• Published on Jun 11, 2019
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  • Cate Grace
    Cate Grace 40 minutes ago

    The face she made at 2:24 SENT ME

  • Abby Merril
    Abby Merril 3 hours ago

    I know this is off topic but if emma ever says she is ugly welllllll......................no you are not you are butiful the way you are....so you never say that you are......ugly becuse you are butiful. Like if you agree

  • chloefromkfc
    chloefromkfc 10 hours ago

    I was falling asleep to this video then I got sleep paralysis

  • Marissa Lee
    Marissa Lee 10 hours ago

    hotel montage! love it

  • Abriel Nease Romero
    Abriel Nease Romero 10 hours ago

    I've never even tried hummus

  • Soramomo K
    Soramomo K 11 hours ago

    for me, staying a hotel room is an activity though🥳

  • FLORES 22
    FLORES 22 13 hours ago

    Stupid cunts like this that that are prolly millionaires and haven’t worked a day in their life while i work a Manuel labor type job. The system is fucking broken....😂😂🤘🏻 o well

  • Tete Raymond
    Tete Raymond 15 hours ago +1

    ethan won’t mind coming along 😏 .

  • Ethan Johnston
    Ethan Johnston 17 hours ago

    Why is there so much merch on the clip of it but I look and there is 2 shirts a bini and a sweater

  • Samantha# not my real name Anderson

    I don’t like hummus

  • Theratedrvlogs
    Theratedrvlogs 19 hours ago

    Sis fly me out to come chill with you you seem so cool & im like lonely I watch your videos like almost every fucking 15 mins fmoi - @thelifeofmonskii I wanna move out there and become a youtuber im out of school I just really need a good friend & a different environment hit me up girl you & the Dolan twins + James cmtfu 🤣 but yea HMU 🤙🏽.

  • Lucia
    Lucia 20 hours ago +1

    Emma: if you're watching this and u don't like hummus, WHAT IS WRONG WITH U.
    everyone else: if u don't like gummy bears, WHAT IS WRONG WITH U.
    Also, just had a great idea for a stupid genius episode: why do our hairs go up when we get goosebumps?

  • Sara Hesham
    Sara Hesham 22 hours ago

    Please stop belching it’s so gross , thats why you get alot of dislikes

  • Sarah Alice Thompson

    Every ones just honking in like every clip and Emma thinks it’s her fault

  • Hailey Flanagan
    Hailey Flanagan Day ago

    That room is so nice

  • Family Knezevich

    that purple hoodie with the flame was 128 dollars from unif. im crying

  • Sofia Arrieta Masias

    Did she finish collage?

  • Swaggy Shiba
    Swaggy Shiba Day ago

    *sis I wake up at 11:00am the earliest is **9:00** and the latest is **1:00**🤠*

  • Dani Cortez
    Dani Cortez Day ago

    It’s 1 am and I’m going to get Coffee yas

  • Lily Jules
    Lily Jules Day ago

    Hey!! I’m a small USclipr and would love if you subscribed!!🥰 woot woot

  • Wendy Moore
    Wendy Moore Day ago

    Constricted pupils

  • That FREAK
    That FREAK Day ago

    I wish we were friends so i could have been there with her and have so much fun

  • Myla Riggs
    Myla Riggs Day ago +1

    You didn’t cover your license plate lol #nobodyissafe

  • Abigail Stoney
    Abigail Stoney 2 days ago

    are you driving with your knee up on the seat? lmao why and howww

  • Anise Ryer
    Anise Ryer 2 days ago +1

    Why do I low key ship you with Zach Clayton (don’t come for me)

  • Anya Hawari
    Anya Hawari 2 days ago

    It’s okay I’m lonely too

  • Lauren balaur
    Lauren balaur 2 days ago

    Lonely 😩

  • Gianna Dieden
    Gianna Dieden 2 days ago

    sometimes la doesn’t change people they just grow up

  • Look at that Kitty cat

    2:47-2:48 is me when I get in trouble

  • Look at that Kitty cat

    I thought this would never happen
    But it did

    I’m a Emma fan I thought this would never happen because I watch a lot of people that get hate for being like Emma so yeah

