The Banana Splits Movie (2019) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  14 days ago +3109

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    • Apple Jax
      Apple Jax 16 hours ago

      Please do The Silence it is like the quiet place but better it is on netflix 😉😍😊😎😚😎😐🙂😶😉😶😉😍😚😄😙😅😉🙄😙😚🤗😐😍😍😊😶😁😶😚😍😐🙂😊🤗😉

    • Natoshia Murphy
      Natoshia Murphy 22 hours ago

      Do a kill count Jennifer’s body plz

    • TheLegion Fan
      TheLegion Fan Day ago

      im sorry for hating the Killer Klowns from OuterSpace video i find your vids funny

    • Isaac Herring
      Isaac Herring 2 days ago

      I got one NEVER KNOCK!

    • hamburger
      hamburger 4 days ago

      Watch the original show

  • Galaxy Void
    Galaxy Void 9 minutes ago

    Dead meat: I'd kill to be Stevie!
    -Stevie dies-

  • pathfinderdaddy
    pathfinderdaddy 27 minutes ago

    Kill count suxass

  • Jew Skates
    Jew Skates 48 minutes ago

    This movie actually looks good 😂😂

  • KatieVanHelsing
    KatieVanHelsing Hour ago

    This has actually made me want to watch this movie because it looks so insane/ dumb in a fun way.

  • Junna Santos
    Junna Santos 2 hours ago

    Who likes the credits of the whole “Tralalala” thing?

  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 2 hours ago

    Actually the ending actually is giving me a small theory
    That theory is that the banana splits crew aren't coded entirely instead they have a human template which keeps the nature of the person hense why all but snorky go murderpants Mc'Killian while snorky helps out the kids. Plus it does explain the ending you know poppy becoming a banana split

  • Bobhead 12423
    Bobhead 12423 3 hours ago

    2:26 THE KILLS

  • Juan N
    Juan N 4 hours ago

    I like this copy of FNAF

  • nameless
    nameless 5 hours ago

    wtf my childhood

  • Erick Price
    Erick Price 5 hours ago

    18:05 “don’t expect a gender breakdown” lmfao!!!

  • UnbrandedTomb
    UnbrandedTomb 6 hours ago

    Wtf it look like little girl 💀

  • Imre Böckler
    Imre Böckler 7 hours ago

    its pretty much a five nights at freddys movie

  • Chance Mouroa-Toka
    Chance Mouroa-Toka 7 hours ago

    tra lala

  • Small Fighter
    Small Fighter 7 hours ago

    I'd unironically love this show. I really hope we get merchandise and I'm a huge fan of Eric B.

  • RandomGaming123
    RandomGaming123 8 hours ago

    Noooo snorky!!!!

  • AwesomeT AwesomeT
    AwesomeT AwesomeT 9 hours ago


  • whitevoid43
    whitevoid43 9 hours ago

    22 mins wasted

  • Chris Danger
    Chris Danger 9 hours ago

    Aww a boy loves snorkie

  • Caleb Spellman
    Caleb Spellman 9 hours ago


  • Say Yes To The Jess
    Say Yes To The Jess 9 hours ago

    I’d love to see a kill count on Thirteen Ghosts or Ghost Ship! It was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

  • Hunter Chambless
    Hunter Chambless 9 hours ago

    2:37 that gotta hurt when they were filming.

  • Quinn Murphy
    Quinn Murphy 9 hours ago

    1 like = once chance of snorky combing back

  • james baremore
    james baremore 9 hours ago

    I used to watch this show on boomerang, and the song got stuck in my head forever. Its now back.

  • Jake bacon
    Jake bacon 10 hours ago

    You need to learn the definition of “yiff” my friend.

  • Austin Ratzlaff
    Austin Ratzlaff 11 hours ago

    i remember them from watching boomerrang on cartoon network

  • boi boi
    boi boi 11 hours ago

    Man the nostalgia...

  • Fanny Contreras
    Fanny Contreras 11 hours ago


  • Eurolithik
    Eurolithik 11 hours ago

    I’m selling replays for free 0:00 0:00 0:00

  • Kaveh Behbin
    Kaveh Behbin 12 hours ago

    If this replaces the fnaf movie, I will rage so hard

  • Tyshaun Jackson
    Tyshaun Jackson 12 hours ago

    Homie you’re trying to hard to be funny

  • Henery 67
    Henery 67 12 hours ago +1

    This is some great gore (=

    Dead meat says “sexting”

  • André Roronora Zoro
    André Roronora Zoro 13 hours ago

    Wasnt that a Boomerang show?

