The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Season finale. Is this musical mansion a gateway to the spirit world?
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  • Ryan Bergara
    Ryan Bergara 15 days ago +27077

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!

    • Beast Gaming
      Beast Gaming 2 days ago


    • Joaquín Castillo
      Joaquín Castillo 5 days ago

      Thanks for this great series! I've been binge watching it these last two weeks. This is great content. Please, keep doing True Crime Unsolved and Supernatural

    • mackenzie bennett
      mackenzie bennett 10 days ago +1

      ryan ur a skinny legend

    • Brody James
      Brody James 10 days ago

      i just wanna sat this show and true crime really make my week better. you and shane along with everyone that works on the episodes i just wanna say thank you for the hard work to put these out like you guys do.

    • Bigmacmeyers
      Bigmacmeyers 10 days ago

      but ghost aint got no vocal chords

  • Princess Espiritu
    Princess Espiritu 2 hours ago

    Hi buzzfeed unsolved, where did you get your ending music? I heard the same music in Aircrash Confidential lol.

  • Min Tran
    Min Tran 3 hours ago

    My favorite part was when they just started crying and laughing while apologizing for being disrespectful

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith 4 hours ago

    guys Netflix just came out with an "original" called Unsolved about Tupac's death, awfully like this show's episodes and copying the name... bit rude

  • Rosie RB
    Rosie RB 4 hours ago

    My Principle’s name is Mrs Montgomery holyyy sheeet

  • Gavin Stoodge
    Gavin Stoodge 6 hours ago


  • Cooper Sutherland
    Cooper Sutherland 6 hours ago

    do the story of harold holt

  • IShipIt
    IShipIt 6 hours ago

    Shane and ryan are probably the only paranormal inspectors who can crack poop jokes ABOUT THE VERY GHOST in a haunted mansion and laugh themselves to tears.
    These guys are awesome XD

  • Jaritza Chavez
    Jaritza Chavez 6 hours ago


  • Natalie Dyer
    Natalie Dyer 6 hours ago

    Do the Staircase with Kathleen and Michael Peterson

  • Natalie Dyer
    Natalie Dyer 6 hours ago

    Do the Staircase with Kathleen and Michael Peterson

  • Hailey Romano
    Hailey Romano 7 hours ago

    You should go to the union cemetery in Easton ct with the white lady

    JOSHUA CRESPO 8 hours ago

    when true crime comes back,here is a cold case that I personally want to see, I can't speak for anyone else,but can you do an episode on this guy named Harry Oakes,who was murdered

  • coolguy 233
    coolguy 233 8 hours ago

    is it just me because the paper was in the chair then its on the floor

  • Little Miss Debbie
    Little Miss Debbie 8 hours ago

    4:26 LMAOOOO

  • hobiday
    hobiday 8 hours ago

    shane could go into a burning house and say it's getting lit

  • girltoshorttt
    girltoshorttt 9 hours ago +1

    yooo ya'll should go to the Winchester house

  • girltoshorttt
    girltoshorttt 9 hours ago +1

    these are honestly videos you can watch at 3am without getting scared just because of the two hosts.

  • Prithvi Nagamanivel
    Prithvi Nagamanivel 9 hours ago

    Can u please go to the medium Tyler Henry, from the try guys. I think it would make a really cool episode.

  • Globalism4All
    Globalism4All 9 hours ago +1

    I've always liked the True Crime seasons more than the supernatural ones but I would love a few episodes or even a season on cryptids - chupacabra, Jersey Devil, the Beast of Gevaudan, etc. I've always been a skeptic, though maybe there's something to those panther sightings in the UK given their old animal import laws, but they're good for some creeps that aren't as immaterial as some ghost stories and the rational explanations can be really fascinating.

  • M Akernaut213
    M Akernaut213 9 hours ago

    Has anyone had a paranormal experiences?
    You know how creepy it is for something tug your blanket from your feet, or feel something poke you as well as something constantly watch you from a different room and see a depression in the bed you feel being watched???????

  • XD scoopity scoop
    XD scoopity scoop 9 hours ago

    Well, i have no problems because i fly around space.

