Am I Quitting YouTube?

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • I will go ahead and say it for everyone: OH GOD, HERE WE GO AGAIN! haha :) I know I'm a mess, but I'll never stop trying to get it together! :P Just wanted to check in for a (not so) quick chat and let you know that I haven't forgotten about you! xx

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  • Little House on The Hill

    Girl, with so much love take up a hobby! Rockclimbing will help you get rid of your anxiety, body dysmorphia, and so much of the psychological troubles that have plagued you over the last few years. The way that it is such an authentic form of exercise and connection with people will amaze you and draw you out of your shell.

  • coldlvr
    coldlvr 13 hours ago

    Kalel, you're a lovely person but you cannot keep thinking you're being put on the same peditsol as a fucking ... KARDASHIAN or something. You are literally like one of us, the girl next door, NORMAL. We do not expect an update everyday or every week. I feel like after all these periods of vlogging and quitting you should really try to accept it's time to get a job in the real world or even go back to school. Cause for 1) you need to get out more (not saying you don't but it seems like you're relying on therapy and medicine to pass your days and that is never good cause too much of anything is bad and maybe you're not getting enough vitamin D) 2) depression happens when you feel you have nothing more to aspire to. It seems like you're in a rut rn and that can explain a lot about what you're going through physically. But medication is not the answer to why you're unmotivated or feel 'exhausted'. You need to forget USclip ever happened, or even delete social media if you have to cause it's clearly not healthy. We love you but do this for you please. We will understand.

  • Soundvania
    Soundvania Day ago +1

    There is consistency in your inconsistency, though :-)

  • Cecelia Auburn
    Cecelia Auburn Day ago +1

    I hope you take care of yourself. And all goes well. I think i would be suitable to find a good therapist that works for you.

  • Sweet Pea Marie
    Sweet Pea Marie Day ago

    Maybe check-out or go to a Teal Swan workshop.

  • A. B.
    A. B. Day ago +1

    Seems like everything went down hill after she broke up with Anthony.

  • MagnificantLights
    MagnificantLights Day ago +2

    Kalel... you need to get a fucking job, stop feeling sorry for yourself and be a somewhat productive member of society.

  • Thrifts and Tangles

    Some colleges let you audit classes, where you can attend but aren't required to submit any work. That could be a good option 😊. It would be nice if you could submit paperwork for that instead of having the awkward convo 😝

  • TheChaosWrath
    TheChaosWrath Day ago +1

    I would be 1000% ok if you only did these blackout videos and occasionally show the babies!

  • mckenna loree
    mckenna loree Day ago

    There is no shame in leaving USclip. Your mental diagnosis/personality is not conducive for this platform. Just because you like parts of USclip and love your audience, is not a reason to continue in this career. Your audience wants you happy more than they want content.
    Dwelling all day on yourself and mental illness is what is draining you. Get a more traditional job and see if it helps your mind.
    My personal advice: Regularly go to therapy
    , surround yourself with loved ones, leave USclip, and find a new career.
    You deserve to heal yourself. You deserve to be fulfilled. You deserve better.

  • Nami
    Nami Day ago

    I find comfort in these videos about your mental health. Ppl talking about how you have it so gd and shouldnt be depressed bc their problems are sooo much worse need to get off the internet like GOD the fact that these ppl even have internet makes them top 10% privileged when it comes to the world. So by their logic, since there is some homeless, starving kid in syria who just witnessed their brothers head get blown off and theres also some poor village girl in africa that just got sold to be a child bride then these very same ppl complaining about you complaining have also lost their right to complain EVER. Everyone has problems and anyone can be unhappy, it's not a competition, ppl don't have to earn the right to feel bad and talk about it gosh. But back to your video it's interesting to me that regardless of financial status/ perfect health, ppl can still be deeply unhappy and in pain. This just goes to show that we're all the same and life is fair in the sense that happiness and well being go beyond our physical/ exterior circumstances.

