The Science of Laziness

  • Published on May 22, 2014
  • Why are some people so lazy? Is there a couch-potato gene?
    Check out 'The Sports Gene':
    Science Of Productivity:
    Special thanks to David Epstein for help with this episode:
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    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Further Reading--
    Neurobiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Wheel-running Activity
    Mice from lines selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running exhibit lower blood pressure during withdrawal from wheel access
    Patterns of Brain Activity With Variation in Voluntary Wheel-Running Behaviour
    Current understanding of the genetic basis for physical activity.
    Genetic influences on exercise participation in 37,051 twin pairs from seven countries.
    Does the difference between physically active and couch potato lie in the dopamine system?
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  • Sidharth Murali
    Sidharth Murali Hour ago

    I was lazy to watch the entire video

    SANDER LANDER 2 hours ago

    This is in a way sad

  • ChunkiestWorm
    ChunkiestWorm 14 hours ago

    I find this interesting. My mother is really lazy, but my father literally just works and exercises all the time. I find myself wanting to do absolutely nothing, but then forcing myself to do things because I feel like a slob if I do nothing. I feel like I'm a balance of my parents lol

  • Rz 2000
    Rz 2000 Day ago +1

    Tell your grandparents that it's their *great grandparents'* fault

  • 1000 subs with no videos??? •••

    *Too lazy to even watch this*

    AOT LIFE Day ago

    Don't be Lazy

  • अमित कुमार

    09:00 AM in morning a Guy watches this video from inside his bed.. and then he moves out for day ahead and work.. Kudos!! 😂😂😂

  • Xavier O'Neill
    Xavier O'Neill 4 days ago

    The issue is much larger than this. Just as "do not feed the animals" are posted in national parks to prevent disruption of natural foraging habits in animals. Likewise, many parents destroy children by habitually giving without a sense of having to earn it. This prevents the development of healthy work habits early on in life. The development of these skills are essential. By not encouraging this- individuals are programmed to fail. This issue is basically impossible to fix once that child reaches adolescence. It often leads mental disorders, destructive behavior and lifelong struggle of providing for oneself and a family. It's a common and widespread problem It's universal- and has existed throughout history. If a child is not trained early on, with a sense of purpose and work ethic- there's little (if anything) that can be done to remedy this. Countless books, blogs, social media sites are wildly popular- but rarely effective. If you were inspired by this video, chances are- there is no hope for you. It's next to impossible to go back and rewire this into your biological circuity. You will most likely get hooked on drugs, prescribed drugs and be a very depressed individual. Someone well said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    BOB THE ROB 10 days ago

    if it is genetics , why one of arnold sons is soooo fat , unlike his father which was mrs olympia for years and still work out even at 70 yrs old

  • Taehyung's pink hair :D

    im so lazy that when i just dropped a pencil while drawing i grabbed a different one 😂

  • Andrea K
    Andrea K 14 days ago

    I am the extreme, sometimes I have tons of motivation and work so much I don't even feel tired. When I have the momentum I can keep on going. But sometimes I'm so lazy even to get up from bed. I do force myself though. I've been looking for ways on how to motivate myself more during times like that and I came across this video, just sharing.

  • Tania Mudra
    Tania Mudra 14 days ago

    I exercise a lot ... but then the rest of the day just sit on the couch

  • Awkward artist !
    Awkward artist ! 17 days ago

    I freaking love exercise

  • Dr Crow
    Dr Crow 19 days ago

    It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I like sleep.

  • Ben Lolp
    Ben Lolp 20 days ago

    Damn it :(

  • epiphany55
    epiphany55 20 days ago

    I love being lazy. I work just enough to pay the bills and afford relative comfort. But there is nothing better to me than waking up and thinking "I have nothing to do today". That is as close to bliss as I can get. When I have to do stuff, I do it. But I am very much a "do or die" kind of person. If I can get away with staying in bed, or just pottering about the house, I will. Work is bullshit. Leisure is pleasant. Go figure, as our American friends say.