  • Lidia Marie
    Lidia Marie 9 hours ago

    Buzzfeed unsolved supernatural is actually so creepy but I’m addicted and have binged watched every episode multiple times

  • Yes I Am Retarted
    Yes I Am Retarted 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else hear a man laughing at.10:24 Right after they turned off their flashlights and said that sure makes it so much worse doesn't it😖😖😖😩😩😩😨😨😨😲😲😲😲😲

  • Charlie Coxon
    Charlie Coxon 10 hours ago

    Shane is the best

  • Emma Lily
    Emma Lily 10 hours ago

    That whole "sizzle" part at 3:31 made me like the video

  • Sharon Bertina Drost
    Sharon Bertina Drost 11 hours ago

    Maybe you guys could investigate the Aradale Asylum in Australia, or the Ancient Ram Inn, in the UK, the Salto Hotel in Colombia, Aokigahara, Six Flags in New Orleans, Myrtles Plantatiom in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

  • Roaress AJ
    Roaress AJ 11 hours ago +2

    $500 Demon Vs. $5000 Demon

  • ThatOneSaint Roblox
    ThatOneSaint Roblox 11 hours ago

    I think you guys should do a video on the son of Sam.

  • Heza M
    Heza M 11 hours ago

    What a fun good season! I had a lot of fun watching.See you next season!

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    A C I D 11 hours ago


  • Carmen Simu
    Carmen Simu 11 hours ago

    You guys should go to Romania and follow in Vlad Tepeş' footsteps. There's enough weird stuff for a full season

  • Kabegami The Great
    Kabegami The Great 13 hours ago

    These series are really helping my fear of the dark, no joke, they go the most haunted places in the world and NOTHING happens

  • Phenix Jackson
    Phenix Jackson 13 hours ago

    Y’all should do the boggy creek monster

  • Meghan Hodge
    Meghan Hodge 14 hours ago

    I dont know if this counts or if you have done it before but you should research the amber room...

  • One spicy Foxy
    One spicy Foxy 14 hours ago

    6:17 orb or flashlight ???

  • One spicy Foxy
    One spicy Foxy 14 hours ago

    Who else saw the statue head tilt a little bit

  • kaylee annis
    kaylee annis 14 hours ago

    You guys should investigate the State Hospital in traverse city Michigan. Super haunted

  • M_Firm
    M_Firm 15 hours ago

    There have been people who’ve recieved texts and Facebook posts from dead people

  • Simply.bullshit
    Simply.bullshit 15 hours ago

    It's me, Jessie, and Ari
    They test me, they sorry

  • Brian Hudec
    Brian Hudec 15 hours ago


  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco 16 hours ago

    11:53 - spirit orb

  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco 16 hours ago

    Crazy how Ryan says shut it n the SB goes quite.😐

  • Victor Wilson
    Victor Wilson 16 hours ago

    Something interesting for the next season Unsolved Crimes would be the Tynong North serial killings. It's an Australian one that caught my eye and was hella creepy as well.

  • Megan W
    Megan W 17 hours ago

    “This week on buzzfeed unsolved we continue our InTAveStAGatIoN” wow what a way to say investigation

  • Miloš Royale
    Miloš Royale 18 hours ago

    (W H E E Z E)

  • Gilang H
    Gilang H 19 hours ago

    do The Mysterious Final Moments of Günther Stoll (The YOGTZE Case)

  • Edwin Catenza
    Edwin Catenza 20 hours ago

    Ryans face tho this is so disrespectfull hahahahaha he said

  • Wet Shoes
    Wet Shoes 20 hours ago

    Can you guys solve the mystery of why nobody loves me

  • the 3rd pixie
    the 3rd pixie 20 hours ago

    I’d love to see Ryan and Shane go to Europe and the UK (well particularly Scotland) for a couple of series. We’ve got soooo much haunted stuff over here.

  • Taruni _Mishra
    Taruni _Mishra 21 hour ago

    How is that computer system so clean ??

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 22 hours ago +1

    After watching this series I honestly don’t believe in ghosts anymore

  • Aaliah Nagdee
    Aaliah Nagdee 22 hours ago

    Why did Ryan say the word ‘investigation so weird in the beginning😂 0:44

  • Jeppe Cilleborg
    Jeppe Cilleborg 22 hours ago


  • Kenneth Eckman
    Kenneth Eckman 22 hours ago

    I have three suggestions for investigations; St. Augustine, Fl., The Suicide Forest in Japan and Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania. I’d love to see Steve’s reaction in the Suicide Forest especially.

  • Anurvi
    Anurvi Day ago

    Please investigate Bhangarh Fort in Alwar

  • kikko r
    kikko r Day ago

    yess!!! cant wait for the true crime season!!!

  • nicole p
    nicole p Day ago

    rYAN you have to say spoiler alert BEFORE the spoiler

  • olivia
    olivia Day ago

    it’s late and there’s a storm outside my window, every shadow from the trees scares the hell out of me now thanksss

  • Tammy L Karuza
    Tammy L Karuza Day ago

    You know . . . if you could learn to bring yourself to a meditative state when you are alone in these places, you might get better results.