  • Heidy Miami
    Heidy Miami 2 days ago +1

    Dude i genuinely feel so sorry for you & i don't mean that in a mean way Kalel,but gottdam girl i've been watching you since the wulas era & you're forever in such a sad state of mind overthinking & researching every single little thing that's wrong with you & just overall lost in the world. For someone who's lived such an incredibly cushy & blessed life you're so sad. I was raped by multiple men as a child,i was 51-50'd as a teen after a suicide attempt,,struggled with addiction & alcoholism,been homeless,worked the most physically demanding jobs & i'm here;living,happy to be alive & thriving & i know not everyone is strong but you gotta want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I went through the fire & i'm stronger because of it. I rarely feel sad anymore. I look at you & think why's she so sad? The reason i'm still here is because of God. Even if you're not a believer call out & say a little prayer to ask him for help love. It's worth a shot. I truly hope you find peace & happiness some day.

  • Daina's World 88 Numbers88

    Laying here crying listening to this, you are telling my story, please do a podcast.

  • Joanna Conde
    Joanna Conde 2 days ago

    Missing you lots!! Please start that podcast - I already know you'd be my favourite to listen to!

  • Neum Jelani
    Neum Jelani 2 days ago +1

    I've watched Kalel regularly since QueenBeeuty and this is the first time I've felt like disliking one of her videos :( she just doesn't seem to commit to anything in life. Not family, not friends, not studies nor hobbies nor herself. Maybe she can feel some fulfillment for once in life by moving back in with her parents and honestly just trying to take care of them now.

  • Elizabeth Ro
    Elizabeth Ro 2 days ago

    I suggest you go to a psychologist and practice good talking skills. Tell your psychologist everything you feel, he or she is there to help you out of the feelings and thoughts you have been going through.

  • getafreehug
    getafreehug 3 days ago


  • Mei Yuan
    Mei Yuan 3 days ago

    this feels like bojack horseman

  • Safa Abouradi
    Safa Abouradi 3 days ago +1

    I think moving back with family is something you could consider.. building up your life with real life support day in day out is priceless, and really can heal you if you give it a chance, I dunno I’m not perfect myself but I think it’s a good a idea.. good luck sweetie x

  • cool beans bassoon
    cool beans bassoon 3 days ago

    Gurl i aint gonna say nothing, but its gonna work out one day

  • Leah Madsen
    Leah Madsen 3 days ago +2

    Girl....... you need a steak 🥩 ...... I was depressed like you after four years of veganism my body about collapsed. I eat steak and eggs and bacon now and have SO much more energy and happiness for my life now..

  • HiThereLindsey
    HiThereLindsey 3 days ago +2


  • Boba Chu
    Boba Chu 4 days ago +1

    I think the one thing you have consistently done is apartment decoration! Is there anything you can do with that career-wise?

  • Jodie Austin
    Jodie Austin 4 days ago

    I listened to all of this doing my UNI drawings. I think you need to get a job where someone relies on you or someone that keeps you going and motivated, someone to kinda be like a kick in the butt when you get low and distracted by other tasks that aren't getting you to where you want to be

  • epifny9614
    epifny9614 4 days ago

    yes kalel, just make relaxed vids. what your eating, reading, watching, thinking abt. keep it chill, post twice a month. just do you. but *do* it

  • soft BLUE
    soft BLUE 4 days ago

    Kalel, i've watched your channel for years, it hurts me that your struggling. Remember that socializing is good for your mental health. Stay out of your house, go for a run, go travel, go work with a organization or make a new friend. You said you want to have fun with your channel then go plan something and make it happen!! Please don’t give up yet, all I care about is your happiness

  • Danielle Blessie
    Danielle Blessie 4 days ago

    Just keep doing black screen videos for a while and then whenever u feel like vlogging ur cats or whatever then do that. but don't start a podcast, your already doing it right here and now. Stop moving around, USclip is a constant for you and moving platforms would be bad for you

  • Katherine W
    Katherine W 4 days ago

    Reconnect with your soul. Meditation, breathwork, yoga, prayer. Heck participate in an ayahuasca ceremony. Watch Samadhi and Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds documentaries. Go within. You'll never be happy if you keep looking outside of yourself.

