• Published on Dec 31, 2017
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    OMG someone tell me how today is the last day of 2017 like what the CRAP. This year flew by and I’m stoked that the last day of the year fell on a #sunDIY!!! Alex & I tackle the top viral trends of 2017 (weird year right). I’ll see u IN 2018 FOR THE NEXT VID!!!!
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  • Abigail Santamaria
    Abigail Santamaria 18 days ago

    We need them back together 😭😭

  • Star Grin
    Star Grin 19 days ago

    I miss this content xd

  • Denis Taragos
    Denis Taragos Month ago

    IT s april

  • Tara Wilson
    Tara Wilson Month ago

    I love y'all ❤️💗💛💚💙💜

  • Gabriela Ramirez
    Gabriela Ramirez Month ago

    Take a cat 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  • Tiffany Lin
    Tiffany Lin Month ago

    who’s watching this in 2019 when she posted this in 2017? ❤️❤️😭😭

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M Month ago

    miss this shit sm

  • Lucy Wynbergen
    Lucy Wynbergen Month ago

    Who’s here in 2019

  • Panda Annie
    Panda Annie Month ago

    Alice Wachubbi

  • leo kraushaar
    leo kraushaar Month ago +1

    Who else is watching this after the breakup video

  • Lena Bajwoluk
    Lena Bajwoluk Month ago

    to pewdipie mia is dead

  • Princess Rose
    Princess Rose Month ago

    wow you guys make me laugh sooo much

  • Cadance Nguyen
    Cadance Nguyen 2 months ago

    they needed a little more activator for the sticky slime

  • Emerson Medina
    Emerson Medina 2 months ago

    Right now last year I would watch this and be like there so getting married , now I'm literally crying while watching this

  • Jason Knab
    Jason Knab 2 months ago +1


  • Lauren Shafer
    Lauren Shafer 2 months ago +2

    R I P L A U R E X
    but I’m glad that they are both happy

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 2 months ago

    #CutestCoupleOf2017!!!! ❤️😭😭

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 2 months ago

    Man I miss them so much!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • bellarina b
    bellarina b 2 months ago

    when lauren says i cant make slime send her this video

  • Anna Jack
    Anna Jack 2 months ago

    That is similar to wonderwoman on his head BUT she ha the lines on BOTH sides he has it on ONE

  • Gunnar þór Guðjónsson

    You said stuff slime in Icelandic (slím)❤️ yeah I’m from Iceland 🇮🇸

  • Gunnar þór Guðjónsson

    Didn’t have to cut the bug socks😂😱

  • Jennifer Larrea
    Jennifer Larrea 2 months ago

    2019 WHO ELSE

  • Electronic Electra
    Electronic Electra 2 months ago

    U dont need to have slime to be popular u already are great and popular

  • Jessi Draws
    Jessi Draws 2 months ago

    What happened to the good times like these....

  • Eleftheria Irine
    Eleftheria Irine 2 months ago

    2019 ? 💔

  • Rhema Tabajonda
    Rhema Tabajonda 2 months ago

    Who's watching 2019??

  • Jasmine Ueom
    Jasmine Ueom 2 months ago

    obese crayons!!!!!!!

  • Harley Llama
    Harley Llama 2 months ago

    Who hated 2018

  • Kitty cuties
    Kitty cuties 2 months ago

    whos here in 2019

  • Mia Turansky
    Mia Turansky 3 months ago

    I love you Lauren your amazing and I want to be as good as crafts as you

  • Briah Bell
    Briah Bell 3 months ago

    Stop commenting abt there breakup they went through stuff and u keep bringing it up we all know

  • Kimaya Meherali
    Kimaya Meherali 3 months ago

    I’m crying

  • - drunken giraffe -
    - drunken giraffe - 3 months ago

    *sigh* USclip..wHy would you place this in my recommended ;(

  • RandomBritt Television
    RandomBritt Television 3 months ago

    They could have added more activator and it wouldn’t be so sticky

  • Eloha volisyar
    Eloha volisyar 3 months ago +1


  • Don Hastings
    Don Hastings 3 months ago

    who else is watching after the breakup 😭😭😭😭

    RENEMELA ManSo 3 months ago

    Ales wachubby 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣lol

  • Martha McLaughlin
    Martha McLaughlin 3 months ago

    I added you on snap

  • Omq_Itz_Cqrrie
    Omq_Itz_Cqrrie 3 months ago

    Lauren:I feel like slime is literally 2017. Me:it IS 2017 but it’s about to be 2018 >:3

  • Angle Arlett
    Angle Arlett 3 months ago

    GUYS STOP!!!

    She could still be sad about it and trying to get over it and all of you are still bringing it up
    just stop talking about it and move on it’s for the best give them space!

  • Makayla Skelton
    Makayla Skelton 3 months ago

    I just noticed that she is using her own scissors that she made!!!!!!

  • Lucy kangas
    Lucy kangas 3 months ago

    2019 anybody

  • Penelope Lemon
    Penelope Lemon 3 months ago

    2019 anyone?!?!

  • Penelope Lemon
    Penelope Lemon 3 months ago +1

    “Bebe STOOOOPP!!!” -Lauren Rhiamaki

  • NotSo Millie
    NotSo Millie 3 months ago

    Are you guys sisters and brothers or cousins?

