VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
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    The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 6 303

  • Call555JackChop
    Call555JackChop 10 hours ago

    How am I just learning about this channel!?

  • Ursaring89
    Ursaring89 11 hours ago

    You guys should do the Warcraft movie.

  • Flowmasta Flam
    Flowmasta Flam 11 hours ago

    7:22 this is why I hated the end of men in black as a kid. Our universe is a "marble" in a game played by giant, giant aliens. But the speed of light is constant. Because of relative size, if you were bigger than a universe you'd see with your eyes whatever was there billions of years ago because light takes mass amounts of time to travel long distances. If 2 bigger-than-the-universe aliens were standing in front of each other, and one punches the other, it would take billions of years after feeling the punch to see it coming. Obviously such large creatures cannot exist and we're pretty hard capped on the size that living creatures can be before any sense of biology is even considered. 8 year old me feels better.

  • Flowmasta Flam
    Flowmasta Flam 12 hours ago +1

    The Matrix was so revolutionary. It's insane how well they made it. It could have been released today 20 years later and it would still be impressive.

  • Timour R
    Timour R 12 hours ago

    I know its all animated but Love, Death, and Robots has some insane CGI.

  • prizegotti
    prizegotti 13 hours ago

    WhAt Is ThE MaTtRix?

    GENZIZ 13 hours ago

    the baby scene looks like a game cinematic trailer xd

  • TristenNator
    TristenNator 13 hours ago

    The way he pronounced Matrix at the beginning is pissing me off

  • goolizap
    goolizap 13 hours ago

    Critique the Transformer movies!!!!

  • Lexi Anderson
    Lexi Anderson 14 hours ago

    Lord of the Rings please!!!!

  • Samah Saadi
    Samah Saadi 15 hours ago

    They should always include a bad example of CGI and offer solutions as to how to fix them.

  • Marawan Hesham
    Marawan Hesham 15 hours ago

    please react to blade runner 2049

  • Zom
    Zom 15 hours ago

    I was more scared of the blonde holding the baby than the baby itself. She looks so fake.

  • Ronald Gardini
    Ronald Gardini 16 hours ago

    I swear that when I saw the endgame the first thing I thought ..... "that guy who did the infinity war in pixel is fucked up to do this one". GOOD JOB ! Congratulations!!!!

  • Bince Briyatharsan
    Bince Briyatharsan 16 hours ago

    Ironic how I watch this video about cgi and get an ad showing a dancing, talking baby XD
    (It was an Evian water ad)

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds 16 hours ago

    Harry Potter!

  • Patrick Philibosian
    Patrick Philibosian 17 hours ago

    On a video about anything visual, why on earth would you take up 1/6th of the screen with the three of you sitting on the couch talking about the scene we can't entirely see? We can hear your critique as your reaction. We don't need to see your facial reactions, seeing as they look about the same every time. We want to "see" what your talking about not see you "talking" about it. Just an observation is all.

  • Stefano Cassio
    Stefano Cassio 18 hours ago +1

    You guys need to react to Blade Runner 2049. Such great VFX work

  • Robert Andre
    Robert Andre 18 hours ago

    Sooo many ads. God USclip sucks now

  • YaBoyWolf
    YaBoyWolf 18 hours ago

    Can you guys react to the Warcraft 3 trailer compared to World of Warcraft's newer cinematics?

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 19 hours ago

    "Wing Commander" did "bullet time" first.

  • Dillon Tanner
    Dillon Tanner 19 hours ago

    Commercial Food Preparation Facility

  • Omar Conzato
    Omar Conzato 19 hours ago

    0:42 damn save some pusi for the rest of us dude

  • David Lacziko
    David Lacziko 20 hours ago

    Please do Dino movie 2000!!! I am verrrrrry curious how they could do such a good job back then.

  • Jeroen G
    Jeroen G 20 hours ago

    MAT-rix ? dude just no.... assuming English is not first langauge ( It ain't mine ) other wise SHAME *dingding*

  • Diddles Mc Muffin
    Diddles Mc Muffin 20 hours ago

    Dislike because he called it the mattrix

  • veerchasm1
    veerchasm1 20 hours ago

    Hal Sparks in the center

  • Alessio Balsamo
    Alessio Balsamo 21 hour ago

    I assume you said "it's revolutionary", about the bullet-time scene in The Matrix, referring to the camera "revolving" around Keanu, because I believe it's basically the last time that practical effect has been used (or, at least, it was its peak) :-D

    I think Pacific Rim Uprising was pretty solid, though I agree with you on special effects. Sometimes I imagine what a special effect team would agree on, that the best effects are those you barely notice, and the boss breaking into the conversation with "I paid a lot for these special effects and I want my money's worth! make the fights happen in daytime. And I want them fast and... smashy!"

