Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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    Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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    HiHo Kids

Comments • 27 967

  • FieryDankMemes _
    FieryDankMemes _ Hour ago

    Teen moms are not role models or hero's there irresponsible

  • Nele-Fiona Brauer

    hoe, sorry not sorry

  • suga glider ;-;
    suga glider ;-; 2 hours ago

    *mate i dont have to worry because im L O N E L Y AND NOBODY L I K E S MEEE!!!* 😥

  • Music Is Life
    Music Is Life 3 hours ago

    "Youre not a bad person. You just made a bad choice" ❤

  • Gwyneth Bea Rodriguez
    Gwyneth Bea Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    "Im pro life for myself... but still think other people should have that choice"

  • Gwyneth Bea Rodriguez
    Gwyneth Bea Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    I like what she said about choosing between being a bad mom or a bad person💛 she's so mature💛

  • Samantha Rutledge
    Samantha Rutledge 3 hours ago

    Went to school in Texas, we were definitely taught about protection.

  • Tikka Asrii
    Tikka Asrii 3 hours ago

    "I loveeee babieesss"
    Oh crap.right !! 😆😆😆

  • Waste_of_oxygen
    Waste_of_oxygen 3 hours ago

    I never got a dickpic, I never had a first kiss, I've never even had a relationship as a kid, I look like a 10 year old
    I am 15 😑

  • britnee biza
    britnee biza 3 hours ago

    Not all parents her age are that mature about it. I wish I had her maturity level

  • Waste_of_oxygen
    Waste_of_oxygen 3 hours ago

    Dude I'm 15 and compared to her I would look like a 5 year old wtf 😂

  • soph ie
    soph ie 4 hours ago

    she is a lot more mature than all 15 year old I know - and she looks a lot elder though.

  • Ties Verstegen
    Ties Verstegen 5 hours ago

    2:07 When yo best friend snitches ya'll

  • Raul Cazares
    Raul Cazares 5 hours ago

    TEXAS does f****** teatch it ... and its the parents responsibility too ... where the f*** was the parets of these two children .. you have to put the fear inn them..

  • NiShYu
    NiShYu 7 hours ago

    This's soo stupid! How do people take this with a straight face!

  • David Macháček
    David Macháček 7 hours ago

    Bruh... 😶

  • ninja narcotics
    ninja narcotics 10 hours ago

    Shes beautiful asf bro😭

  • dhila schuzaini
    dhila schuzaini 10 hours ago

    its good thing or not? it is really really good thing???

  • Bird Herb
    Bird Herb 11 hours ago

    The girl in the grey shirt with the black hair is such a mood. Also shoutout to the kids who discussed abortion and admitted that they would probably get one if in that situation.

  • Kat Majeste
    Kat Majeste 12 hours ago

    I sure as hell wasnt responsible enough to have a job at 14 let alone a child bless her parent cause i would have been dead

  • PoopiePants Mcgee
    PoopiePants Mcgee 12 hours ago

    14... Wow

  • Kim Somerville
    Kim Somerville 12 hours ago

    Who went straight to the comments?🤣

  • Y - YES
    Y - YES 13 hours ago

    She is actually mature for her age

  • Jackie Aleman
    Jackie Aleman 13 hours ago

    Y'all !!!😂

  • Jackie Aleman
    Jackie Aleman 13 hours ago +1

    2:14 he got his legs really crossed 😂

  • Chaya Leos
    Chaya Leos 13 hours ago

    I love the girl with curly black hair. She was pretty educated and kind of sassy

  • Dilla S.K.
    Dilla S.K. 13 hours ago

    I love everly! She so cute:(

  • MegAnimations
    MegAnimations 14 hours ago

    Her: “So how do you think your mom would react if you were pregnant?”
    Me, looking at the camera: “Very confused as I’m a flaming lesbian-“

  • bee Anderson-waddell
    bee Anderson-waddell 14 hours ago

    I respect this girl 👏

  • Evan Skates
    Evan Skates 14 hours ago


  • SF Snipezzz
    SF Snipezzz 14 hours ago

    Teen pregnant mom:Mom I’m pregnant
    Mom:Cmon Hunny
    Pregnant teen mom:Where to?

