Spending the Night in a Haunted Ship... | Queen Mary Ghost Hunting


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  • Raceboy5512YT
    Raceboy5512YT 5 minutes ago

    One time I saw blood as a ?i got so scared

  • Tiana Vazquez
    Tiana Vazquez 8 minutes ago

    Yes I did cry

  • Charlotte Fan
    Charlotte Fan 9 minutes ago

    Saun is imaflyinmidget

  • Ninos The gamer
    Ninos The gamer 22 minutes ago

    Only that you guys went in the closets I got A LOT of chills on me

  • Ninos The gamer
    Ninos The gamer 27 minutes ago

    The reason you couldn't breath properly was because the engines are very old and the oxygen in there is a bit polluted and its a very tight area in there soooo........yea.......Oh and as I said in my other comment AMAZING vid !!!! The moment that you scared your friend with a spider had me dying

  • the gaming friends

    Im scared now. :C

  • Kaya Haapu
    Kaya Haapu Hour ago +1

    Ive been scared off the dark and ghost ive got a story one night I was in bed when I was in bed I heard a nosie it sounded like a dog from the baftroom I got out off bed when I got out off bed I saw a shadow and I got so scared I ran to my mum and dads room I climbed in the milled off the bed and hug my dad r.I.p what I saw

  • Alexa Aquino
    Alexa Aquino 2 hours ago

    Oh god 😲😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨😭😢😱😱😱😱 help like so i can feel better

  • Edwin Ormasa
    Edwin Ormasa 3 hours ago +1

    I herad voises in the room 3 and i almost died in the room so we quit from it like i saw a ghost girl she wants to be my friend

  • Edwin Ormasa
    Edwin Ormasa 3 hours ago

    On 1967 it was an hunted ship 193 died on the ship dont go to Queen mary

  • Big LTU life
    Big LTU life 4 hours ago +1

    If Shawn were stayed this would be better

  • Army Brito
    Army Brito 5 hours ago

    I hope you guys are okay :) i love you guys! And i really love your channel

  • Rea Sophia Buenafe
    Rea Sophia Buenafe 7 hours ago

    This place looks smelly and so creep...

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled

    I heard a unstable nah sone wood is unstable it)s really old might be why sounds happening and hanging dress might be a friend’s

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled

    Oooh did you see that ghost in the photo with inquisitor texting or something on her phone

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled


  • saylor o'donnell
    saylor o'donnell 8 hours ago

    I got Mr. Paws plush and I got the Mr. Paws onesie

  • saylor o'donnell
    saylor o'donnell 8 hours ago

    You must be sooooo scared when U went on it

  • Owen Kirk
    Owen Kirk 8 hours ago

    God is away watching you and god will pray for you

  • Catherine Jewell
    Catherine Jewell 9 hours ago

    I seen a person behind you guys just looking at you and it scared me it was like a person with a face like a it was mad at you guys are something

  • Dj Kay
    Dj Kay 9 hours ago


  • Roselyn Reyes Copetillo

    Where do you live

  • Beastly Kid
    Beastly Kid 10 hours ago

    There is a demon in my body I can control it though. I got it when I was in a haunted house. Over 86 diff souls

    KLARA DAWLEY 11 hours ago

    I wanna go there now!! This was amazing! Where's part 2?

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez 11 hours ago

    I'm watching this at NIGHT

  • 1x1x1 x1x1x1x1
    1x1x1 x1x1x1x1 12 hours ago

    I'm not hating But who would sleep with shoes??

  • John Culubong
    John Culubong 13 hours ago

    If I am in the queen Mary i well say “holy s***. “

  • Its just aubrolo
    Its just aubrolo 13 hours ago

    I got the mr. Paws plush☺

  • Brady Tuke
    Brady Tuke 14 hours ago

    Never mind it takes time to edit

  • Brady Tuke
    Brady Tuke 14 hours ago

    Weres part 2

  • Doveyy Unicorn
    Doveyy Unicorn 15 hours ago

    when the bear said 1 2 3 4 he could mean 1,234 .-.

