Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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    Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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    HiHo Kids

Comments • 30 509

  • Hala Obeidat
    Hala Obeidat 2 minutes ago

    It's so weird how savannah rose was a teen mom and she named her daughter everleigh just like this girl

  • Rex Alternative
    Rex Alternative 7 minutes ago

    *I smell The FBI...*

  • Zoha 123
    Zoha 123 24 minutes ago

    The girl is really really beautiful.

  • BBMute
    BBMute 2 hours ago +1

    so..lets make more teen mom..this time dont stop at pregnant 14..lets go so low we pushed them back into the womb

  • Kassi Adkins
    Kassi Adkins 6 hours ago

    I'm 17 and never got a disgusting picture. Thank Jesus.

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White 6 hours ago

    She is very mature for her age. Besides the fact it wasn't good to have a kid so young, she seems to be a good mom.

  • maplelia jaya
    maplelia jaya 6 hours ago

    She just adult in a teen body, cuz She is so mature enough 😮👍

  • Ji Ji
    Ji Ji 7 hours ago

    You want one of these?
    Vanessa : NO 7:18
    That’s so me

  • The justices
    The justices 7 hours ago

    Why would someone be so stupid to do that and plus that girl must of had issues and the guy is probably ugly and she does too I deal bad for the baby

  • niquasa’
    niquasa’ 7 hours ago

    I love Maddie she did that 😌

  • Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta 8 hours ago +1

    How did she even ending up doing that?

  • April Lund
    April Lund 8 hours ago

    She’s actually extremely smart and seems so kind watch her draw my life

  • mr. allisoncito
    mr. allisoncito 9 hours ago +4

    “just tell him to do it himself !”
    that girl is actually my spirit animal.

  • Jacinda Rose
    Jacinda Rose 9 hours ago

    Maddies mum is soo supportive

  • LyricVEVO Production
    LyricVEVO Production 10 hours ago +1

    Strap up 👌🏾

  • Jarrod AR
    Jarrod AR 10 hours ago


  • Jin's Epiphany
    Jin's Epiphany 11 hours ago

    *Asian Boss did the same case....and these two videos are completely DIFFERENT*

  • Tina Thompson
    Tina Thompson 11 hours ago

    She seems like an amazing person and a good mother regardless of her age. Everly is such a mood..💛

  • Giuliano Fazlic
    Giuliano Fazlic 12 hours ago


  • Stephanie Mares
    Stephanie Mares 13 hours ago

    Anyone came after they watched her in another video where she disagrees and agrees in being a teen mom

  • יהודית ל
    יהודית ל 14 hours ago

    She looks older than 15

  • something clever
    something clever 14 hours ago

    What was ur reaction when u found out u were pregnant?
    a b o r t i o n

  • fun with khadija
    fun with khadija 15 hours ago +1

    My grandma got married in the age of 12

  • KilerJJ
    KilerJJ 15 hours ago

    Only when ur 15 you give ur kid antennas

  • eilish
    eilish 17 hours ago +1

    I had to choose between being a bad mom and a bad a bad friend" Welp maddie just gained a supporter in me.

  • SleazyRoseWalker
    SleazyRoseWalker 17 hours ago

    They don't teach you about protection in the states, do they?

  • SoakingPillow
    SoakingPillow 18 hours ago

    Yes they do teach you THAT in Texas

  • Radha Somnath gujar
    Radha Somnath gujar 18 hours ago +1

    She’s not not a good influence!!! Not at all not in any way remove this video!! I’m sorry but she’s really not

  • SoakingPillow
    SoakingPillow 18 hours ago

    I’m 14 and I can’t even talk to boys without getting red

  • Radha Somnath gujar
    Radha Somnath gujar 18 hours ago

    I’m sorry but not a good influence on kids

  • taki wintar
    taki wintar 20 hours ago

    She is so put together at 15

  • Isabella Potato Chim
    Isabella Potato Chim 20 hours ago

    *Wait Venessa and his brother are kids 👀*

    DDY DDY 21 hour ago

    ثم تقولون ان من هم دون ١٨ سنه انهم ليسوا بالغين بالشكل الكافي الذي يجعلهم يحملون وينجبون!!!
    يا دعاة الرذيله يا ملاعين