  • Andrew878D
    Andrew878D 22 days ago

    Has anyone ever seen that video where he has a full how to video on how to become "how to be the most antisocial person in the world", or "how to be the most unmotivated person in the world".
    It's like a guide on how to be the laziest and most unproductive person in the world to the max. Ive been trying to search for it but cant find it. If anyone remembers what it's called.

  • ITz_DA_SNiPer _
    ITz_DA_SNiPer _ 22 days ago

    My dad was a marine,and my mom did nothing around the house, im pretty sure im more like my dad, and i know that in the future im going to be like he was before we got the MIA letter followed by the KIA... so thats why i am probably 10× more motivated, genetics and the drive for avengeance

  • Shelton Fenhane
    Shelton Fenhane 22 days ago


  • mohammad abu shekha
    mohammad abu shekha 24 days ago

    I wish i can speak and understand english more , the majorty of good books are created by english speaker and english language

  • Infinite Thoughts
    Infinite Thoughts Month ago +1

    A lazy life is just like hearing this video at 0.25 x speed!!!

  • Jessie
    Jessie Month ago

    So the truth is.. This is bullshit. Before i liked laying around and now i have a desire to move. Explain this quack.

  • Infinite Thoughts
    Infinite Thoughts Month ago +1

    Yep I'm not guilty of my laziness anymore! It's not my fault! It's my parents fault!

  • Divya Tiwari
    Divya Tiwari Month ago

    Okay, so know I what should I blame for my laziness

  • Hazim Abdulla
    Hazim Abdulla Month ago

    Wait what??? Exercise is a drug?

  • sabdorc
    sabdorc Month ago

    I disagree

  • komigaming vidz
    komigaming vidz Month ago


  • Clint Northwood
    Clint Northwood Month ago

    A lazy person is a smart person

  • TheRooster881
    TheRooster881 Month ago

    If you’re born within the “Ward” family, it’s a different story.

  • cato
    cato Month ago

    I’d sleep 18 hours a day if someone else would is the bills. Lol

  • Video Gamez
    Video Gamez Month ago

    Im not lazy I smoke so much weed I cant move

  • Rahadyan 4868
    Rahadyan 4868 Month ago

    great, more reasons to skip PE

  • be quiet, I'm here
    be quiet, I'm here Month ago

    But what if I don't want to fight my DNA....?

  • licky micrey
    licky micrey Month ago +1

    Im a very productive person
    But when i discovered than 93% of what we learn in school is a waste in life i felt free.

  • Fukin invain Sg
    Fukin invain Sg Month ago


  • Chibi Bilgewater
    Chibi Bilgewater Month ago

    "Fight your DNA" That's. . . not how DNA works.

  • Georgios Papadopoulos
    Georgios Papadopoulos Month ago +1

    laziness is the same problem as being a workaholic, the are both a state of intense abstraction. My father for example would have criticized Einstein for being lazy.

  • Karman Gotcha
    Karman Gotcha Month ago

    Oops almost forget, anxiety, Aggittion, 24/7 lies, being told we have done something, are something, cannot live with, or without something, ignorance, arrogance, defending oneself, who we can talk to, who we can look at crossing the street, how much time we can spenn with our children childish action lies selfishness greed,. Oh my darling, how can anyone eveer live life HAPPY without the ... LOL. Very Easy .. There is NOTHING good to miss about you! Once again, you deny, twist everything, feel the need to have everything be about you!
    Oh yes, lest we forget - who left who? What was that u said to me, born again Christian, lol, that's a good one, how long did that take for you to come up with, self praising Christian, and hmm,meow MANY people, have you used those exact words on! LOL. My guess, quite a few. Sorry babe, am not interested in your CRAZY!

