The Science of Laziness

  • Published on May 22, 2014
  • Why are some people so lazy? Is there a couch-potato gene?
    Check out 'The Sports Gene':
    Science Of Productivity:
    Special thanks to David Epstein for help with this episode:
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    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Further Reading--
    Neurobiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Wheel-running Activity
    Mice from lines selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running exhibit lower blood pressure during withdrawal from wheel access
    Patterns of Brain Activity With Variation in Voluntary Wheel-Running Behaviour
    Current understanding of the genetic basis for physical activity.
    Genetic influences on exercise participation in 37,051 twin pairs from seven countries.
    Does the difference between physically active and couch potato lie in the dopamine system?
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  • nourat aboubacar

    That’s why I’m lazy I guess 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Danny Peacock
    Danny Peacock 2 days ago

    To be honest I only get out of bed to change what is in my dvd player

  • Rebel
    Rebel 2 days ago

    Is procastination also called lazy?

  • Chris Kogos
    Chris Kogos 3 days ago

    Pfft I knew it. It was in my jeans this whole time.

  • Foxy
    Foxy 9 days ago

    Physical activity makes me want to commit die so i'd rather not get up

  • checksignalcable no
    checksignalcable no 9 days ago

    HAHA my dopamine system does not work, im dead inside, im not happy if i get money or anything, well maybe a little, few minutes, and then mah, whatever. So work is a strain to me and only if its absolutely necessary i mostly do it out of fear not desire.

  • Norbert Szabó Zsolt
    Norbert Szabó Zsolt 10 days ago

    You switch on and off your own genes by your consciousness, this video spreads bs.

  • Delay_ed
    Delay_ed 13 days ago

    When your parents tell you that you're lazy-
    "Sorry, mom. It's genetics."

  • samiul gamer
    samiul gamer 16 days ago +1


  • Elle gacha HOT CHICKEN

    @my parents

  • zen
    zen 17 days ago

    naah ill watch it later

  • Dicki Monster
    Dicki Monster 18 days ago

    That's just excuses get up and run

  • kostas lescinskas
    kostas lescinskas 20 days ago

    First stop eat fast full of fats food.I stoped feeling like potato when start make my own cooked food.:)

  • -_- Chill
    -_- Chill 21 day ago

    This video made me lazy

  • The Self-Lovening
    The Self-Lovening 22 days ago

    I even got tired watching this video 😬

  • Artsy Drawings
    Artsy Drawings 25 days ago +1

    Who else has something they have to do but doesn’t wanna do it?

  • Paper_Bag_Art
    Paper_Bag_Art 26 days ago

    Oh so it is genetic

  • Nytrisha
    Nytrisha 28 days ago

    Change your DNA - that doesn't work bro wth XD

  • Duke Memphis
    Duke Memphis Month ago

    0:19 Wait, how is exercise the surprising thing? I'd take that third thing over that second thing any day.

  • Anime Sora
    Anime Sora Month ago


  • Linda Zizan
    Linda Zizan Month ago

    I'm tired being lazy so i search how not to be lazy.. but its end up, its so tired to workout, so i choose to be lazy once more time

    (i mean.... and again and again and again, obviously😂😂)

  • HappyHippoEaters
    HappyHippoEaters Month ago +2

    an object that is in motion tends to stay in motion
    while an object at rest will stay at rest

  • Lo Gan
    Lo Gan Month ago +3

    This is literally all i am so lets watch about me

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash Month ago

    Dislike cuz of those same being together in the beginning above her head

  • Jayden
    Jayden Month ago

    I’ve studied this science for the entirety of my life

  • Deema Ahmad
    Deema Ahmad Month ago

    I’m not lazy....
    I’m just motivated to do nothing!!

    ZIGU BIGULE Month ago +2

    Yeah about exercise...