  • Aaron Lote
    Aaron Lote 23 hours ago

    Watch Resident Evil extras - the pieces of the lasered guys are legit molds and not faked physics.

  • beau dactyl
    beau dactyl 23 hours ago

    The cube for criss cross though

  • Michael Tj
    Michael Tj 23 hours ago

    May I know the VFX Artists' works?

  • patman0250
    patman0250 Day ago

    Ok no the bigger you are the slower you get isn't because of air. Its because you have more mass per cubic inch. Seems you don't understand physics as well as you thought. Air has absolutely nothing to do with it unless you're movie at airplane speeds.

  • Noah Sehorn
    Noah Sehorn Day ago

    all i can say is that the left guy looks like an HD Pewdipie XD

  • K.R. Akil
    K.R. Akil Day ago

    React to a indian movie "enthiran" the robot

  • Neal Sterling
    Neal Sterling Day ago

    Watching the last minutes, i wonder if they (or any other VFX artist) came to a point where they voluntary decided to make a shot less realistic, because it would be genuinely too gory.

  • S L
    S L Day ago

    They guy In the middle sounds like a woman.

  • Roobs Dang
    Roobs Dang Day ago

    can you do jon bernthal in the new ghost recon trailer

  • Trevor Lowe
    Trevor Lowe Day ago

    The way he said matrix makes me dislike him strongly.

  • The Kilted Heathen

    Two requests: Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One, and while it's not a movie some of the cutscenes for Halo 2 Anniversary

  • Mad City Music Live

    You guys remind me of the new school belittling the pioneers without whose work you wouldnt be doing what youre doing now

  • nathan komoto jr

    Dude you are saying the MATRIX WRONG if it is your Favourite movie of all time Get the Name Correct Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you can't say the name of the movie correctly why should we believe anything about the VIdeo.

  • nagualdesign
    nagualdesign Day ago

    _"Is this real life?"_ LOL! I'm never going to be able to watch that film again without imagining Caville being high on Novacaine.

  • Mark
    Mark Day ago

    Do all the spider-man movies!

  • Aveoxus
    Aveoxus Day ago

    I used to be so afraid of the criss cross laser scene, now I see the physics was bad

  • R Moura
    R Moura Day ago

    The resident evil one was pratical effects.

  • DJ Sullivan
    DJ Sullivan Day ago

    Is that the guy from Node?

  • Malachi Cronshey


  • beasthunt
    beasthunt Day ago

    DC's animation is pure shite.

  • Pedro Abe
    Pedro Abe Day ago

    cg animes

    ORA ORA Day ago

    The Matress

  • whyisblue923taken

    We'll beat the lowest advertised price or your Matrix is freeeee!!!

  • Suri TNP//Suri the nether pug

    MUH - A - TRICKS = Matrix

  • Manchester Biker

    Can't be arsed looking at 6k comments, but the crossing laser when the eye melts and head fall away......it isn't artefact. The piece bounces off the shoulder!

  • Stefan Werleman
    Stefan Werleman Day ago

    They should react to Thanos

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Day ago

    Baby's hair is super thick to

  • Immersed
    Immersed Day ago +1

    how can he say "MATT" "TRIX" in the same sentence as saying that it's his favorite movie? It's not like it isn't said IN the movie....

  • Inka Koutná
    Inka Koutná Day ago

    Thank you so much for the matrix

  • Mike Callen
    Mike Callen Day ago

    Why the fuck did he say matrix like that

  • Ahmet Dulgeroglu

    do you hear mattress or math tricks

  • Cola Kubez
    Cola Kubez Day ago

    I'm assuming he said Matrix wrong on purpose.

  • Rob L.
    Rob L. Day ago

    Can I hire the guy in the middle for my kid's birthday party?
    He does an awesome Micky Mouse impersonation.

  • Jonas Jämtberg
    Jonas Jämtberg Day ago

    Blade Runner 2049

  • Rob L.
    Rob L. Day ago

    "The bigger you are, the slower you get."
    The bigger you are, the slower you appear to be in relation to something else at a smaller scale.
    When I walk at one step per second, and each step is about 3', I'm moving at about 3' second.
    When a giant robot walks, I could be moving at about 20' per second, but it'll seem slower because each step could take 5 seconds instead of just 1.

