Over-inflating Footballs in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jan 30, 2017
  • It's usually footballs that are doing damage to Dan's head. In this episode, Dan gets revenge.
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    Over-inflating Footballs in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Ryugo7 7
    Ryugo7 7 Month ago

    This reminds me of when my girlfriend queefs.

  • T K Fresh
    T K Fresh Month ago

    Children in afrika could have eaten this balls

  • MAKMan The Official
    MAKMan The Official 2 months ago


  • Everything Physics
    Everything Physics 2 months ago


  • ITA_Official PL
    ITA_Official PL 2 months ago


  • Fluffy Johnson
    Fluffy Johnson 2 months ago

    At least it was less mindless than the actual sports.

  • Xander Pheonix
    Xander Pheonix 3 months ago

    *h a n d e g g*

  • Mason Gauger
    Mason Gauger 3 months ago

    1:55 your jokes about America are better than American jokes about America.

  • Gabriel Kellar
    Gabriel Kellar 3 months ago

    Intro doesnt sound questionable in any way at all

  • Christian Fritz
    Christian Fritz 3 months ago

    Do water filled overinflated.... Now we are talking

  • Devin Patterson
    Devin Patterson 3 months ago


  • Giddy Goat
    Giddy Goat 3 months ago

    Tom Brady would be ashamed

  • Tyler P Schneider
    Tyler P Schneider 4 months ago

    To us Americans, the brown one is a football, and the one that looks like a cow is a soccer ball

    ⚽️soccer ball

  • hotelmario510
    hotelmario510 4 months ago

    That Zippy reference went over the heads of every one of your American viewers.

  • Dinesh Adhikari
    Dinesh Adhikari 4 months ago +1

    I do ve two balls !!!

  • David Bodden
    David Bodden 4 months ago

    Was I the only one who understood the two balls comment joke?

  • PTM Shrestha
    PTM Shrestha 4 months ago

    they have balls olo😂

  • Mister Fuckface
    Mister Fuckface 5 months ago

    3:16 you hear it when it’s really hot outside

  • Jagen Ordo
    Jagen Ordo 5 months ago

    Whether it's Mythbusters or Slow Mo Guys, exploded sports equipment goes on the head.

  • capkevin
    capkevin 5 months ago

    I jumped when the football pop

  • Ramira Karori
    Ramira Karori 5 months ago


  • Benaiah Eugene
    Benaiah Eugene 6 months ago

    The ripping sounds @1:06 and 2:15 are satisfying

  • big nipples
    big nipples 6 months ago

    I have balls too

  • Ben Skywalker
    Ben Skywalker 6 months ago

    Is this in America? Cause that sure sounds like an American police siren in the background.

  • MiaBadia
    MiaBadia 6 months ago +1

    *"We have balls. Two balls, in fact."*

    It's funny because it's true.
    They're guys
    Guys have balls
    I'll leave

  • OubaDubaTuba
    OubaDubaTuba 7 months ago

    The best part was wearing them. Time to make one.

  • Matthew Contreras
    Matthew Contreras 7 months ago

    Over inflate a semi truck tire! It is a massive boom!

  • Riordan Rasmussen
    Riordan Rasmussen 7 months ago

    I certainly *did* enjoy that mindless piece of destruction, Gav!

  • Gyro Fox
    Gyro Fox 7 months ago

    Finally, someone who actually knows what a football is. OWO

  • Panther Platform
    Panther Platform 8 months ago

    We want to see slo mo footage of the violence in Chicago on any given day and the lack of al sharpton race baiting because it's just Chicago, not a high profile parking lot dispute where the obvious perp got what he had coming (Pinellas Co.)

  • Owen Nelson
    Owen Nelson 8 months ago +1

    Football's better that soccer

  • GamingPredator
    GamingPredator 8 months ago

    tought id test my new headset out by watching some youtube videos, the football that you cant kick so its not football scared the absaloute **** out of me

  • Keaton Leonard
    Keaton Leonard 9 months ago

    We have a ball

    *tWo BaLls iN fAcT*

  • eric sincennes
    eric sincennes 9 months ago

    Now time to over inflated car tire!!!

  • SpringSpyd3r
    SpringSpyd3r 9 months ago

    Tom Brady definitely didn’t do that

  • zenith if you're kind
    zenith if you're kind 9 months ago

    Thats a soccer ball

  • Gregory Gold
    Gregory Gold 9 months ago

    I was expecting a football, not a soccerball ;)

  • Kool Kid Views
    Kool Kid Views 9 months ago

    Gav: Hi were the slow mo guys and we have balls!
    Dan: yes two in fact
    me: yas you have balls to to those crazy things and yall bois...

  • Kool Kid Views
    Kool Kid Views 9 months ago

    I think The American names should be different soccer should be football and soccer should be named football

  • Nightcasterxx 25
    Nightcasterxx 25 9 months ago

    The soccer ball is fake foot ball

  • soup gang
    soup gang 10 months ago

    "pretend football" at least we landed on the moon

  • Uekdk 1988
    Uekdk 1988 10 months ago

    Why didn't the preasue push back the needle, or an just missing something?

  • Justin Ellis
    Justin Ellis 10 months ago

    There's Football then there's Fútball. Calling one the 'real' one is uncalled for because they have two different pronunciations as well two different games. And have you been looked that the balls used for the games?

  • Ahmet Ziya
    Ahmet Ziya 10 months ago

    This guys has balls

  • BomberDude
    BomberDude 10 months ago

    Try a car tire!