  • Karman Gotcha
    Karman Gotcha Month ago

    LOL, someone sure desires the need to feel important! LOL So desperate to for acknowledgement LOL, If I have any concerns in my life, or something that is upsetting me, I am sorry to inform you, rest assured, it is not you! LOL you and Ashlyy would make a perfect couple, do desperate for attention, the need to be needed, and oh let's not forget - you are most certainly, your number one fans. That's OK. There's nothing wrong with being your own biggest fan ! No-one seems to think either of you are as important ==. As yourselves!!! What's to miss, your lies, your denial, your drunken disgrace, your inability to grow up, stuck in the mndset of a child, constant anxiety, uncertainty. constantly

  • Georgie D
    Georgie D Month ago

    My mum and dad work all the time but I just sit on my bed eating chips

  • Ripai Banda
    Ripai Banda Month ago

    This will promote laziness

  • House of Horrors.
    House of Horrors. Month ago

    I was sooo lazy three hours ago that I felt that I was gonna pass out or sleep,but now I'm active like a red bull!i don't know why this happens but it's pretty weird.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff Month ago

    when new foods were created and technology came into power my lazyness went from 10% to 100

  • Damarcus Mitchell
    Damarcus Mitchell Month ago

    🚔Who driving

  • Eren Killer
    Eren Killer Month ago


  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez 2 months ago

    Mice aren't as complex as the human brain





  • Steven Revillas
    Steven Revillas 2 months ago

    Thank you, so my theory is true. That I lack physical activity, that is why Im lazy

  • PUSHI *******
    PUSHI ******* 2 months ago +1

    Human beings are a spiritual beings, there is no lazy DNA in human beings, we just unaware.

  • jon snow
    jon snow 2 months ago

    Just accept it n enjoy your laziness

  • jon snow
    jon snow 2 months ago

    Im lazy n i know it 😻😴

    BLUEGENE13 2 months ago

    ya, it's like 10000000x more complicated than what this video makes it out to be

    BLUEGENE13 2 months ago

    is this guy just blatantly copying minute physics

  • Mr Millionaire
    Mr Millionaire 2 months ago

    Even mouses are running 4 miles, damn.

  • bilal khan
    bilal khan 2 months ago

    I m left 😎

  • Arjun Nair
    Arjun Nair 2 months ago

    Now I know it's not my fault....

  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez 2 months ago

    You see...It's not my fault!

  • Stjepan Palinic
    Stjepan Palinic 2 months ago

    The study he is referring to was not big and, also complete garbage not to be taken seriously.

  • Jo Oj
    Jo Oj 2 months ago

    Not lazy, just unmotivated and don't have life purpose

  • Christian Tchinda
    Christian Tchinda 2 months ago


  • Keely Homer
    Keely Homer 2 months ago

    Watch Adam ruins everything Adam ruins science so you can know how full of crap mice testing is

  • Midnight Willow
    Midnight Willow 2 months ago

    My day goes like this:
    Wake up
    Watch USclip (in bed)
    Watch it some more (in bed)
    Realise it's 12:00 pm and I have to eat
    Go back to bed and watch some more USclip
    Watch USclip for a couple of hours
    10% battery warning
    Put iPad on charge
    Continue watching USclip in bed
    Get up and eat supper
    Go back to bed and watch USclip
    Realize it is 12:00 am
    Turn on hour playlist
    Go to sleep

    Yeah I'm healthy 👍🏻

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 2 months ago

    If youre in money problems but still work a lot, its not laziness, but failure to afford spending extra time to improve your condition. theres many who are homeless, underpaid, etc, and given laziness stigma, when in reality, they are suffering poverty or debt.

  • Patryk Wieczorek
    Patryk Wieczorek 2 months ago

    So I can blame my parents! YAY!

  • Justin Y. Playz
    Justin Y. Playz 2 months ago

    Im lazy....

  • Aiden Luke
    Aiden Luke 2 months ago

    i disagree because both of my parent they are super active. My mum wow have so much enerygy

  • verena marie
    verena marie 2 months ago

    O thank you!!! I'm so glad it's not my fault

  • CaptainCaspin
    CaptainCaspin 2 months ago

    I only work out if I listen to music while doing so

  • Joseph Russel Timpug Ison

    Funny how a videogame ad ran before this video :)

  • Paradichloronbenzene
    Paradichloronbenzene 2 months ago


  • MarMar LikesBunnies
    MarMar LikesBunnies 2 months ago

    I need help i start freaking out whenever I clean my room like I don’t want to get up anymore help me

  • Ben Janson
    Ben Janson 2 months ago

    What a load of bullshit, it’s not our genes that are the problem it’s the amount of fuckin junk food we eat and all the shit they load into the junk food that our bodies can’t handles and were never meant to consume- get off the junk food- feel better.

