Imagine Party Babyz: Spring Break - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS

  • Published on Jun 19, 2016
  • It's party time!
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Comments • 2 807

  • Kay
    Kay 9 days ago

    Bro this game is really fun to play when you’re drunk with your friends, I used to be obsessed with it 😂😂😂

  • The Player Of 1776
    The Player Of 1776 9 days ago +3

    7:20 Just like PB and Jeff, nobody can notice that they have a limited number of peas

  • BluSpy Piotrek
    BluSpy Piotrek 17 days ago

    *Take the shot*

  • Yes Hello
    Yes Hello 18 days ago

    For a second I thought "Phillip TheJumpGage" was a name

  • ari shimada
    ari shimada 22 days ago

    7:47 destruction dominationn

  • Ben Newman
    Ben Newman 25 days ago

    @IGN how is this game better than Final fantasy?

  • Stephen Rodriguez
    Stephen Rodriguez Month ago

    Is that shirt from a Fallout 4?

  • Musa _melody
    Musa _melody Month ago

    Is it bad that I read ‘fancy dresses’ as ‘family diseases’?

  • Kodakliv28
    Kodakliv28 2 months ago

    This game has a better score than Wonder 101

  • Llamakin
    Llamakin 3 months ago +1

    3 years later and Suzy is still asking Arin if he wants food

  • IUsedToBe AFangirl
    IUsedToBe AFangirl 3 months ago

    “I speak ‘Francase’!” too.

  • Drew Baima
    Drew Baima 3 months ago

    ign gave this a 7.5 and the switch system a 7....get rid of your switch to play this game!

  • Akiras
    Akiras 3 months ago

    Did Arin reference The Baby from Dinosaurs when he said "I'm the baby, gotta love me"

  • Ashlin cook
    Ashlin cook 3 months ago

    The company is also offering the same cruise line for a new home and home of a new York city neighborhood and I think it's not the same cruise as the other side the city of a city where is a lot more days away than a few years away.

  • Andrew Monske
    Andrew Monske 4 months ago

    Why do i keep saying "party babyz" in an Arnold swartzenegger voice

  • Lolly McNeill
    Lolly McNeill 4 months ago

    I used to play this game on the wii all the time holy fuck memories

  • ムクホーク
    ムクホーク 4 months ago

    Those diaper upskirts though...

  • TheChemist
    TheChemist 4 months ago +4

    Dan: “I speak francais”
    Arin: *giggles uncontrollably*
    Dan: “That tickled you more than I thought it would”
    Cuties ❤️

  • Chegg
    Chegg 4 months ago

    There's a whole fucking tumblr account that posts ign reviews that are lower than this game

  • Phawnix
    Phawnix 5 months ago +2

    How has a baby been alive long enough to grow such luscious dreads?

  • Mr. Squig
    Mr. Squig 5 months ago

    1:58 2nd baby looks like he's wearing a vault boy shirt

  • Son Nayah
    Son Nayah 5 months ago

    0:23 - 0:37 Favorite part of this one. I mostly laughed at Arin's laugh but fuck "I speak Francase" really got me. The way Danny said "tickled" gives me chills, idk why. I just love his voice

  • Pia Dauspeel
    Pia Dauspeel 6 months ago


    ELIM GAMES 6 months ago

    I played this on my Wii when I was 3 lmao

  • Jam Jam
    Jam Jam 6 months ago

    Why is one of those babies clearly wearing a vault boy shirt

  • Mr. Moesby
    Mr. Moesby 7 months ago +1


  • JKRow 124
    JKRow 124 7 months ago +1

    *IGN:* What should we rate this game?
    *Reviewers:* Higher than Mafia 2.
    *IGN:* Sure, why the fuck not

  • Tord ew
    Tord ew 7 months ago

    "I speak fran-case" XD I LOST MY SHIT

  • Handsome White Man
    Handsome White Man 7 months ago

    I just want the parent of the baby dan chose to scream “beat that black baby bitch!”

  • Jacobliterator
    Jacobliterator 8 months ago +2

    IGN’s scores
    Explorers Of Sky: 4.8
    This: 7.5


  • Sarah Halley
    Sarah Halley 8 months ago

    I love how Dan spends most of this episode thinking he's an entirely different baby than the one he selected at the beginning.

