I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • "It has a style, it has a look, it has bad energy."
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    Bad TV signal on the TV screen.
    SatiSai/Getty Images
    Jennifer Shaffer

Comments • 7 567

  • Clever User Name _
    Clever User Name _ 5 hours ago

    Holy water come thru

  • Bella
    Bella 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is she really looks awfully alike to Jennifer Aniston?

  • libbys little zoo williams

    i love that they won't touch a necklace but they will use a damn ouija board

  • Olivia Ruth
    Olivia Ruth Day ago

    Lindsay: Alexa is my necklace haunted?
    Alexa: Sorry, I'm not sure about that.
    Lindsay: Me neither.
    I feel like you could ask Alexa about the weather and she's still not know what's going on😂

  • Ejana Sanyal
    Ejana Sanyal Day ago

    sell it back on ebay

  • you should stan itzy

    2:49 i love joyce 😭

  • XxCrystal phoenixX :3

    I am a shaman meaning I’m pretty much a witch. A witch that heals people. Pretty much a healer.....

  • XxCrystal phoenixX :3

    I legit felt something towards the necklace. Although it could be because of my family. my family is very spiritual... I can unHunt items.....

  • What The Helz
    What The Helz 3 days ago +2

    That psychic makes a lot of money, her face gives it away.

  • Mando C.
    Mando C. 3 days ago

    Put some salt water on it

  • Adam Paal
    Adam Paal 3 days ago

    So pretty much I was watching this and my lamp fell and now I am fudging scared

  • Annie Renner
    Annie Renner 4 days ago +7

    "Its a scam. Everything's a scam."
    I felt that 😂😂

  • yours truly
    yours truly 4 days ago +1

    they were scared to touch the alleged “haunted” necklace but willingly played the OUIJA BOARD

  • Gloria Lam
    Gloria Lam 4 days ago

    Jazz looking like Luigi😂💚

  • Margarita Toys
    Margarita Toys 4 days ago

    Is this just Me or as soon I sawed that necklace I started fealing weird

  • Micaiah Tesfa
    Micaiah Tesfa 4 days ago

    i need joyce and jazz in my life

  • soraya
    soraya 5 days ago +1

    how are they scared of a “haunted” necklace but still use a ouija board..... those things have the worst energy

  • Queen Angelina. PERIOD

    Joyce is a full on mood 😂

  • Maddie McNeal
    Maddie McNeal 5 days ago +1

    The light was a paid actor

  • julia meid
    julia meid 5 days ago

    Okay so my mom gave me a bracelet and i loved it so i wear it a week and on sunday i took it off en my nose strarts bleeding like alot and when i put it back on it just stopped it whas really weird and i got freak out and i am still wearing it because yea i dont know what to do

  • Georgia Chataway
    Georgia Chataway 5 days ago

    *fck ya’ll fck ya’ll fck all ya’ll -*jazz 2019*

  • 0n1y Yur1 Tam
    0n1y Yur1 Tam 5 days ago

    when i watched this video my volume went all crackly

  • Mimi
    Mimi 5 days ago +1

    I was really hoping someone would do what I would do
    “You wanna touch it? It’s haunted.”
    “No dont touch it!”
    *already holding the necklace* “Possess me demons do it u wont”

  • Dyhan uwu
    Dyhan uwu 5 days ago

    Jazzmyne looked like lauigi no shade

  • Anika Miyoko
    Anika Miyoko 6 days ago

    Jazz: * judges all Gemini *

  • Courtney Foreman
    Courtney Foreman 6 days ago

    I've hiked for over 2 hours

  • Stephanie Arely
    Stephanie Arely 6 days ago

    I am a libra I was born on October fourth

  • Sayed Fierro
    Sayed Fierro 6 days ago

    She said no thank you lmaoooo

  • FuCkmE sEnPaI!!
    FuCkmE sEnPaI!! 6 days ago +1

    "it's a scam, everything is a scam. ☹️"

  • Lorraine M
    Lorraine M 6 days ago

    It has a style
    It has a look
    It has bad energy
    This would be me
    It has a decent look uh man we cant take photos with it

  • Esmé EF
    Esmé EF 7 days ago +2

    9:51 its a scam
    everything's a scam
    that guy is my everyday mood

  • Carly Thomson
    Carly Thomson 7 days ago

    Indian reservation and mob boss and hawaii couldn't be further from eachother lmao

    MS_TAREE 7 days ago

    lol - candle moment was everything

  • huffelpuff fff
    huffelpuff fff 7 days ago +2

    the girl referencing to astrology was annoying idk why

  • Olivia Oerlemans
    Olivia Oerlemans 7 days ago

    wow jennifer is a scam too. bruh her face

  • Kristian Slaveev
    Kristian Slaveev 8 days ago

    I watched it seven times and my neck, legs and the drawers with the knifes started moving!!!!!

