• Published on Jul 10, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Savage Unicorn SQUAD
    Savage Unicorn SQUAD 12 hours ago

    Why was the indoraptor the best killing machine if it can't kill a spino?
    The indoraptor could probably camouflage .
    The real spino would stand no chance.
    And ind o would of been a pack Hunter if it was real.

  • HMHS Britannic
    HMHS Britannic Day ago

    Spinosaurus fans are gonna kill this guy soon....
    EDIT: Ok well not.

  • Sue Nico
    Sue Nico 2 days ago

    allosaurus vs gigatosaurus pls

  • alay anyisa
    alay anyisa 3 days ago

    Do dilo vs indo

  • rezaldy ramadhan
    rezaldy ramadhan 4 days ago

    Bite force spinosaurus is 3 to 3,5 ton

  • Husein Mammadov
    Husein Mammadov 4 days ago

    Whenever fallen kingdom comes out that’ll prove no one learned their lesson

  • Rules of Bros
    Rules of Bros 6 days ago

    Cant the spino fans get over the old spinosaurus?
    Spinosaurus has just a weak bite force

  • Rules of Bros
    Rules of Bros 6 days ago

    0:24 hahahhahaha

  • Alief HDTV Shows
    Alief HDTV Shows 7 days ago


  • Ba bi
    Ba bi 7 days ago


  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 11 days ago

    In disadvantages of spinosaurus you should've done lost in jurrasic world evolution

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 11 days ago

    0:15 lol

  • Ishan a.k.a Shall-I
    Ishan a.k.a Shall-I 11 days ago

    Please make Indoraptor vs Albertosaurus and Utahraptor vs Indoraptor.

  • Ishan a.k.a Shall-I
    Ishan a.k.a Shall-I 11 days ago

    Great one! I was rooting for Spinosaurus, and I agree with the winner.

  • Ishan a.k.a Shall-I
    Ishan a.k.a Shall-I 11 days ago

    You forgot to list the sail in Spinosaurus's weaknesses and also its much lower intelligence.

  • IU S
    IU S 14 days ago

    Indoraptor vs giganotosourus

  • Biswadeepa Das
    Biswadeepa Das 17 days ago

    Godzilla vs kong

  • Mahkenzie Smallwood
    Mahkenzie Smallwood 18 days ago

    Do alen vs queen alen

  • Mahkenzie Smallwood
    Mahkenzie Smallwood 18 days ago

    The winnr spino

  • Ark Ark
    Ark Ark 19 days ago

    And people say indo would beat indom


  • Jon Nunya
    Jon Nunya 19 days ago

    Fuck you indo would win

  • GABRIEL Noyes
    GABRIEL Noyes 20 days ago

    I will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patte R
    Patte R 20 days ago

    Indoraptor vs Giganotosaurus
    Allosaurus vs Suchomimus
    Baryonyx vs Utahraptor
    Triceratops vs Carnotaurus
    Albertosaurus vs Allosaurus

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez 22 days ago +1

    Spinosaurus vs T-rex

    VIPERTRON CHAOS 23 days ago +1

    Why is this even a fight? Indoraptor is weak. All it is an overgrown Utahraptor that can crawl, with better skin, It had trouble killing blue. I doubt it would even be able to kill an allosaurus. It was defeated by some replicate triceratops horns.

  • Caitlin the baby guinea pig

    Spinosaurus would win with ease

  • Raj Shukla
    Raj Shukla 26 days ago +1

    Do indorapter Vs stgosours

  • joshua wee
    joshua wee 27 days ago

    Indoraptor VS Dilophosaurus

  • Jesus Medina
    Jesus Medina 29 days ago

    Really indoraptor wins

  • Jesus Medina
    Jesus Medina 29 days ago

    That is so not true

  • Arturo And Jesus
    Arturo And Jesus 29 days ago

    im a spino fan

  • Anamika Singh
    Anamika Singh Month ago

    He can't defer indira other

  • killer-rex 686960
    killer-rex 686960 Month ago

    indorpator could have dodged the swipes

  • Jeanette Sapkota
    Jeanette Sapkota Month ago +1

    I think spinosaurus is more dangerous than the indoraptor

  • Javier Luca Zavala
    Javier Luca Zavala Month ago

    Indo Nooooooooooooooooooooo

  • wwp mom
    wwp mom Month ago

    But the REAL indo wins every time.

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith Month ago

    With all due respect,spino fans NEED TO GROW THE HECK UP and accept the fact that thier faroite dino can't always win and just love it for the cool looking dino that it is.

  • Alessandro Mirkovic

    No no no is indoraptor winer

  • Lochum Ezung
    Lochum Ezung Month ago +2

    Spino vs titanoboa

  • daw hlathein
    daw hlathein Month ago

    indoraptor vs allosaurus

  • Karla Montoya
    Karla Montoya Month ago +1

    Dilophisaurous vs velociraptor.