  • Iris Clops
    Iris Clops 8 months ago

    Who is this game for? Babies can't play video games and adults find this creepy!

  • A.G.
    A.G. 8 months ago +1

    I speak Franchise.

  • MusicZemyx2
    MusicZemyx2 9 months ago +2

    Looking back on these mic problems I’m reminded that they’re just two guys chilling on the couch with these like store bought microphones
    I love it

  • Yeetith_the_Beet
    Yeetith_the_Beet 9 months ago

    Baby 2 looks like fallout boy

  • xROARx
    xROARx 9 months ago

    I’m rewatching this series cause it’s fucking hilarious, but I have to note how much Arin likes to divert from the conversation when he doesn’t like being called out and I just find it interesting. Danny’s all “don’t poke me right in the eye with the mike” and Arin says “well I’m sorry! We’re playing Imagine Babies!” I’m like what?

  • unrealistic
    unrealistic 9 months ago

    I saw this in game stop today and was like
    "Who would play this?"

  • Dylan Cuthbert
    Dylan Cuthbert 9 months ago

    I. Feel like some grump it audio came from this ep

  • Kesha Barksdale
    Kesha Barksdale 9 months ago


  • Lizz Keiper
    Lizz Keiper 9 months ago +1

    Best series.

  • Programmed Persona
    Programmed Persona 9 months ago


  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 9 months ago

    No one can put into words how much Arin and Suzy were made for each other❤️❤️❤️

  • Scout Moser
    Scout Moser 10 months ago

    Why did Dan's "Baby Satan" sound like Elmer Fudd.

  • Faic Legion
    Faic Legion 10 months ago

    Baby Satan? YES.

  • Funtimes/ ale123
    Funtimes/ ale123 10 months ago

    Morty jr.-Da
    Morty-oh Morty jr. are you going to say dada say dada
    Morty jr.-da death.
    Morty-um dada?
    Morty jr.- domination
    Morty jr.-death destruction domination.
    Jerry-Nice. (Takes a sip of his drink)

  • king of mesopotamia
    king of mesopotamia 10 months ago

    “why can’t we shoot the bubbles”
    you’re out of
    P E A S

  • CaptainHamsterPants
    CaptainHamsterPants 10 months ago

    "You put your finger in my mouth".
    Lol wut?

  • Mario Ring
    Mario Ring 11 months ago

    Ign thinks this is better than doom 2016

  • Lucas MH
    Lucas MH 11 months ago

    Danny and Arin: Sometimes it just doesn't work!
    *sees that they haven't reloaded at all in anyway*

  • Coolartist1110
    Coolartist1110 11 months ago

    I can’t believe Dreamworks fucking stole Boss Baby from Game Grumps

  • MarvelSkywalker
    MarvelSkywalker 11 months ago

    arin's laugh is one of the best things ever

  • 1988 Honda Civic
    1988 Honda Civic 11 months ago

    Running protocol namechild.exe
    We shall name this child baby 3 *robot sounds*

  • 1988 Honda Civic
    1988 Honda Civic 11 months ago

    Baby 3 = juice wrld

  • Jack Hinrichs
    Jack Hinrichs 11 months ago

    10:10 is one of my favorite game grumps moments ever.

  • R S
    R S Year ago

  • Jerry Revrac
    Jerry Revrac Year ago

    I like how dan sounded far away as the baby was way back in the bouncy castle

  • Derg HAZE
    Derg HAZE Year ago

    Is it just me or are the glove animations really hot >w

  • BeggTooDiffer man

    I love her quotes from Danny being in the background like 5 miles away to like him just coming back and see this microphone is trash

  • Anne R. Tremblay
    Anne R. Tremblay Year ago

    My mother tongue is Francaisse, I don't get why Aron laughed with his pronunciation

  • Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron


  • Andy Krauser
    Andy Krauser Year ago

    Arin likey Français joke.

  • Goldarlives
    Goldarlives Year ago

    Is Dan’s avatar wearing the Vault Dweller’s outfit?

