How to curve a bowling ball the RIGHT way!


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  • nick H
    nick H 2 years ago +717

    there is no wrong way to bowl

    • VrazorwolfV
      VrazorwolfV Day ago

      nick H ........ says the guy who hangs all his participation trophies... 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

    • Brandon Gustafson
      Brandon Gustafson 12 days ago

      Actually no there are a lot of wrong ways

    • Grox2448
      Grox2448 Month ago

      So.. you bowled wrong and got a strike. And then bowled correct and didnt. I think that says it all. You're good, but you've got some learning and conditioning to do. Best of luck.

    • Adrian Avila
      Adrian Avila 2 months ago

      +Brett McCoy I'm left handed , I start down and end down step with my right foot left then have my right foot up on release!

  • Stephen Blogs
    Stephen Blogs 5 hours ago

    is That ur pearl?

  • Superior Gaming
    Superior Gaming Day ago

    *cough* Hella gay kid right here *cough*

  • Stephen Blogs
    Stephen Blogs 4 days ago

    i mean a 13 Pound To OOF The pins

  • Wake me when we get there Huh

    I'm just happy you aren't one of those 2 hander douchebags.

  • Jodanisboss223
    Jodanisboss223 5 days ago

    i hope you relize everyone bowls diffrent

  • Tequila MokkingByrd
    Tequila MokkingByrd 6 days ago

    Did he say " you'd begin to jack off my thumb

  • No Name
    No Name 7 days ago

    You shouldn't be showing us how to do shit, you should learn more before doing anything, I haven't seen u get a strike this whole video, waste of my time.

  • TheSpiderJem
    TheSpiderJem 8 days ago

    3:04 “this is wrong”
    *almost hits a strike*

  • 302efi
    302efi 12 days ago

    The Justin Beber hair.. Lmao

  • Brandon Gustafson
    Brandon Gustafson 12 days ago

    You should have shown it with your hand without the ball. You start off with your palm up like he was and than right before you release the ball you turn your wrist so your thumb is up/ shacking someone's hand And biggest mistake I think is throwing your whole arm across your body

  • Stephen Blogs
    Stephen Blogs 12 days ago

    if u Throw a 6 Pound Bowling Ball Pound
    and OOF THE PINS

  • Jim Rowe
    Jim Rowe 14 days ago

    Well spoken young man. Keep up the great work.

  • cuttmore
    cuttmore 14 days ago

    Hahaha..."your thumb will get jacked-off"

  • Parker Meredith
    Parker Meredith 15 days ago

    1. It doesn’t matter how you throw as long as it gets you strikes
    2. This clearly doesn’t work for you
    3. I’m not taking advice from a 12 year old who thinks he’s Pete Weber and a part time instructor😂

  • jordan elite1106
    jordan elite1106 15 days ago


  • Eliora
    Eliora 15 days ago

    Why did the "wrong" one hook way more

  • NaTe LiVeSaY
    NaTe LiVeSaY 16 days ago


  • Dawson Freshney
    Dawson Freshney 22 days ago

    Boy you are like 9. You don’t know anything about bowling. Let alone you trying to teach us

  • Christa ray 29
    Christa ray 29 22 days ago

    Kid, come back in 20 years and then you can give advice! Lol

  • House Of Nerd
    House Of Nerd 23 days ago

    Actually really helped, thanks

  • Andre De Jager
    Andre De Jager 29 days ago

    Wrong but some of what you said is correct

  • Kyo T
    Kyo T Month ago

    I like how he says "I've been bowling forever"

  • Brent Criddle
    Brent Criddle Month ago

    Ok this helps me thanks for the tip

  • Hurd Chris
    Hurd Chris Month ago

    There are many wrong ways to bowl... LoL. Many many wrong ways Nick H

  • Brad Batcho
    Brad Batcho Month ago

    keep up the good work little man. loved your video

  • Pierce Field
    Pierce Field Month ago

    this is great man! thank you so much, i am now a 225 bowler after watching and practicing this drill. my parents now love me and want to watch me bowl every night in my PAL league. i have to always make sure that my ball rotation is just like a top because if not it will end up being in the gutter. thank you again so much i really appreciate this. keep working hard at your dreams because the sky is the limit and i believe that if you reach for the stars then you will achieve the greatest! #YOLO #SWAG

  • Nhân Lê Khánh
    Nhân Lê Khánh Month ago

    Ok so this is the wrong way to bowl
    *hit 9 pins*

  • Dr Clev
    Dr Clev Month ago

    Wow 1mil views

  • Shazmi Yani
    Shazmi Yani Month ago

    See how Malaysian played well 😊🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾👍🏻

  • Buddy Revell
    Buddy Revell Month ago

    I'd like to see him watch this again in 10 years and cringe. No offense kid, but you're too inexperienced to be giving lessons.

  • Sal6o0on Gaming
    Sal6o0on Gaming Month ago

    Is this logan paul ?