  • iiTheUnicorn Gamesii
    iiTheUnicorn Gamesii 15 hours ago

    Why Alex why

  • jayden yang
    jayden yang 15 hours ago

    It looks like a Titanic sunk

  • Kaylee Molina
    Kaylee Molina 15 hours ago


  • Manuel Torres
    Manuel Torres 15 hours ago +1


  • vip youtuber
    vip youtuber 16 hours ago

    where is episode 2 ?

  • Ava Brynn
    Ava Brynn 16 hours ago

    When will there be a part 2?

  • mluongla
    mluongla 16 hours ago

    I think I saw something white like a white light but it was so scary I was like OMG that’s so creepy

  • Georgia PlaysRoblox
    Georgia PlaysRoblox 17 hours ago

    When he got out of the closet there was an orb

  • Tania Tamez
    Tania Tamez 17 hours ago

    😱😨that looks terrifying,luckily i ain't going there,was it like creeping,did you feel someone like following you or looking at you?

  • star like
    star like 17 hours ago

    What happen when the ship starts to move

  • Austeja Aukstuolyte
    Austeja Aukstuolyte 17 hours ago

    No ghost r not real zombies r not real so

  • star like
    star like 17 hours ago

    Lol when he said marry me plz with a rose

  • Ismael Cepero
    Ismael Cepero 18 hours ago

    Did anybody notice Mr.paws

  • Nazheli Lopez
    Nazheli Lopez 18 hours ago +1


  • Anna Harper
    Anna Harper 18 hours ago +1

    Omg when i first saw this vid i was too scared to even go in my room

  • Isabella Guerrero
    Isabella Guerrero 19 hours ago

    I would take 1 step and say NOPe IM OUT

  • Roberta Austin
    Roberta Austin 19 hours ago

    My Mind and Thoughts
    Me:(sees the ship)
    Alex:let's go!
    Me:y.. you sure
    Alex: yeah theres gosts
    Me:LE GO

  • Madison Wheeler
    Madison Wheeler 19 hours ago

    alex i need to be cheered up
    my brother is being mean and things are unfair with my life

  • Logan Long
    Logan Long 20 hours ago

    Omg your dress is adorable Alex!

  • Camilla caobros biggest fan ever

    I love you

  • Sonia De Jesus
    Sonia De Jesus 20 hours ago

    It's the bear the bear is sumining the gohst the bear was talking to alex there is a spirit in that bear

  • Ruhan Raha
    Ruhan Raha 21 hour ago

    Wow!I love it

  • Aliyah Brianna
    Aliyah Brianna 21 hour ago

    Uuuuuuu pokyyyyy (uuuuu spokey its what i mean) lol

  • Tim Bennett
    Tim Bennett 21 hour ago

    I'm so scaryed

  • Asia Ransom
    Asia Ransom 21 hour ago

    Alex: Zach!Zach: Oh my god. Me: LOL DID ZCH GET SCARED

  • EllieSquad
    EllieSquad 21 hour ago

    honestly the flash is going towards her so it can’t be her shadow

  • marco parra
    marco parra 22 hours ago

    Hug me 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Haylee McLain
    Haylee McLain 22 hours ago

    I love this vid.

    But alex...


  • marco parra
    marco parra 22 hours ago


  • marco parra
    marco parra 22 hours ago

    I watched this at night I'm scared☹☹☹

  • Paweł Gruca
    Paweł Gruca 22 hours ago

    Chicken Nuggets. Brown Bear.and.Donald Tumps Hair. THESE WERE THE INGREADINTS TO SHOW THE SUPPORT!

  • gracie johnson
    gracie johnson 22 hours ago

    When u were in the closet i was putting my ear to the speaker and I heard Get out now or else

  • Ian Claus
    Ian Claus 23 hours ago

    I’m never going on that ship

  • Carolina Corrales
    Carolina Corrales 23 hours ago


  • Carolina Corrales
    Carolina Corrales 23 hours ago


  • Carolina Corrales
    Carolina Corrales 23 hours ago

    I lost my dad at Qeen mary before then i got chased but i got out then found my fad

  • Love Abbystar
    Love Abbystar 23 hours ago


  • Gacha Mill
    Gacha Mill 23 hours ago

    Where's episode 2?

