GIANT Prop Hunt IRL | Paintball Edition!!

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    Hey guys! What prop would you hide in? What new props would you like to see next time? Let us know down below! Check out the Survive The Night! | Five Nights At Freddy's IRL!
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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  Year ago +1129

    Hey guys! What was your favorite prop? Who do you want to play with us next time? Let us know down below! Check out the Whodunnit!? | Don't Get Dropped Off the Ledge challenge!!

    • jsj norths
      jsj norths Month ago

      iv always dreamed to be with you i was1 of your first vuers

    • superJack 27
      superJack 27 Month ago

      Mine was the rubix cube

    • darian olari
      darian olari Month ago

      Team Edge Play with matt

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones 2 months ago

      Team Edge I am 12 + I watch your USclip videos all the time and I really want to see you guys and play with you Elsa got a stuffed animal dog named Cody

    • Sonali Mann
      Sonali Mann 2 months ago

      Do reacting to Indian movies trailer

  • Haddeana
    Haddeana 2 days ago

    You should subscribe to haddeana they make awesome videos and do fun challenges

  • Dog lillY Kitty
    Dog lillY Kitty 3 days ago

    MAMA SITA!!!

  • Nathan Brinkerhoff
    Nathan Brinkerhoff 4 days ago

    J-Fred has creepy eyes 10:26

  • ThePenguin Gaming
    ThePenguin Gaming 5 days ago +1

    For all my future coyotes going through the archives

    MVGFPS 6 days ago

    what look be hind there a tetris

  • Robin Avila
    Robin Avila 8 days ago


  • Nick Purdy
    Nick Purdy 10 days ago

    All the random cuts and edits to Bryans shenanigans crack me up

  • winstonrosalada
    winstonrosalada 12 days ago


  • Jamie Lombardo
    Jamie Lombardo 17 days ago

    5:34 choose a number between one and three j Fred is so confident he says seven

  • Xavier Danz
    Xavier Danz 17 days ago


  • maxine reyes
    maxine reyes 19 days ago


  • Asma Yaqub
    Asma Yaqub 19 days ago

    Bryan said “we took all safety precautions “ wears a t-shirt and shorts and a mask

  • Lia Fana
    Lia Fana 23 days ago +1

    Bryan:looks at camera terrified

  • Connie Emberton
    Connie Emberton 23 days ago


  • Lydia Vilardi
    Lydia Vilardi 24 days ago

    So someone asks Joey To pick a number between 1 & 3? He says: 7
    Me: Actually picks a number between 1 & 3... me: 2

  • Kenya Little
    Kenya Little Month ago

    My favorite prop was the sushi burrito

  • Queen Gammons
    Queen Gammons Month ago

    I just started watching these

  • Queen Gammons
    Queen Gammons Month ago

    Exactly one year ago

  • Erin Cadigan
    Erin Cadigan Month ago +2

    Joey: i have a live stream of his GoPro
    -gets crushed

  • Emma Haditik
    Emma Haditik Month ago

    Bryan: and you guys, and you guys, and you guys.

  • ian labadan
    ian labadan Month ago

    Joe is sooooooooooooo! Cheater

  • Timothy jackson
    Timothy jackson Month ago

    i like your chanil now

  • Treng Lant
    Treng Lant Month ago

    O lord I don't know why I died at Bryan on 6:43

  • Assessed lake
    Assessed lake Month ago +1

    "Cause I'm getting skinny-" *glares at camera*

  • Xx_Panda_xX 771
    Xx_Panda_xX 771 Month ago

    7:39 NANI!!

  • Nikki Peoples
    Nikki Peoples Month ago

    Connor and J-Fred are hilariousss

  • Magical Unicorns123
    Magical Unicorns123 Month ago +1

    Whitney?:I need you to pick a number between one and three

  • Aryana Nanan
    Aryana Nanan Month ago +3

    Pic a no. between 1 and 3

  • Fox_Kroux
    Fox_Kroux Month ago

    3:47 we see outside the box

  • Sharlene Her
    Sharlene Her Month ago +3

    Bryan: what are the teams we made?
    Joey: FIVE!!

  • Sharlene Her
    Sharlene Her Month ago

    You guys should do more of these, I love these vids!

