Keeping Homeless People Warm in Winter | Amazing Humans

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
  • Temperatures have plummeted and we are regularly waking up to frost and freezing conditions. If you're homeless it can be impossible to stay warm at night. That's where Grace Dooley has stepped in.
    The soup kitchen volunteer realised that in addition to a hot meal, Dublin's homeless people need to be able to keep warm at night. She's raised thousands to buy sleeping bags that are suitable for temperatures as low as -5 degrees and so far this season, the 30-year-old has handed out 250.
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Comments • 49

  • HYDER SINDH Bakhsh
    HYDER SINDH Bakhsh 7 months ago

    so nice بھائی

  • The Last White Guy
    The Last White Guy 8 months ago

    The western world is absolutely disgusting. Look after refugees and let your own people die in the gutter. 🤮

  • Ian Hazeldine
    Ian Hazeldine Year ago +2

    A guy died on a bench at a railway station in st Imier in jura switzerland one night of cold. No shelter and minus 20c. I felt so sad. This is great and shes right it saves lives

  • Faithful warrior
    Faithful warrior Year ago

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. At first I liked it. I got emotional I cried. But just because she is "giving a sleeping bag" doesn't mean she is actually caring about them from the bottom of her heart. She just wants to do a good deed and thinks that giving a blanket is enough. No. You have to actually listen to them. I saw it at the end. She walked away WAY too fast. Someone who cares will listen and not just walk away.

    • Andrew Goodbody
      Andrew Goodbody 8 months ago +2

      Faithful warrior and wtf are YOU doing? Get off your cynical arse and help

  • Itchybell games
    Itchybell games Year ago

    give them caravans ffs

  • Øxygэи
    Øxygэи Year ago

    It's so reassuring to see that this level of genuine humanity still exists. Yo, BBC, can you link us to their go fund me (or whatever) account?

  • jollie Park
    jollie Park Year ago +3

    seeing that dog shiver in the beginning is killing me

  • Abdulftah Altwati

    How amazing to feel the need of other people ....

  • james ohara
    james ohara Year ago

    The next time you get a homeless person into a hostel or some other accommodation, nail them to the floor!.
    Moncler coats range from £750 to £1,225,

  • cary bary
    cary bary Year ago +1

    You won't see the bloated lefties or guardian hacks giving up their Christmas to help in the soup kitchen.

    • Bruce Samson
      Bruce Samson 9 months ago

      Go Democrats. Feed the hungry, house the homeless. Now!!!

  • Kate Robinson
    Kate Robinson Year ago +3

    I love this!! Thanks guys for caring so much! I live in Ireland and on the very cold nights I think of the homeless and hoe cold they must be. So nice to see this.

  • The Breakfast Cub Power 105.1 FM

    they're both doing more than anyone whos hating in the comment section, well done to all 3 of them and the team, may God bless them greatly!!

  • revivedfears
    revivedfears Year ago +26

    Honestly the UK just shouldn't have any homeless people. We pay for one privileged family to live a life of complete luxury yet can't provide homes to the poorest. This girl is awesome for doing this but it shouldn't be up to us, this country has enough wealth that it just shouldn't be necessary especially when we have a royal family funded by the people.

    • I P
      I P Year ago

      Mr.Bushido Many of the homeless people here are drug addicts, millions of pounds worth of tax payer money funds the welfare we give to poor people. So many people in this country get benefits, etc. We can't keep paying more and more money, as I said a lot of homeless people in this country are drug addicts and because of the high cost of drugs they become homeless.
      We haven't taken many refugees at all, compared to countries like Germany, the UK hasn't taken that many refugees. You say 'your own citizens freeze and starve', you are watching a video about homelessness and therefore you seem to be under the impression that there are millions starving. There are roughly 250,000 homeless people in the UK, our total population is 65 million, this means that about 0.38% of out population is homeless which is a very small minority.

    • Mr.Bushido
      Mr.Bushido Year ago +1

      It should put things in perspective when your nation took in 'refugees' yet your own citizens freeze and starve on the streets.
      No nation should have any homeless but charity begins at home, if you do have homeless, fix their issues before helping others.

