What If Humans Disappeared?

  • Published on Jan 28, 2015
  • If we suddenly disappeared, what would happen to our planet?
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    -- Further Reading --
    The World Without Us by Alan Weisman
    Life After People (History Channel Documentary)
    Corrosion of structural steel
    Keeping Space Clean: Responsible satellite fleet operations
    Are we screwing ourselves by transmitting radio signals into space?
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  • Ninja Army Gaming

    Instead of raging in the comments about whether or not humans destroyed earth, just be grateful for the fact the we are alive to experiance the earth as it if. Who knows it might get even worse in a couple hundred years! So instead of complaining about what humans have done so far, actually EMBRACE what weve done whether it be man made or natural :)

  • The Morning Fresh
    The Morning Fresh 2 days ago

    By the way this show's really interesting.

  • The Morning Fresh
    The Morning Fresh 2 days ago

    What's the song called?

  • Dre Grant
    Dre Grant 3 days ago

    Came to tgis video after reading about a few species going extinct this month from deforestation. Truly sad how humanity would need to "disappear" for positive change to happen in the environment.

  • DisBis
    DisBis 3 days ago

    Will the pugs go back to the way they were?

  • Salty Wafflez
    Salty Wafflez 4 days ago

    Anoter reason to lay in bed awake

  • ProNikko
    ProNikko 4 days ago

    Thanos: **snap**
    Thor: NOO!
    Thanos: hmm i can kill humanity
    **kills all humans**
    Thor: I am not gonna die...
    Cap: Uhh bucky?
    Bucky: Steve?
    **Both dies**
    Spiderman: Mr stark i dont feel so-
    Stark: Me too peter..
    **both dies**
    Starlord: I am a human too ri **dies**
    Dr. Strange: Wrong outcome isn't it?
    Black Panther: This is no place to- **dies**
    Drax: bye quill

  • GodOfSalsa
    GodOfSalsa 5 days ago

    The day I take a big fart the day we dead

  • bean the alien XxX
    bean the alien XxX 6 days ago

    Sounds great

  • Caroline Mulford
    Caroline Mulford 6 days ago

    That last sentence was a tad threatening

  • That Human Streamer
    That Human Streamer 6 days ago

    I like the way he says bag

  • Chim Chim Panda
    Chim Chim Panda 7 days ago +1

    We’d be completely erased

  • I like potatoes
    I like potatoes 7 days ago

    Wait we were THAT important for some animals?

  • Jaylin Lucas
    Jaylin Lucas 8 days ago

    Do you people believe in Jesus (Son of God) or that "SCIENCE" created everything. Just know that the one about Jesus is the only true on. If you believe in all the science stuff please backup reasoning.

  • Indafi AJ
    Indafi AJ 9 days ago

    that end gave me whiplash

  • Madisen Loyd
    Madisen Loyd 10 days ago

    This whole video gave me a plot idea. Thanks!

  • DuckCamel X
    DuckCamel X 10 days ago

    if humans disappeared? i would be so happy ☺☺☺

  • jasmine chhuo
    jasmine chhuo 11 days ago +1



  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 12 days ago


  • Abigail Trevino
    Abigail Trevino 14 days ago


  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 17 days ago

    I watched that documentary in middle school and dear god it was way too early to have existential questions!!!

  • warin sawatwiroj
    warin sawatwiroj 18 days ago

    Now humans starting to hate each other again -._-. well as you can see in the comments

  • Jenny Hart
    Jenny Hart 18 days ago

    Basically, what would happen if things went well.

  • Jacob Vea
    Jacob Vea 18 days ago

    Um global warming would still exist just won’t be more critical but lots of island’s ecosystem are going to be flooded since the ice caps would still be melting. What about reactor meltdowns and what about the satellites would they de orbit especially what about the iss

  • Do You Know My Peach?
    Do You Know My Peach? 19 days ago

    I dont know why i rather this video come to live than us humans living 🙃🙃🙃

  • Star Non
    Star Non 19 days ago

    Half the population should have been swallowed

  • Sarina Z
    Sarina Z 20 days ago

    I saw basically the same video from ted Ed, and they were similar! You both did your research!

  • *Random Person*
    *Random Person* 20 days ago

    i wanna create a bomb, which when explodes, will wipe out humanity and detonate the entire planet.

  • Ricky BOI
    Ricky BOI 20 days ago

    Thanos Snaps: Global warming Gone...

  • Zoe Crane
    Zoe Crane 21 day ago +1

    *Why is this so depressing?*

  • doglover furever
    doglover furever 22 days ago

    For some weird reason when they draw their logo at the beginning I always saw it as asar science

  • Abhishikta Roy
    Abhishikta Roy 23 days ago

    U all ..
    Abou 99% comments say that the earth will be beautiful.
    But u don't understand it won't really be as u all think...
    Everything will go lifeless in a few centuries.

