E3 2018

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • The Best and Worst Best moments from E3 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Diego Alejandro Herrera Moreno

    Donkey copy babyyyyyy. IF you guys wan to see the original video look up Videogamedonkey E3. You should quote donkey after everytime you speak.

  • A Random Person On the Internet

    Halo: Britain - A Gaming Exclusive World Premiere

  • N0 0n3
    N0 0n3 11 days ago

    Borderlands 3

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 18 days ago

    Me: I’m American

  • OldManYesHomo
    OldManYesHomo 24 days ago +1

    Bro where hotline miami 3

  • SAY10 Pug
    SAY10 Pug 26 days ago +2


  • Leff Tee
    Leff Tee Month ago

    Isn't that the game with the 250k bridge

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez Month ago

    1:24 wow! You guys remember when EA was actually good?

  • David Lefebvre
    David Lefebvre Month ago

    Hey can you say Spaghetti and meatbals

  • Yodapaw
    Yodapaw Month ago +4

    By the way... Crackdown 3 turned out WORSE than Saints Row 4

  • Daddy Zanny
    Daddy Zanny Month ago

    Petscop 2 lol

  • You are Ugi
    You are Ugi Month ago

    You dunkey clone fatty

  • Big gay man 420
    Big gay man 420 Month ago

    4:16 is that Spyro?

  • Bodmanford
    Bodmanford Month ago

    You aren’t even a real souls fan

  • Comrade Pooch
    Comrade Pooch Month ago

    What was wrong with battlefront 1?

  • ChiefVapor
    ChiefVapor Month ago

    C r o w b c a t c l o n e

  • Tvrtko Novogradec
    Tvrtko Novogradec Month ago

    we got REEE2

  • Ethan Kletschke
    Ethan Kletschke Month ago

    Fuck. ANOTHER one of these "CLEANED UP CAPTIONS".
    Fucking hate it. Sucks le epic maymays out of my day.
    First with Fat Cry 5 and now with this vid.
    Fricking nice video.

  • Bendoswrk 5
    Bendoswrk 5 2 months ago +1

    the graphics on that banjo for the last of us 2 is looking great

  • Sebby Bebby
    Sebby Bebby 2 months ago


  • YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!!

    That red head girl forehead bothers me

  • RPT Gaming | TF2 and more

    Ahh 2018 pyro, so sweet and full of hope

    fucking anthem and fallout 76

  • RPT Gaming | TF2 and more

    god damnit EA, you messed up Anthem so bad

  • Grouse Jr.
    Grouse Jr. 2 months ago

    Black-white man is the perfect superhero... He just is. I'm not being racist 😂

  • A Kommentár Xiszó
    A Kommentár Xiszó 2 months ago

    E3 2018 was a fucking joke

    FOUR1EiGHT 2 months ago

    6:39 kin curimuson

  • AnlakiSloth
    AnlakiSloth 2 months ago

    The white black man that is asian
    He cannot be racist

  • Farel Filan
    Farel Filan 2 months ago

    Dunkey clone

  • FlickY_
    FlickY_ 2 months ago

    the game im most hyped for is doom eternal :DDDD

  • Tom Hopper
    Tom Hopper 2 months ago

    Only if you knew about anthem...

  • Blue_Bat 03
    Blue_Bat 03 2 months ago +2

    F for Anthem and Fallout 76

  • Leolympix Music
    Leolympix Music 2 months ago

    Every Just Dance Title is purely dogshit (except Just Dance 4)

  • lowpolygamer
    lowpolygamer 2 months ago


  • Ultra Cat
    Ultra Cat 2 months ago

    No, Anthem was like Warframe and Destiny, its warframe because its free

  • Basically I'm Egg?!
    Basically I'm Egg?! 2 months ago

    The only reason I watched the EA showing or whatever was because of tits mcgee over there

  • Sam HAM Samwich
    Sam HAM Samwich 2 months ago +1

    Oh no Pyro, we don't talk about Crackdown 3.

  • twitch3695
    twitch3695 2 months ago +1

    Hey pyro, still remember you said dead by daylight bridge not dying light bridge

  • smooths
    smooths 2 months ago +2

    pyro, if there's a bridge, water under it, in dying light 2,

    *you know what to do*

  • TheCheifGuardian
    TheCheifGuardian 2 months ago

    Ribley too big

  • SomeGooseBoi
    SomeGooseBoi 2 months ago

    No please don’t remind me of reggie

  • NicolBolas2
    NicolBolas2 2 months ago

    OY VEY

  • Dr.Genesect
    Dr.Genesect 2 months ago

    2:02 yeah anthem is great if you liked battlefield 5

  • Evan Blake
    Evan Blake 2 months ago

    I honestly thought E3 was pretty good this year.

