Jordan Peele Breaks Down "Get Out" Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • Jordan Peele, writer and director of "Get Out," reads, confirms, and debunks fan theories from Reddit. Is "Get Out" just an imagined scenario of Rod the TSA Agent? What does the deer really symbolize? It the movie actually a sequel to Being John Malkovich? Jordan Peele answers these questions and points out easter eggs and secret messages you may not have noticed in the film.
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    Jordan Peele Breaks Down "Get Out" Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair
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  • Liana H
    Liana H 5 minutes ago

    Rod is like what's his face in bird box 😂😂

  • Watjalukinat
    Watjalukinat 2 hours ago

    Just seems like a racist delusion.

    JIMMY 2 THUMBS 5 hours ago

    Quite possibly the dumbest movie I've ever seen. I feel bad for the paranoia of black people.

  • admirable image
    admirable image 7 hours ago


  • Richard Beck
    Richard Beck 8 hours ago

    Watching this I realised, that I got only half of the connections and hidden gems. Jordan you are amazing!

  • Archangel BEATS
    Archangel BEATS 9 hours ago

    Hits blunt 😂😂😂

  • Russell Mark Rogers
    Russell Mark Rogers 10 hours ago

    You should do another "Get Out" Movie with a black family this time.

  • Jackson Breitkreuz
    Jackson Breitkreuz 12 hours ago


  • Longjohnson Shagwell
    Longjohnson Shagwell 17 hours ago

    it really is 2deep4me

  • Beanny Shalom
    Beanny Shalom 19 hours ago


  • haysan32
    haysan32 21 hour ago

    I love this theory, it's 100% false LOLOLOL

  • Emily Comerio
    Emily Comerio Day ago

    Get out was amazing. Jordan Peelee deserves all the awards. Please make more movies!!!

  • Bob Bobete
    Bob Bobete Day ago

    You know… If I were in a racist family that puts their mind into other people, then being black would be the last thing I’d be. I don’t think the people are racist, I think they’re just wiggers

  • FBI Man
    FBI Man Day ago

    Im calling it Jordan killed someone

  • a b
    a b Day ago

    Get out is a terrible movie

  • JKronk93
    JKronk93 Day ago

    There’s that Duke Ellington voice at 3:10

  • Denise Robinson
    Denise Robinson Day ago

    Definitely a smart guy! I didn’t pick up on none of these things in the movie, i need to re watch it and pay attention

  • Bruce Armacost
    Bruce Armacost 2 days ago

    Jordan's black father didn't stick around.

  • jx592
    jx592 2 days ago

    Docking Bay 327, Death Star 1

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 2 days ago

    You are awesome

  • Chantal Corleone
    Chantal Corleone 2 days ago


  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 2 days ago
    Go get your pair! Limited edition!

  • Oz Lee
    Oz Lee 2 days ago

    I'm going to go ahead and say he's "wrong" about the cereal. I thought it was cool that the colored cereal was only allowed to mix with the white milk once it was literally inside her. Way to make something awesome basic, Peele.

  • meowkittymeow69
    meowkittymeow69 2 days ago

    What a racist movie

  • ropy89
    ropy89 2 days ago

    everyone into judo learns a lil bit of jitsu aswell ;)

  • Foot Fungus
    Foot Fungus 2 days ago

    This movie is so bad

  • ShadowFox851
    ShadowFox851 3 days ago

    I know im so late to this but please explain what happens to the black guy who Chris takes a picture off,i really want that closure that he got rescued

  • Andrei Frolov
    Andrei Frolov 3 days ago

    You can tell there is a white person sitting inside JP right NOW

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 3 days ago

    ItS demarcus cousins dad

  • simple rebel
    simple rebel 3 days ago

    My take on it is they think black people body where much more stronger and organs are healthy so they choose it's like organ trafficking

  • Kenn Kenn
    Kenn Kenn 3 days ago

    Its amazing what's racism and what's not racism. Everyone needs to look in the mirror if you think fire beats fire.

