The Undateables S10E05 Nisar - The Undateables Season 10 Episode 5

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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  • José Marques
    José Marques 2 days ago +1

    24:39 Why does that ambulance sounds like a travesty?

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 4 days ago

    Like what the fuck was nisars date wave at the end, she was so damn rude🙄

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 4 days ago

    The girl Nisar went on a date with was so rude, she looks so pretentious and constantly judging him, shame on her, he is a beautiful human that shouldn't waste his time with a person like her.

  • Le Gallinacé
    Le Gallinacé 5 days ago

    Dianel est juif, No way !

  • Jimmy Shaker
    Jimmy Shaker 7 days ago

    I’d do the midget ..

  • memo A
    memo A 8 days ago

    I would marry daniel

  • Pete Louis
    Pete Louis 8 days ago

    One thing I notice about these adorable people is that they always have wonderfully supportive parents who let them know they are loved and appreciated exactly the way they are. I really think that is the key. So many people in the world, whether they have a disability or not, do not have that. Growing up around people who are cold and critical is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. I believe If we all had such nurturing the world would be a much nicer place.

  • ashley josephs
    ashley josephs 9 days ago

    Fatima is absolutely gorgeous

    WAWE WAWE 9 days ago

    As much as I love Fartimas all honesty she would be too high maintenance for me.

  • Natalia Judit
    Natalia Judit 10 days ago

    I think Daniel is a very nice person too but he should improve his looks like throwing those jeans away and havin a haircut that would make a big differance

  • Natalia Judit
    Natalia Judit 10 days ago

    Nizar is such a sweet guy and soooooo handsome! It so unfair he has no girlfriend :(

  • Liciy
    Liciy 15 days ago

    I would swallow Nisar whole ok I swear to God I’ll make him stutter my name he’s handsome and smart I’d date the hell out of him

  • ZNM Siba
    ZNM Siba 15 days ago

    Did he say 'fuck to you' ? Omg what does that even mean?!!

  • Jamie Lange
    Jamie Lange 16 days ago

    Dating tip: Do not talk about the wedding on the first date.
    Also, how cute that Daniel found someone just as intense as himself.

  • Antonio Ferrer
    Antonio Ferrer 17 days ago

    Here's my "expert" report: Nisar: Haircut + shave, terrible advice from the friend = terrible blunder, then, unable to relax and just be himself. The girl's attitude also didn't help, too stiff. Perhaps try someone else. From the comments, he seems to have built quite the "fan legion"
    Fatima: Also started too serious and not being her bubbly/funny self, then, the guy, being relaxed and goofy as she usually is, helped her get on track and end well.
    Daniel: Did well and may have found a match. Wish he can keep his cool, raise his self confidence and keep the intensity low key. High intensity, especially in early stages, can scare anyone and be a real "turn off".The girl is cool.

  • Blue
    Blue 17 days ago

    I love this series... So many sweet people.. Everyone deserves love and they all make my heart beam... This dating service is wonderful...

  • Cori. k
    Cori. k 17 days ago

    Nissar, you are beautiful, I would never be turned away because of your stammer

  • Michelle Sjöberg
    Michelle Sjöberg 18 days ago

    Who would be bothered by a stammer?? Its so sad that so many people with different abilities should feel insecure. The bigger problem is people that see different abilities as disabilities. I love people that are kind, loving and interesting. Normal is boring anyways 😄

  • Monstkuki
    Monstkuki 19 days ago

    What the nisar is Freaking gorgeous look at his eyes!!!!! He's handsome

  • gege Talking
    gege Talking 19 days ago

    Why is the girl is looking like nisar that way ...soooo rude

  • gege Talking
    gege Talking 19 days ago

    Can someone tell me what is the problem with danial?

  • gege Talking
    gege Talking 19 days ago

    I hope nisar teacher loses his job

  • kanaal die ik niet meer ga gebruiken

    Dwarf gal looks like a pug

  • special ned
    special ned 19 days ago

    I’d love to fuck that lil black midget

  • Robz4Real
    Robz4Real 20 days ago

    Nisar is so handsome and seems like a real sweetheart. I'd definitely go on a date with him.

  • linafelina
    linafelina 20 days ago


  • Milivoje Tomovic
    Milivoje Tomovic 21 day ago

    I'd fuck the nigga midget

  • Karen Burton
    Karen Burton 22 days ago

    Fatima is a total charm.

  • Karen Burton
    Karen Burton 22 days ago

    I simply don't like Daniel's hair, beard and clothing style.

  • rukhshanda majeed
    rukhshanda majeed 22 days ago +4

    Radhika extremely rude person.. I did not like her.