  • Durr Burger's Channel XD

    Well I new furrys would turn on everyone at one point

  • Skate3 Legend
    Skate3 Legend 13 hours ago +1

    10:45 you see snorky right there, but he’s know where to be found, weird

  • ɹǝʇxǝp ɹǝʇxǝp
    ɹǝʇxǝp ɹǝʇxǝp 13 hours ago

    The video starts at 2:30

  • Blossom fox Carefree
    Blossom fox Carefree 13 hours ago

    So that means there’s gonna be a banana splits two???

  • Omar Villa
    Omar Villa 13 hours ago

    Two things

    1. If there is a group of killers try to be friends with one of them cause they fight and protect you in the end

    2. Is all those 18 bodies the kids parents

  • institute larry
    institute larry 13 hours ago

    Do a joker kill count

  • Kingston Clark
    Kingston Clark 13 hours ago

    I can not stop saying “he took it down to hammer town” in the the fleagle voice because when you say it in the voice it sounds good try it

  • Ava tale
    Ava tale 14 hours ago

    What do you think would've happened if they did make a five nights at freddy movie

  • Tanner McGee
    Tanner McGee 14 hours ago

    I know you may not see this but there is a movie you have to kill count!!
    Friday the 13th vengeance.
    Super high kill count! Weird retconing but fuck it! It’s a sequel to all the original movies and talks about the children of those Jason hunted down

  • Smarks Are Retards
    Smarks Are Retards 14 hours ago

    Fleegal bud I'm pretty sure that's not how you do the magic trick

  • Unicorn Sweetness
    Unicorn Sweetness 14 hours ago

    Tra la la la la dee dee dee die
    I’m glad the dog killed the influencer guy

  • RookieCookie
    RookieCookie 15 hours ago

    Am I the only person who thinks this movie is messed up for taking this from an official show

  • amir alvarez
    amir alvarez 15 hours ago

    14:47 gotcha bith sorry can't curse

  • ItIsYeKitten
    ItIsYeKitten 15 hours ago +1

    This was a kid show to...


  • jaxsunrama 07
    jaxsunrama 07 15 hours ago

    can you do a maximum overdrive kill count

  • CorporalPig22
    CorporalPig22 15 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the Banana Splits' car look a lot like the Parade Kart from Mario Kart Double Dash?

  • Ays Perez
    Ays Perez 15 hours ago

    Why don’t the people that have the rights to fnaf just make the movie there could be like 4 movies based on the game honestly not like gameplay but the story yeah

  • Genetically Modified
    Genetically Modified 15 hours ago

    Snorky looks cute

  • mat Fu
    mat Fu 15 hours ago


  • Ays Perez
    Ays Perez 15 hours ago

    They can still make the five nights at freddys movie I know it could be really good with the right costumes and if it’s under James wan and the guy that wrote sinister and is writhing doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

  • Ays Perez
    Ays Perez 15 hours ago

    Why can’t they just keep kid movies innocent

  • crystal tussey
    crystal tussey 16 hours ago +2

    Do us!

  • Alexandrya Will
    Alexandrya Will 16 hours ago +1


  • Random Name
    Random Name 16 hours ago +1

    8 males? I counted 9. The last one was Mitch. The drawing shows Andy as last.

  • Micah ODay
    Micah ODay 16 hours ago +1

    Wish I could be a patron supporter but cant

  • trademark joe
    trademark joe 16 hours ago +1

    My favorite banana split was and this is a tough one but Bingo hes so funny and crazy looking

  • Alex The Golden Retriever

    Who next Five Nights At Alex's The Beginning Movie 2020 plz?

    • Alex The Golden Retriever
      Alex The Golden Retriever 16 hours ago

      Glamrock Alex
      Glamrock Amber
      Glamrock Aquana
      Glamrock Crocky
      Glamrock Vquana
      Glamrock Luqman2
      Withered Aquana and Flesh Alex
      Funtime Tobus And Funtime Marine Funtime Sonia Funtime Swayla Funtime Demio Funtime Spot Funtime Dash And Funtime Speedy Funtime Kelpsea
      Glamrock Cranky
      Glamrock Alastor