  • Lenin's Nose
    Lenin's Nose 3 days ago

    Immediately liked when peele pronounced gigue correctly

  • SaeHeyKid
    SaeHeyKid 3 days ago

    It's a metaphor to start the extermination of the White Race.

  • Mike cronin
    Mike cronin 4 days ago


  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes 4 days ago

    He dodges the racist questions pretty well even though they're pretty implied.

  • ImAretard
    ImAretard 5 days ago


  • Jeremy Schep
    Jeremy Schep 5 days ago

    My main question: why is Chris using a Windows Phone?

  • G Hollis
    G Hollis 5 days ago

    Blunt hits...xD

  • theBatman
    theBatman 5 days ago +1

    It's all white and black with you monkey fucks

  • manuel roman
    manuel roman 5 days ago

    Hey there ilovemakonen

  • Drez G
    Drez G 6 days ago

    check out my newest song.

    if you want real rap there it is. 😤😤😈💜

  • tfizzle56
    tfizzle56 6 days ago

    Definitely rewatching

  • dwayne thomas
    dwayne thomas 6 days ago


  • groovy
    groovy 6 days ago

    sooooo should have kept the jesse line for the grandpa. that would have been great

  • Ryan Joseph
    Ryan Joseph 6 days ago

    She won't let the cop see his I.D because he's about to go missing!

  • Travis Ware
    Travis Ware 6 days ago

    More elegant tone: malnourished, heavy melanin person. Instead of "skinny black guy"

  • C. Banks2010
    C. Banks2010 6 days ago

    this seems like what peel has lived. lmao.

  • Kirk Hodges
    Kirk Hodges 6 days ago

    Lakeith is amazing, sad he's referred to in such a derogatory way.

  • Jolly John
    Jolly John 6 days ago

    Is Skeleton Key and Get Out the same movie?

  • Jeffrey Laforme
    Jeffrey Laforme 6 days ago

    Bro I thought this dude was animated for like the first 5 mins of this

  • mepisbest mepisbest
    mepisbest mepisbest 6 days ago +1

    Why does his whole face look animated?

  • James Norris
    James Norris 6 days ago

    I heard about this movie, how good it was. Then I watched it and it had my attention. Now after watching this I have to go back and find some of the clues I missed the first time around.

  • stirange
    stirange 7 days ago

    I can't look..... Are all the comments litigating the throw-away "skinny black guy" comment"?

  • Jennifer Eddy
    Jennifer Eddy 7 days ago +1


  • sneaky alien
    sneaky alien 7 days ago

    6:24 LMAO

  • Jaimeson Sales
    Jaimeson Sales 7 days ago

    The power of Marijuana lmfao or the subconscious

  • Salt_e
    Salt_e 7 days ago


    DHRUV GUPTA 7 days ago

    C O S E Q U E N C E S.

  • AJisnumerouno
    AJisnumerouno 7 days ago

    Silly black people

  • papi3d
    papi3d 7 days ago

    ___Racist and completely delusional movie___

  • sonickage
    sonickage 7 days ago

    i was confused when i saw this i thought it was a comedy

  • Jeremy Wankerdonger
    Jeremy Wankerdonger 7 days ago

    They all ride up in black cars like the black bodies they gonna ride away in. Whippin a black body sounds like one of the most Savage things possible

  • calisouthqueen
    calisouthqueen 7 days ago

    Sooooooo.... This actually happened eh?

  • U dont wanna Know
    U dont wanna Know 8 days ago

    So is this guy the Director?

  • Trailz&Tribulations
    Trailz&Tribulations 8 days ago

    He's not breaking down anything, this is stupid

  • Kxng Kat
    Kxng Kat 8 days ago

    "Is this what marijuana does?"

  • Kwamesha Dee
    Kwamesha Dee 8 days ago


  • DopeGraphics
    DopeGraphics 8 days ago

    The gigue 😂

  • Adam Ambrus
    Adam Ambrus 8 days ago

    oh no. I wanted to see this movie and accidentally spolied it for myself by watching this video. #imstupid

  • anil rehmatullah
    anil rehmatullah 8 days ago

  • Ganil
    Ganil 8 days ago

    This is the best movie about white liberal cucks ever made.

