthday’. There was absolutely no reason for it to go off. We all stopped in stunned silence and looked at each other before awkwardly laughing. Coincidence? Perhaps, but he is sure that there was nothing set on his phone such as an alarm that would play the jingle.

  • Ayava Kyavata
    Ayava Kyavata 7 months ago

    Brandon Swanson thought he saw a town but it was a UFO. Poor kid, I wonder where his body was dumped, or if he's up there floating in a tank somewhere.

  • Artibus De Antonio
    Artibus De Antonio 8 months ago

    I once was called by a number that automatically registered a contact, it was labeled "friend" and the person said his name was graves, he insisted he knew me, but I didn't, then he hang up, I would love to know what happened, I found it fascinating

  • sparky trump
    sparky trump 9 months ago

    Why the shit background music

  • i am Aten!
    i am Aten! 9 months ago

    The last one was creepy A F.

  • DL86
    DL86 10 months ago

    Check out Henry McCabe phone call that one is weird too.

  • TheSpacemannspiff
    TheSpacemannspiff 11 months ago

    The JFK call while strange can be explained,my friend works as a operator and gets all sorts of weird calls from mentally ill people,they often say so and so is dead or going to die ...so could have just gotten it right.

  • Josh Beebe
    Josh Beebe 11 months ago

    I am on boost mobile. Last month I kept getting calls and it was two men talking to each in phonetic alphabet ya know foxtrot tango ect.
    I live in between the naval weapons station Langley afb ft eustis. So it was odd.

  • milakoloft
    milakoloft 11 months ago

    Why the hell is the writing in white making it almost impossible to to read!

  • funguy farage
    funguy farage 11 months ago

    the uk daily mirror claims ( withdrawn of course ) that they got a call that jfk had been done away with 30 minutes before it happened.Someone got the times mixed up

  • strictly business
    strictly business 11 months ago

    Unfortunately I live in Chicago where murder and people coming up missing is starting to be the norm. It's sad

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May Year ago

    I have a theory abut the Brandon one. He could’ve been hit by a semi and the semi driver then thought, “oh crap I just killed someone” so the semi driver disposed of his body

  • Lavos
    Lavos Year ago

    That voice at the beginning of the song freaked me out. I wouldn't have lasted long if the actual calls were heard.

  • John Willis
    John Willis Year ago

    I miss her

  • John Willis
    John Willis Year ago

    This song reminds me of my missing friend

  • BAEnito Mussolini

    They always ask who are these callers but never how are these callers :(

  • A Straight Wight Male

    oddly enough the number station stuff is still going on in the background

  • Janis Jonevs
    Janis Jonevs Year ago

    0:43 - "JFK was shot in California". Really?

  • Michael O Halloran

    Neesmith killed the other crew members, purposly sank the ship and set the life boat free empty... and staged the phone calls to divert attention. case closed

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Year ago

    Once my landline caller Id said do not pick up the phone! So I did not at all that night. How scary and strange is that?

  • Peps Haven
    Peps Haven Year ago

    4:17 - I do believe you meant "linked to the caller" rather than "liked to the caller". Spellcheck won't pick up mistakes like this. You need to get someone to proof read who has an eye for detail.

  • Lettuce Seed
    Lettuce Seed Year ago

    Last one is juste the semi-broken phone of the guy passing random calls, it's not uncommon. When a cellphone is damaged it often calls random contacts

  • JaKBaLL TV
    JaKBaLL TV Year ago

    back in the 90s while using Win98, i used to get these weird voices over my computer (through the speakers) , could never really make out what they were saying.. would usually happen during the afternoon hours. then one day it happened again, and you clearly hear two women talking to one another, i thought at the time i was picking up some kind of phone line interference .. so i plugged in my mic and tried to see if they could here me, i cranked the mic gain up all the way and started speaking, trying to get their attention and one of the women asked the other if she could hear that.. and she said ya a little, she said sounds like someone trying to talk in the phone. i kept trying to get them to hear me, but they said i was garbled or something like that. just happened that one time, never been able to reproduce it since. still creeps me out to think about it even now! i dunno what caused it though, at the time i was using a dialup internet service, maybe caught some kind of cross interference or something

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton Year ago

    #5 - Did the telephone operator ask the caller to identify themselves?

