NERF Don't Fall Off The Mountain!


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  • Kam R
    Kam R 5 hours ago

    Ayee where's my Panic! At The Disco Fam at

  • Whiteboard
    Whiteboard 7 hours ago

    I stopped watching when Matt was eliminated

  • yo mama slayer
    yo mama slayer 10 hours ago

    they shot the black guy with instakill gun first

  • pepper kid
    pepper kid 18 hours ago

    I wish i could join battle universe

  • Undertale_Nerd_Henry

    Does any1 know what pistol Matt had?

  • James Tran
    James Tran 2 days ago


  • James Tran
    James Tran 2 days ago


  • James Tran
    James Tran 2 days ago

    Who realized bray went more than One Full Turn

  • Fortnite Bull
    Fortnite Bull 2 days ago

    CJ sounds like gunner 😂😂😂

  • liyah W.
    liyah W. 3 days ago


  • David Martin
    David Martin 4 days ago

    Reminds me a lot of a game called "Mensch ärgere dich nicht"

  • Thunder Vlogs&Games!

    King of de hill

  • Ruben and Chase Vlogs

    matt said my jedi powers kicked in so did bryan sormtrooper aim

  • Marco Fathy
    Marco Fathy 4 days ago

    follow the damn train CJ !!!

  • Addie Degenhart
    Addie Degenhart 4 days ago

    AddyeandAddie Yt go to this youtube chanel and like and subscibe

  • ryan axtell
    ryan axtell 5 days ago

    these are retarded are you three mathtisswatch coop722 and drac

  • Eclipse Mordkaiser
    Eclipse Mordkaiser 6 days ago +1

    You guys should play prop hunt, There is a hunter and People hide under props and occasionally have to make noise So the hunter have a chance in getting them! Also when the prop is found they become hunter then

  • I Do Airsoft
    I Do Airsoft 6 days ago

    I'm watching this video in July. And I'm amazed to see that this has been the LAST video to have views that were in the millions. Note, this video was uploaded at the start of last month, it is now a quarter of the way through July, and all the videos you've uploaded since, haven't been able to break 900,000 veiws. And after looking around, the humongous drop in views all seemed to have stemmed from your Nerf hover tank challenge, which is also when you guys started vlogging in your videos. My advice: give the people what they want, a funny Nerf challenge, not a vlog. Isn't that why you guys have almost 10 different vlog channels, to keep your main videos and your vlogs separate? We don't want to see a vlog, we just want to see challenges that make us laugh, not challenges that make us click off halfway through the video because we're bored. If you want the amount of views on your videos to go back up, then stop making boring content with a vlog portion that takes up half the video! Make the whole video a challenge, and an enjoyable one at that! If you guys want to make vlogs about BU, then upload those portions to Hi5 Studios or make your own Battle Universe BTS channel. The people want vlogs and challenges separate, so keep it that way, and go back to the way BU used to be... funny and enjoyable.

  • Jack Back Productions Lego Nerf and More

    Ffs they're using Fortnite sound effects. Fortnite is dying, why does no one understand?

  • Jack Back Productions Lego Nerf and More

    The sniper rifle in 'colorblind mode' looks much cooler than it actually does

  • OwenGamer8
    OwenGamer8 7 days ago

    Oof oof

  • sooo Tayah
    sooo Tayah 7 days ago

    Painc! At the Disco jokes lol

  • Jeremy tsui
    Jeremy tsui 7 days ago

    this is basically chinese airplane chess

  • Tersa Hess
    Tersa Hess 8 days ago +1

    S CJ sucks it’s not funny anymore

  • Gnome Child
    Gnome Child 9 days ago

    Who noticed one Brian’s first turn he moved 2 or 3 instead of 1

  • Heather Coronado
    Heather Coronado 9 days ago


  • shadetree films
    shadetree films 9 days ago +1

    Matt finished a lap
    In a sack
    He needs a nap

  • artificial
    artificial 9 days ago

    Why was the red sword at the start blurred

  • Fantomp
    Fantomp 9 days ago

    Wait cj used the sword, then shot again, what a cheater, or its scripted

  • Anette Kattrup
    Anette Kattrup 9 days ago


  • Warner Marsden
    Warner Marsden 10 days ago +1

    When did BU turn into a 18+ channel lol

  • Ruger Kelly
    Ruger Kelly 10 days ago

    Do a hunt except people are the animals and the guns are nerf

  • Tina Goel
    Tina Goel 10 days ago

    This game is like ludo the game in India

  • Jesus Felix
    Jesus Felix 10 days ago

    Brian had a pistol as well

  • M.C.arrowtime
    M.C.arrowtime 10 days ago

    Best to worst,Matt,Paul,Brian,Cj

  • Omar Jawo
    Omar Jawo 10 days ago

    I have the gun Bryan was using

  • jose Occhino
    jose Occhino 12 days ago

    hapy 2018 4 of july

  • slugmanoodles
    slugmanoodles 12 days ago

    So this is basically the game sorry irl

    FOOTBALL FOR LIVE 23 12 days ago

    Cj is like gunner

  • Marlen Kusyk
    Marlen Kusyk 12 days ago

    Is it just me, or did everyone in this video seem extremely bored?Not a good watch.

