Tattoo Artists Judge Tattoos From Video Games

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • Professional tattoo artists use their expertise to critique tattoos that have been featured as important elements in video games, like #Fortnite, #Overwatch, #GodofWar and more!
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Comments • 752

  • JJ 2K
    JJ 2K 4 days ago

    Yall didnt do jason from far cry 3

  • Pef
    Pef 2 months ago

    If they do part 2, they need to see V's tattoos

  • jawad 3_s_s_aF
    jawad 3_s_s_aF 3 months ago

    The didnt include the farcry 3 tattau

  • God
    God 3 months ago

    Should have done baldur hes the most tattooed in god of war

  • YungBoi Josh
    YungBoi Josh 3 months ago

    Far cry 3 ?

  • Mars KXNG
    Mars KXNG 3 months ago

    Can't believe you didn't include Buldar.

  • Jefry was here
    Jefry was here 3 months ago +1

    No Jason Brody???

  • Orin Anthony
    Orin Anthony 4 months ago

    What no Lo Wang?

  • jason groot
    jason groot 4 months ago

    where's Lilith from borderlands?

  • Carolina Gunin
    Carolina Gunin 4 months ago

    Wow not one character from watch dogs, disappointment

  • obossrocks
    obossrocks 4 months ago

    Where’s the arm tattoo from far cry 3 😭

  • sweetblackblood1
    sweetblackblood1 5 months ago

    you brought 2 really good tattoo critics and you missed on yakuza characters??!!! COME ON!! make another video and bring them to critic on yakuza character's tattoos

  • Pietu Kuosmanen
    Pietu Kuosmanen 5 months ago

    For honor tattoos

  • Mohamed Redha
    Mohamed Redha 5 months ago

    The guy on the left looks like Damien Sandow

  • Khoi Duy
    Khoi Duy 5 months ago

    So many positive comments

  • Марко Веселич

    Jack from ME

  • b e r t
    b e r t 6 months ago

    Tlou- Ellie's tatto??

  • Electric Sheep
    Electric Sheep 6 months ago

    Can't believe you'd disrespect Kazuma Kiryu like this smh

  • AimingAtYou
    AimingAtYou 6 months ago

    I love how positive this was. Often these kinds of videos is all about saying how bad something is.

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 6 months ago

    No Mark of the Ninja?
    I'm disappointed.

  • Projects To Mansions
    Projects To Mansions 6 months ago

    I see the skills! You need to get up with us.

  • Klaus Roybal Archuleta
    Klaus Roybal Archuleta 6 months ago

    OK ur scrolling through the comments, i guess ur the type of person that dont really like commens but if ur one of those LIKE this plz (it's not hard)

    AKIRA 6 months ago

    kiryu chan!

  • Brian H.
    Brian H. 6 months ago

    What about Widowmaker?

  • Muhammad Suhendra P.
    Muhammad Suhendra P. 6 months ago +1

    Im suprised there are no yakuza character

  • Nuck Fugget
    Nuck Fugget 6 months ago +1

    I would impregnate midna

  • Candy Star
    Candy Star 6 months ago +1

    If I had any sort of pain tolerance I’d get a tattoo similar to Hanzo Shimada from Overwatch.

  • Cowboygineer
    Cowboygineer 6 months ago

    No Trevor Phillips?
    Come on, guys.....

  • FilmGamer
    FilmGamer 6 months ago

    Faith's right eye is tattooed as well.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    No yakuza tattoo? disliked

  • Dark
    Dark 6 months ago

    It's funny, all of the more recent games with greater detail were great, but all of the old games which have 2 polygons sucked.......who would of guessed

  • Black hand of Canada
    Black hand of Canada 6 months ago

    No outsiders mark from dishonoured?

  • Mana*Swi*
    Mana*Swi* 6 months ago

    Let’s just not talk about Faith’s face tattoo, yeah? Yeah

  • Blackman Whitesuit
    Blackman Whitesuit 6 months ago

    Not having Yakuza on here when it's Back Tattoo:The Game lol
    I'm surprised how much they like AC4 and Sleeping Dogs tattoos, Sleeping Dogs is similar to Yakuza in terms of culture, so it makes sense.

  • nick cage
    nick cage 6 months ago

    I don't think those are tattoos on midna they're probably just natural markings her tribe is born with.