  • Sam uel
    Sam uel Month ago

    Why does every bowling alley look exactly the same?

  • CJ M
    CJ M Month ago

    Does anybody want to know what his average is?

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown Month ago

    What’s funny is this kid has 300 games under his belt and ppl are making fun of him

  • Charles Harred
    Charles Harred Month ago

    Y'all complain about him but you cheer for belmo actually the kid is better than that sissy two hander

  • Raging C.A.T Gaming

    great video logan , you will get better with time aswell dont worry bowling can be done by anyway by anyone

  • Gamer Squirrel
    Gamer Squirrel Month ago

    He got his thumb jacked off lol!

  • Sergio Yturralde
    Sergio Yturralde Month ago

    great job, man!!

  • What Doing
    What Doing Month ago

    Or you can switch to 2 handed and match my 194 average with more revs?😂

  • Patrick Gambsky
    Patrick Gambsky Month ago

    To all you haters you guys should watch Logan's other videos. He's a good bowler. Just be yourself kid and you'll make it. Forget all the haters believe in yourself and you will do well 👍

  • Lord Archon
    Lord Archon Month ago

    i don't think u need to curve the ball to hit all 10 pins, just aim at the middle and roll fast with spins

  • Wasa B
    Wasa B Month ago

    5:31 u did the wrong way and was like thats wrong and while u said that the guy in the backround did the exact same thing

  • Grizzly Rams
    Grizzly Rams Month ago

    Kid is a good bowler but a horrible teacher...

  • gabriel weeks
    gabriel weeks Month ago

    How old is he, because I know some 10 year olds that are 89 pounds

  • CORE UniGamer
    CORE UniGamer Month ago

    I curve ball by using my middle finger and my ringman finger. Thats it. I no need to use thumbs. And also how many kilograms is that ball you used, i never tried to bowl in north american country

  • blane gralheer
    blane gralheer Month ago

    Delete this video

  • blane gralheer
    blane gralheer Month ago


  • Gibson Gaming
    Gibson Gaming Month ago

    I’m a freshman on varsity and I average 216 I throw a Columbia 300 Vow. There was some good things in this video but there was also errors you were correct when you said staying behind it will make it hook more that is very true but a tip for you is adjust your line I suggest throwing up between the 3rd and 2nd arrow (17-14) board and follow through, if you reach out your more likely to hit your mark and make a mark for your score. Keep it up though and you will be good

  • christopher lew
    christopher lew Month ago

    Your style is so weird kid

  • Rxm FlyRy
    Rxm FlyRy 2 months ago

    LOL rolls second time better than his first "right" Way and he says it felt disgusting in my hand I can't😂😂😂😂

  • Tom Parker
    Tom Parker 2 months ago

    Good video. Hope the bowling is going well mate.

  • Naveen sona
    Naveen sona 2 months ago

    pora sulliga

  • gunsandbullets 03
    gunsandbullets 03 2 months ago

    To be fair I’ve seen people bowl multiple ways and their ball is better then his I bowl differently and my ball is better

  • Colleen Jones
    Colleen Jones 2 months ago

    Omg, I wish this was my son. Thanks for a good lesson. You are awesome.

  • T _cringe
    T _cringe 2 months ago

    Congrats on 1.5 MIL views

  • Trax II
    Trax II 2 months ago

    Y'all be taking advice from a kid who can't strike haha

  • Annoying B'stard
    Annoying B'stard 2 months ago

    How insufferable will he be as an adult?

  • Brett McCoy
    Brett McCoy 2 months ago

    Kid's got enthusiasm, but he is 'throwing the ball' too much from top of the backswing instead of letting it drop with gravity. Also, his ball is going to much down into the lane after release ... due to the throwing. Let it come down, thumb out, then lift it / follow through off fingertips.

  • Fresh J'rrell
    Fresh J'rrell 2 months ago

    Eli Manning is not a sponsor of this video

  • Evan Schmandt
    Evan Schmandt 2 months ago

    im gonna get a good shot now 9:34-9:47 leaves a three pin lol

  • Evan Schmandt
    Evan Schmandt 2 months ago

    one there is no wrong way to bowl and dude your gonna kill your arm by lifting it that high for every shot you dont need to go that high, i don't go that high and I have more revs

  • Kevin Kevin
    Kevin Kevin 2 months ago

    'Logan Fossum'...seriously? I mean is that actually a real name? Or should I have written, 'I mean is that actually a real name already'. I know how you people like to put the word 'already' at the end of a sentence for reasons the rest of the world cannot comprehend. Only in America I guess (already) ;-) :-)

  • Man0 GRC
    Man0 GRC 2 months ago

    I love watching my ball going down the lane with 0° tilt and 50° axis rotation at 450rpm.

