Jordan Peele Breaks Down "Get Out" Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • Jordan Peele, writer and director of "Get Out," reads, confirms, and debunks fan theories from Reddit. Is "Get Out" just an imagined scenario of Rod the TSA Agent? What does the deer really symbolize? It the movie actually a sequel to Being John Malkovich? Jordan Peele answers these questions and points out easter eggs and secret messages you may not have noticed in the film.
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    Jordan Peele Breaks Down "Get Out" Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair
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  • Flavio Romero
    Flavio Romero Day ago +1

    I think jordan did a shitfuckload of drugs one night and made this movie anyone else think this?

  • kaShootMe
    kaShootMe Day ago

    he looks computer generated in this video

  • Deven Lohani (student)

    i lowkey cant tell if hes answering sarcastic or not

  • RapiDSpacE13
    RapiDSpacE13 Day ago

    He is T-S-muddafucking-A.

  • Mista Blackanonymous aka Afroartivy_com

    "Man, the power of Skin Bleaching!"

  • Jinhunter Slay
    Jinhunter Slay 2 days ago

    I have no idea what the John Malkovich theory is talking about at all....I've never seen "Being John Malkovich"

  • Harry Watts
    Harry Watts 2 days ago

    Best movie I have ever seen brilliant but subtle hints throughout

  • ItzRedX
    ItzRedX 3 days ago

    he looks like tyler the creator as an older guy

  • Miles Beining
    Miles Beining 5 days ago


  • Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan 5 days ago

    He looks like a black version of that bald dude on impractical jokers

  • smilebackifyourugly
    smilebackifyourugly 7 days ago

    Does anybody think they could be a reverse Get Out were the black folk wanna be white, because folk are always saying about white privilege etc... the black folk wanna be in white bodies to get them further in life with careers, jobs. That could be a sequel. anyone agree?

    • smilebackifyourugly
      smilebackifyourugly 4 days ago

      +Sanailovez 1 Well the full movie doesn't make sense because you cant go into someone's mind LOL. Anyway it would be a movie so it doesn't have to be a true story or make sense.

    • Sanailovez 1
      Sanailovez 1 4 days ago

      smilebackifyourugly I know that but it wouldn't make sense because black people have never done that to white people this movie was based off of a true event of White people trying to have a black body

    • smilebackifyourugly
      smilebackifyourugly 4 days ago

      +Sanailovez 1 You didn't get it, my idea is they want to be in white bodies not for the organs or anything physical, they want to be white because they think it will get them further in life with the white privilege thing. That's what I meant.

    • Sanailovez 1
      Sanailovez 1 4 days ago

      smilebackifyourugly Um No thanks Black People don't take out white organs to be in their body This story in get out actually happened before White people have took out black people's body organs before Karadshians and other whites Spray tan their bodies and wear braids to look black

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  • Lilise Mason
    Lilise Mason 8 days ago

    I wish more directors would do this because it makes you appreciate the movie so much more

  • tripsr4kids
    tripsr4kids 9 days ago +1

    yo this was dope... props to JP for letting us in on his process. cool AF

  • joelabo
    joelabo 9 days ago

    This movie was pretty terrible and predictable.

  • Musical Butt
    Musical Butt 9 days ago


  • Jeffrey Howard
    Jeffrey Howard 9 days ago

    I have a feeling he’s going to make a part 2.

  • Shirdoon Hassan
    Shirdoon Hassan 9 days ago

    I've been watching key and peele for so long that i cant take him serious

  • bryan reyes
    bryan reyes 10 days ago

    “Who got that good D” “ si papi si papi si papi”😂😂😂 like if you understand

  • jbot91
    jbot91 10 days ago

    If you can get word to Jordan Peele, tell him I have an idea for a movie with a similar concept. It's about a middle aged white male who get stuck in Jamaica wueens. It's called nightmare in Jamaica queens. Nightmare on linden Blvd. Tell him

  • Rhielle Everet
    Rhielle Everet 10 days ago

    This was the first time I heard his real voice. I’m always watching key and peele sketches, and he always has some other voice he’s doing

  • Maria Vlog's/Reactions

    Great movie but reading to much into this movie

  • George Cruz
    George Cruz 12 days ago

    Funny how this film literally follows the plot of the film Skeleton Key, but rather taking a Sci Fi approach rather than a fantasy one.
    Yeah clearly this film had an "original" concept.

  • Derek Otter
    Derek Otter 12 days ago

    I still have yet to see this movie wtf am i doing

    KING_ TROLLYT 13 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie but I seen this movie 5 times

  • Mitch The First
    Mitch The First 13 days ago

    After this, I'm for sure watching it again!

  • Jake Cullen
    Jake Cullen 13 days ago

    Comedy Central baby

  • Lord Obasogie Amen
    Lord Obasogie Amen 13 days ago

    ...yeah,.blunt hits.

  • DarylTheWingedAngel66
    DarylTheWingedAngel66 13 days ago

    He Looks CGI

  • bee9li
    bee9li 13 days ago

    Just watched the movie today and it was amazing. What a G(enius).