  • Danish Isa
    Danish Isa Month ago +8

    When joey was throwing the ice cubes at bobby,I was icing my ankle coz it was swollen becuase of soccer
    1 like=1 day faster it heals

  • Phantom foxys world


  • Quincattack 2007
    Quincattack 2007 Month ago +1

    Team edge teaches us facts everyday. One of them are that your charger box has Bryan in them

  • Sofia Huebner
    Sofia Huebner Month ago

    I love your voice

  • Sofia Huebner
    Sofia Huebner Month ago


  • jsj norths
    jsj norths Month ago


  • Mary Scala-Rager
    Mary Scala-Rager Month ago

    Your videos are so awesome 😎

  • Ace Playz
    Ace Playz Month ago

    Prop Fav Was Tetris Blocks In Thummbnail!

  • Neko Knight
    Neko Knight Month ago

    This was posted on both my birthday and the day my brother died

  • Cat Queen
    Cat Queen Month ago +1

    The go pro part was the funniest

  • joni chavez
    joni chavez Month ago +4

    "i need you to pick a number from 1 to 3" j-fred "SEVEN!"

  • That Little Channel

    Joey is really out here in round 3 looking like JD from Heathers

  • Lemon Llama
    Lemon Llama Month ago

    am I the only person who actually likes mints and cold water?

  • Rena Pyun
    Rena Pyun Month ago

    Is it possible to play Tetris irl

  • Beyblade Battles
    Beyblade Battles Month ago

    You guys should do an ice bucket challenge

  • Chocowate Maniac
    Chocowate Maniac Month ago

    "I've been eating this helmet"
    God XD

  • Hassan Latif
    Hassan Latif Month ago

    Don't try this at home guys

  • Xere YouTuber
    Xere YouTuber Month ago +1

    How is warhead spray a punishment?

  • RandomBloxPlayz
    RandomBloxPlayz Month ago

    Prop hump XD

  • Ralph PlacioPH
    Ralph PlacioPH Month ago +3

    My favorite man in the team edge is Bobby

  • Jeshaun Rhule23
    Jeshaun Rhule23 Month ago

    What the f****

  • Rebecca Shull
    Rebecca Shull Month ago

    How are you guys rich

  • Bob Patrick
    Bob Patrick Month ago

    How did Joey pick up the thing when he was running like a yo-yo

  • Wyatt bauman Vlogger

    4:19 this is the second time Bobby has insulted Joey in a prop hunt video
    5:49 what’s with this channel and papayas
    4:25 Bobby don’t preciate that
    9:59 that was hilarious Brian

  • Wolfgirl 203
    Wolfgirl 203 Month ago +7

    so pick a number between 1 and 3
    J-fred : 7

  • Dianna Phantom
    Dianna Phantom Month ago

    Lols in tetris

  • Chase Curry
    Chase Curry Month ago +3

    I like when You guys play prop

  • Dark angel
    Dark angel Month ago

    Bobby got squished by bryan

  • D3 Kinney
    D3 Kinney Month ago +3

    Round 1: Bryan's team really won they forgot to count some shots. Bobby finished with 1 shot left Joey's team finished with 0

  • Evan Daniels
    Evan Daniels Month ago

    @. G+

  • Kim Raudenbush
    Kim Raudenbush 2 months ago

    At least bobby's no-no's survived this time... Unlike in the "shoot the person behind _____" series.

  • Elen Morales
    Elen Morales 2 months ago

    Im wahcing this becuse rheres a flood this is send in 2019

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 2 months ago +1

    12:43 lol

  • ghostly plays
    ghostly plays 2 months ago

    Bruh how come joey gets a cheat

  • Gãlãxy Crøss
    Gãlãxy Crøss 2 months ago +4

    I just like the way J-Fred says “OH MAMA SITA!”

    • Oliver Norton
      Oliver Norton 2 months ago

      Alissa studio *MAMACITA btw 😂😂😂

  • Kris Wilka
    Kris Wilka 2 months ago


  • 8Goat z
    8Goat z 2 months ago

    3:38 Tanner?

  • 8Goat z
    8Goat z 2 months ago

    10:28 why hello there

  • Lea Anne Thomas
    Lea Anne Thomas 2 months ago +1

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Who gave me a dislike?!
    And why is it blue?

  • Lea Anne Thomas
    Lea Anne Thomas 2 months ago

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Who gave me a dislike?!
    And why is it blue?

  • jo Diesel
    jo Diesel 2 months ago

    Can i join you guys please

  • XxPhoniexPlaysxX HEY
    XxPhoniexPlaysxX HEY 2 months ago +1


  • Julis wolf Animations
    Julis wolf Animations 2 months ago +1

    10:19 - 10:23 made me laugh cuz of Conner