  • Jazz parmar
    Jazz parmar 2 months ago +1

    Hit the like butten lazy gang

  • balakumar9
    balakumar9 2 months ago

    Watching this video on couch 😁

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller 3 months ago

    I wish I liked exercise.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 months ago


  • littlecutegirl 1409
    littlecutegirl 1409 3 months ago

    Mình thấy ai làm vietsub cho video có vấn đề đó, cảm giác như bê nguyên cái google dịch vào vậy.

  • Angel S.
    Angel S. 3 months ago

    I remember once I was trying to get up to go to school but instead had a dream of getting up and going to school

  • Nova
    Nova 3 months ago

    there is such a thing as a"gene fpr", there is no "sympathy gene" or "confident gene". Genes tend to increase or decrease certain characteristics. The actions of many genes working together and other random factors produce our characteristics.

  • Negan Lucille
    Negan Lucille 3 months ago

    Too lazy to finish this video, so bye at 56 secs

  • Lon Brooklyn
    Lon Brooklyn 3 months ago

    I think laziness is like disease unless one is very wealthy!

    • Lon Brooklyn
      Lon Brooklyn 3 months ago

      I think laziness is also affected by astrological factors and less by heredetery geans!

  • WitterCritter
    WitterCritter 3 months ago

    I have like 3 art trades I haven't even started on
    I got drained from my 2 previous pieces

  • Atlantis łłł
    Atlantis łłł 3 months ago

    i feel sorry for my future child

  • Lord Unknown
    Lord Unknown 3 months ago

    I'm too lazy to compl

  • Progirl_Rossome
    Progirl_Rossome 3 months ago

    I thought you said “The science of ladies”

  • Lol Bro
    Lol Bro 3 months ago

    I get no joy from exercise I do it for the benefits and gainz

  • Bryce MBryce
    Bryce MBryce 3 months ago

    How about working hard and youre tired. How about sleeping and not resting (in a comfortable atmosphere... Depression, hormone inbalance etc...

  • ihmodey '_'
    ihmodey '_' 3 months ago +1

    Evaluation ???? Hahahahahahaha
    Very funny joke , nice one 😂👍

  • robotsrule
    robotsrule 3 months ago

    “It’s not that I’m lazy, i just don’t care”
    - (peter) Office Space

  • Saitama Black God 777
    Saitama Black God 777 3 months ago

    Proscastination=death a sin to avoid or it will kill you.

  • Nicholias Parham
    Nicholias Parham 3 months ago

    Only thing I’m not lazy at is masturbation.

  • JazzFan76
    JazzFan76 3 months ago

    I got my laziness from my mom. She's very lazy. She does nothing all but lay in bed. I do things but it takes a lot to get me notivayed to do anything most of the time. Having depression doesn't help either.

  • Alfonso Offerman
    Alfonso Offerman 3 months ago

    I just dont have that much energy to do sort of things. ''I RESPECT HUMAN THAT CAN RUN ALL DAY''

  • Krystian C.
    Krystian C. 3 months ago

    I don't want to be lazy. Please give me some tips. I have no idea of how to do it. I tried everything!😥😆

  • Annabelle Lecter
    Annabelle Lecter 3 months ago

    Eh. Id go out....but im too lazy.

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson 3 months ago

    Who knows the difference between laziness and burnout?

  • Tbird7170
    Tbird7170 3 months ago

    If I play video games for like 30 mins I sat to myself I gotta workout and move and I beat myself up because I play video games sometimes

  • miss rarity.
    miss rarity. 3 months ago

    My parents are always held up with work,
    That makes me ending up loving work and staying productive.

  • giuseppe pulitanó
    giuseppe pulitanó 3 months ago

    The mice experiment does not prove that laziness is linked with your genetics, in fact it could just be a kind of behaviour that those mice learn from their parents