  • Agucci Kim
    Agucci Kim 15 hours ago

    4:05 look like a boy from Charlie and chocolate factory

  • Andrea Fuentes
    Andrea Fuentes 15 hours ago

    Kinda weird haha better said wtf wtf wtf it's not good it's like killing yourself

  • Erwina Ramores
    Erwina Ramores 15 hours ago

    Who else love the teen mom's CLOTHES😍😍😭

  • Hannah •
    Hannah • 16 hours ago

    does the baby have down syndrome?

  • G.Nafisabet NONGSIEJ.N
    G.Nafisabet NONGSIEJ.N 16 hours ago

    I'm so amazed how these kid are not judgmental... How matured they are♥
    Amazing lovely kind kids♥

  • ラティーナ waifu
    ラティーナ waifu 17 hours ago

    She have 15, i'm 15 lol.

  • Kris Collins
    Kris Collins 17 hours ago

    Did she say 15

  • Jay Heredia
    Jay Heredia 18 hours ago

    She's a cute mom

  • Sabina Hansel
    Sabina Hansel 18 hours ago

    omg that is horifing

  • Walter Goggins
    Walter Goggins 19 hours ago

    Bruh I went on a cruise with this girls baby daddy

  • Why Could We Music
    Why Could We Music 20 hours ago

    She’s more mature than me. I still laugh at Uranus.

  • xXalecXx Sumners
    xXalecXx Sumners 21 hour ago

    In eighth grade? Not where I live.

  • Secem Mertoğlu
    Secem Mertoğlu 22 hours ago

    omg so scared.

  • GoldSnake0
    GoldSnake0 23 hours ago

    When she said she's 15 I started singing HELL NO TO THE NO NO NO SING WITH ME!

  • Miroslav Ivanovic

    USclip are you telling my something? 😅😅

  • Lavenderflowers Fall

    What's wrong with a baby being born, Society?

  • Mman Sprmn
    Mman Sprmn Day ago

    The baby so cute OMG🖤

  • Hero Paws
    Hero Paws Day ago

    She keeps saying they don't teach that in texas but they do just not in all the schools.

  • Durex
    Durex Day ago

    if she wants she can have another one 😉 😉

  • ItzGunnars
    ItzGunnars Day ago

    He should of said deletus fetus

  • l
    l Day ago

    1:05 luiza sonza????

  • Flora Vercaygne
    Flora Vercaygne Day ago +1

    I love how the teen mum is just so confident and open about it yaaaassss queen

  • Fakhira Najwa
    Fakhira Najwa Day ago

    Omg this is so cute!!!!!

  • Crystal Wu
    Crystal Wu Day ago

    Why not use a condom? Lo”

  • Eleven Fifteen
    Eleven Fifteen Day ago

    The baby is so cutee

  • Alessandrea Tran

    Wish your family all the best. You are a good mom, brave lady. Everly is so cuteeeeeeee 🥰

  • Kelly Luna Castro

    omg love her

  • Aakash Malatpure

    Well this reminds me of maquia

  • Bubby Brown
    Bubby Brown Day ago

    Why was her legs crossed? She obviously is use to having them spread wide open. 😒

  • dissie x
    dissie x Day ago

    This video is disgusting. So sad that her mother allowed her to keep it. Now I would understand if she was raped or something but nahhh

  • Joe vlogs
    Joe vlogs Day ago +1

    I am a boy and I wouldn't mind having a kid at my age I am now about to turn 15

  • giselle MAZAPAN
    giselle MAZAPAN Day ago

    1:59 i love her
    so funny

  • Just Miah
    Just Miah Day ago

    4:20 high key agree

  • Carter DeLevi
    Carter DeLevi Day ago

    I'm sorry but teen moms are dumb

  • OpTic FanBoy
    OpTic FanBoy Day ago

    I’d make a great stepdad. JUST SAYING.

  • BL4CK wolf
    BL4CK wolf Day ago


  • levidoby06
    levidoby06 Day ago

    Abortion is horrible,killing an innocent child

    • Toast !
      Toast ! Day ago

      No, it's not, it's not even an actual living child at that point.
      And what if they were pushed into having an abortion? Like their boyfriend/husband/parents forced them to? What would you do if you were 14 and pregnant and you knew your parents would probably beat you and kick you out?