  • dylan lol
    dylan lol 24 days ago

    ok, but how do you know this ?

  • Mymemes28
    Mymemes28 25 days ago

    Oh no I don’t wanna disappeared forever😭😭😭😭

  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 25 days ago

    Best channel on yt

  • Batnight That gay guy
    Batnight That gay guy 25 days ago

    If aliens came when humans are extinct then aliens are going to replace humans

  • SCARY Hacker
    SCARY Hacker 26 days ago

    It’s sounds fun

  • Yellow Banana
    Yellow Banana 26 days ago +2

    I have a question, if all humans disappeared could anything evolve again to create humans?

    • Yellow Banana
      Yellow Banana 25 days ago +1

      Brandon Velde imagine how amazing it would be to be living a second generation of human kind like maybe they would take care of the environment and maybe women wouldn’t have the vote and people would be racist again (this would be a great book or film 😂)

    • Brandon Velde
      Brandon Velde 25 days ago +1

      Yes, and they would likely be confused if they're archaeologist discovered something like the Empire State Building.

  • Anna Stagnolia
    Anna Stagnolia 27 days ago

    The world would be better. Just like I thought. Gosh I hate people!!

  • Oak synia
    Oak synia 27 days ago +2

    Earth would still dies either way, getting swallowed by the sun

  • Grape Chan
    Grape Chan 27 days ago

    So what ur basically saying life without humans = more good than bad

  • PUPPY lover
    PUPPY lover 27 days ago +1

    So you're saying... there is no WIFI?

    FAYE LOVESCAKE 28 days ago

    I know how! 2000AP karthus uses ulti

  • Logan Cunningham
    Logan Cunningham 29 days ago


  • earth
    earth 29 days ago

    Or maybe a species of ape gets slowly evolving over the years until they mastered the intelligence of once known as humans

  • ItsFrank
    ItsFrank 29 days ago

    *thanos snap*

  • Nyla Nicoline
    Nyla Nicoline Month ago

    *Imagines*(What if human is not being born(ed) who are we?ANIMALS!)

  • John Ruggiero
    John Ruggiero Month ago

    This plot will make a great movie
    Wait a sec tho

    *secret life of pets did it*

  • Alida R.
    Alida R. Month ago

    that doesn't sound so bad tbh

  • K. P.
    K. P. Month ago

    Ye ... we won’t disappear and I don’t know about aliens 🙄

  • Gaminobara
    Gaminobara Month ago

    You're from Wisconsin. Don't deny it, you said "beg" instead of "bag"

  • GAMING MACHINE (tankionline)

    So we die = earth lives normaly??

  • PizzaHorder
    PizzaHorder Month ago

    I’m only scared everybody else will disappear and I will have to deal with all this. Tbh I’d commit suicide, ya it’d be fun to grab a Nintendo Switch from target and charge a bunch of batteries while I still have power but no dawg, that’s too stressful.

  • Jimmy Yap
    Jimmy Yap Month ago


  • GameFlinch
    GameFlinch Month ago

    Then we're gone so who tf cares just go play fortnite idiots

  • Noah Philpot
    Noah Philpot Month ago

    Then humans wouldn’t exist

    GRIXON YT Month ago

    Bro that’s the rapture

  • Froot Shoot connoisseur

    So everything is better?

  • OptimisticOpal :3
    OptimisticOpal :3 Month ago

    The world would be a batter place. 💔

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones Month ago

    So basically The Last of Us

  • Sarnab Das
    Sarnab Das Month ago


  • Reagan Luker
    Reagan Luker Month ago

    And then we come back and what happens then?

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose Month ago +3


  • Edwin Castillo
    Edwin Castillo Month ago +1

    if humans disappeared every one in the afterlife is happy I'm gone

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly Month ago +3

    Aliens will be confused that everyone lived in the desert

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly Month ago +2

    Road rivers sound sick

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly Month ago +3

    I hope this isn't as biased as the science of racism video

  • Piggy Gamer86
    Piggy Gamer86 Month ago

    Farm animals will not go extinct they will adapt

  • QFMR Gaming
    QFMR Gaming Month ago

    than the world will be back to normal

    BÂŅĞÔ BÉĹĽ Month ago

    Lice disappearing is not that bad kind of makes me want to disappear

  • Joanna Sawruk
    Joanna Sawruk Month ago

    I love your pictures

  • Ochapuriin Draws
    Ochapuriin Draws Month ago

    Let's do this

  • Bxby Bby
    Bxby Bby Month ago

    So basically earth would go back to being “Earth before humans” just dirtier

    9 TAILED WOLF Month ago

    Humans should disappear....

  • Atomic Bomb
    Atomic Bomb Month ago

    Hey guys!I have plan..

  • Wolf GirlXxX
    Wolf GirlXxX Month ago

    Do you think the world right now will change after lots of years?!?