  • Sanchita Sarkar
    Sanchita Sarkar 2 days ago

    I was 100% expecting her to do the hand- slipper thing

  • Veronika Espinal
    Veronika Espinal 2 days ago

    this video got me out of an anxiety attack, by the end of the video I was already feeling o-k

  • Afshin Aria
    Afshin Aria 2 days ago +1

    Emma: uhm... im so bored in the spa.
    Me : BeCAuSe uR aLoNe

  • Daniela Aguila
    Daniela Aguila 2 days ago

    Emma I get you girl I have to be all the fucking day by myself 😂😭😭

  • Thelastofme bro
    Thelastofme bro 2 days ago

    Sje should have broighy ethan with her and grayson and james too

  • Claire Crowley
    Claire Crowley 2 days ago

    I saw her license plate number

  • Anna LaVine
    Anna LaVine 3 days ago

    emma chamberline are u related to will chamberline the basket ball player! if so tell him in heaven i love him

  • Anna LaVine
    Anna LaVine 3 days ago

    post more vids

  • Honeybee Sisters
    Honeybee Sisters 3 days ago


  • Honeybee Sisters
    Honeybee Sisters 3 days ago +1

    This is how much honks Emma had today😹😹👇

  • mxdison
    mxdison 3 days ago

    Emmas pupils are so small

  • Aaliyah Salim
    Aaliyah Salim 3 days ago

    Emma: if anyone watching this doesn't like hummus,

    Me: ummmm

  • Holy Son of the Wave
    Holy Son of the Wave 3 days ago +1

    Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie with almond milk must be the WESTIN

  • Holy Son of the Wave

    Im gonna have a seizure from all these transitions

  • Georgia Martino
    Georgia Martino 3 days ago +1

    Haha Emma swears just as much as me 😂

  • Hannah Ashley
    Hannah Ashley 3 days ago

    I imagine that this is what being an only child is like

  • Charles Cuesta
    Charles Cuesta 3 days ago

    I live in laguna lol have a nice day

  • Neveah jay
    Neveah jay 3 days ago

    I hate hummus

  • x3 Hayley.-.x3
    x3 Hayley.-.x3 3 days ago

    Why did this video make me like hummus :/

  • Kymbre White
    Kymbre White 3 days ago +1

    If Emma didn’t spend so much money on coffee maybe she could afford a trip in another contrey

  • Mikayla Miranda
    Mikayla Miranda 3 days ago +1

    when did she get a new car?

  • Genesis XO'
    Genesis XO' 4 days ago

    I want to go on trips by myself too so I started slow by taking myself around town

  • Maya Day
    Maya Day 4 days ago +1


  • Kristina Reed
    Kristina Reed 4 days ago

    Oh my god be my best friend thooooooo. I also just went on a solo trip recently because I have no fucking friends and I feel like we'd really get along and fuck shit up together. Like, doubt you'd ever see this but let's hangout one day. I'm a lonely outcast weirdo too bro so this could totally work. Spontaneous terrible dance party on the beach let's GOOOOO I feel like that would be good and fresh :3

  • Siana Reynolds
    Siana Reynolds 4 days ago

    I’ve never tasted humus ( idk how to spell it ) and also I’m a picky eater so idk if I would like it

  • Abir
    Abir 4 days ago

    I made a peanut butter banana smoothie before and it was the worst thing I’ve ever created

    ALPHA ASHLEY15 4 days ago +1

    For anyone watching this late did you notice when she was doing the room tour and she showed the bathroom the toilet seat was up and when she was in the car she only showed her seat and not the other seat. I think she was with Ethan

  • melany montes
    melany montes 4 days ago

    13:13 LMAOOO

  • XxgachaL_alh C:
    XxgachaL_alh C: 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for u sister

  • Nicola Collins
    Nicola Collins 4 days ago

    when emma literally wasted all of her money

  • Sangita Gajbe
    Sangita Gajbe 4 days ago

    Watch the road BABY!!!!!!