    DDY DDY 21 hour ago

    الله يلعنكم يا صهاينة العرب
    يا من تريدون منا ان نحرم الزواج ونبيح الزنا وننشر موانع الانجاب كي يصبح الزنا اكثر امانا!!!
    حسبنا الله عليكم
    عندما تمنعون المسلمين من الزواج وتفتنونهم بالزنا وتيسيره!!!
    حسبنا الله عليكم

  • Aleksandar
    Aleksandar 21 hour ago

    How old do you think you'll be when you will have ba..
    - 37

  • TheKiwivo
    TheKiwivo 22 hours ago

    I find this format surprisingly interesting :)

  • ella maree
    ella maree 23 hours ago

    i feel like half of this vid is downing texas lol

  • vBangzz
    vBangzz Day ago +1

    Does she want another??💯

  • salvie kawai
    salvie kawai Day ago +1


  • Stella Miller
    Stella Miller Day ago

    There's a blessing behind tht bad choice ❤️ the baby is cute!

  • BiscuitBurger
    BiscuitBurger Day ago

    I’m 69 years old and back in the day this used to happen everyday!

  • Mera MG
    Mera MG Day ago

    Comment section reader here 😂😁

    XILOMONOPO Day ago

    She prottcc

    She attac

    But most importantly

    She haf kidz when in ag 15

  • Aubrey Harmon
    Aubrey Harmon Day ago

    I think my mom would freak out but she would be there for me

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin Day ago

    the kids are smarter than the teen mom hoebag

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera Day ago

    these kids were passively aggresivly judgemental...
    some of them really shouldn't have had a say about this mom and it was pretty rude. of course I understand that the point of the video IS kids meeting a teen Mom and it's their honest perspective but I just feel like they could've been a little nicer to her

  • Rabit Razer
    Rabit Razer Day ago

    OMG.. what's wrong with just waiting? Ur Soo young FUCKEN 14! You kidding.. right when I was 14 I was a longer sitting in the back of the school smoking

  • cece_ 60925
    cece_ 60925 Day ago

    the baby is soooooo cute!😭

  • Neha Melon
    Neha Melon Day ago

    Ooh shes the girl from the Jubilee video..!

  • Sharnai Logan
    Sharnai Logan Day ago +1

    Basically having 13 n pregnant with a boyfriend...this generation man so sad smh

  • Sophia SBC
    Sophia SBC Day ago

    So awkward

  • Space616monkey YT

    She’s one year older than me

  • Space616monkey YT
    Space616monkey YT Day ago +1

    Of course it’s a white girl

  • Jimins Jam
    Jimins Jam Day ago


  • cali.lakin
    cali.lakin Day ago

    i love maddie’s channel 😭

  • ItzMeLuiz
    ItzMeLuiz Day ago +1

    Title should of been “kids meet people who didn’t pull out”

  • kev
    kev Day ago +2

    She ain’t legal folks

  • Otua Bonzie
    Otua Bonzie Day ago

    Her USclip is maddie lambert

  • Banter with Bill
    Banter with Bill Day ago +1

    Anyone notice her legs are crossed for the whole video?

  • ashugapiatti secsi


    ITZ YANCEY Day ago

    Says 15 happily

  • Itslivliv xx
    Itslivliv xx Day ago

    I know someone who had birth at 12

  • Jessica Reynolds

    My sis can relate shes pregnant shes 17

  • kenna163
    kenna163 Day ago

    My mother would probably tell me to keep it.

  • Janell Meads
    Janell Meads Day ago

    Under 16 = abortion automatically

  • Euphoria ;p
    Euphoria ;p Day ago +1

    I think you shouldn't get an abortion, it's your fault if you get pregnant unless you get raped. If you don't want your child, then have them get adopted. The only reason to get an abortion is if the baby is already ill or if the mother's life is in danger.