  • Jennifer Woolcock
    Jennifer Woolcock 4 days ago +20

    Kalel... you've made it blatantly obvious that you know absolutely nothing about microbiology after your little spiel on how "dermatologists should just do a culture of your skin microbiome".
    It's not that simple. Each bacterial species is different, and not every species can be easily cultured. Scientists can't culture the majority of species in the lab, in fact. Some species can take weeks or even months to grow properly in culture, and each has their own ideal conditions. Also, it's extremely hard to culture a consortium of bacteria that are representative of the community on the skin. And then after all those barriers, let's say you know which species are on your skin, what are you supposed to do with that info? You have more staph than other species, so what does that mean? Using antibiotics may disrupt other species on the skin, maybe worsening your problems? It's a complex system that you really know nothing about.
    Bottom line is: just because you have a microscope and a hobby of culturing a bacterial species or 2 DOES NOT make you an expert, and certainly doesn't make you more qualified than a dermatologist in dictating skin issues. Do take a microbiology class if you're interested, but for now maybe don't pretend you know something when you really don't.

  • anais
    anais 4 days ago +1


  • Princess Kayla
    Princess Kayla 4 days ago

    I’m reading all these comments and I’m feeling like she’s just being attacked. There are a lot of people in this world and we all think differently. Unless you have experienced the things that she has experienced and what she is talking about. Then, you really have no idea the experience that she is having and therefore should not be commenting so superficially.

  • Ali Fox
    Ali Fox 4 days ago +29

    At this point please do yourself a favor and quit USclip. Move on.

  • Maria
    Maria 4 days ago +1

    Some of these comments baffle me, people aren't sympathetic at all these days. Keep grinding babe, I've been watching you for a while. I'm glad you're focused on yourself, self-care is so important. Follow through with your ideas, screw what others think. I would love a podcast or app from you :)

  • Priscilla P
    Priscilla P 4 days ago +1

    Kalel, why dont you look into the spiritual aspect of your life ? I know there are different perspectives u can view life, but why dont u start listening to some preachers like true preachers that are from God, reading the bible, this has helped me alot, it has helped me grow. I'm telling you once u feel what alot of people have felt when they encounter Christ, it's truly an amazing feeling that honestly u want to have all the time and makes u even not want to go back to ur old self. Try it, look life from a spiritual perspective, how God truly loves us.

  • perogietoes
    perogietoes 4 days ago

    Entitled little white girl. Boohoooooo life is so hard

  • Iris Wong
    Iris Wong 4 days ago

    What about a change of scenery, maybe you, C & M going somewhere like Japan 🇯🇵 for a little while?? Chilling in cat cafes, listening to new music..

  • Steph Kane
    Steph Kane 5 days ago

    hey kalel, i love your mind. i just want to let you know that the number one thing that predicts mental wellbeing is the quality of our social relationships. if you are an introvert, i'd consider asking to spend time with people in whatever capacity you can. whether that be in school, or in a job, or a volunteer role capacity. i just wanted to tell you this because i too self diagnose and sometimes we are not adequately addressing what helps people to thrive. from talking to numerous doctors, mental health professionals researching preventing mental illness, there are many things that you can do and if you just take it one step at a time and being easy on yourself, and knowing that we all go through things like this, to varying degrees. anyway, hope that this helps! xx

    • Steph Kane
      Steph Kane 5 days ago

      ps DO THE PODCAST! just make it this lol. who cares if many people are doing it, the right people will always come back to you

  • Saima Iqbal
    Saima Iqbal 5 days ago

    Kalel is so intelligent and articulate, I wonder if she could be a sort of consultant for people trying to start a USclip channel. She could guide and mentor and also start her own consulting-type business. It could be structuring and lucrative and also help non traditional creators get help in trying to create a platform on USclip. Just a thought. 🙃

  • breakfree97
    breakfree97 5 days ago

    Have you thought about doing podcasts? 😊

  • Max J.
    Max J. 5 days ago +40

    have y’all noticed that she’s only liking comments that tell her she should start a podcast, but any comments that offer genuine advice gets ignored? weird lol. kalel, stop focusing so much on your image of yourself. you’re driving yourself to insanity.