  • Nazaih Maniel
    Nazaih Maniel Year ago

    What the music in this video

  • Laughing At the Sky

    This freakin music is making me anxious. It's so CREEPY!!!

  • Urban Shaman
    Urban Shaman Year ago

    Turn the music down!! It’s not cohesive to reading ...anything

  • WolfTheMadMan
    WolfTheMadMan Year ago

    That last one was freaky.

  • MrJackydragon
    MrJackydragon Year ago

    I remember while my mum was sick she had locked herself out of her phone so could only receive calls. No one bothered to unlock it because it wasn't priority at the time. She passed away. About six weeks later we were driving back from a conference that was 6 hour drive from where we lived. My partner and I ended up in an argument because I fell asleep and since I was the navigator my partner took the wrong turn. So we were in the heat of an argument while my partner was driving and my phone started to ring. While continuing to argue I glanced at my phone. It was my mum ringing. I immediately went quiet and never uttered a word for the rest of the trip. Many months later we found her phone among her belongings totally flat.

  • ThePsychocybe
    ThePsychocybe Year ago

    >dallas, california

  • Nettle
    Nettle Year ago

    One time I received several calls from an unknown number, all of which I did not answer. After looking up the number on the internet, I discovered that the number belonged to a woman whose name I had never heard before. I looked up her name and the first thing that popped up was her obituary. Turned out she had lived a couple of cities north of mine and had died only a few weeks beforehand. I don't know... Do they give out available numbers to new users so fast? I hope they do.

  • Jules Molinari
    Jules Molinari Year ago


  • Abbet John Galarpe

    Those are some weird calls.I think hell did this or it must be Satan.

  • Anthony Enriquez
    Anthony Enriquez Year ago

    My mom had the ghost from her work call from A line inside the building she worked at

  • Tezla 2013
    Tezla 2013 Year ago

    Am I the only one that watches these after I get into bed. While im alone in the house. And regret it everytime. But watch these videos again the next night

  • Sebastiana
    Sebastiana Year ago

    You need a Correction here: on the JFK call '12:30Am' should be 12:30PM in Dallas / 10:30AM in California.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Year ago +1

    That background music, though! 😭

  • Kellie Chasity
    Kellie Chasity Year ago

    Oh wow scary 😭

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin Year ago

    Jfk died 30 minutes after he was shot. So she was wrong again. He died at 11:00 am local time not 10:30

  • Alienvolt 77
    Alienvolt 77 2 years ago

    The music is so creepy

  • ShonColle
    ShonColle 2 years ago

    That song makes me so paranoid.

    KEVIN HERNANDEZ 2 years ago +1

    I come to this video to hear the song,
    Not the video itself

  • Jonah Stein
    Jonah Stein 2 years ago

    3:08 but the no trace

  • Ellie Joyce
    Ellie Joyce 2 years ago

    Who ever killed JFK was clearly a hater , truth will be free soon !

    BKD NEWS 2 years ago

    once my friend got call from His father's cell phone which was next to on his desk it was midnight oh and his father was dead few months ago .....after the first ring he cut off his phone but then again he got call from His father's cell phone...this time his fathers cell was in his other hand...we are from India Mumbai City

  • John Willis
    John Willis 2 years ago

    This song reminds me of a Pittsburgh Steel Factory running excellently.

  • Left Past Saturn
    Left Past Saturn 2 years ago

    5 reasons to never believe a USclip video title.

  • brianintn
    brianintn 2 years ago

    Brandon Jensen, instead of calling his parents and having them drive around flashing lights looking for him, couldn't they have instead just have the service providr ping his phone? was that technology available then?