  • MattadorkGaming
    MattadorkGaming 2 months ago

    isn't what EA keeps doing false advertising? they have claimed on several games they have made in full public view as well that there will be no lootboxes in some of these games but then they put them in -.- seriously can't wait until people start taking this more and more seriously.... and then EA is finally finished that will be a great day... they don't deserve the love of gamers or to be working to make games for gamers they are nothing but corporate scammers trying to make a few quick bucks to the point of releasing not full games or just crappy ones( both with which has microtransactions that mobile games would frown upon) seriously we all hate microtransactions there are very few mobile games as it is that do them well or right.... and even then the game is free to start with usually! i feel like theres this group of idiots out there(like EA sports fans) that just eat this stupid shit up and are fully fledged retards who don't understand that you used to pay for games that were finished and had none of these outrageous overpriced microtransactions that ea puts in. marvel contest of champions one of my favorite phone games does microtransactions really well its not a complete grind to get the special currency you get special currency from doing the main story which is entertaining enough anyway. and even then the microtransaction i bought which was cool and cheap it was like 7 dollars for premium crystals(3-4 star hero 100% chance) a 3 star deadpool and upgrade materials for deadpool... meanwhile over at EA headquarters. every EA higher up in existence: you know what? people say they hate our loot boxes so i have an idea lets tell them its not gonna be in it so they buy the game... and then we put them in anyway!!! so much money!!!!..... EA common sense employee: um sir i think that wouldn't be wise the game may get very poor review scores. EA higher up: JOHN! YOUR FIRED! YOU THINK THESE LITTLE INSECTS WILL REMEMBER US DOING THIS? they will just forget when we announce the next game we release cause we are EA.... seriously until people stop giving them money they will keep doing this shit... i gave up on EA as soon as they ruined star wars battlefront i bought that game and was heavily disappointed considering the first 2 originals were so well done with the combat systems, the story and making you feel like your in the world... then ea comes up with star wars battlefront remake and the fighting doesn't feel fun, the progression system feels out of place, theres not much content in it at all until much later... the only thing good about it is the graphical update to it but literally any game at this point in time can look like that by any company so thats no accomplishment.. idk why i went on a rant about this i tend to write long comments that have make no sense when im tired... so i should probably go to bed.... goodnight everyone

  • Joshyy N64
    Joshyy N64 2 months ago

    Dunkey Clone

  • Aiden Pena
    Aiden Pena 2 months ago


  • Maiquel Carrasco
    Maiquel Carrasco 3 months ago

    Wait till you see crackdown 3 oh boy howdy.....

  • Not Okay Gaming
    Not Okay Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Dying light 2?
    So guys we did it!

  • Bring the Bee
    Bring the Bee 3 months ago

    No loot boxes. EA stfu

  • Doom Marine No. 2145
    Doom Marine No. 2145 3 months ago

    wheres dead space 4?

  • ham man
    ham man 3 months ago

    reply to my tweets pyro

  • Actual DatBoi
    Actual DatBoi 3 months ago

    2:32 what the
    u having a stroke???

  • Macattack 1910
    Macattack 1910 3 months ago


  • cheedar cheese
    cheedar cheese 3 months ago

    Microsoft and Nintendo definitely won

  • Koala Master
    Koala Master 3 months ago

    Kingdom Hearts 3 came out today and they released like a million trailers.

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat 3 months ago

    Dunkey clone

  • Daniel Petersen
    Daniel Petersen 3 months ago

    This lacks mention to the fact that waluigi isn't in smash bros

  • NeoJenshi
    NeoJenshi 3 months ago

    Watching E3 live at school

  • cobalt734
    cobalt734 3 months ago


  • edward burke kennedy
    edward burke kennedy 4 months ago

    Dunkey clone

  • AntiCromosoma
    AntiCromosoma 4 months ago

    I literally thought this video was from Pewdiepie.

  • Martial Arts
    Martial Arts 4 months ago

    Who wanted BfV battle royal?

  • Jam McCockin
    Jam McCockin 4 months ago

    And what unifies us is.... PAID PROGRAMMING

  • CFPH 527
    CFPH 527 4 months ago +2

    You got HELLA cash

  • CFPH 527
    CFPH 527 4 months ago

    Good video dunkey

    Oh sorry wrong chanel

  • UnknowSoul[GD].
    UnknowSoul[GD]. 4 months ago

    You fucking dunkey Clone

    • Kordy
      Kordy 2 months ago

      also r/woosh

    • Kordy
      Kordy 2 months ago

      no u

  • WizardOfArt 456
    WizardOfArt 456 4 months ago +4

    (Pyrocynical wondering why there are so many Kingdom Hearts trailers.)
    He clearly hasn't played this series, has he?