  • Rachel Allhiser
    Rachel Allhiser 3 months ago

    Who is watching us after the break up😭😭😭

  • Melissa Reece
    Melissa Reece 3 months ago


  • Life with Chlo
    Life with Chlo 3 months ago +3


  • Chloe Virrueta
    Chloe Virrueta 4 months ago

    No more larurex awww man

  • Polina Kostina
    Polina Kostina 4 months ago +1

    Y’all stop mentioning their breakup it doesn’t make them feel better

  • Miranda Coulson
    Miranda Coulson 4 months ago

    Anyone watching laurex videos in 2019

  • DonovanDR4 Rodriguez
    DonovanDR4 Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Slime is forever

  • DonovanDR4 Rodriguez
    DonovanDR4 Rodriguez 4 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Akshay Arav
    Akshay Arav 4 months ago +1

    Who is in 2019 now

  • Reham Sayed
    Reham Sayed 4 months ago

    I SOOOOO miss em :(

  • Life of marry
    Life of marry 4 months ago +2

    You guys are so cute together why did you break up like if your sad they broke up

  • Emma Price
    Emma Price 4 months ago

    Alex is wearing a moose sweater.

  • Fazzy H
    Fazzy H 4 months ago

    6:23 SLIME ABUSE

  • Lyric Gold
    Lyric Gold 4 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Shayla King
    Shayla King 4 months ago +1

    Fun story: once my friend and I were making slime and I inhaled Borax 😂😂😂

  • Mia Parks
    Mia Parks 4 months ago


  • Saskia Spencer
    Saskia Spencer 4 months ago

    I love slime

  • Precious Esekia
    Precious Esekia 4 months ago

    Wow that is very smart

  • Denisa Covaci
    Denisa Covaci 4 months ago

    You and you look cute together boom

  • Rema Sobaih
    Rema Sobaih 4 months ago

    7:33 lol

  • Lovely Laurel
    Lovely Laurel 4 months ago

    I’m in 2019

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 4 months ago

    Who else was watching in 2019

  • Juliana Pineda
    Juliana Pineda 4 months ago

    Alex is funny because he said I love poop colors and I was like why don't hate puppy Colors videos Wassabi I always loved watching you and him

  • Finley Knapp
    Finley Knapp 4 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?
    like if u miss laurex!! 😭

  • Sophie Hunter
    Sophie Hunter 4 months ago

    2019 anyone like if yes

  • Sienna Ristevski
    Sienna Ristevski 4 months ago

    who was watching this and getting pierced in the heart that they're broken up

  • Cookieworldlover 9756
    Cookieworldlover 9756 4 months ago

    At the start, did she say ‘Please stop!’ or ‘Baby stop!’ ??

  • T Gabriel
    T Gabriel 4 months ago +1

    Give this video a 👍if you are watching this on the first day of 2019

  • Jeannie Roy
    Jeannie Roy 4 months ago

    i miss alex

  • Moonlight Baë
    Moonlight Baë 4 months ago

    Sleeme I’m dying 😂 who here after break up 😭😭😭😭

  • Lily Purple
    Lily Purple 4 months ago

    2019 anyone? (ahaha two years late but whatevs

  • The Three Muskeweirdos
    The Three Muskeweirdos 4 months ago

    8:16 ALEX DID U SAY "aww s**t"

  • Diya Patel
    Diya Patel 4 months ago

    2019 anyone???

  • loud master
    loud master 4 months ago

    Who is watching on new years eve of 2018

  • Brodie Pierce
    Brodie Pierce 4 months ago

    A year today! Xxx

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 4 months ago

    #wonder wamen is on Alexs head

  • Saniya Parmar
    Saniya Parmar 4 months ago +1

    Any watching after Laurex-2018

  • Justice Moore
    Justice Moore 4 months ago

    Laurdiy the science girl

  • Keisy Lopez-Salgado
    Keisy Lopez-Salgado 4 months ago +1


  • Grace Whiteley
    Grace Whiteley 4 months ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooo why did they have to break up!?😭

  • Montana OTTB
    Montana OTTB 4 months ago

    “Why everything poop?”
    ~Alice Wachabi 2018

  • Jamille Tlalmanalco
    Jamille Tlalmanalco 5 months ago

    Did she say"what's up moms:

  • Mjoy H
    Mjoy H 5 months ago

    2:44-2:55 is so funny

  • Angelic Cortes
    Angelic Cortes 5 months ago

    Alex: can poop do this😂😂😂😂

  • Life Of Caitlin
    Life Of Caitlin 5 months ago

    any1 else watching this after the brake up 😢 r.i.p best couple

  • Kimberly Pesina
    Kimberly Pesina 5 months ago

    Who else misses laurx

  • ItztherealAnna :P
    ItztherealAnna :P 5 months ago

    Rip Laurex

  • Panda Gabby
    Panda Gabby 5 months ago

    Bill Nye the science guy

  • Brynn Mcpeak
    Brynn Mcpeak 5 months ago

    Who’s here in 2018 missing them together??????

  • Saige Sadler
    Saige Sadler 5 months ago


  • Saige Sadler
    Saige Sadler 5 months ago

    December 2018

  • Dwwweee Twwweee
    Dwwweee Twwweee 5 months ago

    They were so happy together!!!!!!! Hope their both still happy like this!!!!💔

  • FairyWolfyWings FWW
    FairyWolfyWings FWW 5 months ago

    Alex that actually looks like the wonder women logo

  • Audrey Anderson
    Audrey Anderson 5 months ago

    Aww I miss when they were together, there so cute!