  • Kole Ta
    Kole Ta Day ago

    Please look up Stull Cemetery in Lawrence, KS.

  • Messiah Acevedo
    Messiah Acevedo Day ago

    That camera man is not scared of nothing

  • Chance Meier
    Chance Meier Day ago

    Shane, how do you explain the voices from the spirit box?

  • Haru Draws
    Haru Draws Day ago

    Shane's avocado story is beautiful

  • C&A Productions
    C&A Productions Day ago

    Gladesville mental hospital in Australia Please...

  • Clara Blue
    Clara Blue Day ago

    You guys should do the Moxlie murder, or the bird man of alcatraz for the true crime season !!

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    Kian Mikael Day ago

    Try solve the death of XXXTENTACION ft the worth it guys

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati Day ago +3

    I feel like if Shane went solo on one or more episodes it would really show his stance behind Ghosts and Spirits. He can't talk to the camera man either.

  • Reagan Cook
    Reagan Cook Day ago

    They need to do the octagon y’all in Franklin Kentucky

  • Shon Gadaev
    Shon Gadaev Day ago

    Bro y’all need to make a video on xxxtentacions murder

  • Naked Kumberbatch


  • Emily Kamler
    Emily Kamler Day ago


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    Ethan Verch Day ago +1

    Death by avocado pit

  • Montgomery Evans

    Do the unsolved death of xxxtentaion

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    Ugly AF Day ago

    This is weird but I love when they use the sound box

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    Samantha Spears Day ago

    I saw an orb

  • middle fingers to you


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    Elli Hudson Day ago

    I live near bloods point, IL and it's not ok. You guys should investigate it!

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    IEatSprinkles ; D Day ago +1

    That animation with the door opening looked like a stranger things .... thing. WHOOOOOO what if they are two of the characters!!! YOOOOOO

  • Jessi G
    Jessi G Day ago

    *you can swing the chandelier into Shane’s head and give him a concision or u could just talk to us* I died 😂😂😂

  • Alex Forrester
    Alex Forrester Day ago

    They should do Sloss Furnace in Alabama next season. That place is one hundred percent haunted

  • He Needs Some Milk.

    Wow that’s so disrespectful

  • Prince Eli
    Prince Eli Day ago

    Wait im so confused why couldnt they go upstairs?

  • Miss.Pearl Gaming

    I think I'm gonna die of I keep laughing! 😂😂😂😆😆😆

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    Erinrose Sharp Day ago


  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez Day ago

    These guys are the only part of Buzzfeed that I like.

  • Goat 425
    Goat 425 Day ago

    Shane needs to do the narration sometimes

  • j newb
    j newb Day ago

    Yes that box is annoying

  • TyLynn
    TyLynn Day ago

    It feels like we get less activity now than we used to. I wonder if there is like a Ghost youtube, where the ghosts watch USclip videos. And like, it got around to all of the ghosts that there are these two random guys that come into their houses and make a lot of noise - so now all the ghosts know who Ryan and Shane are and they just like put in their ghost headphones and ignore them XD

  • Johnny White
    Johnny White Day ago

    Why investigate bc you never ever catch a ghost so give ☝

  • Queen Of Thy Salt
    Queen Of Thy Salt Day ago +1

    Can yall investigate the mcraven house?

  • Jackie Bao
    Jackie Bao Day ago

    where is this week`s video??

  • Crystal Bolton
    Crystal Bolton Day ago

    "It's disrespectful"....... Hell I thought it was funny.

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty Day ago

    👀 they should do the recent case of Kenneka Jenkins

  • Brenda De Leon
    Brenda De Leon Day ago

    Ghost stethoscope..... GHOSTHOSCOPE

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    Classic Basic Day ago


  • Shayeee
    Shayeee Day ago +1

    lowkey want a friendship like ryan and shane have

  • Vero Dominguez
    Vero Dominguez Day ago

    plottwist the camera guy whom we never see is the real host and has been showing us ryan and shanes ghost wandering around multiple haunted areas

  • Caitlin Gojuk
    Caitlin Gojuk Day ago

    You could do an episode in Connecticut. It has a weird reputation for being the most haunted state. There's a bunch places like Fairfield Hills State Hospital and the Warren's Occult Museum.

  • Den D
    Den D Day ago

    My name is Ryan (gets interrupted) LOL