    • MattadorkGaming
      MattadorkGaming 2 months ago

      the game was only in development for 5 or so years... the first trailer for it was in 2013 so idk why people think we have been waiting 13 years for it :/ especially when pretty much every game released has to be played to understand the story(at least bbs and ddd has to since those are fully fledged games with proper mechanics unlike that bullshit cardgame one called chain of memories -.-) im sure your not saying people have waiting 13 years for it like everyone else but i just hear this statement everywhere so i thought i might as well put it here the false spreading of this rumor is what has made some people split on if kh3 was good or not im almost 100% certain of that cause the game is the same length as or a little more or less depending on your speed the same as previous kh titles but people expected more since they "waited 13 years" its like people think you can wait 13 years for a game never officially announced in development until 2013... you cant just make this stuff up its obvious the project they wanted to do after kh2 as the next game was bbs at least now it is clear which technically is kh3 just not called it. especially since kh3 story is all about awakening the people from bbs to fight the main villain of bbs anyway imma go to bed ive commented to much about random shit that i dont even care about lol especially kh3 ive enjoyed it cause unlike the people who lie to themselves about waiting 13 years ive only been waiting 5 so... eh honestly i waited longer for pikmin 3 and that was 9 years pretty much. imma go to bed but point is and this is the last thing im gonna say. the waiting 13 years to play it argument is 100% false statement

    • Let's Read Textbook
      Let's Read Textbook 3 months ago

      The fact that he sighs for light-dark-heart thing further proves it

  • Kareem Alzahabi
    Kareem Alzahabi 4 months ago

    Surprised they didn’t show a petscop game

  • Tauntless
    Tauntless 4 months ago


  • UberDangerIsADunkeyCopy
    UberDangerIsADunkeyCopy 4 months ago +1

    funny how people say that he copied his jokes just after he released his dunkey clones video

    I knew it the whole time that you are fuck pyro

  • Ruben Valdes
    Ruben Valdes 4 months ago

    You copy crowcaaaaat!!!!! GET HIIIIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Byrne
    Adam Byrne 4 months ago

    I played Anthem closed alpha. It is something to look forward to

  • Joseph Cunningham
    Joseph Cunningham 4 months ago

    Forgot Doom Eternal.

  • shvnk 454
    shvnk 454 4 months ago

    This was in my recommended and I thought it was a Dunkey video. It's not, fuck you

  • Bleon Rrena
    Bleon Rrena 4 months ago

    Tbh i just saw the trailer for dying light 2 and didnt follow the other conferences i fu..ing love that game

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 4 months ago

    hush kingdom hearts is perfect

  • Dean Asimos
    Dean Asimos 4 months ago

    Hey, it’s that Dunkey Clone guy

  • david salazar
    david salazar 4 months ago

    Knack 2 Bay-beeeee!!! Shouts out to videogame dunkey for producing this video

  • kingoflaught genius
    kingoflaught genius 4 months ago

    i got an playstation ad what the fuck

  • lil hungry
    lil hungry 4 months ago

    that guy at the beginning of the second kingdom hearts trailer sounded like mcree from overwatch.

  • a number two numbers
    a number two numbers 5 months ago

    review serious sam

  • Anineb Yeah!
    Anineb Yeah! 5 months ago


  • עידו אלראי
    עידו אלראי 5 months ago

    I fuckin love sea of thieves.

  • Pigammer45
    Pigammer45 5 months ago

    wow dying light 2 could help you make yet another 2.5 k sub video. Also i love the channel and the vid

  • Juan Pablo Gualdron
    Juan Pablo Gualdron 5 months ago

    Dunkey is you?

  • Danger ODST
    Danger ODST 5 months ago


  • Dice
    Dice 5 months ago

    4:30 "we are going to experience Brexit in heych-D"

  • Andrew Paja
    Andrew Paja 5 months ago

    When your on the Xbox section and the add that shows is a Xbox add

  • Apc -_-
    Apc -_- 5 months ago

    I’m expecting so guys we did it 2...

  • The Stig
    The Stig 5 months ago

    T E L L M E L I E S

  • Owen Risto
    Owen Risto 5 months ago

    That clip of Deus Ex hit me hard with some nostalgia

  • Xander K
    Xander K 5 months ago

    Dying light 2 more like... So guys we did it 2!

  • Citizen Gamer
    Citizen Gamer 5 months ago +83

    *d u n k e y c l o n e*

  • Han Yolo
    Han Yolo 5 months ago



  • Lirko Zeta
    Lirko Zeta 5 months ago +1

    7:50 LMAO this men is a french streamer named Zouloux

  • Good for your health
    Good for your health 5 months ago

    Motherfucker for coping dunkey

  • Blingiman
    Blingiman 5 months ago

    I got the chance to play shadows die twice at a convention and it seems to be shaping up to be a great game

  • Zucculent
    Zucculent 5 months ago

    E3 more like just no

  • Logan Paschedag_FightingComet4

    2018 E3 me:😴😴😴