  • Cierra Clark
    Cierra Clark 5 days ago

    Do a podcast kalel. I would totally listen!

  • sweetness55912
    sweetness55912 5 days ago

    It's the last thing that i would believe back then ... someone can be feeding on your energy and it's on an spiritual level.

  • sweetness55912
    sweetness55912 5 days ago

    you have to fight to get back ... read your bible...

  • sweetness55912
    sweetness55912 5 days ago

    I'm going through the exact same thing...

  • Fifi
    Fifi 5 days ago +1

    You really need something to take your mind off everything... I feel volunteering would be good for you since you seem to be a compassionate person. Helping children is especially rewarding in my opinion. Travelling is also a great way to get out of your sluggish ways, discover new things, meet new people, stimulate your mind and your life will follow suit! I wish you the best

  • Ana P. G.
    Ana P. G. 5 days ago +3

    OMG KALEL!! WTF!!!, you know what?? I've been here with you since the wonderland wardrobe, I used to be sooooo excited every time you uploaded... but you know what???, I'm sick and tired of you being so fucking narcissist... like you have soooo much free time, and you spend it ALONE thinking about YOURSELF, worrying about YOURSELF, finding bad things on YOURSELF... don't you ever get tired of that????, really like, why aren't you with your family??? why aren't you spending this time with PEOPLE... not a boyfriend... don't you ever get worried about your family and all the time you are losing, or with friends??? we all are going to die someday... the fact that you find so EXCITED that your cats are sleeping together says a lot about your lonely life... if you have mental or health problems it should be a good reason to focus on other people or hobbies or a full-time job... life will never be perfect and you are spending it chasing something that doesn't exist... life is about being with people that you love, having good times and experiences... it will never matter if you achieve perfect skin, if you are so empty inside. I'm done with you. I hope you can recover and wish you the best.

  • The Joy of Motherhood

    Don’t be so hard on yourself girl 💕 you’ve been going through some struggles, but the struggles do not define you. You are strong, and you inspire me. Long time subbie, and just want the best for you! Glad to hear from you and hear that you are working on things to help with your mental health, it’s so important that we take care of ourselves! So much love to you 🥰

  • Danielle Dominique
    Danielle Dominique 5 days ago +2

    Again... 🙄

  • leah sopapilla
    leah sopapilla 6 days ago +2

    maybe instead of being so touch-and-go with youtube and having nothing else keeping you busy, maybe you should just give up youtube and find an actual job that isn’t so easy to quit on so often

  • Stan Khan
    Stan Khan 6 days ago

    I thought you ended USclip after you and Anthony. Oh Well.

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown 6 days ago +12

    You’re too much with all the issues and self diagnosis... mentioning skin picking... naming it similar name to hair pulling disorder... you need a real job! Serve someone truly in need! Go DO something other than researching what else could be wrong with you!

  • emlynn
    emlynn 6 days ago +5

    not everyone can learn just by listening to a professor speak and taking notes and writing an exam? Writing papers, doing mind maps, hands on activities, discussions etc helped me learn the best and hate the break it to you but the MAJORITY of students in university learn best and enforce their learning through that kinda shit. To say “I’m 30 I’m not turning in any assignments as per the curriculum, but still give me a grade anyway, I’ll just sit here and then write the exam” to a PROFESSOR at an accredited academic institution shows how out of touch with reality and social/professional/academic norms you are.