  • Ciara
    Ciara 5 days ago +5

    I’m antisocial alittle and even I’m not that lonely…yeah guys 🥴

  • kayla Hastings
    kayla Hastings 5 days ago

    So were not gonna talk about her sweatshirt 😂

  • Kaylena Vo
    Kaylena Vo 5 days ago


    Emma: “iM gOiNg tO lagOoNa”

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan 5 days ago

    I would love to go to a hotel by myself

  • kurt cobain
    kurt cobain 5 days ago +1

    alllll byyyy myyyssseeelllfffff

  • Yoo Jeongyeon unnie
    Yoo Jeongyeon unnie 5 days ago +1

    Emma is the cutest
    Edit:like if its true

  • leronarndo/meh the best wolfy in the world

    Im loney because it summer.

  • Saquila Syko
    Saquila Syko 5 days ago +2

    I feel like such a loser😩 21 and i'm never do anything or go anywhere by myself bc i'm too afraid to do that lol😂😅

  • TheWeirdPerson MSP
    TheWeirdPerson MSP 5 days ago

    omg you're such a mood 😂❤️ 17:11 and 13:08 like honestly i love your videos 💗

  • Debra Wilson
    Debra Wilson 5 days ago

    emma please take more breaks. you deserve them. we love you and promise a vacation won’t effect how much we love you. never put your mental health or personal life on hold for our entertainment. ❤️.

  • Debra Wilson
    Debra Wilson 5 days ago

    3:31 mood

  • Paige hauler
    Paige hauler 5 days ago

    Emma something is really wrong with me and I know that!

  • Paige hauler
    Paige hauler 5 days ago

    I would so watch a movie in the hot tub

  • melisa isikman
    melisa isikman 5 days ago +5

    No one:

    Every car in the entire world at Emma: *HONK*

  • gawkins
    gawkins 5 days ago +3

    7:25 look behind Emma and just stare at the car... it was behind her for a really long time..

  • Steven Teixeira’s life

    *Gets honked at three times*

  • Steven Teixeira’s life

    Miss Chamberlain, so professional

  • Evangeline Waterfield
    Evangeline Waterfield 5 days ago +2

    This is one of my favourite videos of hers, she’s just really relatable! 👌

  • KhaleyBeanzz
    KhaleyBeanzz 5 days ago +1

    its currently 3:31 am

  • Codie Wagers
    Codie Wagers 5 days ago

    Why was Emma’s mom the funniest part lol

  • EditwStyle -A
    EditwStyle -A 5 days ago +8

    Emma is lonely BUT she is so rich to do those things and I’M BROKE. I can’t relate:/

  • I have Memes for breakfast

    My mom went on vacation alone multiple times and enjoyed it....meanwhile I can’t get into a pool alone because everybody is gonna think I’m a fucking loner and A weirdo...so I’m just thinking how my mom did that.

  • Malak Eltom
    Malak Eltom 5 days ago

    Imagine, being 17 and owning a Mercedes suv

  • elisabeth holland
    elisabeth holland 5 days ago +1

    i just want to be friends with you.

  • elisabeth holland
    elisabeth holland 5 days ago

    i just wanna be friends with you.

  • Hannah Reid
    Hannah Reid 6 days ago

    when u went in the hot tub i was fr creasing looool

  • Eric Juarez
    Eric Juarez 6 days ago

    Trail mix gummy’s anddddddd cashews are LITERALLY my fav.

  • Elena Reimer
    Elena Reimer 6 days ago

    This makes me feel so fucked up!

  • Pamela Barnes
    Pamela Barnes 6 days ago

    Emma - learn to be the kind of person who is not lonely when you are by yourself. Enjoy it. AND BTW, you are never alone because you have your camera and your followers.

  • Kat • M
    Kat • M 6 days ago

    *Emma’s coffee makes me want her coffee even though I’m drinking coffee already.*

  • Cam Cordell
    Cam Cordell 6 days ago

    When I get my license and etc I wanna go in a trip alone

  • vita well
    vita well 6 days ago


  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 6 days ago

    this video was the funniest of them all lmfao

  • Maddie Luce
    Maddie Luce 6 days ago

    No sister squad SINCE WHEN

  • lil Slippy
    lil Slippy 6 days ago

    Im middle eastern Its impossible to not like humus

  • unknown
    unknown 6 days ago


  • unknown
    unknown 6 days ago


  • Buddha Bopp Bopp
    Buddha Bopp Bopp 6 days ago +1

    16:28 peaceful music then I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED

  • Lambutty
    Lambutty 6 days ago +1

    Its awesome ur so happy about gettin a facial