  • Leif Leifnephew
    Leif Leifnephew 6 months ago

    Just checking that no one disrespects Jack.

  • Ivxnssj
    Ivxnssj 6 months ago

    Baldur tattoo?

  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin 6 months ago

    no witcher 3? it had some great tattoos

  • Pajeh_
    Pajeh_ 6 months ago

    Where is Frar cry 3 tatoos?....they are really sick

  • Juan Huertas
    Juan Huertas 6 months ago

    You missed Far Cry 3. Tattoos have their own mechanics in the game progress

  • Rainbowveins79
    Rainbowveins79 6 months ago

    What about the full tattoo from Far Cry 3. That tattoo was freakin' awesome, I would love to get it done.

  • John D
    John D 6 months ago

    It seems pointless to get them to rate tattoos on computer game characters these guys who do the art for these games are world class artists and work for the world's biggest companies, tattooist are normaly average to good artists who mostly do trace work and shading.....

  • Azure Sunlight
    Azure Sunlight 6 months ago

    pt2 when?

  • Flarite_
    Flarite_ 6 months ago

    Faith and edward are one of my fav characters in gaming

  • szwedy
    szwedy 6 months ago

    OFC u couldnt take better pictures or at least 2 minimalism lol

  • v҉h҉s҉
    v҉h҉s҉ 6 months ago +1

    Buzzfeed future video: GTA player attempts to get 5 stars in real life

  • Kevin Baobob
    Kevin Baobob 6 months ago

    Why are people complaining? Cause it's Buzzfeed? This is prob the only Buzzfeed channel I enjoy.
    And I think they're commentary is nice. To see what they've done similarly and appreciating it...

  • Maniachook 4099
    Maniachook 4099 6 months ago

    No dishonored tattoo

  • Cat Paradox
    Cat Paradox 6 months ago

    They missed both far cry 3 and the Yakuza series: two games that *specifically* focus on the tattoos. They aren't even small titles either and some of the Yakuza titles were even free for ps+ users. There's even a Yakuza title free for this month and for PC they've had recent releases no longer making it ps exclusive so I dunno how that title got missed

  • Kamodo Jones
    Kamodo Jones 6 months ago

    I didn't know Mike V had a brother.

  • Spot
    Spot 6 months ago

    Mirrors Edge and Sleeping Dogs, two of my all time favorite games

  • alex ds
    alex ds 6 months ago

    How about professional artists review pro csgo, pro dota, pro LoL player tattos's etc.

  • Jesse PM
    Jesse PM 6 months ago

    Maero from saints row 2?

  • キティニャー
    キティニャー 6 months ago

    Hanzo ye boy

  • Nillia tunder
    Nillia tunder 6 months ago

    the red in the god of war isnt a tattoo

  • Borkborknomnom 9000
    Borkborknomnom 9000 6 months ago

    This sort of stuff is about the only good to come out of something with the name of buzzfeed

  • NapoleonBonaparte
    NapoleonBonaparte 6 months ago

    I don't like tattoos but i saw Jack in the thumbnail so i had to check it out

  • John Maksym
    John Maksym 6 months ago

    Basically a texture artist is a tattoo artist

  • Hans Hosenbund
    Hans Hosenbund 6 months ago

    If you guys ever do a part 2, maybe consider El Sueno from Ghost Recon Wildlands.

  • Shokai捷
    Shokai捷 6 months ago

    I feel like something is missing...

  • Codenamed Zombie
    Codenamed Zombie 6 months ago

    These Buzzfeed ideas are just trash.

  • GM ast
    GM ast 6 months ago

    No far cry 3 nor yakuza, oh well its buzzfeed after all...

  • Mirb13Gaming
    Mirb13Gaming 6 months ago

    Does he understand what Utilitarian is? lol

  • Catherine Jimerson
    Catherine Jimerson 6 months ago

    I got the mirrors edge tattoo on my arm (outline), its too bad they don't get more on it, that specific tattoo is the map of the buildings she 'runs/parkours' over to 'deliver' packages for her job. also how she runs away from the fuzz. its beautifully done, i wish they showed the entire tattoo. i loved it, the game, and the story behind it.

