Ric Flair Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Vogo
    Vogo 9 hours ago

    That woo thing so cringey ... amaaaaaaaaa !

  • Anub1s0
    Anub1s0 Day ago

    Imagine , you buying those Kobe pairs , and you go to the club and they get covered in Vodka . Or you step in shit . Or it rains . Or there is mud. If I buy those shoes I am gonna wear them only in the house XD . But those python Nikes were nice

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk Day ago +1

    Get that bitch off of complex he’s fucken annoying put someone else on the job

  • xxfamousx951xx
    xxfamousx951xx Day ago

    Oh 2000 pair lol like nothing lol

  • Szpilmak MC
    Szpilmak MC Day ago

    Thanks tío

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 2 days ago

    When im that age i wana be styled up like rick

  • Joshua Hurst
    Joshua Hurst 2 days ago

    Not even gonna wear deeezz

  • Ameen Business
    Ameen Business 3 days ago

    Who knew about Ric Flair before that garbage ass song?

  • Kaustubh Pawar
    Kaustubh Pawar 3 days ago

    man trying to woo the saleswoman, fantastic!

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill 3 days ago

    What’s the song at the start?

  • Jack Connor
    Jack Connor 4 days ago


    XxSPACE VAPORXx 4 days ago


  • Carlota Federica Martinez Luna

    ❓ Why

  • Clofic C
    Clofic C 6 days ago

    Had to aks the price cuz he broke af

  • Caelan Nolan
    Caelan Nolan 6 days ago +1

    Do Conor McGregor

  • Ala Salem
    Ala Salem 6 days ago

    Much R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the Nature Boy, but, dawg, you’re pretty much every thief’s walking paradise.

    BULL1TRC Jr 7 days ago

    Air Jordan started this

  • DJ Z
    DJ Z 7 days ago


  • taedayvion perry
    taedayvion perry 8 days ago

    Rick flair flexing on them niggas

  • Black Era
    Black Era 9 days ago

    Joe: we have been talking about nike , LeBron James , Jordans .
    Ric: yes
    Joe: But I got one question for you ! WHAT ARE THOSEEEEEE ?

  • 𝕥 𝕣 𝕒 𝕤 𝕙


  • Rbixx Red
    Rbixx Red 9 days ago

    Fix flair is thicc

  • ME 123
    ME 123 10 days ago

    After everything
    T-shirt: $15

  • ME 123
    ME 123 10 days ago

    Firstly never go to a sneaker store in a suit unless ur buying sneakers for someone else

  • Broccoli Sauce
    Broccoli Sauce 10 days ago

    6:23 TOO MUCH FLEX

  • Lil_nugnuget 07734
    Lil_nugnuget 07734 11 days ago

    Oldest hypebeast alive 😜💸 👟

  • Asphalt Ricky
    Asphalt Ricky 12 days ago

    Fucking state of those stairs and walls out the back. Shop is skanky

  • Alexkamaal
    Alexkamaal 13 days ago

    Ric flair had me until he started talkin down on my Dawg Laver. Fuck outta here 👎🏾

    XXXTENTACION , 14 days ago

    Y'all Got Heelys 😉😂😈

    DEN DEN GAMING 14 days ago


  • xd luca1855
    xd luca1855 15 days ago

    hes about 200years old and he knows more bout sneakers than i do... (not offensive xd)

  • MadHatter1337
    MadHatter1337 15 days ago

    This is the best episode by far WOOO!

  • noah prewitt
    noah prewitt 15 days ago

    why the fuck did he snort a line before this

  • anishgupta
    anishgupta 16 days ago

    How’s his watch that expensive. That’s bullshit man

  • Fusion Player
    Fusion Player 17 days ago

    He didn't buy the snake skin?

  • buddha bless
    buddha bless 19 days ago

    I think flair is exaggerating the price of his watch 120k ....... ?

  • LoNeobO !
    LoNeobO ! 19 days ago

    holy shit ric flair is wearing my house right now

  • Boneless Memes
    Boneless Memes 19 days ago

    What Ric Flair wares everyday is so expensive

  • Trap4ss
    Trap4ss 19 days ago

    You could tell he really loved the WWE. He been rich before the 2000s but wrestled well into it despite his age.

  • karsha mapesa
    karsha mapesa 19 days ago

    whoop…totally a legend.

  • xxccrulez
    xxccrulez 19 days ago

    John Cena next.

  • Nicholas Baumgarten
    Nicholas Baumgarten 19 days ago

    Jcole next ?? 🧐

  • Max Roberts
    Max Roberts 20 days ago

    What is it with WHOO?

  • Ali Essa
    Ali Essa 20 days ago

    This guy is basically god.

    SNEAKRHEADZ 20 days ago

    He reminds me of dirty grandpa

  • MRR Rzl
    MRR Rzl 21 day ago

    Wish he could just drop some jordan and elbow drop on them

  • Robert Washington
    Robert Washington 22 days ago

    LeBron James is trash

  • H K
    H K 22 days ago

    $1700 for zebra yeezys? why

  • JuugNem
    JuugNem 23 days ago


  • anthony gonzalez
    anthony gonzalez 23 days ago

    How much you wanna bet he still getting pussy

  • Nico Stefano
    Nico Stefano 24 days ago

    Here after watching Chambea by Bad Bunny

  • Felix Garcia
    Felix Garcia 24 days ago

    No problem

  • justin jackson
    justin jackson 25 days ago

    he white what


    Hahaha, I see what u doing.. they put an ugly normal cashier girl for ric flair 😂

  • Octavio Bustillos
    Octavio Bustillos 26 days ago

    Who is complex? And why does everybody keep shopping for shoes with him?