  • 1mandivision
    1mandivision 10 months ago

    Nice Ace Ventura joke but Dan probably didn't get it ;-)

  • Limones Reyes
    Limones Reyes 10 months ago

    He went to Kmart

  • Pasupuleti Chithra
    Pasupuleti Chithra 10 months ago

    Nice plans SMG I will subscribe to you

  • jalfredzamora
    jalfredzamora 11 months ago

    Blow a car tyre

  • TakeThatRage119
    TakeThatRage119 11 months ago

    Wait now I wanna know if your hand would really get blown to bits if you were holding a ball while this happened D:

  • butter lord
    butter lord 11 months ago

    Why are there snitch on America football

  • Satyam Srivastava
    Satyam Srivastava 11 months ago

    My elder brother did to me what gav does to dan😭😭

  • Pavel Popov
    Pavel Popov 11 months ago

    Russian football team play with ball for American football

  • BadAssMutha006
    BadAssMutha006 Year ago

    1:53 Sweet Ace Ventura reference, Gav.

  • Jake John
    Jake John Year ago

    RIP Wilson ;(

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly Year ago

    Neither of them are really footies

  • I fart daisies
    I fart daisies Year ago

    That's a *small* air compressor. Haha

  • EraSky
    EraSky Year ago

    When you try to make friends with sports player and they just hate you....

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore Year ago

    Tom brady really loves this video

  • Ku Dastardly
    Ku Dastardly Year ago

    LOL football turban!

  • Snehal Nayan
    Snehal Nayan Year ago +1

    I think I only saw a football and a handegg. Not two footballs definitely

  • Ruler World
    Ruler World Year ago

    "Fake football"

  • David Morse
    David Morse Year ago

    I appreciate the Ace Ventura reference Gav even if it went over Dan's head.

  • Mathew Pritchard
    Mathew Pritchard Year ago

    it's not a football!!!!!

  • kylepackard
    kylepackard Year ago

    “This ones split down the width of it, it SEAMS”

  • Conor Moriarty
    Conor Moriarty Year ago


  • X- X6Bleed6Out6X -X

    1:01 play at 0.25 yt speed

    Thhhhaaaaaattttttsssss rooccckkkk aaaaaaahhhhhhrrrrrdddd

  • X- X6Bleed6Out6X -X

    And we have balls

    "We do have balls, two balls"

    Uuummmm what balls r u on about

  • Toasty Joe
    Toasty Joe Year ago

    I’m fine with destroying that evil football. He called you names then instant karma hit him.

  • joseph jackson
    joseph jackson Year ago +1


  • Porter Coplen
    Porter Coplen Year ago

    Why did it blow up the balls

  • Octo!
    Octo! Year ago

    911 dislikes🤔

  • SJ B
    SJ B Year ago

    that's soccer ball not a football

  • tastemysaucer
    tastemysaucer Year ago

    Good thing someone finally found a good use for those kinds of balls.

  • SladeBallard
    SladeBallard Year ago

    As a South American I salute my Eurobros for recognizing the supremacy of actual Football over the American one.

  • Kay Fah
    Kay Fah Year ago

    Rugby ball*

  • gmail account
    gmail account Year ago +1

    The American football you destroyed was different from the one you showed at the beginning

  • Brown Red
    Brown Red Year ago

    We use to rap around with plastic bags

  • Glen Dorner
    Glen Dorner Year ago

    omae wa mou
    *_s h i n d e i r u_*

  • Hartono Jafar
    Hartono Jafar Year ago

    pretend football hahahahahah

  • OtherDRK
    OtherDRK Year ago

    2:38 anyone else pick up on that pun

  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe Year ago

    I have always wondered why a REAL football is called a football. Doesn't make sense really, but neither does having trump for a president. We got the football thing right though. USA-1 rest of the world-0. AMERICAAAA!!!

  • Pure Slow Motion
    Pure Slow Motion Year ago +33

    *we have balls.*

  • Subterranean Homesick Alien

    i dont know why but i fliched when the first ball exploded.

  • stumpjumper123 Gaming

    hey thats not a foot ball thats a soccer ball;)

  • Marc Rainey
    Marc Rainey Year ago

    2:42 unintended pun

  • Yuttapong Wongapiwattanakul

    You're getting obsessed with different sports about just an circle ball and egg-shaped ball.

  • Marcus Mitchell
    Marcus Mitchell Year ago

    Only one of them is a real football. The other is a ball from a rugby clone.

    (see I can wind up Americans)

  • Crazy_K01
    Crazy_K01 Year ago

    The pulled a reverse Brady

  • LordHeadass
    LordHeadass Year ago

    Soccers not a sport

  • Chevon Pottinger
    Chevon Pottinger Year ago

    Pretend football lol so true

  • Simon Omot
    Simon Omot Year ago

    0:03 yes, yes you do. XD

  • Paulunatr
    Paulunatr Year ago

    There's a New England Patriots joke to be made here...

  • Yeshua the savior of the world

    Stupid americans handegg, they injure and kill eatchother in the field and call it football....

  • sir nigbone
    sir nigbone Year ago

    I wanna put it in my mouth and close it as tight as I can.

  • asordid reality
    asordid reality Year ago

    The American football actually made me jump. hahaha

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Year ago

    Looks kinda like that guy from street Fighter’s SONIC BOOM attack

  • Tjeeper t
    Tjeeper t Year ago

    What about... A bike wheel?

  • X Xavier
    X Xavier Year ago

    do a basketball