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago

    I like exercising but I hate having to do homework and projects

  • Abhishikta Roy
    Abhishikta Roy Month ago

    I'm not *lAZy*, I am just in the *eNErgY SAviNg MOdE* 😝

  • Max B
    Max B Month ago

    why is the title in slovenian?

  • Wolf Net Rexter
    Wolf Net Rexter Month ago


  • Oh Boy
    Oh Boy Month ago

    Why confront your problems when you can blame your genetics, am I right?

  • Vignesh Menon
    Vignesh Menon Month ago +2

    Me : I have to do my homework
    Me : (watches this video) Well that explains a lot
    Me : (subscribes to asapscience and continues to watch asapscience)

  • Stephanie Diaz
    Stephanie Diaz Month ago

    I like being lazy....

  • optic Gaming
    optic Gaming Month ago

    The sketch was enough to attract me.♥

  • All American
    All American Month ago +1

    I was almost too lazy to click it, while scrolling xD

  • Gauri Pawar
    Gauri Pawar Month ago

    It is not that I am lazy. But I haven't found anything that I am interested to do.

  • CreeperGuyHQ
    CreeperGuyHQ Month ago

    4 miles

    What the heck?

  • WhyUStealMyKill
    WhyUStealMyKill Month ago +1

    I need some dope....amine

    • Unamused A. Hole
      Unamused A. Hole Month ago

      I'm just so sick of useless beurocratic bullshit! Can I just work on something without all this non sense. I'm not that stupid! I can learn! Why do I need this useless garbage?! I just want to get in there!

  • Literalpervertedloser

    Yup, my parents are lazy, and I'm as lazy as them. After such struggle I came to the conclusion that perhaps laziness is genetic? Then a little research lead me to this.

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen Month ago

    seven miles a day??? damn

  • Malygos and those spell damage

    Even though i'm clumsy ,i'm so skinny
    I'm too lazy to go to the kitchen and eat

  • Iqra Javed
    Iqra Javed Month ago

    When you realise that motivation videos doesn't help you anymore then you got recommendations about science of laziness.... even youtube z tired ov me... USclip wants break from me...

  • Donna Heard
    Donna Heard Month ago

    7am I been calling kids ,gabbs not well sore throat ok fine day off means don't go around your mates etc and Ellis well that's his computer wire connections controls gone ,can't use computer in a sensible way and learn to shut of at 11 the that's it he will not have them back today either I promise what will he do no computer when day or night that's not my problem watch TV but he won't be playing computer games iam so pissed of today really with my kids taken the piss no respect 15 and 16 I should not be screaming from 7am in morning ,s rew it leave them to sort themselves I have a new job and I won't be late for this one and school can a we there fixed penalty fines I am not being punished when I try my best well no computer for Ellis and gabband her attitude she is hungrey both of them can make their own cereal drinks meals because iam pissed of waiting hand and foot in them when no respect for anything anyone screw it all today

  • Donna Heard
    Donna Heard Month ago

    ,😱😱 now he is telling me no ..he will get up when he pleases...his attitude past year I swear arrrrrrrrrrrrgh

  • hello hello
    hello hello Month ago

    Well, if this is the case, then the only way to overcome this genetic obstacle, is to have a gene that bypasses the lazy gene, because you are your brain. That means, like Jordan Peterson reiterated, it's all your genes. This is how little we know about human genetics and the human brain.

    • hello hello
      hello hello Month ago

      You got to have a gene that bypasses that gene and so on

  • Mirackle Schmidty-out

    MAKE ME!!!!!
    sorry that was my laziness talking.

  • Mansoor Kemal
    Mansoor Kemal Month ago

    Oh, I get it. This dopamine gene decides whether i have the motivation to execrise or not.