  • Xavier Bell2
    Xavier Bell2 13 days ago

    Bryan listens to panic at the disco

  • ToxicDeni’s Life
    ToxicDeni’s Life 13 days ago

    Worlds dirtiest video ever

  • greengeckoking
    greengeckoking 14 days ago +1

    this is koth

  • Christian J Rocha
    Christian J Rocha 14 days ago

    Lol XD

  • Ainur NR
    Ainur NR 14 days ago

    you need to cut the part where the bat is in cjs face

  • Krazy2wenty' s
    Krazy2wenty' s 14 days ago

    I just read cliff hangers and guess what this is what it was

  • Kay  Pullen
    Kay Pullen 14 days ago

    U guys should do fallout 3 irl

  • Luke Carreon
    Luke Carreon 14 days ago


  • Radom Queens
    Radom Queens 14 days ago

    This is like a human Board game!😂

  • PitBullLover 223
    PitBullLover 223 16 days ago


  • ??? hi
    ??? hi 16 days ago

    Mat is the best

  • mysterious gaming
    mysterious gaming 17 days ago

    Who believes in matt x brian. Idk just rolling with the ships here

  • Mr Kr4k3n
    Mr Kr4k3n 17 days ago

    Can u get Sam back and take CJ out

  • Phoenix Balanquet
    Phoenix Balanquet 17 days ago

    Framed is a ROBLOX game

  • Stephen Rolfs
    Stephen Rolfs 17 days ago

    The gun in the center reminds me of monsteroo

  • Simon Beast
    Simon Beast 17 days ago


  • TayaTheFredBear Playz
    TayaTheFredBear Playz 17 days ago

    The only reason CJ one is because he made the game up Paul should have one

  • Pooh wyatt
    Pooh wyatt 17 days ago


  • Dr. Squirtle
    Dr. Squirtle 17 days ago

    New intro??

  • Banana Myers
    Banana Myers 17 days ago

    You guys make me feel better when I'm sick thanks your hilariously

  • coldtoast medina
    coldtoast medina 17 days ago

    6:57 ooooo a shield being a shield

  • Kazumi Arashi
    Kazumi Arashi 18 days ago

    This game is actually really like Trouble not gonna lie

  • Dragon Pit
    Dragon Pit 18 days ago


  • TMR 4 life
    TMR 4 life 18 days ago +1

    9:10 OMG P!ATD lyrics!!!!!!

  • Jet Bongo
    Jet Bongo 18 days ago

    Matt looks like pewdiepie

  • Frida Torkelsson
    Frida Torkelsson 18 days ago


  • Chica's Soul Phone
    Chica's Soul Phone 18 days ago

    Yay! My favourite color is yellow!

  • Mr weeb Fanboy101
    Mr weeb Fanboy101 19 days ago

    So it’s trouble

  • Ella Edmo
    Ella Edmo 19 days ago

    When Bryan and Matt were gonna "kiss" I opened my eyes so wide it hurt. Hilarious😂😂😂

  • 101_Txmy
    101_Txmy 19 days ago

    6:54 0.25, it works

  • Go kart racer
    Go kart racer 19 days ago

    Poor Nerf Longshot 1:11

  • The lies Are in my head

    It’s like the board game trouble but way more intense

  • Ghost Crew
    Ghost Crew 21 day ago

    What gun is that?

  • Kailey Schneider
    Kailey Schneider 21 day ago

    So you guys want to play some patty cake or something😂😂

  • ViktorG
    ViktorG 21 day ago

    My name is Viktor

  • Brance Taylor
    Brance Taylor 22 days ago

    Roll the d

  • Ryan Harrington
    Ryan Harrington 22 days ago

    GOOD another ad in 960 seconds

  • FrerardTrash
    FrerardTrash 23 days ago

    BRYAN WAS THAT A PANIC! AT THE DISCO REFRENCE?!?! "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time"

    EDIT: I didn't know someone else commented about this.. i didn't steal it i just reached that part of the video then commented

  • Brandon Shafer
    Brandon Shafer 23 days ago

    Yo to op

  • Brandon Shafer
    Brandon Shafer 23 days ago


  • Katie White
    Katie White 24 days ago

    That one guy kinda looks like eleven off of stranger things

  • Dennis Jones
    Dennis Jones 24 days ago


  • owen bell
    owen bell 24 days ago

    Matt looks like Messi

  • Chastity Johnson
    Chastity Johnson 24 days ago

    They're racist

  • Tomy Tomy
    Tomy Tomy 24 days ago


  • smatana smatana
    smatana smatana 25 days ago +1

    It basically trouble but with a twist

  • -The Unknown-
    -The Unknown- 25 days ago

    0:17 pause here

    PRIMEORDIUS Perdew 25 days ago

    no offense but paul lookss like nick jonas

  • an idiot
    an idiot 25 days ago

    If I were playing this, I'd have my class play with me. But they all cheat. :(

  • GreasyFrie
    GreasyFrie 25 days ago

    Lol roll the d excuse me?

  • Ibudon
    Ibudon 25 days ago

    its kind of like this game called Ludo
    Mostly found in asia

  • Mandy Mccartney
    Mandy Mccartney 26 days ago


  • Tyler Cuthbertson
    Tyler Cuthbertson 26 days ago

    this video was boring

  • William Bennett
    William Bennett 26 days ago

    Where do you get those lightsabers

  • Kara Haun
    Kara Haun 26 days ago

    I love your videos and I'm your biggest fan I watch every video you upload and you're get good gaming and Matt Channel

  • Ali Alialbadran
    Ali Alialbadran 26 days ago

    What happened to gunner

  • Charlie the Pug Master

    When Matt died I clicked off

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 27 days ago +1

    So many adult jokes in this one vid

  • Travis Tenez
    Travis Tenez 27 days ago

    Gayyyyyy means happy