  • NorthernWolfSoul
    NorthernWolfSoul 6 months ago

    No Zevran Arinai from Dragon Age? His facial tattoo may be a bit minimalistisk, but it is his most recognisable feature. Nor any of the Dalish Vallaslin? I call Blasphemy

  • tobi k
    tobi k 6 months ago

    I didn´t know Cratos had tatoos. I thought it´s warpaint

  • Wally Wheezes
    Wally Wheezes 6 months ago

    The fact they even included fortnite makes this a joke

    SANAFABICH 6 months ago

    Tattoo "artists" XD

  • Yellow Boy
    Yellow Boy 6 months ago +1

    Jean from god hand anyone?

  • SinisterSally
    SinisterSally 6 months ago

    I have a friend who wanted Zell’s face tattoo when FFVIII came out. So glad he only went as far as getting a black light paint if it for raves.

  • Eclectic Cerebro
    Eclectic Cerebro 6 months ago

    I get a tattoo for every non-USA place i visit. I may have to slow down...

  • Eclectic Cerebro
    Eclectic Cerebro 6 months ago

    Except kratos didnt go to a tattoo parlor...

    K1NG0FL4RDS 6 months ago


  • Amr Eldawy
    Amr Eldawy 6 months ago


  • whitelotus808
    whitelotus808 6 months ago

    Wheres Jason Brody?

  • sheeplord
    sheeplord 6 months ago

    Far Cry 3 was litterally built around a tattoo but alright

  • Tine Of Nice Dreams
    Tine Of Nice Dreams 6 months ago +1

    Poor Zell. The only one they didn't like. From a professional standpoint it probably does look tacky. But he's so embedded in my childhood experience, and is such a huge dork that to me it just suits his character.

  • Epic Savage Gamer
    Epic Savage Gamer 6 months ago

    what did I learn? video games charcaters with tattoos definatly have tattoos. ive always wondered about that, thanks for educating me

  • Fable
    Fable 6 months ago

    Nothing from Yakuza?

  • Allah A
    Allah A 6 months ago

    You should have had them look at arms of the people in farcry 3

  • zhawn14
    zhawn14 6 months ago

    This video is idiotic

  • Noel Nol Null
    Noel Nol Null 6 months ago

    I was kinda expecting Jin from Tekken with his devil tattoo, but I wasn't expecting him at the same time

  • Wowzzer
    Wowzzer 6 months ago

    Damn I clicked and then realized it was buzzfeed smh

  • Rodney B
    Rodney B 6 months ago

    But what about the flow?

  • Warbourne -
    Warbourne - 6 months ago

    No Gladio? I'm honestly surprised... But I gotta say I was gonna be pissed if Wei Shen wasn't in here lol.

    APPLE CIDER 6 months ago

    Pfft fortnites not a game it’s just a visual guild on how to stay a virgin forever

  • Julie McKee
    Julie McKee 6 months ago

    You should have done Joseph seed

  • Futurama pop
    Futurama pop 6 months ago

    The father from far cry 5. Well he mostly has cuts.

  • conswela smith
    conswela smith 6 months ago

    What about the sirens from borderlands

  • KnuckleHead
    KnuckleHead 6 months ago


  • Kasey Lock
    Kasey Lock 6 months ago

    Jack drew me to this video.
    Your thumbnail is beautiful.

  • Camron Butler
    Camron Butler 6 months ago

    What about the outsiders mark from Dishonored? :'(

  • RV_Jimayy
    RV_Jimayy 6 months ago


  • Gunman610
    Gunman610 6 months ago

    So, the only tattoo they criticize is a character from a game that's almost twenty years old? Also, why didn't they look at Faith's facial tattoo?

  • Lucas Barnett
    Lucas Barnett 6 months ago

    No tatau from far cry

  • Ssir Ssnake
    Ssir Ssnake 6 months ago

    So i'm mad that there wasn't Ronan from Murdered Soul Suspect in the list

  • Seann Barbour
    Seann Barbour 6 months ago +1

    Kind of wish the Demi-Fiend was in there.

    • MrQuados
      MrQuados 6 months ago

      after i saw midna i was like, the next one needs to be demi-fiend

  • Nathan Carter
    Nathan Carter 6 months ago

    Should have done Kate Denson from Dead by Daylight

  • Jamie Stoner
    Jamie Stoner 6 months ago

    I know this guy who has a barcode tattoo and when you can it it’s his daughter

  • Reed Markowitz
    Reed Markowitz 6 months ago

    The reflections coming through the windows are really distracting