  • TheSebastian5978
    TheSebastian5978 8 days ago

    If a white dude did this there would be an uproar. Just the typical, boring racist crap coming out of Hollywood.

  • Aphrodite Yen Combrinck

    I thought the scene where Rose was eating the cereal and drinking the milk while she was scrolling pictures through her laptop that she was actually looking for her next potential victim.

  • BlackMarket DIY
    BlackMarket DIY 8 days ago

    The funniest part about the person going on and on with that pretentious thing about Bach and the violin and blah blah is that that clearly wasn’t a violin. It was a ukulele. He wasn’t playing with a bow lol. People are so weird. Why be pretentious at all... but especially about something you clearly aren’t totally sure about! 😂

  • sadiquebob
    sadiquebob 8 days ago

    5min20 iliminaty confirmed but i already knew it with that movie ;)

  • Matt Raymonds
    Matt Raymonds 8 days ago

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR US!!!!!!

  • Neil X
    Neil X 8 days ago

    Man........the power of marijuana 😂😂😂😂

  • savanna augustine
    savanna augustine 9 days ago

    Lollll 💙💙💙

  • Ashly Ipince
    Ashly Ipince 9 days ago


  • CttPla
    CttPla 9 days ago

    That BJM sequel thing was mindblowing. And i also love the Rod theory.

  • Garcia Jonas
    Garcia Jonas 9 days ago +1

    Considering people can find meaning in anything, even if it's created to be meaningless, makes me feel like there's an inherent importance and legitimacy to interpretations of various aspects of the movie regardless of intent, so hearing Jordan shoot down and belittle people's theories makes me sad, since he's such a successful creative.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 9 days ago

    What about my theory ? This is just another propaganda “whitey is evil” movie to further the Zionist Hollywood Jews agenda and divide and conquer!!!!

  • Giggles Bloody Murder
    Giggles Bloody Murder 9 days ago +4

    He looks so scary in this lighting.

  • Buzz Feeded
    Buzz Feeded 9 days ago +6

    Jordan Peele is a straight up legend, the oscar was well deserved

  • Red
    Red 9 days ago

    Can’t wait for Us. Keep em coming.

  • spideymonty
    spideymonty 9 days ago +1


  • Arthur Kay
    Arthur Kay 9 days ago


  • PanCeltic
    PanCeltic 9 days ago

    would of been a better movie if it wasn't all about how evil white people are... if it was made clear that these white people are not in their original bodies it would of been better. then they could be international and just all currently chose to be white.6

  • Morty C-137
    Morty C-137 9 days ago

    Why does he look do much like an android?

  • Bipolar Gamer
    Bipolar Gamer 9 days ago

    He’s great

  • MooGant Lee
    MooGant Lee 9 days ago

    You ever think that Peele didn't actually do those things on purpose?

  • Prabha Karan
    Prabha Karan 9 days ago

    Just now saw Get out movie and never thought it was great movie with satisfied ending 10/10

  • UnkeptFreerider
    UnkeptFreerider 10 days ago


  • Jasmine Kelley
    Jasmine Kelley 10 days ago

    I'm gonna need him to do this with the movie US

  • Gvd Yom
    Gvd Yom 10 days ago

    “Yeah... I meant that” lmao

  • Tray Hill
    Tray Hill 10 days ago

    Blunt hits 😂🤣yea that’s what it sound like your doin ova there 😂

  • Phyoomz
    Phyoomz 10 days ago

    Jesus, now I have to go watch Being John Malkovitch?

  • J.C. Smith
    J.C. Smith 10 days ago

    He is as handsome as he is talented. Whoa.

  • Brodywent savage
    Brodywent savage 10 days ago

    she probably believe that u can't mix white with color just saying the movie is a bout race it could be a habit she was use to because thats what she was thought