  • Philipp Nesterov

    So are you gonna tell your kid that It was a "bad choice"?

  • Juulia Saarinen
    Juulia Saarinen Day ago +3

    2:03 The fraternal twins lookalike, just saying, also their personality are kinda alike.
    OH, wait i have already subscribed her channel, lol. (Maddie)

  • Hasina Ashraf
    Hasina Ashraf Day ago

    "Tell him to do it himself "- predestination

  • Lea
    Lea Day ago

    Isn’t that the girl who did “pregnant at 13” video ?

  • Abdel Abdalla
    Abdel Abdalla Day ago +1

    Just a little bit hehe but she’s blond

  • Uni Asmr
    Uni Asmr Day ago

    How does she not know how does girls get pregnant I knew how to when I was 10

  • Silent Killer
    Silent Killer Day ago

    She is spoiling the kids Like if u agree

  • Wubber Ducky
    Wubber Ducky Day ago

    This wa published on my birthday

  • Kiernan Hackney
    Kiernan Hackney Day ago

    Me at 15: I cry when I cant get ice cream
    Her at 15: pregnant

  • pain uchiha
    pain uchiha 2 days ago

    I got my first bj at 10 years old

  • James Dinnick
    James Dinnick 2 days ago +11

    Girl : tell him to do it himself
    CRYING 😂😭

    Btw I’m a USclipr too

  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley 2 days ago

    The kid has a baby at 14. The other girl becomes a grandma at 28

  • Mikayla guss
    Mikayla guss 2 days ago

    Ok but seriously her child was SO cute

  • Joe Rawsthorne
    Joe Rawsthorne 2 days ago

    What’s an abortion

  • julie what
    julie what 2 days ago

    she actually seems really sweet, down-to-earth and mature awh

  • Shotgun sneezes24s
    Shotgun sneezes24s 2 days ago +1

    She 15 I’m bout to catch a case jeeez🤯

  • Chrishae Mitchell
    Chrishae Mitchell 2 days ago

    Did she say D 6:12

  • Being NavN
    Being NavN 2 days ago +1

    I think, she can't enjoy the happiness of innocent teen life anymore.. because she skipped her it and she is living a matured woman's life...

  • Clara Potter
    Clara Potter 2 days ago

    I don't even know to take care of myself 😑

  • prince bogo
    prince bogo 2 days ago +1

    15 and she a thot 💀💀

  • Ma Kaylee Martin
    Ma Kaylee Martin 2 days ago

    Girl u are fast

  • Aleesha Hargis
    Aleesha Hargis 2 days ago


  • sinisterhomicide 36
    sinisterhomicide 36 2 days ago

    I'm 18 my moms 23 she had me at 5😱😱😱

  • Brandon Konieczki
    Brandon Konieczki 2 days ago +1

    Kids meet a disappointment *

  • Sijei Liu
    Sijei Liu 2 days ago

    She's 15 and looks so mature
    I'm turning 16 and I still looks like a burrito

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer 2 days ago

    She's one older than me yet she looks like she's 20

  • Shook
    Shook 2 days ago +1

    This is how many likes when i comment this for no reason and i am sad and lonely and pooping my pants. And i asking likes so i have my mission done and died happily.

  • Sofie Marie
    Sofie Marie 2 days ago

    The baby is so adorable

  • Lily Riffle
    Lily Riffle 2 days ago

    Abortion is killing

  • Julia Goldsworthy
    Julia Goldsworthy 2 days ago

    "I'd be likemWHAT IS THIS WERID WORM!!!!"

  • Jose Piedra
    Jose Piedra 2 days ago

    I like her even her ideals

  • anthony robles
    anthony robles 2 days ago

    How about a kids meet a conservative?

  • Thicc Cat
    Thicc Cat 2 days ago +5

    Girl at 14: gets pregnant
    Me at 14: holds my girlfriends hand for the first time