  • cragy-paste
    cragy-paste Year ago

    7:31 dan is in last and they both think he's in first because baby 2 and baby 4 have similar hair colors.

  • Cluster Fluff
    Cluster Fluff Year ago +2

    I really want someone to animate this but as Arin and Danny as babies

  • SaraBLQ
    SaraBLQ Year ago

    It's so weird seeing them play a game that I've had since early childhood, isolated in my thoughts since this no one knows where this game came from. Seriously, I got it from the Easter bunny.

  • Naiomi Kassam
    Naiomi Kassam Year ago

    The vs intro gives me chills

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans Year ago

    Half of this video was just the mic fucking up lmao

  • TheJester
    TheJester Year ago

    The babies are stereotypically dressed and Dans worried that Arin said black baby (which, as a black person, is not really offensive).

  • vyoletmychaels
    vyoletmychaels Year ago

    i've watched this playthrough like 100 times. what is happening lol

  • FoxTales
    FoxTales Year ago

    i graduated from winner school... AND let me tell you something about winner school..... UHuhlleEleuhfUcKINGyeEELyou you win

  • Mike Lizewski
    Mike Lizewski Year ago

    that first mini-game reminded me of CoD Zombies

  • Lizzi Huskey
    Lizzi Huskey Year ago

    Uh, it's pronounced François, dan.

  • KR21
    KR21 Year ago

    I just come here when I'm feeling down. Works every time

  • Handington
    Handington Year ago +1

    This was an amazing video guys!

  • Emily Redditt
    Emily Redditt Year ago

    I’ve watched this series more times than I’d like to admit. This is basically my life support system at this point 😂

  • Miranda
    Miranda Year ago

    Was not expecting this to be a versus for some reason

  • Vic 989
    Vic 989 Year ago

    Wow people take shit in the comment section too serious. C'mon y'all, get your shit together and get a life

  • Cheeser
    Cheeser Year ago

    Oh my god it's not even a minute into the video and I can't breathe.

  • SaraBLQ
    SaraBLQ Year ago

    This game was my fucking childhood.

  • TheSleepyLucario Zzz

    Around 5:00, it all starts going to SHIT

  • rfseventeen
    rfseventeen Year ago

    I thought Susie was going to ask if he wanted a baby LOL

  • sunnynebulas
    sunnynebulas Year ago +4

    dan saying "hewwo" gives me life

  • Vanessa Wesley
    Vanessa Wesley Year ago +1

    T A K E T H E S H O T

  • vyoletmychaels
    vyoletmychaels Year ago

    this may be my new fav VS series

    TUNA LOSER Year ago

    Danny just said hewwo n idk what to do with thi s

  • Larkenox
    Larkenox Year ago

    Hewow...death and destruction!!!!

  • That Blue Tiger
    That Blue Tiger Year ago

    Was that a "dinosaurs" reference i heard?

  • Jillardexmachin a

    Anyone else think that Dan's baby looks like it's wearing a vault suit?

  • Tori Aguilar
    Tori Aguilar Year ago


  • Emerson Mastros
    Emerson Mastros Year ago


  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods Year ago

    my parents got me this game for christmas... WHAT THE HECK IS THIS... in my head but on the outside i had to say 'thanks mom' why mom why???

  • alxestis
    alxestis Year ago

    This game has a higher score than Sonic Forces.

  • Salty Kaiser
    Salty Kaiser Year ago

    There is an entire tumblr blog dedicated to showing what games ign rated lower than this game

  • femme music
    femme music Year ago

    “I speak Francase” *Arin laughs his ass off*

  • ArtisticPixie
    ArtisticPixie Year ago

    Probably the most professional gamers™️

  • Jooztin
    Jooztin Year ago

    "In IGN's offices" BABY GAME 10/10, SILENT HILL2!?..... 2/10 | NOT ENOUGH PAID REVIEW

  • Variety_Game_Catz

    lmao dan XD

  • Daniel Sweeney
    Daniel Sweeney Year ago

    7:06, this game Is hard. -meanwhile they have no peas left to shoot-

  • FistOnFire
    FistOnFire Year ago

    Why does dannys baby look like the fallout mascot?