  • Mysa Monaghed Tehrani

    indominis rex vs mosasaurus

  • Mysa Monaghed Tehrani
    Mysa Monaghed Tehrani Month ago +1

    xenomorph vs utharaptor

  • Mysa Monaghed Tehrani

    velociraptor vs baryonyx

  • Tony StormTrooper
    Tony StormTrooper Month ago +1

    please do this carno vs raptor

  • Michelle Antosca
    Michelle Antosca Month ago

    Indoraptor vs tarbosaurus

  • Kevin Babbz
    Kevin Babbz Month ago

    Did the trex win by 70%?

  • Vlad Dadi
    Vlad Dadi Month ago +1

    Xenamorph vs Predator

  • Vlad Dadi
    Vlad Dadi Month ago

    I will kill you (joke)

  • gioconda betancourt

    eso si es justo mi buen amigo le dare muchos me gusta esto fue muy genal eres un geni tu seras un paliontologo

  • Archana Karmakar
    Archana Karmakar Month ago

    Indominus Rex vs Indoraptor

  • Chenri Jano
    Chenri Jano Month ago

    can you do carchardantosaurs vs indo raptor im your big fan

  • Cool Doge875
    Cool Doge875 Month ago

    4:17 the sail of a spino is really a disadvantage because if the Indoraptor got a good bite on, the spino would slowly die

  • Raptor Co
    Raptor Co Month ago


  • Anne-Laure Schellenberg

    How about Indoraptor VS. Indominus Rex?

  • Bobby Rodriguez
    Bobby Rodriguez Month ago +1

    V-rex vs spinosaurus

  • _SP3KTRUM_
    _SP3KTRUM_ Month ago

    In the video, you say you will be using the Ingen Spinosaurus, yet you immediately start using actual Spinosaurus anatomy. C’mon man...

  • JustDOGE
    JustDOGE Month ago

    0:22 I am going to kill you

  • Charlie L
    Charlie L Month ago

    Indoraptor is just a meaner skeksis!

  • Herobrine plays
    Herobrine plays Month ago

    Indoraptor is suppose to win

  • Justin Stolowski
    Justin Stolowski Month ago

    Spinosaurus hands down.

  • Kaneki ken gaming 2.0

    What indoraptor is stronger than spinosaurus

  • SoundWave 1882 • 59 years ago

    You should make a video about Indoraptor vs Megaraptor

  • Biswadeepa Das
    Biswadeepa Das Month ago

    titanoboa vs tyrannotiten

  • Baryonyx Walkeri Productions

    Spino will crush indoraptor within its 7 ton body

  • Amanda Keener
    Amanda Keener 2 months ago

    Spinenesour and t Rex at night

  • Amanda Keener
    Amanda Keener 2 months ago

    I like your videos

  • Josefa Petříková
    Josefa Petříková 2 months ago +2

    Spinosaurus win!Yes!

  • afshan Sultana
    afshan Sultana 2 months ago

    I’m going to kill you.

  • Gavinlovesgameing Gibbs

    Indo will obviously win😠still love you though

  • playerM chanell
    playerM chanell 2 months ago

    Why always the triceratops?

    It was the mortal enemy of t-rex!

  • Don Pauty
    Don Pauty 2 months ago

    Fanboy no sabes nada de dinosaurios el spino era super debil

  • Hunter Vanderhoeff
    Hunter Vanderhoeff 2 months ago

    Nooooooooooo INDO WINS

  • The gucci Dino show
    The gucci Dino show 2 months ago

    I ment goof

  • The gucci Dino show
    The gucci Dino show 2 months ago

    I don't get it. How did the indoraptor die of one swipe when it seemed bearly hurt? Idk it could be a good or something like that

  • Awesomeness Boy
    Awesomeness Boy 2 months ago

    Indoor vs Carno

  • Awesomeness Boy
    Awesomeness Boy 2 months ago

    Trex vs alburtasaurus

  • LEVY
    LEVY 2 months ago +1

    Indo would win... Not spino

  • Eid AngeLo Rondobio
    Eid AngeLo Rondobio 2 months ago

    Utahraptor vs velociraptor

  • Agastya Tiwari
    Agastya Tiwari 2 months ago

    How is the indoraptor 3 meters????? It's tiny in the movie

  • Berserker Claw
    Berserker Claw 2 months ago

    Indo will win the video is a LIE

  • Baryonyx The Pro
    Baryonyx The Pro 2 months ago


  • shazia fayyaz
    shazia fayyaz 2 months ago

    Spinosorus would win because indoraptor is not real

  • RootBear
    RootBear 2 months ago +2

    I'm a spino fan but I know that Rex would win against it. Mostly because the spinosaurus jaw wasn't capable of snapping another animals neck. It's jaw would snap.