  • Wake me Up inside
    Wake me Up inside Month ago

    I think abortion was the best choice for me

  • Rainbow Slime Maker
    Rainbow Slime Maker Month ago +1

    Im not lazy
    Im just motivated to do nothing

  • Pink Sky
    Pink Sky Month ago

    Ummmm my parents are very active and motivated, as well as my brother. Did I just find out I’m adopted? 💡 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Magic Dance - Maya
    Magic Dance - Maya Month ago

    What’s going on it’s 1:20pm and I have not even moved yet

  • du1roger
    du1roger Month ago

    Couch potato gene, cool

  • challenge accepted
    challenge accepted Month ago +1

    When I fan girl I run that’s how I get my exercise

  • sisnege licayan
    sisnege licayan Month ago

    My mother had mental problems ...........oh shit.

  • P. Indhirani
    P. Indhirani Month ago +1

    So just blame you dad for your laziness ...... So simple

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago

    so many incorrect and incomplete things in this video it's astounding, seems the author was too lazy to do proper research

  • Yara Abi farraj
    Yara Abi farraj Month ago

    Now i can just blame it on my parents cuz its "genetic"

  • Juniora Huang
    Juniora Huang Month ago

    Quoting Dr. Seuss:
    You have a brain in your head, you have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

  • Art Design Hobby
    Art Design Hobby 2 months ago

    So there is a science of this?

  • TheRandomRobot
    TheRandomRobot 2 months ago +1

    Did you know that there is an actual lazy disease...

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 2 months ago +5

    I am so lazy i want to swap with a tree so I do nothing all my life

  • Mr. Tottz 90s Camera
    Mr. Tottz 90s Camera 2 months ago

    Your mum should get off the couch!

  • Itamar_ Da_God
    Itamar_ Da_God 2 months ago

    I'll watch this later

  • L̾O̾V̾E̾ A̾N̾D̾ H̾A̾P̾P̾I̾N̾E̾S̾S̾

    Remedy for lazines. NO FAP!

  • Len Bolt
    Len Bolt 2 months ago

    The funny thing is I go to the gym 6 days a week and do hiit but I’m lazy to do any other activities like homework and chores...

  • Alikhandro animations
    Alikhandro animations 2 months ago

    so basically my dad made me lazy

  • ruth donkor
    ruth donkor 2 months ago

    Lol, when my mum says that I’m so lazy I’m gonna show her this video and say I got it from her.

  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan Thomas 2 months ago +1

    When this shit was recommended to me just now, I noticed it's 4 years old. And I looked at the date. 22nd MAY 2014! The day before something. The Supreme Gentleman, ELLIOT RODGER! All hail him. The incel rebellion has come and we shall overthrow the Chads and Staceys who have deprived us our pubescent lives! LOL :)

  • XMarkoX M.V.X.
    XMarkoX M.V.X. 2 months ago

    Lazy people are actually smarter than you if you think about lazy people at work dont get fired get treated better than the hard worker dont get yelled at the hard worker makes a mistake and gets scolded while the lazy gets a pass also people around the lazy person get frustrated and wont spend a good day thinking of why the lazy peraon does nothing while the lazy person is relaxing and having a good normal day

  • gabriel aponte
    gabriel aponte 2 months ago

    This was one of three best videos 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • PG Tips
    PG Tips 2 months ago

    You assume evolution, as soon as I hear that I can be sure you are I'll informed. Serious scientists reject the notion of evolution, it's an old Darwinian rooted lie that has been proven to be impossible.

  • Purvashi Behl
    Purvashi Behl 2 months ago

    on my bed from past 5 days because of laziness.

  • Kenato Brizumaki
    Kenato Brizumaki 2 months ago

    wow, the lesson is do what you must do😁

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 2 months ago

    Well, I'll never blame myself again for being lazy. My ancestors must have been the laziest people on earth and that's why "doing nothing" is my greatest strength. Sometimes I am too lazy to breathe. I'm serious!!!

  • Adam B
    Adam B 3 months ago

    It should be called AsapOPINION lol!