  • Awkward Antelope
    Awkward Antelope Month ago

    then a bunch of shit will happen...
    next video

  • RM gotJAMS
    RM gotJAMS Month ago

    I just dont want to live anymore lmao
    This video made me feel guilty

  • _Roxy Amelia_
    _Roxy Amelia_ Month ago

    Who remembers that Sarah Jane episode?

  • Crystal Quartz
    Crystal Quartz Month ago

    Wow this video gave me hope that if we were gone form this planet earth, everything would be as it use to be!

  • Veronica Midgley
    Veronica Midgley Month ago

    If humans disappeared then none of what you said really matters. Congratulations on producing the most pointless video on the Internet.

  • Maleyah Rodriguez
    Maleyah Rodriguez Month ago

    wow we help the world alot ._.

  • Enaise More
    Enaise More Month ago

    It's decided:I'm not perishing until my dog dies.I don't want him in danger

  • Brian Stoyanov
    Brian Stoyanov Month ago

    No humans on earth

  • Miracle Clarke
    Miracle Clarke Month ago

    omg im crieng

  • Zarthus Maximus
    Zarthus Maximus Month ago


  • Mic In Hand
    Mic In Hand Month ago

    In my environmental science class we had gone over "keystone" species, and the fact that without them a eco system would become imbalanced and go into a decline of diversity. Now take humans for example: for a long time we were able to increase diversity and still are, but we as humans have the tendency to make the world suit us over other species and we can, in some cases, destroy diversity entirely. So when i read "destroy all humans" or "no don't destroy all humans because we make the world better" it is neither. We should try and live in harmony with other species and seek that equilibrium, but it is hard to the point of almost being impossible; because human nature dictates we seek to better ourselves either on our own or as a group. The issue being we out compete all forms of life on the planet through intellect and the creation of tools/ machines. In short we sit in the middle of invasive and keystone, both destroying the environment we live in and giving it the ability to grow beyond its normal capacity.

  • Dave Tolan
    Dave Tolan Month ago

    I thought the sun is going to consume us before 100 million years??

  • Guidaツ
    Guidaツ Month ago

    Ugh. I feel so depressed now.

  • die - you tried
    die - you tried Month ago

    humans: hi guys we just went to the-

  • Finland Gaming
    Finland Gaming Month ago

    Ok Lights Outside Of The Following Countries Nationwide Algeria,Argentina,Australia,Estonia,Germany,Italy,Japan,South Korea,And Suomi Are Shutting Down Because All Men Disappeared Several Hours Ago But After This The Following Will Happen Nuclear Power Plants Will Shut Down In 24 Hours Also Most Metros Of The Countries Listed Above And In A Few Weeks All Small Dogs Will Be Dead In A
    Month All Nuclear Plants Are About A Nuclear Disasters Worse Then The Disaster In My Friend Japan In His Prefecture Named Fukushima In About One Year From Year Plants Will Start Regrowing By The Wrath Of Australia Himself Since Australia Is A Koala After 25 Years Of No Men Australia Will Have Overrun Many Areas Australia Will Bury Cities Like Dubai And Los Angeles With Lots Of Sand Himself Australia Will Take All Areas Outside Of The Countries At The Very Top Back By Turning All Those Areas Back Into There Prehistoric Biomes After 300 Years Of No Men Australia Will Destroy All Metal Building By Collapsing Them After 500 Years Of No Men Australia Will Bury All Modern Cities By Changing The Biomes In His Own Image And After 1000 Years After Men Australia Will Destroyed All Modern Cities And Covering All The Ruins With Local Plants That Are Native To That Area

  • xXRayRay_GachaXx
    xXRayRay_GachaXx Month ago

    Send this video to somebody who is depressed and feels worthless show them how much they matter to the world!!

  • Cringe Master
    Cringe Master Month ago

    At 0:21 you said 8 billion pigs when you were supposed to say nearly ONE billion pigs.Sorry for being such a clever clogs ;)

  • Gia Kamath
    Gia Kamath Month ago

    *X files theme starts playing*

  • lex s
    lex s Month ago

    Would anyone else love to see a movie about this?

  • Furqan Ahmad
    Furqan Ahmad Month ago

    Reminds me of what thanos did..

  • Skippy123
    Skippy123 2 months ago

    Humans will disappear at 10 billion people the earth won’t hold it pollution, food lots of things we are having trouble dealing with. There are less deaths more there are 5 babies born a second. We are at 7.6 billion people are in the earth right now shoulder to shoulder we could all fit in the city Los Angeles so say goodbye in the next Century. I just wanted to let you know and lots of people think the same but some don’t. Leme know what you think.

  • Ethan Chang
    Ethan Chang 2 months ago +1

    Why would camels roam Australia?

    I LYRICS 2 months ago

    What is dinosaurs made a video like this saying what if all dinosaurs disappear 😮

  • Barbara Butorac
    Barbara Butorac 2 months ago

    I loved science once again with your channel. Thank you for answering my deepest questions.