  • xayatii bint koshin
    xayatii bint koshin 23 days ago

    Is kinda stress to time up yourself ,its in the hands of GOD and it will stress you so much

  • olivia 333
    olivia 333 24 days ago

    The Indian guys are funny. 🤣

  • Dunkelherz
    Dunkelherz 27 days ago

    quite the fake dating show. its pretty clear that they are all 3rd class amateur actors

  • Emrik Ekblad
    Emrik Ekblad Month ago

    Daniel is like Russel brand

  • Lauren Bartley
    Lauren Bartley Month ago

    Nisar was right about his hair, looked better before but still very handsome.

  • Reabetswe Pearl
    Reabetswe Pearl Month ago

    I hate that Nasir cut his hair. I liked him with the fro😢

  • bye
    bye Month ago

    Nisar looks like he could be in an early/mid 2000s pop punk band

    • bye
      bye Month ago

      omg and his friends too

  • bye
    bye Month ago

    4:26 his mum is so rude wow. let him live

  • bye
    bye Month ago


  • janjanbeckham8
    janjanbeckham8 Month ago have to take time to know him, he is a nice guy. His first impression that he wants to give to others is terrible, trying too hard makes him too nervous, too nervous makes him look weird

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez Month ago

    The Indian guy new hair cut suit him way better. He looks younger and better. I think he should've said something about his stutter to take it out of the way

  • Weird Nation
    Weird Nation Month ago

    Nisar is lookalike Dev Patel

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt Month ago

    That black guy is 100% gay and dorsnt know it yet ahahahaha poor guy lol

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt Month ago

    I rather half a woman than a full length woman with half a brain lol

  • Leona Leona
    Leona Leona Month ago

    Nisar it gets easier and easier. 👍👍

  • SilverTele
    SilverTele Month ago

    this is season 8 episode 2...

  • ulhurusurf club
    ulhurusurf club Month ago

    gday.. young bloke making mix tape... woohoo... did that... been there.. 45 summers ago

  • Faith Jackson
    Faith Jackson Month ago +1

    The girl that went out I. The date with nisar is a total jerk like ik its your choice whether to chose who u date or not but she was being a whole jerk making it awkward and stuff making all those face expressions like wtf bro he's a very nice person and your wrong for treating him like he isn't human

  • Sofia Marino
    Sofia Marino Month ago

    I like both of them

  • Gabriela Francisca Baez Bargellini

    Nisar, you are a very handsome and cute guy!....that girl was not for you....keep going, you will find someone who deserve you :)

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 Month ago

    I feel like the girl Nisar went out with wanted to laugh but kept hiding it not offend him. People should be more honest.

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 Month ago +2

    "Before she could reject me, I'll just reject myself" - this guy is my spirit animal

  • A ri
    A ri 2 months ago

    okay - how many seasons exists? In Netflix I just can see 6 episodes. OMG I thought there is nothing more and now I see THIS

    WAWE WAWE 2 months ago

    I love Fatima's laugh!

    WAWE WAWE 2 months ago

    Daniel seems ok. Being a 80s baby I do enjoy the 90s grunge rock. I am very much into metal and it's harder to find someone into death metal. I like Daniels look with his long hair and facial hair. He reminds me a little of Russell Brand

  • Rosie Red
    Rosie Red 2 months ago

    I don't get it. Why are they deemed undateable? They all seem absolutely fine to me.

  • Huck Haeata
    Huck Haeata 2 months ago

    i think i need to be on the Undateables ..... i don't like anyone in my personal space, i don't shake hands..... i don't like being asked fake pleasantries like 'how are you?' i'm like ???? what exactly do you want to know? then i get frustrated i had to ask that question because they're just not being specific enough - if they want me to reply 'good' then i don't do that zombie reply back - then they say i'm just being polite, then i say ahhhhhhhh no you're asking a non specific question to a complete stranger and i don't want to conversate about at the beginning of meeting someone about "HOW" i am??? specifically ??????? what? am i hungry atm? am I needing bus money? am I needing career assistance? like WTF do people want to know? right at the beginning of a conversation WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST GREET EACH OTHER WITH A Hello, Hi, Good morning, good afternoon or good evening.......or say "hello Why you look lovely i must" now that is fine and I can say 'hello thank you for saying and yes I do" hahahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - i don't like people saying sorry for no reason......i'm like why are you sorry you didn't do anything wrong??? so that frustrates me .... so come to think of it I don't want to date any one because most people aren't like me hahahahaha and i'm quite content with myself but it would be interesting if i went out on a date ! Fake pleasantries do my head in.

  • Poop For poop
    Poop For poop 2 months ago

    Daniel is awesome

  • Tina Cottin
    Tina Cottin 3 months ago

    I really hope Daniel and the girl made it! They seemed to have a deep connection!

  • danishpinay
    danishpinay 3 months ago

    my husband have asperger too. very hot and smart guy. he think too he was undateable but of course he was. these people just need to find the right person that will accept their imperfections, we all have them.