  • jazmine torres
    jazmine torres Day ago +1

    i love her she's so mature and i feel like shes a great mother but
    anyways were my 20 year old virgins at 🙆🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Mai Mai
    Mai Mai Day ago

    16 year old me still hasn't even had her first kiss 😂

  • Maddi PJ
    Maddi PJ Day ago +4

    “ if u had a baby I’d be an uncle “

  • Lily Wilson
    Lily Wilson Day ago

    Omg it’s Maddie lambert

  • Kaeli Lynn
    Kaeli Lynn Day ago

    Sis yes tf they do teach that in texas

  • Goral XX-6
    Goral XX-6 Day ago

    I'm literally that black girl XD I like her ^^

  • Cheeze T0astie
    Cheeze T0astie Day ago

    Anyone else notice how Pail she was

    • Toast !
      Toast ! Day ago

      She's not a bucket :)

      I'm sorry, I'm very sarcastic and annoying when it comes to grammar and spelling...

  • Shafika Suhaimi
    Shafika Suhaimi 2 days ago +1

    She doesnt look like 15 . So matured ❤

  • Mercedes Heisterberg

    I am so happy to see all of the positive comments about her. She honestly seems like a wonderful person and her baby is so happy and that is amazing!
    Lots of love to Maddie!

  • Wip Lash
    Wip Lash 2 days ago

    Buters baby

  • Giselle Rodrigues
    Giselle Rodrigues 2 days ago +5

    she's so mature
    obviously her experience as a mom makes her grow up and be a better person

  • atin tinn
    atin tinn 2 days ago +9

    I'm 15...and I look like a potato..


  • Riya Gupta
    Riya Gupta 2 days ago

    Wht abt her studies

  • Sumaiyah B
    Sumaiyah B 2 days ago

    Wow if you had Indian parents you’d be kicked out...

  • Elias Abraham
    Elias Abraham 2 days ago

    She’s hot ❤️

  • SM B
    SM B 2 days ago

    Props to the mom, it would be incredibly tough to be open and not defensive during the dialogue and she handled herself well

  • Rain Bow
    Rain Bow 2 days ago

    She kinda makes me wish to have a baby...

  • we had a bonding moment I cradled you in my arms

    I'm her age and I can't see me in that situation because im hella asexual. But anyways, gods no, i wouldnt want to be a mom my age

    • Toast !
      Toast ! Day ago

      Voltron and Percy Jackson??

  • Sophisticated Squirtle

    She is definitely mature for her age but I have a weird feeling that she’s a jerk in school or something, nothing wrong with her but she just seems like some egotistical popular girl, or at least before she was pregnant

  • Dezarae Taylor
    Dezarae Taylor 2 days ago

    Bro I am 15 and still waiting on my first kiss!

  • Salvador lll López González

    Talbott reminds me of the antagonist from Uncharted 3 because of his name lol

  • Kami and Alexis
    Kami and Alexis 2 days ago

    how come these random kids can talk to her but i literally went to school with her and i cant get a text back??

  • Avery plays roblox XD

    Pregnant at 14 wowwwww nothing against her but wowwwwww

  • sneakyASMR •
    sneakyASMR • 2 days ago

    She is so respectful, she has her own beliefs, but still respects that other people definitely have other opinions and that’s so mature of her.

  • sneakyASMR •
    sneakyASMR • 2 days ago +4


  • Trinity yang
    Trinity yang 2 days ago

    My mom got me when she was 14 also but now shes 24 and my dad was 16 and now hes 26

  • Sarah Styles
    Sarah Styles 2 days ago

    When I was 13 years old, I thought that if the boy gave a kiss girl in the left side of face , she would be pregnant in a boy, even though the right of face would be pregnant in a girl.😂😂😂😂

  • Ari !
    Ari ! 2 days ago

    Oh, Texas

  • Pugatine
    Pugatine 2 days ago +4

    "Did you used protection?"
    " *sigh* well!"

  • reagan garcia
    reagan garcia 2 days ago

    That’s very true about Texas. They don’t teach us anything.

  • Ruta Walker
    Ruta Walker 2 days ago

    I like talk about differing opinions about abortion. It's very open - minded. I like it :)

  • Majabeen Anwar
    Majabeen Anwar 2 days ago

    3:51 awwww he was so shy / confused of the conversation