    • RootBear
      RootBear 22 days ago

      +VIPERTRON CHAOS That's true, spinosaurus was capable of eating some prehistoric sharks, which did fight back. Spinosaurus also encountered. Sarcosuchus. The giant crocodile thing. I'm not saying that a spinosaurus was not capable of killing a Rex, just not the way JP 3 showed. Good discussion, simple debate. FYI name calling isn't a good way of convincing another. I did it to, so I'm sorry.

      VIPERTRON CHAOS 22 days ago

      RootBear, you are smarter than I had anticipated. But you are wrong about Spinosaurus' Jaws. They were designed to hold yes, but this doesn't mean anything. That's like saying just because fruit knives were designed to cut fruit, it won't be effective on anything else. Spinosaurus jaw design would not break because bones arent that easily broken. Also keep in mind some of the fish Spinosaurus hunted were pretty big. If Spinosaurus Jaws were that fragile. They would not be able to even hold fish. Spinosaurus was a creature successful both on land and water, so having a jaw too fragile would not support its species well.

      VIPERTRON CHAOS 22 days ago +1

      RootBear, that's where the inferring comes in. We aren't even close to a complete Spinosaurus skeleton let alone add in muscles structure. So we don't know how muscular it was. T rex is better known, with a lot of near complete skeletons. We don't know the strength and durability of spinosaurus, and if we are using other Spinosaurids as a base, then it shouldn't have a problem biting. We don't know Spinosaurus primarily hunted fish either; just because It physically adapted to hunting fish doesn't necessarily mean that was its primary food source. Putting fish as its primary food source is not a good idea, because sarcosuchus also lived around the same region, and was much better adapted than Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus didn't break t rexs neck in half in jurassic Park 3, but the action done can be possible. It is hard for a dinosaur to bite down with full force during a fight. Spinosaurus in jp3 twisted t rexs, head until the neck gave away which is possible, due to the fact that had basically no other weapons other than its head. T rexs hide is at the low end, due to not finding any fossil evidence of any kind of armoring. There is no fossil evidence in all spinosaurids discovered so far that any broke it's Jaws when biting on something. At the end of the day the only thing t rex has over spino is better bite force.

    • RootBear
      RootBear 22 days ago

      Also keep in mind that when a dinosaur is biting down an another dinosaurs neck, just because the aggressors bite force can break bone doesn't mean it can snap the neck in half. There is also flesh and fat to consider. There is also the fact that some dinosaurs had stronger hides than most others.

    • RootBear
      RootBear 22 days ago

      Also the size of a dinosaurs skull isn't everything. There are the muscles in the neck for example, that help it tear flesh and break bones. The strength and endurance of the bone are also a factor.

  • Sean Shultze
    Sean Shultze 2 months ago

    Indoraptor would just get clawed by Spinosaurus once it pounces while under Spino's Attention
    It will use its Snout to Snatch Indo in a long Distance and shake it off and thrown away

  • Vinko Perković
    Vinko Perković 2 months ago +3

    Finally, a good picture of Spinosaurus in thumbnail.

  • Jacob Li
    Jacob Li 2 months ago

    2:29 How do scientists find out that?

  • Diego Aguirre
    Diego Aguirre 2 months ago

    Indoumunus rex vs indoraptor.

  • Eyup Sakarya
    Eyup Sakarya 2 months ago

    I hate you i now were you live im gonna get you

  • Baryonyx Walkeri Productions

    Very unfair

  • WAR golden argus
    WAR golden argus 2 months ago

    Spinosaurus Vs Baryonyx in Jurrasic world fallen kingdom

  • Ammonite 8
    Ammonite 8 2 months ago

    Fuck fuck fuckfuck fuck fuck fuck 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Mamo Altun
    Mamo Altun 2 months ago

    I would say 90%, i see no way how the would win, its just much weaker and smaller. Its like a cat vs a lion

    DANETTE GUILD 2 months ago

    Yes we will hurt you

  • Julian Cruz
    Julian Cruz 2 months ago

    Indo raptor can beat indominus rex, t rex almost got beaten by indominus rex
    So that means spino is stronger than trex?

  • Nova_Utah
    Nova_Utah 2 months ago +1

    The Ingen spino would win because it's also a hybrid and stood a fair chance against indie

  • 5000 subs with no subs
    5000 subs with no subs 2 months ago

    “Oh no the spino fans are gonna kill me man there gonna kill me man!” Lol

  • hi mom
    hi mom 2 months ago

    indoraptor is hyprid spino is not

  • hi mom
    hi mom 2 months ago

    are you sure about that?

  • hi mom
    hi mom 2 months ago

    im the blue fanboy