  • Haley Alvarez
    Haley Alvarez 6 days ago +2

    Some of y’all are way too critical and have no place to be

  • Holistic Mentality
    Holistic Mentality 6 days ago +1

    Have you looked into plant medicine? Check out Rythmia in Costa Rica.

  • BDSandM
    BDSandM 6 days ago +3

    Your hair stopped falling out but you're still exhausted, so omnivore = good? Bitch, you dumb as fuck. It's probably because you were underweight and not getting enough nutrients, like fat. Please stop reading pseudo-science, get a blood test, and record your nutrients. And hire a damn video editor.

    You are extremely mentally unstable and USclip clearly makes you worse. I think it's prob time to get off USclip and get a job.

    EDTSUS R 6 days ago

    Please make a microbial skin video!! I share your same disappointment in dermatologists.

    EDTSUS R 6 days ago

    Kalel, i too have ocd and have a really hard time not touching my face. If i have a pimple (and i get a lot) it eats away at my mind until i pop it and then once i do i feel so guilty and stupid. You’re not alone and thank you for opening up

  • Amanda Hollyfield
    Amanda Hollyfield 7 days ago

    I really like you Kalel and I miss hearing from you. Even if you do black screen videos I'm here for it. You talking about and through your issues makes me feel better about my mine. Missing you Kalel my friend! Hope you are doing well in all the ways.

  • sekai honey
    sekai honey 7 days ago

    I love you Kalel, will always have your back 💓

  • Laila
    Laila 7 days ago

    Girl I feel you on so many levels 🤦‍♀️

  • Shelbie Norris
    Shelbie Norris 7 days ago +2

    Yet you’ve disappeared yet again.

  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 7 days ago

    kalel u dont sound overly depressed to me, but should u become so, look into maoi's for depression, as they are famous for helping when nothing else does. (Your shrink will.make u try all other classes first.) And u will lose weight, if u care to. i took parnate and it hoisted me from a suicidal staight-A UCLA undergrad to a happily engaged Stanford law school grad. (we got divorced later but it was a worthwhile gig.)
    sweetheart ur weight gain is PERHAPS due to normal aging. i know LA doesn't allow for that, but metabolism or hormones may be afoot.

  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 7 days ago

    yes u sound awesome here, babe. great mic

  • Phoenix Raven
    Phoenix Raven 7 days ago

    Kalel, I've watched your channel for years and always admired your ambition and motivation about everything. But lately I think you are just giving up to your issues in you everyday life. I understand that it is really hard for you but you sound like you are chill with what's happening. I see that you are constantly trying to fix yourself but maybe that's the problem. Learn to live with yourself the way you are. There are people with conditions that are beyond repairing and they live a happy life because their mind is at peace and they choose to be happy. So in my opinion just be happy. No one is forcing you to do something you don't want to but stop quitting the things that you are so passionate about because that won't get you anywhere. You will continue to be stuck in this dark place over and over again. I hope you find the true purpose in your life that will make you happy forever.

  • TristArtist
    TristArtist 8 days ago +2

    I don't get why the comments are so negative around here. You are so honest. Which is really rare here on USclip. I always loved your video's and the things you talk about. A podcast would be great because your topics are interesting and you have a very nice voice for it. Girl, better to try 10000 things than do nothing at all. Your passion for knowledge is even more beautiful when you share it.

  • nikki jerm
    nikki jerm 8 days ago

    awe kalel. do some yoga, read buddha quotes, and just go outside to study and you will meet people randomly. you'll be a lot happier with more socializing. :) everyone is a lil bit of a mess sometimes, don't stress!

  • Ronel
    Ronel 8 days ago

    Please reupload your me too video :'( it meant a lot to me and you hit some valid key points in it that I cant remember that I want to share with others.

  • You can't leave this empty

    My weight goes up and down from under 7 1/2 stone to 8 stone (100-112lbs) and my jeans size never changes, its always a UK 10/ US 6. I wish I went down a dress size on my lighter days but im always the same.