  • Batak Jemi
    Batak Jemi Day ago

    Do the avatat

  • No more
    No more Day ago

    How are they this bad at Audio??

  • The Wild Wolf!
    The Wild Wolf! Day ago

    As we can see the angle from the neck cut goes right through her hair at 11:44, but the hair didnt get cut, nor her clothes.

  • akyo88
    akyo88 Day ago

    wait what. why isent the hair bunn on the resident evil lady cut!?

  • Sporky
    Sporky Day ago +3

    shouldve let them react to the captain america civil war full airport battle scene since its 90% cgi'd.

  • Zacharie Lachapelle

    If you liked the Matrix CGI, I think that you'd like Sucker Punch

  • Lame X
    Lame X Day ago +1

    7:20 my mom after I didn’t do what she wanted me to do

  • AllHailMe 1243
    AllHailMe 1243 Day ago

    Try looking at the Power Rangers VFX. Have fun with that.

  • Eddy P
    Eddy P Day ago

    With the criss-cross laser scene, the actor would fall apart at the ankles first where the weight is compounded

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh Day ago

    What earphones are those? Name please

  • Lexi Pryde
    Lexi Pryde Day ago

    say it with me ..... may ~ trix ( matrix ) it is not like mattress .....

  • Derek Knisely
    Derek Knisely Day ago

    Matt-rix? Are you serious bruh?

  • Safira SNH
    Safira SNH Day ago

    what do you think of Godzilla II?😬

    THE TOY PRINZ TR 2 days ago

    pronouncing matrix

  • World Of Wacky Games
    World Of Wacky Games 2 days ago +1

    Amazing how one person could recreate Neo's epic bullet time shot nowadays. Full credit to the team who invented all this for The Matrix!

  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez 2 days ago

    You should've compared the cutting scenes in RE with the wire cutter in Cube

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 2 days ago

    4:24 atrocious, how did that get approved

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 2 days ago

    The Matt Ricks?

  • rick mriganka
    rick mriganka 2 days ago

    React to 300 CGI

  • The Mighty Starscream
    The Mighty Starscream 2 days ago +1

    The only problem with Pacific Rim was some of the battle sequences could have been done in daylight

  • Ophillia Balls
    Ophillia Balls 2 days ago

    Please react to the sauron’s tower collapsing

  • Supper Nightcore
    Supper Nightcore 2 days ago

    In Twilight.. the baby is a vampires.. and vampires grow up faster.. It makes sense that the baby was already maturing

  • Kibble Yeet
    Kibble Yeet 2 days ago

    Man why can y’all just enjoy the movie. Like idc if it looks crappy I still enjoy it life’s to short.

  • 10100rsn
    10100rsn 2 days ago

    A 1/3rd scale set might not be CG but it certainly is a visual effect...

  • 10100rsn
    10100rsn 2 days ago

    Keanu Reeves does not flop. Just sayin' ...

  • varying-degrees
    varying-degrees 2 days ago

    Good point about the studios flexing at each other, lol. Can't back down, even if the results are ridiculous!

  • Donatas Simaitis
    Donatas Simaitis 2 days ago

    well pacific rim is based of anime so what did you expect?

  • Geronimo1969
    Geronimo1969 2 days ago

    Da staunen die Ladys wieder!

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 2 days ago

    Holy mother of ads... 14 minute video, over 10 ads

  • TheEd141
    TheEd141 2 days ago

    Matrix bitch

  • Conan NinteenEightyEight

    in resident evil, wht the guy is sliced in pieces, is actually not cgi at all, they creted a physical statute of wax or sth like that and sliced it and that's what you see, so no cgi in that one

  • Mapherton
    Mapherton 2 days ago

    I love the MUHtrix too! Great moovee!

    PASTRAMIKick 2 days ago

    I think the superman mouth would've ended up looking much better if they tried to use some of that good ol' deepfake technology, it would only take to get a lot of shots of Henry Cavill's mouth in different positions, lighting etc, and voila! you got yourself a realistic looking mouth. If could've even replaced the whole face if they wanted to.

  • Count Vidian
    Count Vidian 2 days ago

    I saw more decapitations in this video than I have total before if you count how many times you replayed the one scene

    SMOKEY 2 days ago

    These cunts are so gay

  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava 2 days ago

    What do you think about Dark Fate trailer ... it looks exceptionally bad.

  • SirCinder128
    SirCinder128 2 days ago

    THE MATT RIX?!!! 0:24