  • Kronos Unboxing
    Kronos Unboxing 27 days ago

    Bruh I'd love to be on this show like no joke

  • Kalezy TV
    Kalezy TV 28 days ago


  • RainLefty Reaction
    RainLefty Reaction Month ago

    Reptilian... woooo!!!Sssssshhhh

  • Mr. Post Man
    Mr. Post Man Month ago

    No taste.

  • DauxzoGaming
    DauxzoGaming Month ago

    more like the creator of flexin'

  • TheDominicanBoy
    TheDominicanBoy Month ago

    Thats my old flexer, WHOOOO

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores Month ago

    He's really flexing with that ice

  • kenan kenaan
    kenan kenaan Month ago


  • Bun_ Of_Contention
    Bun_ Of_Contention Month ago

    Who’s grandpa is this

  • Random Videos Productions

    Ok the woo is getting really fucking annoying

  • mason dixon
    mason dixon Month ago


  • Landon Rodriguez
    Landon Rodriguez Month ago

    Joe is really lucky that he meets these famous people and like if u agree

  • stolen phone
    stolen phone Month ago

    Ava Adams goes sneaker shopping

  • Victor Resendiz
    Victor Resendiz Month ago

    A lot of these kids act like they kn ow who he is hahah

  • Luiz Rosario
    Luiz Rosario Month ago

    And none of these dumb ass rappers know that this old red skinned mf is a racist to black men.

  • evilgenes
    evilgenes Month ago

    ''What are they?''
    ''...No problem!''
    Haha homies broke af

  • Name change allowed every 30 days

    Go oouuuuu on the drippp 🔥🔥🔥

  • Prasino Fasoulaki
    Prasino Fasoulaki Month ago

    This is one big commercial... Only losers collect sneakers... Bosses collect vintage gold & Silver Bars...... Be a boss, not a customer...Stack Money, Not Fashion

  • Master Shredder
    Master Shredder Month ago

    7:56 Arnold Palmer Lebrons

  • Sean The Baptist
    Sean The Baptist Month ago

    Those Summit Lake Hornets Lebrons are dope

  • jack fry
    jack fry Month ago


  • Martha Rivera
    Martha Rivera Month ago

    Ric flair is the type of guy to buy the whole damm store

  • Rique Camberos
    Rique Camberos Month ago


  • abed nego
    abed nego Month ago

    the cashir who's the name?

  • Big boss101
    Big boss101 Month ago

    Wooooo... 2min later->WOOOO

  • KaTs Clan
    KaTs Clan Month ago

    Ric Flair is low key the oldest flexers.


    Woohoo wooooo

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Month ago

    Ric flair drip go whoooo on a bitch

  • austin Stevens
    austin Stevens Month ago

    Ric :Yeah what are they
    Ric: oh that’s nun 💔. Damn must be nice 😴

  • Squaddizzle85
    Squaddizzle85 Month ago

    Flexer of the Century

  • Vinny Maye
    Vinny Maye Month ago

    I got those LeBrons at a Marshall’s for $20

    AKA PSYKICKZ Month ago

    Get floyd money on here

  • WL Simp
    WL Simp Month ago

    Man is wearing $160K outfit ... who else has done that ?

    RE3FBUCKS18 Month ago

    Roc Flair definitely invented swag

  • Stayreal75
    Stayreal75 Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 there 695$ Natureboy- no problem

  • Matthew who?
    Matthew who? Month ago

    Still the best wrestler to have ever graced the squared circle. Aside from Shawn Michaels.

  • khris Bonilla
    khris Bonilla Month ago +1

    👍👍 RICK FLAIR 👍👍



    sorry my ric flair instinct hits me

  • j wilyumz
    j wilyumz Month ago

    Ric Flair speaking real

  • Ric Flair
    Ric Flair Month ago +145


    • Josh bristol
      Josh bristol 3 days ago

      Ur a legend g even in d UK pure legend respect

    • HispanicCausinPanic
      HispanicCausinPanic 4 days ago

      An remember they’re not the new toy one’s...the older ones they were better. I never knew how dumb the new ones looked till I saw some at Walmart one time.

    • HispanicCausinPanic
      HispanicCausinPanic 4 days ago

      Me an my little had so many wrestlers when we were smaller. I wonder if they would’ve been worth anything. We had ALL the wrestlers including hall of famers up to the year of 2010. Andre the giant was the hardest wrestler to find. An we had to andres...the one with short hair with black tank, an the one with long Afro hair with no shirt. You name one we had it. We had a vhs wrestlemania too from wf the 80’s. I’m not that old, I’m 21 but we just liked wrestling a lot so we always got a lot of wrestling stuff we saw. We had so many rings too. We started watching in 2000-01 cause our grandpa showed us. An we watched every Monday and Friday after that. Like that was the thing for us. An we wrestled every time after we finished watching it till it got serious haha.

    • Abraham Cortes
      Abraham Cortes 4 days ago

      Ric Flair I'm your 69 like ! Wooo

    • aaron berhane
      aaron berhane 14 days ago

      Ric Flair The Hypebeast award of 2018 goes to Ric Flair💪

    FELONS Month ago +1

    Do Dwayne Johnson

  • Nota nameman
    Nota nameman 2 months ago +1

    if I'm ever this rich I'd nut in the store its so beautiful

  • miguel angel prieto bello

    wooooooo the nature boy ric flair a living legend of wrestling

  • Richard D.
    Richard D. 2 months ago

    what kicks joe rockin???

  • Phoenix Hartley
    Phoenix Hartley 2 months ago

    Anyone count how many times he said WHOOO!