  • Yves Iñosa
    Yves Iñosa 8 days ago

    Shes probably reading all the comments hi kalel lol i wacthed the whole video

  • Sarah2ya
    Sarah2ya 8 days ago

    What you’re talking about regarding school (taking a course without assignments) is called auditing a course. People do it all the time. No biggie nor disrespect.

    • Sarah2ya
      Sarah2ya 8 days ago

      But you can’t get a grade

  • Natalie Rivas
    Natalie Rivas 8 days ago

    A part of the college experience and learning is powering through the busy work and learning from them even if you don't like them. There's always something to learn from every situation! I think it would've been great for you if you stayed with college and worked towards something for yourself consistently. Learning how to power through bad grades, low motivation periods, etc I think would help you build better habits outside of just quitting. And now that your on medication, that may be more doable for you emotionally!

  • Natalie Rivas
    Natalie Rivas 8 days ago

    for you're classes you can just pass/fail them instead of going for a letter grade if the college has that option

  • Olivia4448
    Olivia4448 8 days ago

    Her last video was labeled 01 (first attempt to number every video so she doesn't delete anymore because it would bother her OCD if numbers were missing). Next video... AM I QUITTING USclip??? She just couldn't take it. LOL

  • TheLordSatan X
    TheLordSatan X 8 days ago +1

    I need your existentialist real-talks more than I need air.

  • Annie M
    Annie M 9 days ago

    i love how she quits but not quits... its like she keeps pranking us every week

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 9 days ago

    You don’t owe people shit. “You don’t care about your audience..” yadayadayada why should you, why do you have to? It’s your life and you do USclip to earn a living. It’s a nice benefit to like your audience and have a connection with them but you don’t owe anyone anything.

  • nadav nagar
    nadav nagar 9 days ago

    just quit youtube you are not good anymore

  • Lucia Lapina
    Lucia Lapina 9 days ago

    Kalel, I like you but I can´t even finish this. It looks like you have so much time that you are over-analyzing yourself, you are being literally paranoid. You NEED to get distracted, you need to start to LIVE. Get a job. I´d go crazy without job and responsibilities that I have. The more stuff I do, the less time I have for weird thoughts. And I don´t even have real friends, I just have hobbies, a dog, normal job, family (parents,etc). No bf or kids. What I say is... you need a purpose in your life whatever it is... Quit youtube forever and live.

  • C Holcomb
    C Holcomb 9 days ago

    This bitch fake as hell

  • Rubanz Nigga
    Rubanz Nigga 10 days ago

    Random question did you almost get engaged with Anthony and u left it cuz u a bitch 😂

  • Juliana McKenna's Vlogs

    i’m going to tell you a story. when i hit sophomore year, i had just told all of my “friends” at school that i was done pretending to hang out, so i stayed alone, only talking to my family for the entire year. as an extrovert, i felt as if my eyes were trying to make me feel bad, because i spent every hour at school observing the group to my left, spying on the couple to my right, and glorifying what they were doing. that killed me and i seriously considered quitting school unless i could get into a new school program that i knew would change my life. i ended up getting into that program! it was an outdoor program where we go hiking and backpacking on a regular basis. our first trip was 70 miles and that trip, changed my mental health entirely.
    my point is, i think extreme hiking would benefit your chemical balance. finding a group to hike with too. i don’t click with any of the 24 kids i’m in class with, but i still found a way to love all of them. hope you keep this in mind

  • Xia 8xxx
    Xia 8xxx 10 days ago

    Go and live in the nature and you will reboot your system inside and out. living in the most superfcial place in the world must be hard with or without ocd.