  • Jacob Escarcida
    Jacob Escarcida 14 days ago

    6:32 had me cracking up😂

  • Beatriz Lobo
    Beatriz Lobo 14 days ago

    He looks like a The Sims in this one

  • Tyler Matik
    Tyler Matik 14 days ago

    get out is a conspiracy theory about quitting smoking

  • Anika Lamothe
    Anika Lamothe 16 days ago

    I honestly thought there was a metaphor for the fact that our organs and melanin actually do get taken. Some white people inject our melanin in their skin. Also the multiple black people that do go missing..... Those groups of people that want to be POC do exist so it could’ve been related, the ones that want to join African tribes, be more immersed in the culture, different reasons just like each person wanted to be picked for a different reason. “Black is in style,” as the lady said at their party.

  • Garebear Gaming
    Garebear Gaming 16 days ago +8

    Rewatching this movie a second was even better than the first seeing all the things I didn’t notice before

  • What Cobra Says
    What Cobra Says 16 days ago

    They should make a sequel to Get Out and name it Pull Out

  • Polarized Studios
    Polarized Studios 16 days ago

    Is he still sweating

  • The Round Table
    The Round Table 16 days ago

    race mixing is wrong

  • Ginja Ninja523
    Ginja Ninja523 16 days ago

    During the dinner party, Chris is wearing a blue jacket while almost every white person wears red and white, the only people who aren’t at the party are Logan, the blind guy ( can’t remember his name), Dean, and his wife. Logan is wearing almost all brown except for a little blue bandana on his hat to symbolize that small part of Andre left in the body. The blind guy wears all black because unlike the other guest wearing black and white, he doesn’t see color and to him everyone is the same (hint why he says all he wants is their eyes). Finally, Dean and his wife both wear brown, dean has a little red and his wife has a little green, I think Dean has the red cause he’s selling Chris and Heather wears green maybe because she’s behind the scenes hypnotizing everyone? Idk, haven’t gotten that far

  • Brandon Barbera
    Brandon Barbera 17 days ago

    Jordan and kegan were funny before they started acting like snowflakes.

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 17 days ago +1

    What’s bizarre is that all the black guys involved in the film are married to white women. So they’re terrified of their own reality?

  • LazyChips
    LazyChips 18 days ago

    I FINALLY BEAT YOU JESSE!!!! HAHAHAHAAHA!!!! I think that would'ven been very cool/interesting

  • major Malarkey
    major Malarkey 18 days ago

    I love this theory, it’s 100% false

  • Jessica Thomas
    Jessica Thomas 18 days ago

    His Duke Ellington voice comes trough sometimes and it gives me actual life 😁

  • Crazy RBLX
    Crazy RBLX 18 days ago

    Oh I'll keep watching Rose alright. *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • jmora44ify
    jmora44ify 19 days ago

    This was a weird movie

  • Guilshad Joseph
    Guilshad Joseph 19 days ago

    What Is his next project? Can someone please tell me?

  • nintendokings
    nintendokings 19 days ago

    He takes issue with ''skinny black guy''
    If him making this movie wasn't indicative enough; he sure is sensitive about race, lol

  • csquare111
    csquare111 19 days ago

    Will you please do, like, another really good movie like Get Out, like very soon? Like, please?

  • voughn atabong
    voughn atabong 19 days ago

    237 is Cameroon's country code…well you know better to add the 00/+

  • Logan Smitherman
    Logan Smitherman 19 days ago

    Flash of camera triggers

  • Logan Smitherman
    Logan Smitherman 19 days ago

    Mk ultra

  • applehead
    applehead 20 days ago

    This reminds me of English class when the teacher goes way too deep into symbolism than the author intended.

  • GeT_ShWifTee
    GeT_ShWifTee 20 days ago

    Every comedian be making horror movies
    Jordan Peele- Get Out
    John Krasinski- A Quiet Place

  • Valora Rivera-Waddle Davis X Peeples

    wow, the power of marijuana.

  • brooke.t.g.r
    brooke.t.g.r 20 days ago +5

    I play the ukulele and the violin but I have no clue what that person said at all.

  • Jimothy Halpertson
    Jimothy Halpertson 20 days ago

    Get the man a chair for crying out loud... Let him sink.
    I also died when he did the deer's voice 😂

  • Fabian Shepherd
    Fabian Shepherd 20 days ago

    @6:32 I laughed so hard

  • Lianne Dekker
    Lianne Dekker 21 day ago

    Why does he look photoshopped

  • sadetwizelve
    sadetwizelve 21 day ago

    More directors NEED to shoot down these idiotic "theorists". I wish Kubrick was alive to do this for The Shining.

  • lilkoolaidman93
    lilkoolaidman93 21 day ago

    When did he get grey hair?

  • chris48234
    chris48234 21 day ago

    Great movie. Definitely in my top 20.