  • Cyber Fear
    Cyber Fear Day ago

    alex stuffs me in a closet
    me sure ill stay here i dont believe in ghosts sees something kicks door down theres something in there
    alex really let me see
    me pushes her in the closet take that hah😏

  • Cyber Fear
    Cyber Fear Day ago

    zach sleeping
    alex wake up were going to the queen mary
    zach ok
    alex look theres a ghost
    zach wait this is haunted alex i told you one two three four five six thousand times dont bring me to a haunted places
    alex i want more subs so were going here
    me no offense but were gonna die alex zach looks at me who are you
    me oh yeah im a ghost byeeeee
    alex cool
    zach rums away
    no offense alex when i said i want more subs love yar vidsss
    creepy me i want a heart

  • Cyber Fear
    Cyber Fear Day ago

    question anybody else saw the shadow in the window

  • Cyber Fear
    Cyber Fear Day ago

    if my friend dragged me to a haunted place i will literally kill edit him her

  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther Day ago


  • Kiersten Allen
    Kiersten Allen Day ago

    When is the next episode coming out?

  • Jailynn Sankar
    Jailynn Sankar Day ago

    A lil time ago like not yesterday a bit longer i went in ma room lookin for ma dad bc i was waitin for him then when i was at the door i feel somethin weird in my neck like a touch i thought it was dad or my hair but it wasnt dad was in the other room i saw now i am still scared of the mirror in my room idk why but i still dont like it

  • Bernadette Cruz
    Bernadette Cruz Day ago

    ive been there did you spoted the block lady

  • Bernadette Cruz
    Bernadette Cruz Day ago +1

    inquisitor master you look like harly qwen

  • Bernadette Yumang

    So scary

  • TamWam
    TamWam Day ago

    I’ll die if you didn’t do episode 2! -_-

  • TamWam
    TamWam Day ago

    I just feel like... cuz the name Bloody Mary has ‘Mary’ in it, I feel like she’s in queen Mary.. also Mary is the name of my friends mom.

  • Kawaii Puff
    Kawaii Puff Day ago

    I cant find the nezt epizode!!!!:(

  • Ms. Anime Kawaii Galaxy Girl

    Number 9 trending!

  • Joy Cuasay
    Joy Cuasay Day ago

    The ships is nice but maybe it is curse by Queen Mary and that's why its haunted

  • Chiara’s.Creative.Life

    Alex, ur so pretty!

  • Almika 76203
    Almika 76203 Day ago

    Who would even use that ship as a tourist place?

  • Funtime Briana
    Funtime Briana Day ago

    Did you get a cuddle clone?

  • animal lover girl twink

    RUN EDIT: for your life

  • Fox draws Wut
    Fox draws Wut Day ago

    I so scared

  • Jonnalyn Licanda

    Im scared to go to bed now o___________o
    *Help me god ❤ and alex*

  • Peppermint 77
    Peppermint 77 Day ago


  • Axelmadrid10
    Axelmadrid10 Day ago

    Where is part 2

  • janelle atabay
    janelle atabay Day ago

    whoa alex ur not scared!?

  • Auburn Masten
    Auburn Masten Day ago


  • Auburn Masten
    Auburn Masten Day ago

    Omg when I was watching this vid I was alone and a noise was coming from the kitchen and when I paused the vid it stopped then I played the vid and i heard it

  • TheSavageJamie ThatDoesEverything


  • Illyana Ervin
    Illyana Ervin Day ago

    1 2 3 4 there is someone at your door that is what it said when I was there

  • Claudia Gonzalez



    There queeen mary 2 and bloody Mary

  • Gregory Acateco
    Gregory Acateco Day ago