  • Adam Zouali
    Adam Zouali 3 months ago

    Is this weird day I ate something 200 calories+ I’d go for run to burn it off and if I don’t exercise everyday I feel rlly wierd

  • Cacophonix
    Cacophonix 3 months ago

    This video is so lazy.... "Because of genes and stuff, you're lazy because you're lazy... and dopamine something or other, we think" Good job.

  • kernal sanders
    kernal sanders 3 months ago

    I need to be lazy to live if i get up I'll get dizzy light headed nausa and I'll literally faint so i have to stay in this bed and i losy over 50 pounds

  • Sage Exotics
    Sage Exotics 3 months ago

    AKA the science of me

  • Balakrishnan Prakash
    Balakrishnan Prakash 3 months ago

    I am too lazy to see the complete video

  • Alminas Plunge
    Alminas Plunge 3 months ago

    I just want to say, that there is no such a thing as couch potato gene, it is a mutation of a normal gene, SLC35D3, that regulates activity levels. but that is something we can all overcome... LOL

  • Abdullah Ashrafi
    Abdullah Ashrafi 3 months ago

    Can't find the vidoe that u mentioned

  • Dillon Bryan
    Dillon Bryan 3 months ago

    Laziness isn’t a gene it’s a choice I can tell you that from personal experience, my mother, grandfather, brother, my father all are not lazy, my laziness is a choice and so is yours, we can’t take the results of mice as evidence that humans work like that too

  • King Fit
    King Fit 3 months ago

    Gym over laziness

  • James Sunderland
    James Sunderland 3 months ago

    I'm too lazy to even wri

    AMV RAGE 3 months ago

    i finally found a reason not to do stuff. thanks science guy

  • Prussia The Worlds
    Prussia The Worlds 3 months ago

    In asia they work so hard

  • Mel Ortiz
    Mel Ortiz 3 months ago

    I definitely crave activity. I get all thrown off and anxious If I can't exercise.

  • Ali Ajaj
    Ali Ajaj 3 months ago +1

    Ah that explains a lot. During a certain time a month ago when the semester began and I “was too busy” to run while overstudying on a bad routine, I would feel much more depressed and my legs would literally jitter and have a strong urge to move. I would feel extremely uncomfortable unless I walked or ran as if it was an itch I couldn’t scratch unless I moved. Fast forward 4 weeks of getting back into my normal running routine and organizing my schedule more efficiently, I’m much more energetic and happy. I know I’ve been running cross country and track in high school, but I realized how much I was literally addicted to running when I stopped during said time. I wonder if it is genetic, ecause my father used to run to school daily and travel very long distances through the desert on trading and camping trips as well as my mother who spent her whole childhood on her feet in a forest fishing community.

  • Funny Animals & People’s Videos


  • firstdayofwinter
    firstdayofwinter 3 months ago

    My mother at least is incredibly hard working, my father is not too lazy either, but I feel like one of the laziest person on the earth... Sadly both of my parents and especially my mom need lots of sleep, so I'm lazy AND sleepy...

  • Alexis V
    Alexis V 3 months ago

    I was too lazy to watch a 2 minute video on laziness so I put it in my watch later list

  • Keval Sharma
    Keval Sharma 3 months ago

    Here is another example of it😂😂

  • simple simple
    simple simple 3 months ago

    I am very lazy. But I don't want to be.

  • Syed Sammer Haider
    Syed Sammer Haider 3 months ago

    Am I the laziest person ever?
    Because when I saw your thumbnail I put your video in watch later

  • 00 Coyote
    00 Coyote 3 months ago

    It's my genetics! I am not at fault! ... Can I get disability for this? Will the govt pay me for my condition?

  • 00 Coyote
    00 Coyote 3 months ago

    I am super productive at work and super lazy at home... I knew I was screwed up!

  • ImplantedMemories
    ImplantedMemories 3 months ago

    The only thing holding me back is the boredom of the daily life. If I have to do things I don't like for a certain amount of time, I get bored. And when I'm bored I land right here on USclip or Netflix.