  • Maria The Broccs
    Maria The Broccs 8 days ago

    Dude i literally was watching that video and i wanted to go pee, so i went to the bathroom, and as soon as i tried to turn the lights on it flickered and shut off quickly, AND ITS NOT the first time that happens to me after watching haunted stuff, like its always the lights. So i was like, “Noooope. Not today. I’m outta here.” So now i have to pee but i’m too scared to go to the bathroom. Wow.

  • Sam Ealy
    Sam Ealy 8 days ago

    I'm gonna point this out for all the people thinking it but are to afraid to comment it..all the Africa American people had common since. Take that how you want.

  • Amanda Kaysen
    Amanda Kaysen 8 days ago

    Fam, if you didn’t have any necklace demons after y’all straight disrespected that board like that and treated it as a joke and didn’t tell it bye you’ll have some now.

  • Sarai Polio
    Sarai Polio 8 days ago

    You should re-sell it for the same amount

  • BabyCory
    BabyCory 9 days ago

    Disclaimer: NOT ALL WITCHES ARE BAD :D

  • Bishnupriya Naik
    Bishnupriya Naik 9 days ago


  • hunger stormie
    hunger stormie 9 days ago

    Lol im sorry but that looks like something youd buy from the dollar store. It's horrific rather than haunted.

  • kimberly Gonzalez tirado

    She’s fake😂 the lady is a Fake

    HOLLY TREE 9 days ago

    “Mf hear the lord “
    Me :.....

  • TomaVlogs/videos
    TomaVlogs/videos 10 days ago

    0:12 the sound just goes through your head

  • Ishraq Writes
    Ishraq Writes 10 days ago


    IN THE MAKING 10 days ago

    Nah nah nah you ain't listening to the lord

  • sweet gl0ss
    sweet gl0ss 10 days ago +1

    For some reason, whenever the necklace was on the screen close up, my body randomly went closer to stare at it. Is it just ne?

  • Izzy Hollinger
    Izzy Hollinger 11 days ago +5

    “Oh my gosh, you have to wear that all week, that’s tragic!”

    That killed me! LAMO😂

  • Sydney Hebert
    Sydney Hebert 11 days ago

    You got scammed. That necklace was from baublebar, probably cut off a few pieces and changed the chain. They have necklaces similar to those I wouldn’t be surprised if they just modified it. Also that psychic was more plastic than that deer head on the wall.

    FLIP FLOP 11 days ago

    I think it’s fake and I believe in spirits

  • Sydney Fugate
    Sydney Fugate 11 days ago

    If you’re still worried about the necklace, burn it with some salt.

  • Brooke Wynter
    Brooke Wynter 11 days ago +1

    *shaking because they never say goodbye*

  • Renku Panda
    Renku Panda 12 days ago

    If something is hunted, you'd know. Also being hunted and having energy are two different things. And it would have to be strong energy.
    Hunted items would make you not seem like yourself or something is wrong.
    Literately the only thing that happened was how superstitious everyone was that they'd rather not get 'bad vibes' then interact with you.

  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas 12 days ago

    Umm you have to put 2 fingers on the bord

  • Briona B
    Briona B 12 days ago

    Lmao my Alexa replied

  • Leah Lil10
    Leah Lil10 12 days ago +6

    “I just had a mood change...”
    well, as a Gemini myself... that’s what we do!

  • Black Rose Productions

    You're fine keeping the necklace. Just give it a cleansing with some Sage or Palo Santo. Energy-- even darker-- only has effect if one gives it credence. You can cleanse it, put your own positive intentions in and make it your own.

  • Bambi Bamboo
    Bambi Bamboo 12 days ago

    My AirPods died while watching this....