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons Year ago +1

    Once took a homeless person a bacon sandwich one morning. He grabbed my hand pulled me towards the off licence an begged me to buy him a bottle of whiskey.
    My attitude since then has been fxxk em !!!
    Is charity helping these people or is it making it easier for these stay on the streets ? I know the homeless in the streets of York earn a small fortune. They all live in sheltered accommodation are not strictly homeless.
    Their is a big issue seller in Whitby gets dropped off every morning in a BMW.
    There is no real reason to be homeless in the UK.
    I think at least 60% of what I see on a daily basis is what I would regard as 'charity mugging.'
    If you hand these people cash you may as well hand it over to a heroine dealer.
    Take care of your family. Be charitable to your family. People you know. Don't get mugged by these false street sleepers.
    Don't judge books by their cover.

    • iasoe
      iasoe Year ago +1

      Yeah good point you're right. Merry Christmas!!!

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons Year ago

      iasoe it's not about getting something back it's about about helping others. If people are suffering and bitter around you it's going to effect you in some way. If people around you are happy an comfortable then they are not going to trouble anyone. Helping other helps everyone by default. You can only help those who want to change.
      But some people won't accept help. It's like they want to drive off cliff. You choose alcoholism or drug abuse then your just choosing suffering for everyone around you.
      Been nice to some people does not help them. Sometimes you have to be realistic. Tough love is still love.
      Merry Christmas.

    • iasoe
      iasoe Year ago

      In that case yeah we should focus more effort on the people you actually know around you. Then you will know that you will get some back from your efforts.

    • Jeff the potato
      Jeff the potato Year ago

      Meglos i think you shouldn't help homeless people by giving them stuff directly the best thing to do is to donate some money to charity's that know who are truly in need of some help.

  • E B
    E B Year ago +3

    I find this conflicting... As well as Ireland the UK is also in a homeless crisis, but why do the PEOPLE who give their taxes which a % of them should help to fighting homelessness have to then take matters into THEIR own hands & battle homelessness... It shouldn't be our job when you're already paying tax for the government to keep your streets clean and safe... At the same time homeless people make a shit ton of money if they can afford alcohol or drugs but somehow not a sleeping bag? Priorities.

    • E B
      E B Year ago

      The could if they got cleand up but I guess its better we just keep them warm & alive & give them our money for whatever addictions they have instead of finding a solution, I guess people just want us to give them a temporary fix.

    • iasoe
      iasoe Year ago

      All valid points but at the end of the day the world is unfair and the reality is that help isn't getting to these people that need it. Although a lot of the homeless people in the video look like they could get up and work but I'm not here to judge.

  • iasoe
    iasoe Year ago +14

    She's wearing a moncler coat lol. A bit Ironic

    • iasoe
      iasoe Year ago +1

      DW it's cool, not anyone's fault but mine really :)

    • I P
      I P Year ago +1

      iasoe, lol okay no worries dude. probably my fault for taking it too seriously ;)

    • iasoe
      iasoe Year ago +3

      You're right to be honest I'm just being silly.

    • I P
      I P Year ago +4

      She can wear whatever coat she wants and the price doesn't matter, I don't see the relevance of your point. She is helping people and I think that's the main point.

    • robert lee
      robert lee Year ago +6

      just watch her gd heart not her clothes need more people like this 👍

  • RedRatHD HarryGazzard

    All well and good setting up a go fund me account and providing the homeless with necessities but could have had the common decency to have taken her £650+ moncler coat off and donated some of that to those in need, shameless

  • Jessica Zane
    Jessica Zane Year ago +5

    So you make them warm. That's great. Does this help them get a job or maybe get a place to stay?

    • _Davey7_
      _Davey7_ Year ago

      well aren't you an ignorant fuck

    • Kate Robinson
      Kate Robinson Year ago +3

      Jessica Zane hopefully then you going out to help them in some way then??

    • Jessica Zane
      Jessica Zane Year ago +1

      They can stay warm and starve with hope. You guys are right, my apologies.

  • pm79080
    pm79080 Year ago +16

    Propaganda! An excuse for the failing government enslaving its people with austerity!

    • noctua mua
      noctua mua Year ago +1

      pm79080 are you disabled?

    • pm79080
      pm79080 Year ago +3

      Manufactured by a failing government.

    • pm79080
      pm79080 Year ago +3


  • A.F
    A.F Year ago +33

    What an amazing group of people

    • aLaa aLi
      aLaa aLi Year ago

      Sinistersilver i hate it..why not give them homes