  • Apex
    Apex 2 months ago

    I’m not listening to a little kid he is not a pro

  • Hacker Wrath
    Hacker Wrath 3 months ago


  • Robby King
    Robby King 3 months ago

    You wanna keep your hand behind the ball and to the inside of your body then just a smooth follow through and release and you'll get all the revs you need, your foot should never be sideways at the end of your slide the ball tends to go were your foot is pointing, for rule of thumb you shouldn't use a ball more than 10% of your body weight so if you weigh 100lbs you should use a 10lb ball going too heavy too young can harm you're back trust me, at your age I was throwing a 16lb ball with a 220 avg now my backs actually twisted I went to heavy too young now I'm paying for it I'm about to have 2 more back surgeries and am currently on fentanyl and Oxy for the pain, and I haven't been able to bowl in five years even though I love the game and my knee is shot from the fast approach and slide when I was younger, one day I will bowl again even if it's from a wheelchair

  • WISKYgaming
    WISKYgaming 3 months ago

    "But since I'm right handed I'm going to put my left knee down"
    *Puts right knee down*

  • Artïfact Xpert
    Artïfact Xpert 3 months ago

    “Since I’m right handed I’m gonna put my left knee down” puts right knee down

  • MrSugardove
    MrSugardove 3 months ago

    this video is genius.... get people to watch no matter if it's to support or hate.... you definitely got everyone's attention by not editing..... haha.... good on u sir

  • Rob The Closer
    Rob The Closer 3 months ago

    You're way of "wrong" at around the 3 minute mark looks a lot like how Brandon Novac throws his ball. If one can perfect the way they're throwing the ball and get a strike or a spare every frame, then it's not wrong. Just different.

  • kenneth mangkornkeo
    kenneth mangkornkeo 3 months ago

    Your an embarrassment to the world. Your skills are a failure to everyone

  • M U
    M U 3 months ago

    Curve this 🖕

  • Conor CF
    Conor CF 3 months ago

    5:38 Thats how i bowl and i can do it just fine

  • JTsuits
    JTsuits 3 months ago +4

    Bowl cut in the bowling alley I can dig it !

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb 3 months ago

    What's with the negative comments. He is trying to help people. He is experienced enough to teach.

  • Ronilo Rosero
    Ronilo Rosero 3 months ago


  • Ronilo Rosero
    Ronilo Rosero 3 months ago

    Your balls goin to third hahahaha bols

  • Ronilo Rosero
    Ronilo Rosero 3 months ago

    Second arrow boy

  • Jimbob Skillz77
    Jimbob Skillz77 3 months ago

    On the bottom of my swings at release point I have trouble keeping my wrist firm and it breaks at last second that's y I can't hook.. any help

  • Nick Tucker
    Nick Tucker 3 months ago

    he is correct about spinning vs hooking.. cool thing about being a spinner though is when you resurface the ball you only have to resurface like 1/7th of it

  • Jameso Banos
    Jameso Banos 4 months ago

    Your a noob

  • Jameso Banos
    Jameso Banos 4 months ago


  • apple
    apple 4 months ago

    Ur so pretty

  • Gourav Juneja
    Gourav Juneja 4 months ago

    watched first 3 mins, turns out you know nothing John snow :P

  • RufusLeakin
    RufusLeakin 4 months ago +1

    I actually keep my index finger behind the ball with my other fingers around 7 O'clock. Then upon release, I let it come off the fingers, which will end up at about 5:00 without topping the ball.

  • Ahmed Eissa
    Ahmed Eissa 4 months ago

    He kinda looks like Gerard Way

  • Jasper Mj.
    Jasper Mj. 4 months ago

    His hand isn’t even big enough to correctly put his fingers in

  • Just Jordy Girl
    Just Jordy Girl 4 months ago

    Everyone bowls different. There's no right or wrong way.

  • Brett Casebolt
    Brett Casebolt 4 months ago

    I agree that a top spin is definitely the wrong way to bowl if you want the ball to hook a lot. I started bowling when I was 49 and I wish I had started when I was 9! It's a great sport. Join a league (or two) and have fun!

  • ClassicBeast23
    ClassicBeast23 4 months ago

    When you are forever a virgin..m

  • Jason Jasonson
    Jason Jasonson 4 months ago

    great video. you are awesome!

  • Kush Griffo
    Kush Griffo 4 months ago

    Smart guy. Good video

  • yann lin
    yann lin 4 months ago +29

    U people are so mean. He may not up to professional level, but at least he could share some tips to beginners. He will be better in times to come.

    • Lord Helmet
      Lord Helmet 14 days ago

      yann lin your right this video is great and your mother seems like a nice respectable woman

  • All time online pro
    All time online pro 4 months ago +1

    So nice video

  • Shannon Pressley
    Shannon Pressley 4 months ago

    Because that is not wrong bowlers always go like that

  • Northern High
    Northern High 4 months ago

    Does the ball weight matter or no?

  • Joe Piccoli
    Joe Piccoli 4 months ago

    Kid is 100% correct

  • Chuba Longchar
    Chuba Longchar 4 months ago

    When does he strike?