  • Tm Huysen
    Tm Huysen 21 day ago

    Aaah, Jordan "People who don't like my film are racists" Peele. What a man.

  • OmazingE30
    OmazingE30 22 days ago

    likes video... HITS BLUNT

  • Jay Marrufo
    Jay Marrufo 22 days ago

    Jordan peele reminds me of my 4th period teacher

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 22 days ago

    .......BLACK MOLD.......I'M LAUGHING...............

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 22 days ago

    ......MARIJUANA IS LEGAL NOW..........

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 22 days ago


  • Lawrence Mincey
    Lawrence Mincey 22 days ago

    Great film !

  • 04dram04
    04dram04 22 days ago

    This movie was really racist against whites. But apparently thats not possible

  • Ash Tomato
    Ash Tomato 22 days ago

    I have the CD and I watched the movie like 5 times in a row

  • mik zed
    mik zed 22 days ago +16

    _why does he look like a video game character_

  • Low-Top.
    Low-Top. 22 days ago

    I was just looking for a horror movie but I got so much mire

  • Steakismeat
    Steakismeat 22 days ago

    Why would you even pour milk. Fruit loops are so much better and milk just tastes terrible. Milk makes fruit loops taste worse and milk tastes slightly better because of the fruit loops.

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 22 days ago

    I haven’t watched Get Out yet, but I still enjoyed this video!

  • Thomas Bayly
    Thomas Bayly 22 days ago

    Watched throughout without having seen the film 😅Guess I've got to see it now!

  • aquinoguh
    aquinoguh 22 days ago

    this dude is brilliant but he's kinda weird. he looks like a Max Steel or Falcon action figure

  • Chris C
    Chris C 23 days ago

    Thank you, figured the separating of the milk and cereal was a sociopathic thing to do. But WoW! So many people really read into hidden meanings, I suddenly feel normal

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    That first theory though...

  • Brayan Arias
    Brayan Arias 23 days ago

    Yeah, I meant that....

  • No No
    No No 23 days ago

    Twist in real life him & his brother have white wives

  • III
    III 23 days ago

    ..the man created an epic blueprint..yet I asked black people their take on it, some understood the deep meanings, but most watched it on bootleg, in the background, while gossip on their phones, it's sad, totally flew over their heads, he gave you the problem & solution to this paralysis, passed down for generations, this is the resolution.
    ..I wish they'd pay attention, I did, & my life hasn't been the same since, my perspective, my drive, I catch myself before they try to sink me back down, I control my destiny.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 23 days ago

    Omg...that's a beautiful video to just listen to. make sure ya see the movie!!

  • Steven W
    Steven W 23 days ago

    another swirler living off black people

  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael Rhodes 23 days ago

    In the thumbnail his hair & face looked fake like a wax sculpture..

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 23 days ago

    Spoilers alert!.

  • isismarie
    isismarie 23 days ago

    I can’t listen to him talk without thinking about Duke Ellington in Big Mouth lmfaoo

  • Krunchy
    Krunchy 23 days ago

    Everyone doesn’t realize the ‘black mold’ is a term for hiding something.. look it up

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard 23 days ago

    re: Jeremy
    Did they put Brad Douriff in a time machine?

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard 23 days ago

    If his hair gets any greyer he'll be Jordan Peterson.

  • ImaCoward124
    ImaCoward124 23 days ago

    You people think about race too much. I'm white and never once thought that get out was racist, anti-white, or black propaganda. Then i come in the comments on a get out video and it's all ppl talk about. Jeez you white people are ridiculous. Grow tf up and enjoy a movie based on the story telling, acting, and cinematography. It was a freaking incredible movie. You have people here saying "This movie sucks, it's so racist" no. It is not. You don't hear white ppl bitching when the black guy dies in basically every single movie in the horror/suspense/ thriller genre.

  • Michiro
    Michiro 23 days ago

    Jordan! When is your next movie?!

  • B H-0
    B H-0 24 days ago

    I can't tell what he's being serious about and what he's just being sarcastic about

  • OnlyGoodSHHH
    OnlyGoodSHHH 24 days ago

    Jordan Hasselhoff?

  • Nezy T
    Nezy T 24 days ago

    Jesus, this just made me realize how much of underrated genius he is!

  • The Leviathan
    The Leviathan 25 days ago

    Why didn't he look human in the thumbnail?

  • Sophia Bogard
    Sophia Bogard 25 days ago

    My friend said he liked it until the end, when he thought it would have been more poetic for that to be a real cop who shoots and kills Chris. Bringing the crazy story to it's logical and most likely real life conclusion. I reminded him it was a horror movie. What could be scarier to white people than a black man getting away with murdering all those white people? He finally understood.

  • DeRon Rockingham
    DeRon Rockingham 25 days ago

    I thought you were a action figure in your thumbnail...

  • Andrew Bruning
    Andrew Bruning 25 days ago

    3:00 Oh hey there, Ghost of Duke Ellington.

  • Police 159
    Police 159 25 days ago

    When you think your a genius....