  • Han A
    Han A 10 days ago +2

    Honestly I feel like you cannot sustain hard work for long periods of time. If you are passionate about learning and biology, you have to suck it up and do the work. Same things goes with youtube and anything else in your life, you got to keep the balance of hard work sustainable. You give up something when you realize that it requires constant hard work. Thats life girl :/

  • xXMarschmallowXx
    xXMarschmallowXx 11 days ago

    Please just quit USclip, it's not healthy for you. Just because your career started here & you don't know any other form of work... Doesn't mean you have to stay. You need change. No comfort zone anymore. Your voice is really soothing, maybe got a talent there? So why not try working on the radio or something like that? Podcasting could be good too, but then you would be your own boss again. Wouldn't help either.

  • Hippie Angel
    Hippie Angel 11 days ago +1

    Come on girl.... Your living our dream. Just document what you do in a day or night. So awesome. We live a nine to five according to someone else’s rules. You don’t have to do that. You have people who love what you do and are happy to tune in daily. So get happy please cause we love your stuff ok...

  • PhinaLovesMusic
    PhinaLovesMusic 11 days ago

    you should have audited the course

  • Ki ki
    Ki ki 11 days ago +1

    Do more for others and you will feel better and get out of your own head find a way to serve

  • Amanda Patrice
    Amanda Patrice 11 days ago

    I hope that you receive more love on this video than negative comments. You deserve it. I don't know you, but, I have watched you in the past & girl, it takes major balls to put yourself out there like you do and have done, in this video. I am inspired and encouraged by you. I'm glad that you're seeing progress in your therapy and wish you nothing but future successes to come in your journey and in your life.

  • A T
    A T 11 days ago

    You’d probably love a microbiology course. I took it last semester and it was my favorite class of all time. Fascinating stuff. Highly recommend.

  • Agnieszka Brenzak
    Agnieszka Brenzak 12 days ago

    Hello dear! I also got my “acne” back, even though I took pills for it, when I was younger. I tried many things to get rid of it, but what really worked for me was going gluten/diary free, eating only organic, using natural make up and putting the filter for my sinks and the shower. The water could be pretty nasty nowadays. In one month my “acne” was gone. Maybe you could try and see if it works for you as well. 😘

  • kat kat
    kat kat 12 days ago

    I hope so

  • card1802
    card1802 12 days ago

    You're annoying, I'm over you!

  • Lorraine Ls
    Lorraine Ls 12 days ago

    oh look kalels leaving.... again. until she realizes she sucks balls at real life and runs back to youtube hahahha wonder what personality she will take on this time around

  • Jennifer Diep
    Jennifer Diep 13 days ago

    Her voice sounds different

  • Lucero Gonzalez
    Lucero Gonzalez 13 days ago +1

    Kalel have you heard of Sam Harris?

  • Laurayt89
    Laurayt89 13 days ago

    Oh! I turned 30 on april 30th this year!

  • oh yei
    oh yei 13 days ago

    You need a Job darlyn

  • Emi Hud
    Emi Hud 13 days ago +94

    Thank Christ you didn't have a kid with Cyrus like you mentioned less than a year ago considering your mental health state ...

    • MagnificantLights
      MagnificantLights 12 hours ago

      @LadyofTruth what is the matter with you?? CHILDREN ARE NOT HOBBIES

    • Weeponybjorn
      Weeponybjorn Day ago +3

      +LadyofTruth are you serious? Just have kid to occupy yourself a bit... Damn, she's a mentally unstable person who needs psychiatric help, not a child to fuck up.

    • LadyofTruth
      LadyofTruth 2 days ago

      She might feel better about her life. She needs something to do. A focus on a child instead of herself. Would do wonders. She needs a job or a life. Instead of just laying in bed all day.

  • Leslie Angela
    Leslie Angela 14 days ago +7

    You should make a podcast with a bunch of women. You interviewing a bunch of women about mental health issues and similarly what you're dealing with. Getting a team should help you feel grounded as well

  • Fanou EL AMRAOUI
    Fanou EL AMRAOUI 14 days ago

    Girl , the chills i get cause of how much of me i see in you , It's ridiculous ! Literally twins , but love you so so so much girl , i will always be here listening to you .