iPad Pro Bend Test! - Be gentle with Apples new iPad...

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • Protect your iPad or phone with dbrand!: dbrand.com/hero Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this iPad Pro Bend Test. Apple says their New iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that does everything you need, any way you hold it. (As long as you are gentle of course.) Today we are going to find out how durable Apples new piece of glass really is. How good is the drawing on the iPad? We'll be testing that out with Art Class With Jerry. (Which side did Apple want us to draw on again? I forget...) And finally we will finish off with the New iPad Pro Bend test, this will tell us realistically how much force the iPad Pro can withstand while it is in your backpack or book bag, or while being accidentally sat on.
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    Can you buy me one JerryRigEverything? plss

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    Umm sir I don't think you're supposed to do that

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    Emmanuel Suarez 2 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • GuiihKatt
    GuiihKatt 3 hours ago

    Me: I'm going to get this ipad I'm going to get it
    The man in the video: let's start pencil, scratch behind

  • shania gamer
    shania gamer 4 hours ago

    Are you crazy

  • Nepushi
    Nepushi 7 hours ago

    i love how it's easier to snap the apple pencil in half than an actual pencil

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    WiLd West Gaming 12 hours ago

    Watching this from iPad pro 11. 😎

  • MrLucky Luke
    MrLucky Luke 13 hours ago

    Jerryrigeverything: walks into store
    Apple store employee: ah shit here we go again

  • Potkánek 2
    Potkánek 2 13 hours ago

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    Joel Cook 14 hours ago

    Who else cringes so hard and gets tingles when he’s cutting down shit?

  • ณรงค์ พาทัน

    To bad your act is cheap

  • Duhdee .-.
    Duhdee .-. 16 hours ago

    wife: honey i bought and ipad pro

    jerry:*BREAKS IT*

  • Ravneet Kaur
    Ravneet Kaur 23 hours ago

    How much money do these people have buying a Apple Pencil breaking it buying the new iPad and broke it

  • venai ramcharan
    venai ramcharan 23 hours ago

    That has to be the most expensive sketch of Spider-Man

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  • OBK
    OBK Day ago

    Who is watching this on the pro naked lmao. I have AppleCare and I just don’t put it on my bed so it won’t taco.

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    Dan Doano Day ago

    That scraping dude is going right through me. Stoooooop that!

    MARVALE FAN Day ago +1

    Can you gift a iPad to me instead of destroying it please I am a student

  • Loredan Ivăniș

    Fuck you

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar Day ago +1

    You tore apart my heart 🙈😢😢😢.. The iPad ❤❤

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    This dude needs help

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    I love his calm voice!

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  • sa ra
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  • 12sky jinong
    12sky jinong Day ago

    its not test but destroyer...

  • Mist3rBr3ad
    Mist3rBr3ad Day ago

    Fucking love how he just casually opens the shit and instantly starts ripping it apart , no fucking 10 min introduction eg just simple fun destruction

    GAME RAID Day ago

    You stuped dayn

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    I(BENT) Pro

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  • BiSCuiT
    BiSCuiT Day ago +3

    "The back of the iPad Pro is..."
    *loud scratching*
    "Also metal"

  • Tony Zakhem
    Tony Zakhem 2 days ago

    I draw it with the apple pen not a pen knife!!

  • TheGoodPuppyPaw 3
    TheGoodPuppyPaw 3 2 days ago

    Killing a pen in front of it's best friend, the iPad.

  • Kevin Brett
    Kevin Brett 2 days ago

    Sinse when has apple been beneficial

  • Astrid Bittersparrow
    Astrid Bittersparrow 2 days ago +2

    You seem like the type of dude to eat apple seeds and call is the “eating part”

  • Ionic Spencer
    Ionic Spencer 2 days ago

    Apple beat Samsung for a folding iPad

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    gamingar gamingar 2 days ago

    This is the most satisfying video on USclip

  • •F r o s t b i t e•

    This video should be called making your eyes bleed for the whole video

  • Rodrigo Messias
    Rodrigo Messias 2 days ago

    Que compra um iPad Pro e pega nas duas extremidades e faz uma força dessas? Doente mental mesmo. Provou o que? Que IPad Pro não é feito de titânio? Piada. Podia ter me dado esse IPad, faria melhor uso.

  • Kalen T
    Kalen T 2 days ago

    Apple makes overpriced and overhyped garbage.

    KIRAN RECORDS 2 days ago

    Good drawer impressed with your creative thinking or maybe the iPad Pro just make me look better at drawing that I actually am hopefully Stanley approves

  • Braddy Dawg
    Braddy Dawg 2 days ago +1

    Wish u would of tried to scratch the screen with the pencil to debunk all these myths it scratches the screen

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    If u don't want this give it to me

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    Him: Snaps apple pencil Gen 2 and starts destroying IPad Pro

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    wig 3 days ago

    this guy really comes at apples neck when it comes to reviews 💀💀💀

  • Obey Physics
    Obey Physics 3 days ago

    People dying for these devices and you idiots get paid to destroy them. Lol makes me cringe. Why not get a broken iPad or one that no longer can be used. Instead a brand new one really. This is just like throwing money away and shows no care for the product. Also shoes that’s how cheap it is for Apple to really make.

  • Witchgost
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  • Wenyao Xu
    Wenyao Xu 3 days ago

    2:45 I almost threw my iPad outta the window when I heard that sound :)

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